Mancao, Miguel

Miguel Panuncialman Mancao


Youngest child of Pedro Aguilar Mancao and Serapia Mancao Panuncialman

Most Exalted Brother of the Tau Mu Sigma Phi, a University of Sto. Tomas college of medicine fraternity; MD, UST, 1954; practiced with cousin Dr. Alex Panuncialman, very well-known doctor in Davao before going to the U.S. for advanced training; returned and became one of the most successful general surgeons in Cebu and for a long time the most sought-after; it is generally known that he inherited his parents’ residence along Nellas, and in 2010 decided to have the house undergo an expensive restoration project; the house has since become one of the most popular sights in Carcar.

Married to Teresita Climaco Ybud with 7 children, 3 of whom are also medical doctors.


  1. My grandmother was Rosario Mancao Lumibao – married to Casimiro Lumibao, Sr. She gave birth to Apolinario, Luz, Casimiro, Jr., Alfonso, Stella and Salvacion. I would like to know my ancestors from Cebu. Grandma migrated to the US in the early ’70s.

    • thank you for filling us with the rosario mancao-casimiro lumibao children. which is your line? i have many loose links for the mancao family, which records say came from talisay, and cannot be reconstructed yet. i have the biggest link but will not publish it as that will only expose it to many questions from descendants of those loose links, which cannot be answered yet.

      • Thank you for responding. I am not sure which line I come from since all I know is my grandma and her kids. I never met my grandpa nor any second cousins from grandma’s side. I would like to know my mother’s side relatives. I am curious to see if I took after them. My feature and built is different from my siblings, who are tall, lanky and straight hair. I am a bit pudgy, average height. and curly hair.

  2. If your grandma Rosario was born around 1903, there is a possibility she may be one of my grandfather’s younger sisters to my knowledge of prior investigations.

    • you did not mention who your grandfather was.

      • Grandfather is Florentino…born in 1891.

        • i have a florentino brother of rosario but he was born 14-mar-1892.

    • yes, lola Rosal was born around 1903.

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