Four Generations

Generally, the family was already using Ybañez (or spelled Ybañis, Ybañes) for some generations before Claveria although in many instances also, as you can see, not everyone was baptized with the surname. [Second generation Doroteo’s wife Victoria Albarado was also of another family using a surname already.] I do seriously doubt, however, that the starting matriarch, Brigida, survived into the Claveria years and received the Aleson surname herself, considering that even her great-grandchildren were born 20 or more years before the decree. But there were indirect records that gave her name as Brigida Aleson and so, there. If I may add though, today, in Carcar, nobody spells it Aleson (catálogo and old spelling) anymore, they’re all Alison.

In the 2010 Voters list for Carcar, there are 120 voters surnamed Ybañez, the 71st most numerous surname in the list.


Manuel Ybañez

=Brigida Aleson

Doroteo Ybañez

—=Victoria Albarado

——Marcelo Ybañez

——=Gabriela Alcoseba (       ) pDn: Ma. Gabriela; AKA Bernabela

———Ma. Potenciana (1827-1833) pDn: Ma. Potenciana (bapt)

———Francisco Felipe (1828-   ) pDn: Francisco Felipa (bapt)

———Laurencio Ybañez (1830-1898) pDn” Laurencio Nepomuceno (bapt)

=(1868) Eduarda Navarro Alfafara

———Gregorio Ybañez (1833-   ) pDn: Gregorio Francisco (bapt)

=Rufina Alejado Barellano

———Ma. Victoria (1834-   ) pDn: Ma. Victoria (bapt)

———Lucio Sanches (1836-   ) pDn: Lucio Sanches (bapt)

———Miguel de Sta. Isabel (1838-   ) pDn: Miguel de Sta. Isabel (bapt)

———Patricia Ybañez (1840-   ) pDn: Patricia Josefa (bapt)

=(1860) Mamerto Alesna Alcos

——Cesario Ybañez (       ) pDn: Cesario Ybañez (marr.)

——=(1842) Rafaela Alesna (       ) pDn: Ma. Rafaela (marr.)

———Matheo Ybañez (1844-1898) pDn: Matheo Wenceslao (bapt)

=Gregoria Alcover Ynfantado

———Modesta Ybañez (   -1850)

———Gabino Ybañez (1846-1850) pDn: Gabino Ybañis

———Francisco Ybañez

=Maria Alcesto Sagolili

———Maximo Ybañez

=Venancia Villasor

———Abdon Ybañez (      ) AKA Odon

=Catalina Ynfantado Bargayo

———Benito Ybañez

=Genoveva Cabicab Sagolili

——Ynosencio Ybañez

——=(1842) Ma. Rafaela

——Enrique Ybañez (1822 -1863) pDn: Enrique Ybañis (marr.)

——=(1847) Saturnina Alesna (       ) pDn: Saturnina Antonia (marr.)

———Marcelo Ybañez (1847-   ) pDn: Marcelo Ybañez

———Tranquilina Ybañez (calc. 1855-   ) YoB calculated from age (19) in Marriage

=(1874) Marcelo Alegado Alfafara (1850-   ) AKA Rosalio Marcelo Alfafara

———Mamerto Ybañez

=Jacinta de las Nieves Alcudia (       ) AKA Inocenta, Macaria

———Valentin Ybañez (1863-

———Ruperta Ybañez

=Mamerto Alegado Alcuesar

———Susana Ybañez


=2) Gregorio Alcudia Silva

—— Luis Ybañez (1824-    ) pDn: Luis Gregorio (bapt.)

——=(1847) Ma. Francisca

——Ysabel Ybañez


———Januario Ybañez (   -1879) child

——Mariano Ybañez (1826-1900) pDn: Mariano Yvañez (bapt.); single

——Valentin Ybañez (1828-   ) pDn: Valentin Mateo (bapt)

——=(1853) Juana Candiong Aldecua

———Eugenio Ybañez (   -1876) child

——Gregorio Ybañez (   -1876)

——=(1855) Paula del Corro

———Filomena Lucia Ybañez (   -1903)

=(1876) Pablo Gemal Padin

———Ambrosio Ybañez

=(1884) Ysabel Alcudia Silva

———Sixto Ybañez

=Julia Aldave Baracao

———Escolastica Ybañez (   -1883)

= Cayo Roca

———Ricardo Ybañez (   -1883) escuela in Burial


SECOND LINE (probably also a son of Doroteo):

——Juan Ybañis (       ) pDn: Juan Ybañis

——=Ma. Antonia

———Francisco Simon (1827-   ) pDn: Francisco Simon (bapt)

———Ma. Ynocencia (calc. 1830-   ) pDn: Ma. Ynocencia (bapt)

———Fermin Ybañez (1830-   ) pDn: Francisco Fermin (bapt)

———Ma. Natividad (1835-   ) pDn: Ma. Natividad (bapt)

———Juana Angela de la Merced (1838-   ) pDn: Juana Angela de la Merced (bapt)


THIRD LINE (probably a daughter of Doroteo):

——Juliana Ybañez (       ) pDn: Ma. Juliana; born Carcar but res. in Balamban


———Severa Ybañez (1845-   ) pDn: Severa Leonarda (bapt); AKA Genara

=Licerio Canarias Sarmiento


  1. I was looking at my deceased father and came accross my grandfather birthplace which is Carcar Cebu. I would like to find out if anyone has information, his name was Isidro Ybanez from Carcar Cebu married to Gavina Mayone Ybanez… My father was Burgos Ybanez born in Balingoan Misamis Oriental. I’m in the process of tracing our ancestors. If you have any information please feel free to send me an email…I would also like to find out if the carpenter who built the well known bahay na tisa is my unknown relatives..

    By: Sheila Ybanez Luechauer on December 21, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    • Honestly, I don’t have a record of Isidro. But if you could give me a timeline (his date of birth) I’ll be on the lookout. Anyway, where was Isidro and Gavina Mayone married? In their marriage record, esp in church, their grandparents may be mentioned therein. Again, a timeline would be a great guide for our estimates. Even your father’s baptismal record (again what date?) may also hopefully mention his grandparents. Re balay na tisa, i have no close contact with the owner(s) to know the house’s specs.

  2. hi! gud day! i wud just like to ask if we are relatives because we share similar surnames. we came from the line of Emiliano Ybañez(dat’s wat i remembered as my grandfather) and maybe we share the same vast and uprooted family tree. tnx and God speed!

    • im looking saturnino ybanez from cebu dati syang radio operator sa seafarer shipping agency kasama ko sya 1993 M/V Lavandura.

    • to Roque Ybanez Jr.,

      I remember having an uncle name Roque. Is your father still alive?
      Could you ask him if he had a sister name Norma and a brother name Jaime?

      And how good of a Ping Pong player is your father?

      • Baroy ikaw ba yan? si dicky ‘to, kumusta ka na? add mo ako sa FB dun tayo chat email ko ay bgaela@yahoo.com

      • Hello. I am pretty sure that your Mom is my first cousin. I remember you are still a toddler the last time I saw you and you are fondly called Baroy. Your Dad’s name is Fred (from Candelaria). Anyhow, I came accross on this site while I was seaching some articles about my Dad. Yes, the family played pingpong and we were good then (Your Mom and my sister played and compete in tournaments together). Definitely Roque Jr is your cousin as he said his lolo’s name is Emiliano who is my Uncle. Roque Jr may have met my older brother Freddie who retired and went back home to Cebu. I now reside in Burbank, CA. Are you in the US too? I asked my brother Jerry if he remembers you and he said yes, that your family moved to the US ahead of us. I hope to catch up with you. Thank you very much for this site.

  3. I would like to trace up my relatives from Carcar, Cebu. My lolos name is Teodoro Kuizon Ybañez. He is married to Eugenia Mancao. I dont know her maiden name. Can you help me? We are now in mindanao.

    • first of all, the ybañez families of carcar are either indigenous to the town, from dalaguete, from san nicolas or from opon. it would be a tremendous help for me if you’ll give me when (or estimate) teodoro was born, or eugenia.

    • well ,thanks for the response. I am just starting digging my roots Ybañez. in Carcar, Cebu particularly in Buenavista, Rosario and Valencia. I will ask help from you again if i could have some datas about them. Thanks and more power.

      • it is important if you can estimate when teodoro was born. who were his brothers or sisters? I have a line where the mother was a cuizon, but i must know when teodoro was born to guess if he belonged to this family as well.

  4. If these Ybanez are descendants of Benito Perez of Pangasinan, then they are my relatives. they are also related to Ente and Buscagan families

  5. Y`Banez, Richard
    b. Aug 03 1965
    Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

    Y`Banez, Mary June
    b. Aug 09 1960
    Bogo, Cebu, Philippines
    m. Abao, Samuel

    Y`Banez, Jed
    b. Apr 29 1959
    Bogo, Cebu, Philippines
    m. UNKNOWN, Loida

    Y`Banez, Cora
    b. Jul 07 1957
    Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
    d. Jun 11 1967
    Bogo, Cebu, Philippines

    Y`Banez, Reynaldo
    b. Apr 25 1956
    Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

    Y`Banez, Rosaline
    b. Sep 19 1952
    Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
    m. Navarro, Nonilon

    Y`Banez, Vicente Mendoza, Sr
    b. Mar 17 1928
    Bogo, Cebu, Philippines
    m. Buscagan, Felicidad

    Y`Banez, Vicente
    b. Jan 03 1951
    Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
    m. Lupenia, Lucy
    Dec 18 1977
    Manila, Philippines

    Y`Banez, Dennis
    Y`Banez, Irene
    Y`Banez, (Sugar)
    Y`Banez, (Baby)

    ||Information on the family of Vicente Y`Banez taken from a family group sheet completed by Felicidad Buscagan Y`Banez, 31 May 1985.

    About Buscagan, Felicidad (Didang)
    Letter written by Felicidad Buscagan Y`Banez to her niece Maria Elizabeth Perez.
    Bogo, Cebu, April 24, 1986. Dear Craig and Betty, I have just cleared of all the school properties like books, contributions, and obligations because I`m the school treasurer after our closing exercises. But, before these, aside from writing long detailed lesson plans there were the district test, division test and the regional test. So I`m sorry I`m not prompt in responding you. Anyway I`ll try my best to respond you not so long a time.
    In view of this I wrote a letter to Jed in Manila asking him of our picture during his wedding. Unfortunately he was out of the capital auditing in the southern provinces in Mindanao. That is one also of the causes of delay. I could not secure any of the pictures of our parents, grandparents, some sisters and brothers because we were orphans at the age of I think 6 years your Mamang, 5 me, and our youngest was 4 years. We got our Elem. Educ. In Candijay, beginning our Secondary Educ. In Cebu City. Unfortunately the second World War broke out and we evacuated in a mountain barrio of Danao (now Danao City). In that place we enjoyed with the barrio folks and with the evacuees.
    Many months have passed we heard that the Japanese soldiers were near our barrio so we evacuated again to another mountain. The Japanese did not come so we went back to our nipa hut along the railway. Few weeks later the Japanese Battalion coming from Babag where the Filipino soldiers camped, passed by early morning. The Jap officers brought chickens and have it cook. We boiled the chickens only because there were no salt, lard, and spices. One officer spoke in Japanese language the other one in English. Manang Dody told us to eat first before they eat, so we eat and then they eat it all. Thank God they did not kill or rape us what the other soldiers were doing. Half hour later they went downtown Danao where their garrison is located. A month later American war planes and Japanese planes were fighting and a Japanese plane was hit and fall to the sea. The following week another Japanese plane was hit. So the Japs were demoralized and leave the garrison, went back to the barrio. They searched for food, sugar, salt and chickens where it is easy for them to carry whenever they want. We kept on evacuating from place to place, from mountain to another mountain midnight or midnoon. The Jap stragglers were following us. We said long prayers for our safety until in the evening we were saved by the 57th Battalion Infantry. We were about three to four hundred evacuees young and old, children and babies. The commander advised us to stay where we are or if we like to proceed, they let us pass to the place they have passed by for they can guarantee our safety. We cried and jumped with joy. But many did not take heed of the advice, they went back to the place where their things and belongings were, without thinking or knowing that there were many Jap stragglers. The evacuees were grouped by families. The babies and children were tossed and hand caught with bayonets. We slept in the mountain peak, chewed guava leaves or lick a little salt to quench our thirst. We did not know where to go. We were four of the groups of families that we, the children went with other family relatives. We went back to our nipa hut but stay one day and the following day we went down town. During the evacuation months we brought our things and little money. When the war was tensed we leaved them in another place and found it stolen. It`s true Manang Dody had sent food stuffs to the Filipino soldiers. We felt hardships during the war. Your Mamang didn`t experienced the same as we had because she was convinced by Dr. Perez to shoulder the schooling expenses when the war is over. Jossie wants to be a nurse so she consented to go with the Perezes. My story is all what I remembered during the war years.
    Our warmest regards and best wishes to you and your kids, your mamang Jossie and her family, Allan, your uncle and his family, your Auntie Dody.
    Our love, Vic and Feling Y`Banez. P.S. Herewith is our picture I almost forgot to place it inside.
    In a letter dated Sept 19, 1997, to her sister Josefa Perez, she sated tthat her birth date is 11 Sep 1928, as it appeared in an affidavit issued in Candijay.Birth Citation
    PI, Bohol, Candijay Birth Records, entry 420, LDS 1747849

  6. my friend’s husband was married to an Ybanez family from Cebu, She said particularly Mandaue. His mom’s name was Norma Ybanez and married to Fidel Briones from Manila. They have 3 children . My friend’s husband ( Fidelito Briones ) was the oldest. and was born in 1967 Norma died after the 3rd baby was born, All the 3 children were brought to Manila after the death of their mother, Now Fidelito lived in US and is tracing the whereabouts of his mom’s family but he’s not able to find one. All he new was his mom’s brother was named Roque Ybanez, I wish you can help him trace. thanks.

  7. gud day i need some information about my relative i mean my grandfather name is felipe ybanez i just want to know if you related to him.he lives in San Vicente Cogon Carcar cebu and my uncle is Castro Ybanez he has a sister her name is Flory Ybanez merried Pilo Manlangit may i know if you have any information regarding some of my relatives name on that place

  8. Does somebody know about LOLO RUFINO, Lola Janang, Lola Tisang Ybanez of bogo…just want know their roots too

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