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Yap: the Yap families of Carcar

The Chinese history in the country. For about a hundred years (1764-1860), no new Chinese arrived in the Philippines. After centuries of trade in pre-Spanish Philippines, and nearly 200 years of subsequent cooperation with the Spanish authorities and productive interaction with the natives (evidence the whole mestizo Sangley race), the Chinese were banned by Spanish authorities from the colony.

The souring of relations between the Spaniards and the Chinese in the country was an offshoot of the short British-Spanish war that resulted in the British ruling the Philippines (1762-1764). During the hostilities, the Chinese and mestizo Sangley families in the country were said to have sided with the British. The British ruled the country from 1762 until they left in 1764. Although in reality the British had really controlled only Manila and Cavite, but Manila was the seat of power.

Anyway, when the Spaniards retook the country, the Chinese were expelled for their huge mistake. Only Chinese already baptized into the Catholic church and mestizo Sangleys (naturally they were Christians) could not be included in the expulsion. In a census in 1800, only 6 Chinese were still in Cebu, all 6 of whom were of course baptized Christians.It was not until around 1860 when the ban was recalled, and the Cebu port was even opened to international trade.

The Yap family of Parian: Maria and Consolacion Yap. I haven’t come across the identities of the 6, and I have no documentary evidence for making this next claim, but I would tentatively still count my Yap family among them by mere reason of the births of Yap children of Parian at the time of the ban.

It is nothing but unique that our Yap family retained the Chinese surname, when most Parian families did not use Chinese surnames at all. Most of the richest and most influential families did not even have any surname prior to the Claveria decree. The conjectures to be made here is that the Yap patriarch converted and so his descendants were able to use his surname. And that the other Chinese’s offsprings without the surnames must have been born out of wedlock, thus they were illegitimate and could not use the surnames of their Chinese fathers. And illegitimate and out of wedlock mainly because the Chinese fathers did not convert to the Catholic church. And why? Reasons could be conscience (their own traditional beliefs), or they were just so like in-and-out of the country…For what else could have been the reason?

An irreverent thought thus crops up: Could the old (pre-Spanish up to 1750) Parian have been very much a red-light station of willing native (and later on, also mestiza Sangley) women in the old Chinese merchants’ maps and trade routes? I know everyone else of decorous Parian stock will back off this idea, but hey…let’s prick our balloons once in a while, say?…Although guiltily aware as I am that it is the nature of balloons that one prick is really all it can take…

Back to reverent thoughts…

Maria and Consolacion were daughters of Juan Yap and Sofia Florido and were both born (along with brother Eleuterio) in Parian, Cebu City, at the time of the ban. And since the ban had existed for about a hundred years, and a record did say that Juan was a mestizo Sangley and born in Cebu City, thus it is highly probable that the family had been in Parian for a long time. The ancient Yap ancestral house in Parian, especially if continuously in the possession of the family, also tends to confirm that view.

Carcar. The first record for this family cropping up in Carcar was the burial of a Maria (II) Yap, párvula daughter of Consolacion and an unrecognized father. This was 1889. The following year, Consolacion also gave birth in Carcar to another daughter, Elisea (still Yap). Then in 1892, she got married to Juan Ramos Rodriguez, a mestizo Español. The union produced no children.

Consolacion previously had a son Porfirio Yap born 1882 in Cebu City. It is generally acknowledged his father was a Marceliano Castillo from Bohol.

Meanwhile, the first mention of her sister Maria in Carcar was the burial of the latter’s husband Mariano Avendaño San Diego in 1897. A native of Obando, Bulacan, Mariano  was for a time in the 1880s a cabeza of the Gremio de mestizos of Cebu (then already including Parian), although records for members of his family in Obando indicated the family was indio. His death was described as repentina (sudden or unexpected). So much so that apparently, Maria was already pregnant with Esperanza who was born some months later, but who unfortunately died after a year—both events in Carcar.

From Consolacion are descended the Yaps (Porfirio and sister Elisea) and from Maria, the Sandiegos of Carcar. Elisea Yap married, first, Felix Alega Campanilla, who died after the couple had their only child, Anastasio Campanilla. Elisea remarried to Sulpicio Genebraldo Baricuatro of San Fernando. Although the family lived in San Fernando, a Baricuatro son, Ladislao, married Remedios Camomot of Carcar and their family resided in Carcar. Among their offsprings, the couple produced a priest, Fr. Dennis Baricuatro. On Fr. Dennis thus converged the well-known Camomot priestly tradition and the slightly lesser-known Florido one that had produced Padre Telesforo Florido, a great-granduncle who was a priest during the Spanish period and Fr. Vicente Florido Jr. more than 20 years before Fr. Dennis.

Juan and Fernando Yap. But the earliest available records of a China-born Yap in Carcar have to be the Marriage in 1891 (and her Burial 1895) of Dionisia Bondaco to Chino cristiano Fernando Salomon Manalili Yap.

Fernando Yap then remarried in Carcar, as Salomon Fernando Manalili Yap, said to be 42 when he married Rufina [Serapia in the marriage records] Bondaco Porcia in 7 February 1907. Nanding Yap’s second wife was related to his first and both families were said to be from Mabolo. Sponsors for the second marriage were the spouses Don Vicente Noel and Doña Maria Benitez.

And then in 1904 there’s the Baptism of Yap Boncuan. In that record, Yap Boncuan was said to be 26 years old from Emuy [sic], China. He was baptized with the name Juan Yap Boncuan Silva with godparents Benito Silva and Ligorio Mercado.

On 18 November 1907, Juan married Benigna Gutierrez of Carcar with sponsors Mateo Noel and Consolacion Yap (my own great-grandmother). In the marriage records, he was said to be the widower of Roberta Genobatin. Genobatin is a San Fernando family.

Even Juan Yap Boncuan Silva’s eldest child in Carcar, Concepcion, was baptized Concepcion Yap Boncuan Silva. Boncuan was known throughout Carcar as Insik Juan and he stayed in the poblacion. However, his descendants did not continue to use Silva or even Boncuan Silva, and were just known as Yaps. The eldest daughter, nicknamed Conching Yap, also married another Chinese, Uy Kim Puat, and the couple was known throughout the town by the affectionate Bisayan way of calling a couple as Conching-Puat.

For anyone of Insik Juan’s descendants interested in going further with the search of their Chinese ancestry, a window is open. In the Carcar church records, his parents in China were named as Yap Yothay and Chiao Ping.

Fernando Yap, meanwhile, was the father of the Yap family of Lagang (now part of Barangay Bolinawan), which include his son, the Bishop and intellectual Manuel Yap.

Bishop Manuel P. Yap

Bishop Manuel Porcia Yap (1900-1966)

Much more than Juan, Fernando was active in the town’s social and political affairs. But it is generally regarded by both families that Fernando and Juan were brothers although from timelines to be made from their respective records, Fernando was born around 1865 while Juan was born around 1878—a big, but not unbridgeable, gap for brothers.

A Mariano Yap, said to be 75 years old native of China, was buried in Carcar in 1938. He would be in the same generation with Fernando and Juan. There were no other details of his stock or family.

Other Cebu Yaps. Fernando and Juan also seemed to be close to the Yap family of Barili and that branch’s patriarch, (Mamerto) Yap Yntong. On the other hand, the Maria-Consolacion Yaps were said to be close to the Yaps of Bantayan, although their starting person there, (Jose Anrich) Yap Oco, AKA Jose Yap Kimpo, was also born in China and could even have arrived on the same wave with either Juan or Fernando Yap and the Bogo Yap, (Calixto Balbin) Yap Quiamco. The latter Cebu City trader Yap Anton was also said to be close to all these Yap families.

There were other Yaps in Sibonga and Argao, too.

I invite all Yaps in Cebu to reconstruct their individual family histories and maybe we can all have a pretty enviable book on the family.



  1. Rosario Yap-Estrada, Tia Saling, told me a related story in Barili two weeks ago. She said her father Yap Yntong had a brother Yap Ynsoy who was also married. When his wife died, he went back to China, bringing with him his child, Carlos. When Carlos came back an adult already, he could hardly speak Cebuano anymore. He got married to a Sta. Cruz woman and moved to Davao.

    • My great grandfather Yap Tauco of Guagua, Pampanga. His son Felipe Fernando, my grandfather, moved to Pangalungan, Pikit, Cotabato. My grandfather have Yap relatives in Davao. Their names are Cesar (deceased), Lorenzo and Valentin.

    • Hello Yap family! My name is Victor the eldest son of the third wife, Susana, of Yntong Yap (Mamerto Yap) of Barili, Cebu. Please contact me and would like to meet you via internet of in person. My father never changed his last name to Alcoseba, his godfather, when he was baptized.

  2. Scratch my claim about Elisea and Felix Campanilla having only Anastasio. I recently came upon a baptism for a Corazon Campanilla in 1911, undoubtedly Anastasio’s older sister since Elisea and Felix were married 1910. Since she has not been mentioned in family reminiscences, Corazon may have died while still a child and, thus, before any nephew or niece would have any memory of her.

  3. […] * my hunch, for which I surely will get much flak, about the fact of mestizo Sangley families not having a surname is that these mestizos most probably started as illegitimate children, else they would have been using their father’s Chinese one which were actually in use even before Claveria–Gantuangco, for one–because the Chinese already had family names way before the Spaniards in Spain did. Their illegitimacy was a result of the father’s not converting to Catholicism and being impeded from  marrying the mother, or his simply refusing to marry her at all.  ( see  Yap: The Yap families of Carcar ) […]

  4. Hello,
    I have an ancestor with the last name of Emuy who emigrated to the United States from China in the 1800’s. Do you know any more about the place name of Emuy in China? You indicate it is misspelled here. Any information would be much appreciated.

    • i wrote [sic] not because there is a wrong spelling but simply to indicate that that was how it was spelled in the record. since we’re using our alphabet to spell a chinese sound, i’m certain other spellings are out there. i know of amoy, for one.

      • Thank you, belatedly, for your reply. It’s all very interesting. I wonder if my ancestor (my 3rd great grandfather) simply used the name “Emuy” after he emigrated to the U.S., for some reason.. I wonder if he was from this town. I really have no way of knowing. His name was Domingo Emuy, my 3rd great grandfather, and I don’t know exactly when he emigrated, but was born in China around 1813. I’m finding it very hard to track down any further information on him or his family.

        Anyway, I appreciate your response and wish you well.

    • I am a Yap from Bogo .My grandfather was a brother of Calixto Yap Balbin but he was baptized Crisanto ‘Briz Yap because his godfather was a Spaniard surnamed Briz. Crisanto had another brother who we knew as Insik Kiga .Crisanto married a filipina by the name of Josefa Ylanan. t
      Their children were : Vicenta and Hermogena who were twins. Eugenio [myfather] Esteban. and Benedicta..Kiga married eugenia Balunan.their children were Conchita, Soledad and Suycon .calixto had a son named Faustino qwho married Petra. Their children [as far as i can remember] were Anastacia, dioscoro, vivencia, diosdado agustin, cirila benjamin and a boy and a nother girl whose names I cannot remember. the children of faustino lived in Bogo until after the war when some of them moved to Bohol

      • how are you related to @mayen (see her comments I got calixto’s data from his baptism (not sure whether in cebu city or bogo) on 15-Apr-1882 at age 26. and his marriage in ca. 1890 to fulgencia lipatan who would have been only 15 then.

        like i asked mayed, i hope you can reconstruct the bogo yap family trees and hopefully, too, we and all other yaps in cebu can compile our data.

      • Hi, I just want to comment beginning with “Kiga married Eugenia Balunan, their children were Conchita, Soledad and Suycon.” I believe you left to mention their only legitimate son Felix Yap, Suycon i think was an adopted son. Felix married Porferia Cinco of Mandaue and had a son Felix Jr. they are the Yap of Bogo and i think the Silang Bakery which is still operating in Bogo Cebu was owned by Soledad. Soledad was married to Diong Libumfasil. Their children are Nestor, Nap and Hermie if I am not mistaken.

  5. My great grandfather is Yap Tauco a chinese who migrated in Guagua, Pampanga.He married Joaquina Fernando. Their son Felipe Fernando dropped the surname Yap. Felipe moved to Pangalungan, Pikit, Cotabato.
    Felipe Fernando also brought to China 2 of my uncles, Enrique and Pedro Timbol Fernando last Dec.17,1932 and never returned back up to the present.
    My grandfather have nephews in Davao. Their names were Cesar (deceased),Valentin and Lorenzo.May be they are related to your relatives in Davao.

    • the various yap families even only of my hometown of carcar, cebu i cannot relate to each other, except that because they share the same surname, they must be related. since you mentioned pampanga, are you related to gen. edon t. yap, brother-in-law of imelda marcos, because i think he was from pampanga, too?

      • Yes,Apong tonga,the father of General Edon Yap is the nephew of my grandfather, Felipe Fernando Yap. They are also related to Quirino Yap ( deceased).
        My grandfather Felipe Fernando Yap and wife Marta David Timbol got separated sometime in !932. That’s the reason why we lost our connections with the relatives of my grandfather/ father.
        I learned about our relations with General Edon Yap through our relatives in Fundohan, San Jose, San Fernando, Pampanga.Apung Tonga were neighbors of my grandmother’s relatives. Everytime they will see Apung Tonga. My grandmother’s relatives used to tell me that he is a cousin of my grandfather.
        I also learned our connections through his brother Ex Brgy. Captain Ernesto Tan. Yap of White Plains, Quezon City. I met him in the our Motorshop at 20th Avenue, Murphy, Quezon City.I got interested to him when he told me he is a Yap. He sounded a kapampangan.. Mr Ernesto Yap asked me who are the other relatives I know beside Apung Tonga. I told him m asked y Dad is related to Quirino Yap on both sides. The father of Mr. Quirino Yap is related to my grandfather Felipe Fernando Yap while my grandmother is related to the mother of Qurino Yap. Marta David Timbol and Ramona David are cousins..Mr Ernesto Yap told me that he is the cousin of Quirino Yap.So I asked him if his parents were still alive. He told me that only person alive was his Mother . I asked permission if I can see her and ask her about my grandfather. He said yes. So I went to their house in Fundohan, San Jose, San Fernando, Pampanga. And I was able to talk to her.mother.
        The mother of General Edon Yap told me to go to Guagua, Pampanga. Because my great grandfather Yap Tauco and relative Yap Cha are from Guagua, San Fernando, Pampanga.She also told me that when Apung tonga was still alive and strong. They received many invitations from different Yap families all over the Philippines; Yap of Batangas, etc.
        It confirmed the place stated in the marriage contract of my grandparents, Guagua, Pamapanga.
        I went to Guagua, Pampanga. Ang met Yap Chui Ching. He told me that they are the grand children of Yap Tauco from a chinese wife. And it appeared that we are the grandchildren of Yap Tauco from his Filipino wife, Joaquina Fernando of Angat, Bulacan. He introduce me to his nephew from San, Matias, Pampanga. I forgot his name. But he is engage in the Bote Garapa Business.rought to China sometime in
        I was very eager meet the relatives of my grandfather maybe they could help us trace the 2 brothers of my father who were brought to China someand time in December 17, 1932 and never returned to the Philippines. Their names were Enrique and Pedro Timbol Fernando. Mr Yap Chui Ching wrote somebody in China and we received a letter written in chinese characters. Saying that the 2 brothers of my Dad are in Sheyi, Shishan, Nanan, Quanchow,Fujian, China. The letter was brought to us by a Yap family of Cotabato. We can not understand the old man because he speaks chinese and muslim dialect. his son is staying in a Bliss house somewhere in Avenida. That’s the place where we got the letter of a cousin in China.
        A cousin is now working in Macao,China. My 2 children visited China. But they were unable to locate the place of my uncles in China.
        Other relatives of my grandfather; Cesar, Valentin Yap of Davao.Suya Yap and Leung Kao Yap also known as Jose Yap of Nagtahan, Manila.

      • Under the chinese culture all people bearing the same surnames are related by bIood.They are members of Yap Fraternity Incorporated,International. With four local chapters in the Philippines;NCR, Bacolod, etc. They have their ancestral God and local God.Iloilo and he told me that they have also Yap relatives in Davao.And the Yap from Carcar have also relatives in Davao. And we do have relatives also in Davao.My theory is they might be related to one another.
        I was also informed by ex Brgy. Capt. Ernesto Tan Yap, brother of General Edon Tan Yap that even the late governor of Tarlac, Pampanga calls him “pinsan’.

        • Yes, Tan is close relative of Yap. I met one filipina chinese in manila originally Yap is married to Tan. That were it start and belong to Chou dynasty.

        • I am a Yap. My grandfather was mentioned above as Jose Yap Kim Po and is married to an Escalona and lived in Bantayan, Cebu. I was told his baptismal sponsor was an Anrich. I was also told that all Yaps in the Philippines whose ancestors came from Amoy, China are related, including the Lims, Shiao or Chua of that place. My father’s siblings were: Anastacio (father of Eng’r. Pedro Mariano Yap, the late dean of the college of Engineering of USC); Ladislao; Filomena married to Angel Cabatingan (grandparents of Jessica Avila,(wife of The Freeman Columnist Valeriano “Bobbit” Avila) the famous Cebu restaurateur (Chika-an, before it was sold); Illuminado; Sabas; Galicano, married to Gloria Rosero; Concha, married to Sisinio Villacin; I met a lot of Yaps in Misamis Oriental and Maranding, Lanao del Norte who I found out are close relatives.

          • By the way, my father’s name is Juan Escalona Yap

          • Sorry about the husband of Concha Yap. I don’t know his name. Sisinio is a son of Concha.

          • concha was constancia, married to magdaleno villacin

          • Thanks, VIP. Never met Tia Concha’s husband. Maybe he passed away during my infancy.

          • HI im a Yap from Bantayan grandson of Anastacio Yap.

          • Greg, we are closely related. Jose Yap Kimpo (Anrich) married to an Escalona (Maria, I think) are my grandparents, too. And the commenter who said he is a grandson of Anastacio Yap, you are my nephew, since your grandpa, Tio Anas, is my father’s (Juan Escalona Yap) eldest brother. Anastacio was followed by Ladislao, then, not in chronological order are: Filomena, m/t Angel Cabatingan, Iluminado, Constancia m/t a Villacin, Sabas, m/t I think Virginia Jakosalem (not sure here) and Galicano, m/t Gloria Rosero and Juan (my father), m/t Perpetua Junio.

          • That’s cool. I am the son of Maria Yap married to a Mercado and we are the one living in the ancestral home in Bantayan. I heard mom talking about the other siblings of lolo but I am mosly familiar with the Yaps in Bantayan. Nice meeting you, btw, where are you based now?

          • Am based in Cagayan de Oro. Maria, your mother, is the sister of Mano Osper & Mano Mariano? And your ancestral house is just a few steps from the house of Lolo Jose in Binawbaw?

          • And living in that house are the children of Mana Letty and Mano Flor Menchavez? One of whom is Marelei?

          • Sorry for the late reply. Yes I know and grew up with them. My wife is from CDO as well.

          • He is also my lolo and too young to remember them when they passed away. We must be first cousins. Who is your father’s name? My father was Juan Escalona Yap. His brothers were Anastacio, Ladislao, Filomina, Sabas, Illuminado, Galicano and Constacia.

      • I’m a cebuana on my maternal side. I’m the great granddaughter of Marciano Cabantugan of Mahliao, Badian, Cebu and Saturnina Bustamante of Negros.From their son Cornelio Bustamante Cabantugan also known as Cornelio B. Famoso.I grew up in Quezon City.
        And my second cousin Lhuz Famoso Yap of Cebu City married Leonides Yap (deceased) of Leyte.

        • Is he the Capt. Leonides Yap of PAL? If he is, then we’re related.

  6. hi…i would to add on something on this,my grandfather is from Bantayan,his name is Jesus yap,i only knew a little about my grandfather,his first wife family name is Arcillas,then when his wife died he remarried again to flaviana Ignilan my grand mother. from camiguin.they moved to Lala,lanao del norte with his children from his first wife…my grandfather has 2 children n his second wife.i met lots of yap in cebu,and i dont know if we were ask my mother,if she knows some siblings of grandfather…il update soon…

    • we’re third degree cousins then. i’ll email you.

    • I met the Yaps of Maranding and found them to be close relatives. We must be related. My father, Juan Escalona Yap, is from Bantayan, Cebu

  7. Hi,I am Cheryll, I wanted to trace our Lineage, We belong to the Yap family in Cebu, Great granddaughter Yap Hiock and Great great granddaughter of Don Anton Yap. I have waited and ask so many person just to trace the family tree.

    • my late mother used to mention that when my grandfather brings them to the city and leave them at yap anton’s while he attended to his concerns. do you know when your great-grandfather yap hiock was born and where and maybe anton’s also. i’m trying to find out whether your particular line was already in cebu when the chinese were expelled circa 1760-1860. i think ours in parian was, too. i wanted the yap families of cebu traced just for our own education, the descendants.

      • I don’t exactly know what date my gandpa yap hiock was born, but he used to live near his office in Ludo and luym San Nicolas, Tupas. His othre family lives near Banilad the Old Yap’s compound,Bauhinia drive Banilad,

  8. hi i just wanna ask if were somehow related i dont know much about the family history thats why i started researching i grandfather’s name is wilfredo yap sr. and he’s from leyte..i need information thanks…

    • You should contact any relative of the late Pedro Yap, the constitutional convention delegate, I think of Ormoc City or the Mercados of Maasin, Leyte. All Yaps (including the Lims, Shiao) in the Phils are related so long as they came from Amoy, China. A certain Antonio Lim, a prominent businessman in Dipolog City, told me this way back in the 70s.

      • I am trying to put together my late father’s family tree, and find any family history. My late father is Pedro M Villaflor. His father was a Yap. My late father was born in Barili, Cebu. He was buried in the Barili cemetary in March 1985. If amyons has any information, please email me at

        Thank you, Caroline Cañete Villaflor

      • Do you have any more information on the above mentioned Pedro Yap?

  9. hi i just wanna ask if were somehow related i dont know much about the family history thats why i started researching i grandfather’s name is wilfredo yap sr. and he’s from leyte..i need information thanks…

  10. Hi, I am a descendant of Jose Yap-Quiamco (b. 1861), born in China, moved to Cebu, then settled in Apalit, Pampanga. His daughter, Catalina, was my grandmother. I would like to know more about the Yap-quiamco side, as most of my knowledge about its history starts in Pampanga. Thank you.

  11. My Great Grand father is came from amoy china and his chinese name is Yap Boy Co but he was baptized here in cebu as Rufino Yap. He had a small mining business at Dalaguete, Cebu but sad to say it flanked down. My grandpa told me that he was also the cousin of Anthon Yap the owner of one of the shipping lines here and My Great Grandpa had a son from his legal wife in china who had been here and settle down at Mindanao named Singh Hwat ^_^

  12. my great grandfather used the name Antonio Yap Sr. here in the Philippines…..He has son ‘s one of them is Grandfather name Calixto Yap , and a sister namely Raymunda Yap……… and according to my father Roberto Yap,(romy yap) my great grandfather is a pure chinese, and wealthy family from Amoy china, they say he came here in philippines as a tradesman, and married a filifina named Victoria Sunga ,from macabebe, pampanga.. They say my great grandfather was very successful in doing business here that there was a time they own many properties in Divisoria and they used to live in a big house they own in muelle de binondo….

  13. My great grandfather is a yap yao co I dont know its is correct spelling he merried to a filipina in Guihulngan, negros oriental.

  14. Hi! My great grand father was a Chinese merchant from Amoy, China. I think I saw his name in a document (looks like a passport) written as Yap Cheung or Yap Ching. According to stories, there was a group of Chinese (cousins and brothers) who came to the Philippines but somehow they separated and settled to different parts of the country. My great grandfather settled in Busuanga, Palawan and was baptized as Juan Yap Sandoval( Sandoval after his ninong); he married Aurelia Juan. Also, several years ago, a female relative from Romblon came to look for Yap family in Busuanga Palawan. Then, I have also met someone surnamed Yap, whose roots were from Leyte; she told me she also heard from her old aunt the story about those group of Chinese men who were all related to each other coming to the country. Could we be related somehow?I really wonder where those relatives are now.

    • a story i read in the internet several years ago (which i’ve never been able to retrieve now) told of brothers settling in bantayan, aklan, maybe the same family as yours.

      • thanks for replying. I guess all yaps are related somehow..

        • I heard that same story of seven (?) brothers from Amoy, China who came and settled in different provinces of the Philippines. My grandfather, Jose Yap Kimpo (Anrich), settled in Bantayan, Cebu. We are related.

    • Hi,
      My grandfather is Yap Ching too. He reside before the war in neg. occ. and iloilo. He baptized as Juan Yap. When he died we used his name as Yapching to remember his roots. He has relatives in panay but we don’t who are them. My father told as they departed amoy china in a group of Yap families by boat. Then when they arrive in philippines they seperated there ways to different islands. Yap families belong Chou dynasty THE LEAF AND IT IS VERY LARGE.

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  17. thanks for this blog. it always amazes me to know how big the family is. i have been lucky to visit our ancestral house in bantayan about 20 yrs ago. im in texas now and still i bump into a few yaps here that came from the same lineage.

  18. Hi to all Yapsters! My grandfather told me that he was from Mandarin China and moved to Ilocos Norte. But most of his relatives surname is Yap they all moved to Visaya region. Love this site.

  19. hello yap family, how about the yap of lolo is Symbe yap of amoy china..He married my lola Regina Cuaresma aturdido of San Narciso Zambales and they have one living daughter and that’s my mother ..after world war 2 my lolo went to amoy china and never came back because of the occupation of the communist party..There’s a lot of yap also in san narciso zambales and they are our relatives,my mother told us also that they have relatives in olongapo,tondo and bicol…

    • I’ve been told by my older relatives, even those I just knew, that if you’re a Yap and your forbears came from Amoy, then you’re relatives. A certain Antonio Lim, a prominent resident of Dipolog City told me that too. Family names like Yap, Lim, Shiao and another one I forgot, so long as they are from Amoy are relatives.

      • I sincerely appreciate your reply Emmanuel..maybe the Yap’s in our town arrived around 1920’s .It was under the americans already…

      • Our present Mayor in our town is Lim and the mayor said that we he is related to Yap .

  20. Hello, my name is Carlos Yap, I was born in Lima Peru and my ancestors are chinese who arrived in Peru at the begining of the 20 century. In Lima and many parts of the word I have relative, and for sure I believe I have relative in Philipines and Malasia. The Yap family is growing bigger, my son who was born in California is spreading the Yap last name and also family that I have in spain. My family is doing a bit more search about our ancestors.
    Thank you!!

  21. Hello all! I’d just like to know if the Yaps in Midsayap, Cotabato are related to the Yaps in Carcar or in general.. my name is Jordan Yap and my father is Dr. Daniel Yap. My grandfather is Quiampo Yap (deceased)

    • I was told that the Yaps in Carcar are our relatives. My sister in law once travelled to Cotabato and met a Yap there who claimed to be a relative. He even stayed in our house during his student days, he said. I was too young to remember that.

      • Hi, i am Yap from Ormoc-Leyte my grandfather is Chin Huat Yap who came from Peking, China and migrated to Philippines in 1918-1920.When he arrived in Cebu together with his uncle they settled down of certain Yap in Cebu and later move to Leyte. I remembered my mother and grandfather always mentioned the Yap’s of Barrili and Mabolo. My mother name is Luz (Inday) Yap.

        • What I’ve heard is that all Yaps coming from Amoy China are relative. I have no info of those coming from Peking.

  22. My great grandfather name is YAP TENG, he was born in Nan’an (anciently known as Lam-oa) in modern time is country-level city of southern Fujian Province, People’s Republic of China, and he died at about 1898. YAP TENG has sons named CATALINO VETUS YAP (my grandfather who was born in San Roque, Cavite) and the other one is not known to my father AGRIPINO PASCUAL YAP, SR. My father AGRIPINO PASCUAL YAP, SR. told me that his father CATALINO VETUS YAP failed to tell him the name of his father’s brother who went to Visayas or Mindanao and since then no other factual data is heard about him.
    I’m in the process of searching my Chinese genealogical facts relative to YAP Clan ancestry in the Philippines. So far I had gathered my Chinese root back in China mainland from 2944 B.C. to 206 B.C. Consisting of more or less 64 generations so far. These factual data gives me a clear understanding that Chinese people kept their historical writings intact. Actually during my research for years I was awed to learn that I can have the opportunity indeed to gather such precious historical background to begin completing my genealogical quest.
    So far I was able to reach my YAP Family pedigree in the Philippines up to 5th generations inclusive of my children, mine, parents, grandparents and great grandparents.
    Sometimes in the year 2003, we have learned from Mr.JOHNNY YAP of Davao City that his ancestral lineage likewise came from Lam-ao, China. Such information implies that both of us had blood relationship Lately we’re calling him thru cellphone but we get no answer at all.
    May be if there’s someone who can had the opportunity to read this simple reply and can shed some informative data to which we can jointly work on together to unearth valuable info so that we can compare notes.
    Thank you very much.

    Date: February 24, 2016

    • Hi! I am Anthony, my taikong(great grandfather was also a Yap locally known in Gubat Sorsogon as Tiago Yap. I was told that my taikong adopted a surname Enaje during his marriage. I know a lot of people who help trace relatives in China, in fact I have traced our relatives in my mother’s side , the Chan family. But now I am eager to find info about my paternal side. I think we could help each other on our research. i speak chinese too and I have active communications from my relatives in China from my mother’s side, they are willing to help people esp us who are looking for our Yap ancestry . If somebody here has info about these names written below, kind send me an email thru .

      Yap Kun Co, Yap Tiao Kun, Yap Tiong Wan, Yap Swan Tee, Yap Cao Bun, Yap Ko Kun.

  23. I was told by my father while yet still living that we are related to the YAPs in Tarlac.

    JUN A. YAP
    Date: February 25, 2016

    • How are you related to the YAP’s in Tarlac? my husband is related to them as well, his uncle is the late Aping Yap so is Miriam Santiago’s husband Jun Yap Santiago.

      • Yes, someone told me the Yaps, and Lims families are cousins from Amoy, China.

  24. The Playground Tool PRS-20 Staff Race Stand up (find our total testimonial) ispotentially the ultimate maintenance bike stand on the market place today.

  25. Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer Yap-Estrada. My father is Rodolfo Solivar Yap (deceased). Most of my father’s family are from Roxas City, Capiz, Bacolod and Iloilo. Anyone know the Yaps there?

    • I once met a Yap from Iloilo but I forgot is name as we met way back in the 60s. Pero, related kami. My first cousin, the late Pedro Mariano Yap, married Bessie Ubas of Ivisan, Capiz.

    • Please check Yap Fracternal or chinese communities in divisoria,bacolod,iloilo and cebu. Probably they still can help. Many of old folks past away.Chinese origin Ye,Yip,Ip, Yap, Ye.My Grandfather used to work in iloilo and come back in neg. occ. We are families and also we are related close to Tan. The Families is very large. If your ancestor is from amoy village.

  26. I have been looking for my the link of my lolos side till now we cant have a link of him bec he pass away and my mom tell us that he is from.amoy.china diego yap is his name..we really tried our best to find his ancestors can someone help me…or just give me clue link or something

  27. Hi my great grandfather is yap beng yao from first farm amoy china his Filipino name is Francisco Yap he lived and died in naguilian, isabela, Philippines. According to the story of my late grandfather Amadeo Yap who happened to past away also. He said that my great grandfather together with his siblings went to the Philippines they are all from first farm amoy, china to find greener pasteur in the country, according to him they were all five and one of them is there sister so they are four boys and a girl

  28. Hello, I read your blog and I’m so happy to find it. I decesded from Insik Juan. He had a son named Teofilo Yap (my grandfather) was married to Teodora Alcorcon. I really wanted to trace back my ancestry on my father’s side. This could be a big help for me.

    I named my son after our great grandfather Bon Cuan…

  29. Hi, I really want to trace my grandfather’s ancestry since he died when my mother was just 3 years old. My grandma who is a Filipina died too soon leaving my mother orphan at a very young age. My Grandfather’s name is Yap 0co. We live in Dipolog City. My mother when she was alive was cared for by her Filipino relatives. We really do not know any relatives from my grandfather’s side though some of my brothers have “Chinese look”. We do not know how to speak Chinese too. My mother told my eldest sister that his father has brothers in the name of Yap Anton and Yap Pua. . I don’t know if we spell it correctly. My mother’s name is Guadalupe Yap. Thank you so much.

    • I think Yap Oco and Yap Anton were relatives of my grandfather, Yap Kimpo (Anrich). He lived in Bantayan, Cebu. I was once assigned in Dipolog City and met Mr. Antonio Lim, whose son Wilson operates the Caltex gas station at Rizal Ave. (I don’t know if it’s still there, since I left Dipolog in 1976. Mr. Antonio Lim (I don’t know if he’s still living) said that if a Yap comes from Amoy, China, then they are related to the Lims, Siao and two others, I already forgot. Reason why Mr. Antonio Lim called me Agaw.

    • I’m also looking for my Yap relatives, They used to live at Yaps compound ( now Bauhinia drive) I’m not sure if this compound still exist. My grandpa is Yap Hiock, son of the Late Anton Yap here in Cebu City, My grandpa used to live in Tupas (Pasil) I hope if anyone is available here in Cebu we can gather around, feel free to drop me a message. I hope we can get in touch with our long lost relatives. It’s been years that I am tracing my roots from Yap side.

  30. Hello!

    I am Andy Yap “aka” Leandro Q. Yap, from Quezon City. And my grandfather is Yap Nay E from Amoy, China. Came to the Phillipines sometime in 1900, with other Yap Clan members He was married to Maxima Ignacio- Aragon from Palauig, Zambales.

    My uncle Sonsing, eldest brother of my father Leasing told me that they have relatives in Cebu Province. Which he ask me before to search for them.
    Our family is related to Dr. PACIFICO YAP too, of Metropolitan Hospital, Manila.
    I hope and pray to find our Yap relatives, who came from Amoy, China.

    • Contact Mr. Valeriano “Bobit” Avila, a columnist of Phistar. His wife is a Yap. They may have the info you’re looking for.

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