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Carcar Records

8-Nov-2007 1:22 am

I was back at the Reading Center, 5:10 to 7:00 pm.

50 Records. Aleonar-3; Barcelo-3; Alegado-5; etc.-39.

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5-Nov-2007 1:38 pm

The Cemetery

For the family tree maker, a good source of information is of course the town cemetery. I’ve walked around the cemeteries of our town, and of Carreta and Osmeña in Cebu City, and Barili, Bantayan and San Fernando, taking down names and dates set in stone.

But there are also some wrong data there. Not major enough to mislead your search, but thorny enough if you’re a stickler for precision in your family tree. I’m talking about the birth dates. When the family had the lapida made, the birth dates were plucked right out from faulty memory, or from erroneous usage of the parish records.

Of the first, people just say their Papa died at 81, and so his year of birth is simply subtracted from the present. Except that actually the Papa was not yet 81 at the time of death, or he was more than 81. Whatever, the year of birth on the stone is a year ahead or behind.

Or, the family decides to go authentic and procures a baptismal certificate, but in the end what gets carelessly set on the stone is the date of baptism, which for normal people comes after that of the birth.

The brighter side is, if you come across one or two errors in your ancestors’ crypts, now is the chance to finally correct the errors in the lapida that’s been dilapidating there for 80 to a hundred years.

In Carcar’s “new” cemetery, Filomeno T. Caballero’s lapidary birth date was Nov. 29, 1892 but the parish Baptismal record was on year 1891.

In the “old”, Victor Regis birth was May 16, 1858 but the Baptismal record says he was baptized May 16 at 9 days old.

In Victor’s days, if a child was baptized the same day he was born, they’d give his age as 1 day old. (There is no record that says 0 day old.) Meaning, the counting starts on the date of baptism and Victor Regis was most probably (because we can never be sure of their own errors if any) born May 8.

Meanwhile, Victor’s son Ramon’s dates are correct. He was baptized Sept. 1, 1897 while the record says he was born August 31, and this is what correctly appears on the lapida. Bravo! However, his wife, Brigida Alvarado’s lapida says born October 8, 1898. The record says indeed she was baptized October 8, 1898, but a closer look at the record says she was born October 7.

Again, not major points as to be misleading, but still, something that can be readily corrected. So why not correct them?

And there are four in my own Aleonar mausoleum. Paula’s birth date and death, and Praxedes’s and Benedicta’s birth years–faulty memories in these cases.

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27-Oct-2007 10:10 am

The lahug mormon church was tidying up (painting, general cleaning, etc) to host guests expected for the scheduled groundbreaking for the contruction of their temple near the lahug church.

the members are excited because among obvious other things, having a temple means it can house a copy of all the microfilms, and as a result, ordering would be shortcutted…
so as the members were so busy with the preparations, the reading center wasn’t opened until next week.

so in the meantime, i plan to be in carcar by sunday afternoon and stay there until after the all saints holidays, maybe monday the 5th already.

during my stay, i hope i can meet relatives and other carcar families to interview or get their info…and while there to an internet connection…or input what i manage to get because i don’t want to have an overload when I get back to the city.

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24-Oct-2007 10:56 pm

i had an appointment for 4pm to around 7 pm…i was there quarter to four, waited but nobody came to open the center, so i just went home by six. i pretty much could have finished the baptisms 1895-1899 roll. I hope tomorrow would be more rewarding.

— — — — —

24-Oct-2007 1:17 am

just as i thought, either my eyes or my brains are going. i wasn’t at the reading center 4:30-6:30, i was there 5:30-7:30.

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23-Oct-2007 10:50 pm

this thread seems to be getting to be a blog…okay lang.

went back this afternoon to read more film records 4:30pm-6:30 pm. I copied 58 records today, so that’s about 2 per minute. of the 58, 3 were for aleonar, 12 for alegado (incl. tangarorang and alegrado) and barcelo families…my current film is for Baptisms 1895-1899 and i’m now up to 11-jan-1899. hopefully if the center opens for me tomorrow, I might finish the roll by then, and then the next roll would be marriages 1904-1913.

Carcarfamilies Member (CFM) edna echavez, beautiful cousin of CFM rose koenig, suggested i use a magnifying glass…i do (mora ma’g kasal)…the center director has one there that she lets me borrow…tomorrow I even hope to be able to bring a friend’s digital camera and go back and kodak the baptism of my grandfather Aurelio…if they’ll allow that…if so, expect one other record which i’ll post in the photos section.

meanwhile, most CFMs seem not to have agreed about sending in their profiles or ID photos.

— — — — —

23-Oct-2007 1:26 am

it’s now almost half past 1 am now, and i haven’t encoded even a fifth of the notes…it’s because if a record involves two or more families in my files, i have to update both, so it’s really double or triple posting…so i got away and am writing this because my eyes and brain are begging time off from the encoding…by the time this undertaking will be completed (if it can be) i already fear for my eyes and god forbid, the brain.

i had already strained the eyes this afternoon because the pages were just a little bit faint and the script was small, the combination of which makes for the strokes and letters to appear alike and mauricio would look like macario, manuela like marcela, hijo and hija and -o and -a (which is very crucial because your great-grandfathers would read like great-grandmothers) etc., and i’d have to squint, stare, cross my eyebrows, etc; i think not that those of you still making your family trees are going through difficulties such as these.

i’d wanted to whip off some mileage before the souls holidays which I intend to spend in carcar for interviews, etc. but if i gather any more notes this week i’m going to buckle from the sheer volume, or i might just lose all interest just from the sight of my notes. whew!

— — — — — —

2-Oct-2007 6:18 pm

I had a rewarding day today reading microfilms…10:30 am to 3:45 pm non-stop, wa(la)y paniudtohay…taking down about 180 records…And tonight, I’ll have to encode them to the computer (if way mag-gamit) for maybe another 2-3 hours. Kinsa to’y busy ninyo!?

I saw the baptismal record of my own grandfather, Aurelio Aleonar, which I’d seen already through his baptismal certification. But I also saw one generation further for the Sandiego family.

Mariano Sandiego, husband of Maria Florido Yap, was a cabeza de barangay of the Gremio in Cebu City in the 1880s, but he was from Obando, Bulacan.
This afternoon I saw who Mariano’s parents were: Rafael Sandiego and Juana Abendaño [sic] of Obando. So, balik-balik ra diay sa family nila ang names Mariano and Rafael.

— — — —


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