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Family Search: A Cebu City Family Tree crosses to Carcar

The Duterte family of southern Cebu

There is little known of the patriarch, Bernardo Duterte, except that his wife was a Dominga Guzmán (presumably mestiza Sangley or india) and that their son, Francisco, was born 1798 in Cebu City (when it was still pretty much for Spaniards only). A copy still exists of a certification attesting to Francisco’s baptism in 1798, issued 1841 by the Cebu Cathedral that says the parents were Bernardo and Dominga.  Since Cebu records were lost during the last world war, this must be one of the oldest surviving family history document held by any family in Cebu.  Bernardo was my 5great-grandfather through my mother’s side (where he was the 1st, I am of the 8th generation).

We have no other record showing ancestors, siblings or other children of Bernardo.* There is, however, another Duterte family having coexisted parallel with ours, and they generally covered Northern Cebu, but since both families called each other primos (cousins), the entire Duterte clan must be really huge.

The link to both branches has been my Holy Grail and, like the dubious prospect of the legend, this, too, does not appear ordained for me to finally find. But the bet is this one’s not a legend, and I know down the line the Galahad of the family will unearth this link some day and complete the family history which has long been awaiting those first chapters. Ship manifests with a Duterte (or Dutertes) bound for the Philippines from either Spain or Mexico are good leads to look into, too. And from there, Spanish records for that peninsular Duterte’s lineage and ancestry.

Bernardo’s son, Francisco Duterte, married Romualda Fulgencia**, a mestiza Sangley in Cebu City (1821 per certification by Cebu Cathedral in 1862 ), and eventually settled in Naga.  Their 5 known children (4 girls, 1 boy) were all born in Cebu City though, but got married to either Naga or San Fernando natives. But once the family began to spread out, did they ever!

1. Venancia. The eldest got married to Guillermo Suárez.  Suarez may have been born either in San Nicolas or Cebu City (or Parian).  His pre-Claveria name (pCn) was José Guillermo so this circumstance ostensibly rules out his being Spanish-descended. The couple had 9 children. Guillermo was a cabeza in Naga and a capitán of San Fernando (see previous post Cabeza de barangay 4:  The cabeza was not the capitán).

Jose, presumed the eldest of Venancia, married twice but died relatively early. His eldest daughter, Maria Ponce Suárez, married Amando Villarosa here in Carcar and they raised their family here.  Their children included Genoveva (Mercado), Carmelita (Campugan), Trinidad “Trining”, Adolfo “Opong”, Saturnina (Aleonar), Eleuterio, Mariano “Itoy”, and Clara (Juario).

Vicente Suárez, María’s half-brother from the second wife (Braulia Ramas), married Amando’s sister Marcela and a grandson of theirs became a Philippine ambassador to China who unfortunately died in office there in 1993, Ambassador Pablo Rocha Suárez Jr.  The ambassador was himself also descended from the illustrious Rocha clan of Tagbilaran.

Justo was an hacendado in Naga. His daughters with wife Felipa Papas married a Librea, a Tolentino, and a Canónigo and their families soon ballooned to Galeos, Quirante, Guanzón, Escala, Casals, Suzara and Parungao. Meanwhile, son Pablo and wife Magdalena Tabada had no children.

Trinidad (b. 1839, pCn: Ma. de la Trinidad) got married to Valentín Najarro Rabor of Cebu City but this Rabor couple settled in San Fernando and their daughter married a Papas.

Francisco (b. 1841, pCn: Francisco Silverio) also chose San Fernando, but married Barbara Quiachón who was also from Naga. Their daughter Emiliana married Valentin’s (above) brother Evaristo Rabor and their son, Emiliano Rabor, in turn became a mayor of San Fernando during the American period. Francisco Suárez had also been a capitán of San Fernando.

Félix (b. 1843, pCn: Felix de los Santos) remained in Naga, married Catalina Pañares Bartido and their line—Suárez, Frías, Saysón, Mendiola, Chiong, Ong, Aliganga– has made an exclusive club of the mayorship of the town.  The incumbent, Valdemar Chiong, as well as every mayor of Naga in the 20th century, save for Cipriano Corro (5. Juliana) and maybe just one other, all came from Félix’s family. Felix himself was also a capitan of Naga.

Antolín Frías was an Agustinian friar well-known for his literary and historical works who married (presumed) Felix’s daughter Aleja and their family settled in Naga.  Was he on record in Cebu as the first religious who left the orders to marry? He was one of the priests chased all over Cebu by the revolucionarios.

Felipa (b. 1845, pCn: Felipa Duterte) married Ramón Cuico, a mestizo Sangley of Cebu City and they chose to live with the other Cuicos in Carcar. The Cuico-Fano family of General Luna st.  here are descendants of Epay and Don Amon.

Prudencia (b. 1847, pCn: Prudencia Josefa) married a North Duterte and well-known Cebu City personality, Escolástico R. Duterte, and they lived in Cebu City but Prudencia returned to San Fernando and died there.

Their three children Segunda (Roa), Filomeno and Filecula (Papas) lived in Cebu City and San Fernando. Many descendants now bear other surnames like Baricuatro, Cabigon, Damo, Deen, Jayme, Lumapas, Zabala among others. Among the best-known were USP stalwart Escolastico S. Duterte (whose first wife was a niece of José Rizal), the lawyer-writer Remedios Jayme-Fernandez and corporate lawyer Danny Deen.

Pablo (b. 1849, pCn: Pablo Jose) lived in San Fernando with first wife, Ciriaca Sasil and the second, Isabel Sabaiton. A grand-daughter married a Medalla of Panadtaran-Balud and the couple’s children studied at St. Catherine’s here, one of whom, Doris, married Alexis of the Dutertes of the North.

Ramona, the youngest, married Numeriano Gerasta (Cabeza de barangay 4:  The cabeza was not the capitán) whose family had also settled in San Fernando from Boljoon (or possibly Cáceres). Numeriano served some terms as San Fernando mayor.  Ramona turned out Gerasta, Gesto, Tapia, Yap, Villariasa, Rodís, Sormillón, Campos, Villasán, Paradela and Llanto descendants in San Fernando, Carcar, Tuburan and Surigao.  These new surnames have sprouted into still others, too.  A Ramona great-great-granddaughter, Sari Yap, founded the Mega fashion publications and is its President and CEO. She had served as the editor-in-chief of its maiden publication, the groundbreaking Mega Magazine.

Besides its Naga and San Fernando mayors and a number of lawyers, Venancia’s branch has also produced an Army lieutenant general (Gumersindo Yap, Carcar), an air force major general (Gilbert Llanto, San Fernando), and a number of colonels and navy captains in the Philippine armed forces and some priests, too.

2. Nicasia. Married a Naga native, Paulino Algar in 1854 in Naga.

Daughter Tranquilina married Pablo Rojas Veloso in 1874 in Naga and they started the Veloso branch of Naga. Their descendants now carry the surnames Fadullon, Reyes, Binghay, Villaflor, Camomot, YuTiamco and others.

Son Honorio tried his luck in Barili with his cousin Mariano Pañares (see 5. Juliana below). Married Teodora Paras (whose father’s sister, Juliana, would marry Pañares). Their daughter, Rosario married Isidro Abad and their descendants are now Abad, Aguilar, Holganza, Jimenez, Janeo and others. Rosario and Isidro’s grandson, Msgr. Rolando Jimenez, is the current Team Ministry moderator of Carcar and is the Vicar General for the South of the Cebu Archdiocese.

3. Leon. Born 1827 as mestizo Español with a baptismal certification issued by the Cebu Cathedral to prove it, in 1850 married Naga lass Modesta Lara (pCn: Modesta Ma.) , whose brother, Guillermo, later also married Leon’s sister Teresa (No. 4 below).

Isidro Duterte (1875-1961), Leon’s grandson, constructed the prototype Duterte Family tree .  Leon’s descendants, besides Duterte, now carry Cadungog, Alía, Caballero (of Carcar), Manugas, Arriba, Bautista and others. A great-great-grandson, Albert Arriba, is a noted designer and stylist in Cebu City.

4. Teresa. Had a daughter, Baldomera Duterte, in 1849  before marrying Guillermo Pañares Lara in 1855.  The Lara girls married Rosales, Navales, Alferez. A Navales daughter married Victor Coloyan and their daughter, Leah, married Manuel Abellana of Carcar, brother of Dr. Ramon and Martino.

Baldomera above had a daughter, Anselma, generally known to have been fathered by another Spanish priest, Emiliano Díez, known as a church builder in San Fernando and Sibonga.  Baldomera and Anselma were given (or built) a house right next to the San Fernando church compound.  The house still stands today, extremely well-kept by its present owners, the Tapia-Labitan family (see 1. Venancia-Ramona above).

Like Frías (1. Venancia-Felix above), Díez was also much sought-after by the revolucionarios.

5. Juliana. Married Alejandro Manguera Pañares (pCn: Alejandro Apolinario) of Naga in 1849. Juliana had the most children of her siblings—14.  Eldest son, Mariano (pCn: Mariano Alejandro), probably together with, if not ahead of, his cousin Honorio Algar (2. Nicasia above), sought and found his fortune in Barili in business alliance with the lawyer Pedro Cui. Married the most eligible woman there, Juliana Flores Paras, and their Pañares descendants of Barili still proudly carry on the couple’s legacy in that town, buttressed by one of the town’s oldest houses.

Juliana’s huge branch has also produced an Air Force major general in Marcel Agustin Pañares, himself a son of a colonel, as well as a legal luminary in Court of Appeals Justice Portia Aliño-Hormachuelos.  It had been hinted to me that incumbent Lahug, Cebu City barangay captain Mary Ann de los Santos also descends from Juliana and Alejandro but she would have to confirm that to me.

Other Dutertes. Names of the northern and other Dutertes appeared once in a while in Naga records. Examples are a Dionisia Duterte who was a baptismal madrina in 1839 and her daughter (presuming the same Dionisia) Filomena Duterte, also had her son Luis baptized in Naga in 1886. Luis’s younger sisters founded the USP. The story is that these children of Filomena had Florentino Rallos as their father.

Another Northern star, Ramon Duterte, also figured in Carcar records when he married Rosario Regis in Carcar. Their son, Ronald, became a vice mayor and mayor of Cebu City.  One of my biggest regrets is not meeting Ronnie Duterte and being able to compare Duterte notes with him.  I often wonder who keeps the records for the North Dutertes, although most of the known information for their’s appear in the Veloso family tree.

Anyway, I was also elated to discover that even my own grandmother, Dolores Aleonar, also seemed have the connection as her own grandmother’s name appeared in a Carcar church book as Placida Duterte, wife of Nicolas Rodecindo, and parents of her mother, Gaudiosa Rodecindo and the latter’s sisters Cristobalena and Nepomucena. Lola Senang had married Carcaranon Marcelino Ramos Tenchávez who served as a town councilor until the family migrated to Ozamis.  But I haven’t got a clue where to place Placida Duterte and her line in the Duterte family tree. I am aware though her line could be one of post-Claveria Dutertes and therefore not related by blood to the Spanish Dutertes whose surname stood out in the early Naga records. Only one other family in Naga already carried their surname before Claveria’s decree, and it’s Corro.

Carcar and the Duterte descendants. Carcaranons have come across many of the descendants of Bernardo and Francisco Duterte here in Carcar, living in the poblacion as Carcaranons themselves. These are the Villarosa-Mercado-Aleonar-Juario-Barcenilla-Cui-Alcudia clan (above), Cuico and Fano, Cesar Caballero and his twin sisters, the Aguilar-Rodís and the Tapia-Yap families, as well as the Tapias of Ocaña and the Dutertes of Perrelos.

Or as students from Naga, San Fernando and Barili–Aliganga, Bautista, Canónigo, Chiong, Coloyan, Corro, Galeos, Labitan, Lara, Lozada, Lumapas, Manugas, Medalla, Mendiola, Navales, Pañares, Papas, Paradela, Parungao, Rabor, Sormillón, Veloso-Camomot, Villasan, etc.–coming over to study at our prestigious St. Catherine’s and Carcar Academy, one of whom, Monsignor Lando from Barili, did come back triumphantly to be our very own parish priest (Team Ministry moderator; and he was not even aware of this heritage until I told him).

The peace of the Lord be always with us.


* The general outline of Bernardo and Francisco Duterte’s descendants are based on Isidro Duterte’s pioneering effort. The grand old man of San Fernando died 1961.  Providentially, I was given two photocopies of his family tree only around 1991 at about the same time by both Gloria Gerasta-Lozada and Aida Tolentino-Malaza.  Isidro’s had 458 individuals (many of which had only nicknames); our present count is 2,963.  (See a 5-generation Bernardo Duterte family tree reconstruction at the experimental myfamilies (Vip’s Families) blog).

** the marriage certification for Francisco and Romualda reveals that Romualda was the daughter of Ygnacio de la Cruz and Petrona Fulgencia–obvious pre-Claveria names.  An interesting information also in the record is that Romualda was a “mestiza de Sanglay de esta ciudad”. We now know that the Sangley mestizos did not reside in the city but in nearby Parian, but although the marriage was 1821, the requested certification was issued only in 1862—when Parian was already a part of the city. The certification was signed by Don Anselmo Abanceña, interim parish priest of the Cathedral.  Subsequent records of the family just name Romualda as Romualda Fulgencia and it is another family mystery and quest what surname her family became after Claveria. We’d be only too happy to find them. That family is our blood, too.



  1. Such has been the expanse of Bernardo Duterte’s family tree that in our class at St. Catherine’s more than 40-50 years ago, my classmates included Heidi Alfafara, Bernadette Barcenilla-Oteyza, Socorro Sienes-Peña, Lillian Villasan-Gaviola, Gloria Yap, Luis Camomot, Alex dela Cerna (+) and Lito Parungao–many of us clueless then we were related at all. Oh, and were there others?

    • Yes, there were. Reynaldo (Nene) Barcenilla, Nadette’s brother, for one.

  2. Re Antolin Frias. Monsignor Jimenez said just yesterday that as far as he knows, when Frias died, the Agustinians took possession of his body, decked him in priestly robes, laid him in state in San Agustin convent (Manila or Cebu?) and barred his Cebu family from the wake.

    • That’s interesting. Antolin Frias is my great, great grandfather. I don’t know much about him though.

      • Frias clan – Cebu (Descendants of Antolin Frias)

        • May i know the FB page for Antolin Frias descendants in Cebu? Thanks..

    • antolin frias is also my ancestor… is his earthly remains inside the Basilica del Sto.Niño sarcophagus?

    • May I know how can i contact this Mons. Jimenez you were referring about? I just wanna know more details about Friar Antolin Frias since he is one of my ancestor…Thanks…

      • perhaps this is high time descendants of antolin frias ask the basilica del sto niño authorities directly about him.

        • thanks for the reply…if i may add, do you know someone connected to them? and lastly, do you know someone who still has a copy of the “La Conquista de Cebu” his spanish one act play? thanks…

  3. The Juliana Duterte-Alejandro Pañares family (No. 5) is really very large that just the couple’s 14 children already took on, besides Pañares, the surnames Manubag, Corro, de Gracia, Barut, Canillo, Quiñones, Canonigo, Encabo and Pansoy.

    • hi good day, my mother celsa sanchez encabo wants to see her relatives in cebu and ozamis. but the problem is that she is 60 yrs old and she left cebu for almost 30 yrs. if there some one here who can help me to locate our relatives pls reply. this is my cell number 09295884957

    • Hi! my mother Regina Encabo Rabago from Penamongahan Cebu married to Teodoro Panimdim Tangga-an from Carcar Cebu. I wish to meet our numerous relatives anywhere in the visayas and Mindanao. My family and is now residing in Iligan City.

  4. vip,
    Are the Diez of San Fernando related to the Diez of Sibonga since Fr. Emiliano was also assigned in Sibonga? The Sibonga Diez are good-looking and numerous. They live on the national road in the poblacion that goes to Pappan.

  5. Although if good-looking they could very well relate to me but offhand, I would think not, John, unless the priest’s child or children in Sibonga were allowed to take his surname, which seems nigh impossible considering the strictures of the time. The Sibonga Diez can actually solve that too by tracing their family through the parish books; the Sibonga town genealogical project was launched ahead of ours in Carcar and Argao’s later. Meanwhile, Frias’s children in Naga bearing his name presupposes the friar’s actually marrying Aleja Suarez.

    Anyway, Fr. Emiliano Diez’s “daughter” in San Fernando never assumed his name but was Anselma Duterte (her mother’s surname) throughout her unmarried life.

  6. Thanks for the history lesson. I didn’t even think that there were other members of the family. We moved way North a long time ago and are now living in the States. My grandfather was Ramon Duterte who was married to Rosario Regis of Carcar. My dad is the oldest of six, his younger brother was Ronald. My grandfather (We called him Lolo Banawa); they moved to Banawa when he was Mayor, I believe in the 50’s, was the oldest of six. His youngest brother moved to Davao and became Governor there. He was the father of the present mayor. My dad remembers most of the facts. I can only mention tidbits of family history heard at the dinner table.
    Thanks for the info. I always wondered about the family connection to USP. There is also Tio Bebe in SF, he is in his late 80’s or early 90’s. He was married to “O’Keefe”. He has lots of info as well.

  7. dear jason, i really would love to compare notes with whoever is holding north duterte notes. it’s possible we can join the two branches through these notes.

  8. Hello,

    I spoke to my dad. I can give you his grandparents names but he doesn’t even know the last names of his Uncles’ wives. I know that my grandfather, Ramon was the first cousin of Ramon Durano’s wife, we knew her as Tia Ate’. All of my grandfather’s siblings are deceased; I believe the only living person from that generation is Tia Soling (Soledad?) She is the mother of the Davao Mayor. She is Vicente’s wife. I believe a Roa.
    My dad had an Aunt, Lola Choling. She lived in Cebu and was married to a Rodis. I will get you as many names as I can collect. I think my Aunt will be visiting Cebu very soon. Will try to see if I can get any info from her.
    It is unfortunate that most if not all the Lolos and Lolas are all gone. They had very colorful stories and would have been able to trace every branch of the tree. Will post another response as soon as I can get info. Thanks.

    • we are the duterte from davao city. My mothers name is patricia duterte from danao city, she knows Nanay Soleng Duterte, the mother of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. according to her the husband of Nanay Soleng is the younger brother of his father Eutiquio Duterte

      • dear emma, thanks for writing because it appears my file falls short. i only have ramon, jorge, mariano and soledad as the siblings of vicente (father of mayor duterte). some of those who posted comments here are descendants of these siblings–jason and michelle of ramon and estefania of jorge.

        • Hi There… I’m Marybeth grandaughter of Jorge and and Estafania Duterte. My mother is Thelma Duterte and Lola Choling ( Soledad) was my lolo jorge’s sister.

          • Hello Marybeth 🙂 Nice to find a cousin directly descended from Lola Jorge :). How is your family? Is Tita Thelma still in NM?

    • My grandfather Felipe Fernando Yap have cousins in Davao. their names are Cesar, Valentin and Lorenzo Yap.

    • Hello,
      I was just wondering where the Dutertes in Ginatilan fit in.
      I’ve heard my grandpa’s family originally come from San Fernando and settled in Ginatilan Cebu.
      My grandpa’s name is Primitivo Duterte married to Arcadia Ferenal, I
      I don’t know my great granpa’s name.
      I did hear from one of my aunt before that Beatrice Duterte Durano is my grandpa’s cousin.
      Owner/founder of Cebu Polytechnic School in Cebu is my grandpa’s brother in-law, he married my grandpa’s sister………………thank you, I am based now in WI, USA

  9. Jason, it would be nice to finally clean up the Duterte family tree, at least up to Isabelo, your father’s great-grandfather. My records do not yet include the children, grandchildren (and great-?) of Ramon. I mentioned in the post that your Duterte branch is included in the Veloso family tree.

  10. Hello. Apologies for the long break. Spoke to my dad. I didn’t even know about Isabello. I believe my great grandfather name was Facundo. He is my grandfathers father and wass married to a Gonzalez from Danao. Not really sure if it is spelt with a Z or an S. He had six children and had one outside of marriage. my grandfather’s half brother was recognized ass part of the family and had two daughters.
    All of my uncles and aunts other than my dad and my uncle Ramon (Jr) married Westerners. My Dad married Jean Villaluz of Cebu, my Uncle Ramon married my Tita Alice from Bohol. There are Ronald (Deceased), Myrna, Cherrie and Doris. I will try to find out names of my grandfather’s siblings and their families.

    • Hello. You mentioned Facundo and Gonzales in this and that really caught my attention! My father who is Douglas Decayana Duterte mentioned those names before. My dad says that we trace our lineage through our middle names given from our mother’s maiden names. So, my father’s parents were Jorge Gonzales Duterte and Estefania Decayana. Focundo Duterte was my father’s grandfather who married a Gonzales [and it is spelled with an S]. My father should be able to remember his grandmother’s name.

      • Did your father remember his grandmother’s name? Thanks for writing because in my file (which i copied from the veloso family tree), jorge’s wife was estefania cortes, not decayana.

        • Yes, her name was Zoila Gonzales.

          Estefania’s name was indeed Dacayana [sorry for the misspelling]. Her mother Victoria Dacayana had Estefania Duterte with a Cortes out of wedlock. My grandmother took her mother’s last name, Dacayana.

          • sorry lol I meant to say Estefania Dacayana

          • Hi Estafinia… glad that you came to know your roots in Cebu …..I’m your cousin Marybeth your father Douglas is my mom’s younger brother.

  11. This was so interesting to read!

    Jason: I’m Ramon Jr’s daughter, Michelle.

  12. Hey Michelle,
    How have you been?

  13. Hi, Jason! Doing well, thanks! Hope you and your family are happy and healthy!

  14. Hi everyone!
    I wonder where the duterte of cagayan de oro city can fit in? My grandfather was nicolas (I don’t know his middle name), married to restituta bacalso abella both of lahug, cebu. My father’s name was Domingo whose birthplace was lahug, cebu. He married a cagayanon named leonora salvador salcedo. His brothers were francisco and perfecto and a sister- lucia married to a nacnac family of ilocos. I have four brothers and a sister namely nicolito, emmanuel, renato, arnold and myrna. Regards to all.

    • @reynaldo, I don’t have the names Nicolas, restituta abella, domingo etc in my files. have you tried asking your father’s siblings or those of your grandfather Nicolas? And then I need a timeline for Nicolas (when he was born) and his brothers/sisters so I’d know where to search. Can’t promise anything but on the chance that I have on file a brother of nicolas we may be able to see some light.

      • Really I don’t have the exact info about my grandpa Nicolas and Papa Domingo since they were gone already. What I only know is that the Duterte’s came from Cebu and that Nicolas is a mariner.

  15. Hello Reynaldo,

    Met a Duterte from Cagayan De Oro about three.four years ago during a ceremony at USP Cebu. I think the library was named after a Duterte from Cagayan whose brother is Tio Bebe who lives in San Francisco. It was an elderly lady (The Library was named after her husband) and her daughter. I forgot their names, sorry. But if you look up USP in Lahug, you will see the person’s name there.

    • I think the USP library is named after Escolastico Solon Duterte (see No. 1. Venancia above), a grandson of Prudencia. Incidentally his nickname was, like Reynaldo’s, also Nene. The brother is Dr. Rodolfo (Baby). I did not know they were from Cagayan. Their branch is crucial because Prudencia Duterte Suarez and husband Escolastico Rosales Duterte was the marriage of two Duterte branches. That’s why I want to clear up the tree with whoever is keeping records for and of other Dutertes.

      • Indeed, we already met and we call each other “agaw’. She can not recall also the roots of her husband. One of my brothers is also nickname Bebe.

  16. I don’t think they are from Cagayan, I was told they moved there and have been living there. I guess I met Escolastico’s wife. She was introduced as one of the Lola’s. I was there during the dedication, so was Tio Bebe. I’ll try to forward a link to Tio Bebe, but sort of lost touch when my uncle died.

  17. I am so happy to find this site. I am one of the granddaughters of Isidro Duterte of San Fernando. my grandpa had 18 children from 2 marriages. My mother, Soledad Duterte Delvo, was the eldest of the second batch of children. I would love to know more about our clan. Though I am residing here in the US, I still find solace and pride in knowing where I come from.

    I know one of my cousins, daughter of Isagani Bautista (nephew of Isidro Duterte) had a family tree they continued from what my Lolo Sidro started. They are now based in Surigao since they owned a hospital and school there.

    • The Duterte family tree I keep has you Elaine and Mirasol, daughters of Soledad Duterte and Gerardo Delvo. Actually your are a 4th cousin of my mother. The one who gave me some update of Isidro’s clan was Manuel, brother of your mother at a Paradela wake in San Fernando. But the only ones with spouses were your mother and Manuel. I hope I can be updated of that, too.

      Please, can you give me the middle name of Beatriz Panugan, your grandmother. Also, the middle name of your father. Stay in touch, ‘Gaw aw Tia.

    • Hi Elaine,
      My name is Brenda Duterte Mendoza Crider. My mother is Gertrudes Duterte Mendoza. I think we are cousins. My mother and your mother are half sisters. I am hoping to meet you when we visit San Fernando, Cebu in February 2011. My connection with the family in Cebu is Gemma.
      Hope to hear from you. A couple of my siblings, niece and nephew would like to meet the rest of the Duterte Family. We live in different parts of the US.

      • I am so pleased to see your post. I am in Florida. Tita Cherrie (daughter of Tio Imon, the doctor and brother for Tia Truding) is also here in FL. Where are you in the US? Nang Gemma was in California a few years ago. I hope we can find each other somehow. I look forward to meeting you and your family, as well as you meeting mine.

        • I am Diana Mendoza married to Ernesto Duterte Mendoza, nephew of Imon Duterte, he is the brother of my husband’s mother Gertrudes Duterte Mendoza. I have a family tree going back several generation given to me by Cherie after we talked during the funeral of Lita here is Southern CA. I do know that only 2 Duterte Brother immigrates to the Philippines in the 1700’s. After much research I have been able to trace every Duterte I know of back to these 2 brothers. They are originally from France. The Duterte’s in Davao are related to the Dutertes in Cebu. This has been ongoing research for me, After a long talk with Uncle Imon about 20 years ago during his visit to California I was able to gleen more information. I find it very fascinatng. My husband barely remembers his family in Bbu as he was born in Pampanga and raised in Caloocan, I do know that many in the family are from Lahug, Uncle Imon live on the corner of Diamond and Gem street in Lahug.

          • i would be only too happy to be able to compare notes with your research. regarding the duterte brothers from france, i too heard of this but am withdrawing any confirmation until i see the evidence. as i said linking the two duterte branches is a holy grail. at least we have bernardo and francisco through records of which we have been able to construct (at least your grandfather isidro) our line.

  18. hello everyone! I’m Victor Z. Suarez from Caloocan City. I’ve long been wanting to discover the Suarez’s family root. My my father is already deceased it’s very unforunate that I was able to ask him about it. The only thing I know is that my Grandmother’s name is Dominga Suarez and she’s from San Fernando Cebu. I hope you can shed lights regarding this thing. Thanks a lot!

    • @Victor, i’m in carcar til mid-next week so i can’t consult my files right now. but in the meantime if you can get dominga’s date of birth or your father’s name and date of birth that would help me frame a timeline. so hopefully when I get back to Cebu City we’ve already made ground. wasting time is my pet peeve when it comes to family search. pangkulit, would you know any bro or sister of dominga? or your father’s because i may have the names. thanks.

      • So sorry for the very late reply Vip, it’s so fortunate that my aunt visited me this time so I was able to ask her. My grandmother’s name is Dominga Suarez of San Isidro Labrador, San Fernando, Cebu. She was born on May 15, 1911. Her parents were Felomina Suarez and Calixto Suarez. Other siblings were Pedro Suarez, Bundoy Suarez, Romana Suarez, Inyang Suarez Calesa. Soledad Suarez Generbraldo is the daughter of Inyang Suarez. Lanie Suarez Medina is the daughter of Roman Suarez.

  19. Taga Cambuntan,Bolinawan pud ko..Batch ’72 carcar academy…iligan city, Lanao del Norte..dia akong famalia..salamat sa tanan dia diri…

  20. hi to all.iam lyneth carpentiro ramos akoang mama anak ni isedra carpentiro ramos pap niya baldomiro ramos namatay sya sa hawaii panahon year 1942 pwdi kong naay maka basa ani gosto ko makig himamat mga parinte naku dha sa sibunga cibu or carcar or mingyanilya cebu mga carpentiro ua ramos. gimingaw nami kayo sa mga parinte namo.nene sistoso sa dalaga paku.ramos mama naku .pls rply f my parinte ko maka basa aning msgs naku.salamat.

  21. hi vip. thanks for the genealogy. great work

    • @J Portia, I’m flattered you read this blog. Would you have someone in mind with enough notes about the Pañares family and interested in the family tree to correspond with me? Reconstructing this Duterte family tree is one of my main projects and only the family can help. Many thanks, Madame J.

      • @vip, are you a descendant of Panares in Barili?

      • hi Vip, if you like to know something about Pañares family you should ask
        maybe Nenette Lozada Pañares from Barili. Her Mother was a Pañares. herself she is living in Sacramento as nurse. The know much about the old Pañares house in Barili and who lived there since 1800 and something.

        or my mother Gloria Gerasta Lozada. She knows much about the Pañares family. regards Anne

  22. florentino rallos sired beatriz duterte jereza of USP and her sister remedios duterte. their mother’s name escaped me until this site named her as filomena. thanks for the info.

    • are you referring to Don florentino rallos who was the first mayor of cebu during american era?….im her great great great granddaughter im looking my blood line whom i wish to meet coz my greatgreat grandfather Hilarion Rallos was died in seatle USA and he said that we have lots of relatives here in cebu…..hope we will meet someday.

      • Yes, I am. As a matter of fact, I have photos of your great great grandfather with the other Rallos descendants here in Cebu. My lolas called him Uncle Harry.

        • Thank you for your reply, Can we meet you personally asap. we need your help! Please bring the photos and any document referring to Florentino Rallos. Please call us @ 414-3604 / 0927-2217259 (Delfin Rallos Abanggan) 345-4486/512-5457

          We can also call you. Please let us know when you are avail to meet. Thank you

  23. Can anyone tell me whatever happen to Felomeno Duterte. He use to work for Filipinas Cement Corporation in Taytay, Rizal. He had a brother a doctor in San Francisco, California, and I believe he had to son’s who lives in Chicago. I met Felomeno sometime in 1990 in los angeles california, and I have lost track of him once again.
    He is my natural father. Any help will be appreciated.

    • Felomeno Duterte is my mother’s brother and he was a doctor. Doctor Rodolfo Duterte is his cousin not brother lived in San Francisco is also a doctor.

  24. Hello Eduard,
    Tried responding to mail but not sure if it went through. I had mentioned that Tio Bebe in SF is Felomenos brother according to my dad. Is Felomeno’s wife Lola Bening? If she is, we know of two daughters, Tita Cherrie, a Doctor in Fla and her sister Thelma who passed away a couple of years ago. Tio Bebe is in his nineties, still active. We here from him occasionally. He tries to make it to Cebu a couple of times a year.

  25. Hello everyone,

    I am a descendant of Juliana Duterte- Alejandro Panares whose eldest son was Marciano (among the 14 children). Marciano married to Juliana Flores Paras and he was the grandfather of my grandfather. Marciano and Juliana had 4 children but only one survived and that was Bartolome. My grandfather Antonio Rocamora was an illegimate child of Don Bartolome Panares. Among Don Bartolome’s children were Cesar and Carolina just to name a few. They were half brother and half sister of my grandfather. My father knows more of their (Don Bartolome’s children) stories than I do.

    Well, nice to read this family tree of Duterte and I am proud of it. I am currently living in Ontario, Canada. My parents are in Iligan, my father’s brothers are in Milton, Washington (Antonio Rocamora III) and Jessie Rocamora in Ipil, Zamboanga del Sur, and still have lots of cousins in Cebu City. I think I belong to the 8th generation.

  26. Hello all.

    Just spoke to my dad. My grandfather Ramon is the oldest of five siblings. Ramon, Mariano, Jorge, Tia Soleng (Soledad) and Tio Nene who is Vicente who moved to Davao. Euteqio is from Leyte. He is my Lolo’s cousin who stayed with them in Pelaez, Cebu before they moved to Banawa, Cebu. Tia Soleng married a Rodis. Tito Eldie is in California. Havent really kept tracked of my dad’s cousins. I have heard and met a few who are in Cebu. Some are in Samoa and through facebook, I have seen the ones in Davao.

    • I am one of your cousins from American Samoa. Hello, Jason :).

      Here is the list of our grandfather’s siblings from eldest to youngest:

      1. Ramon Duterte, Sr. married to Mamang Inday
      2. Mariano Duterte married to Salud [dnt know the last name]
      3. Choling Duterte married to Epefanio Rodis
      4. Jorge Duterte married to Estefania Dacayana
      5. Vicente Duterte married to Solidad Roa

      Their father was Facundo Duterte and Zoila Gonzales.

      My father wrote out a list of names of his cousins, the children of his aunts and uncles that he knows of but I seem to have misplaced it.

      • Mariano Duterte’s wife was Salud Calvo. Are yours above the correct sequence of Facundo-Zoila’s children?

        • Yes, they are according to my father. He is currently rewriting the list of names of his cousins and their known children.

          • Here is the list of known names:

            *Facundo Duterte + Zoila Gonzales*

            A.) Ramon Gonzales Duterte, Sr. + Mamang Inday Regis
            1. Jesus (Tuti) Duterte + Jean Villaluz
            – Jeannette
            – James
            – Jason
            – Janice
            – Jessamyn
            – Jacques
            2. Ronald Duterte + Gloria [??]
            – [children unknown ??]
            3. Myrna Duterte + Mark Grieder
            – Judy
            – Suzy
            4. Cherrie Duterte + Hans Gross
            – Annette
            – Melanie
            5. Ramon, Jr. Duterte + Alice Quillicot
            – Michelle
            – Joanne Ramon
            – Ramon III
            – Alejandro (Alex)
            6. Doris Duterte + Trevor Stutely
            – Alexandra (Ally)

            B.) Mariano Gonzales Duterte + Salud Calvo
            1. Rogie Duterte
            2. Renie Duterte
            3. Carl Duterte

            C.) Soledad (Soling) Gonzales Duterte + Epefano Rodis
            1. Eldefonso Rodis [a doctor or surgeon]

            D.) Jorge Gonzales Duterte + Estefania Dacayana
            1. Thelma Dacayana Duterte [married an Abad]
            – Edward Abad
            – Dennis Abad – Lasea [??]
            * Angeline Abad
            * Jilliann Abad
            – Reynaldo Abad
            – Angelie Abad – [??] Bliss
            * Ryan Bliss
            * Jessilee Bliss
            2. Douglas Arthur Dacayana Duterte + Aurora Mataias [first marriage]
            – Randolph Mataias Duterte + [??]
            * [2 children unknown]
            – Raymond Mataias Duterte + [??]
            * [children unknown]
            – Fleurdeliz (Ging-ging) Mataias Duterte + [??]
            * Lovely
            * Princess
            – Ranrey Mataias Duterte + Steffany Bautista
            >>[second marriage]: + Tusiga Tapuala
            – Estefania Duterte
            – Arthur Douglas Duterte
            – Kimberly Daisy Duterte
            – Christine Duterte
            – Derrick Thadius Duterte
            – Brandon George Duterte
            3. Daisy Dacayana Duterte + June Martinez
            – Jericho Martinez
            – Jennifer Martinez + Jose Benedicto Mondelo
            * Jasmine Mondello
            * Judibelle Mondello
            – Jermaine Martinez

            E.) Vicente Gonzales Duterte + Soledad Roa
            1. Eleanor Duterte
            2. Rodrigo Duterte
            3. Jocelyn Duterte
            4. Don Duterte
            5. Benjamin Duterte

          • Some corrections on Jorge Gonzales Duterte’s list of names:
            it is not Mataias, but Misa.
            Raymond’s wife is Marites [??]
            My mother’s whole name is Tusiga Senerita Tapuala
            Fleurdeliz’s husband is Woodrow Camaso
            Dennis Abad’s wife’s maiden name is Lasea Aulaumea
            Thelma Duterte married Amadeo Abad
            Angelie Abad married John Bliss.

            Corrections on Ramon, Sr.’s list of names:
            Ronald Duterte was married to Gloria Parinas
            Their children are Kathleen Genevieve Duterte, Christine Alison Duterte, and Ronald, Jr. Duterte (Onnie).

  27. Which Duterte branch married into the Rizal family? I heard about this through USP who holds a lot of Rizal items from I believe, Jose Rizal’s sister. I don’t know which sister but Tio Bebe in SF knows the history.

    • The second Escolastico “Nene” Duterte (Tio Bebe’s eldest bro). His first wife was Concepcion Rizal Herbosa, daughter of Rizal’s sister Lucia. He married again and that may be the lady you saw at the USP Library, Thelma Yabut.

    • hello there, Iam looking for my best friend Eleanor Duterte from Davao..I just came from the states. My name is Cielo Hernandez Valera and Iam 72 yrs old. Can you help me?

      • eleanor duterte from davao is mayor rody’s sister

  28. hinahanap ko po ang aking tiyuhin na kpatid ng aking nanay na si Salvacion Caballero..
    Na nakapgasawa na si Vicente Morales sa Cainta..
    Kung sino po nakakilala ky Salvacion Caballero, pagbigay alam lang sa amin..


    • thread re-directed to search forum.

  29. Lolo had a half brother. There is Tio Dolphing (Adolfo?) Enriquez. He is one of Facundo’s sons. He was living in Cavite with his Daughter, Marilyn. I believe Tita Marilyn has two other siblings. We stayed with them in 1980 on the way here to the States.

    • I see. Dad heard there was a sixth, but he didn’t know the name. So his name is Adolfo Enriquez?

  30. Hello Estefania,

    Yup, met him a long time ago. He looked like Lolo Ramon. Daddy says that he did not carry the name Duterte but was recognized by the family. He was living with Tita Marilyn in Cavite or Manila. I don’t know exactly where he falls. NOt sure if he was younger than Tio Nene (Vicente) or somewhere in the middle. Daddy isn’t sure. Not sure exactly if he carried hius mothers maiden name or his mother’s married name, but it is Enriquez.
    I met one of the Gonzales side here in NY. She read my name tag and told me that we were cousins from Lolo’s maternal side. Small world.

  31. oh wow lol. It is a small world.

    you know, ever since I was little I’ve always wanted my name to be Estefania Gonzales Duterte lol. Then, my dad told me that I couldn’t get it because that was our great-grandma’s last name haha. I didn’t know that then :P.

  32. Who is your grandfather? Didn’t see it on the list. Mom knows of the ones who moved to Samoa. I’ve met all the grand aunts and Grand Uncles in Banawa with Lolo an Lola but only remember Daddy’s cousins vaguely. I do remember a Joy and Edna and Daddy Ildie (Rodis)

  33. I’m right under Jorge Gonzales Duterte’s line under my dad’s second marriage. My grandfather was Jorge. Edna I didn’t include on the list because my dad forgot to write it down. She is under Mariano. Joy is Jocelyn under Vicente, says my dad. I’ve never met anyone else except my Aunty Daisy’s family and Aunty Thelma’s son Dennis Abad and his family. They are here in American Samoa. Also are my half-brothers Randolph and Ranrey and his wife Steffanie Bautista – they got married last month.

  34. Also not listed is my dad’s adopted sister Marilou Dacayana who was raised by Victoria Dacayana (not listed) – mother of Estefania Dacayana (my grandmother). She married the son of John Bliss from his first marriage, husband of Angelie Duterte Abad. The son’s name I do not know.

    Corrections on Randolph and Raymund Duterte’s list of names under Jorge Gonzales Duterte:
    Randolph’s kids are:
    *Remiloren Duterte
    *Ralph Louis Duterte

    Raymund’s kids are:
    *Raymar Duterte
    *Gin-Gin Duterte

    • in the family tree you posted, what does an asterisk before a name mean? are these the children of the person immediately before them with the dash?

      Wait! got it.

      • Did you make the corrections for Dennis Abad and his wife Lasea Aulaumea and Angelie Duterte and her husband John Bliss? I had forgotten to insert a “+” between them to replace the “-“.

  35. Does anyone know a Dr. Felomeno Duterte married to Benedicta [??] whose daughters are Thelma and Evelyn. Evelyn is said to be a doctor married to a Bondoc. My father says Felomeno is his second degree cousin.

    • Correction: Felomeno is his uncle.

  36. I think Lola Bening is still alive. She lives in Lahug, Cebu. I met the second Tita Cherry in Jersey. She is living in Florida. I believe her sister died a few years ago.

  37. So, Benedicta is Lola Bening?.. and who’s the second Tita Cherrie? There are so many people here with the same names and nicknames it’s hard to keep track.

    • Oh, nevermind. I got it! hehe. I pieced together what you, Eduard, and Elaine were talking about in the earlier posts. Tio Bebe is Manuel, right? I have a question though. Could Focundo and Isidro Duterte be brothers? Since my dad says Felomeno Duterte is his second degree uncle. I don’t know.. I’m just trying to piece together the information given in the earlier posts.

      • tio bebe is dr rodolfo duterte, youngest son of the first filomeno duterte, the eldest of whom was escolastico (II) , the one married to the rizal niece. isidro duterte belonged to the bernardo duterte family tree the main subject of this post, while facundo belonged the northern dutertes, also mentioned as such here. but tio bebe seemed very close to the ramon and the usp branches. but how they were truly related i need to find out yet, like i also said in the post.

  38. My first Tita Cherrie is Cherrie Gross. She is my dad’s sister. I heard about another Tita Cherrie who is Lola Bening’s daughter. Finally met her at a family gathering a couple of years ago in Jersey. Very nice lady. She lived in Florida.

  39. Dear Vip, are you related to the Mancaos/Yaps?

    • yes. my mother nida was the younger sister of nena yap-mancao

  40. Jason,
    can I have your email address? thank you.

    tinni macachor

  41. Hello Tinni,


    • Thanks, sent you an email. Best regards.

  42. related po b kayo kay alfredo panares sr?

    • i’m not too well acquainted with pañares family and can’t remember an alfredo. but if he is descended from juliana duterte and alejandro pañares i am surely related to him. you did not say how you were related to alfredo.

  43. Dear VIP.

    My dad said something about a duterte who married the Noels. He was the one who made the move south from Danao.
    Annabelle going there next week. I think Anne has arrived.

    • this was cesar noel who married concepcion duterte, a sister of beatriz d. durano. ann’s hs class is 40th jubilarians of stc.

  44. I am glad I found this site. I am the grandson of Conrado Ipil Duterte, brother of Conception and Beatriz.
    My mother seems to have a good memory of the family line all the way to facundo. The story in my family is that the first duterte in cebu was french and not Spanish. He was a sailor that jumped ship in naga or carcar.
    Also it has been traditional to use the mothers maiden name as our middle name. This may help you track down other dutertes.
    My grandfather moved to davao from danao before WWII but returned to danao when hostilites broke out. He returned to davao after the war with ramon duterte, his first cousin and another duterte from naga who was a dentist. He moved back to danoa during the 70’s.
    I’ll try to convinced my mom to write down the whole family tree as best she can. email me, maybe you can interogate my mom for more info.

    • i got you. your aunt soyen belongs to the suarez-duterte branch i elaborated on in the original post above. i even mentioned her and dodong in it (see pablo suarez). your line belongs to severo duterte, a brother of facundo. severo’s wife in my file is felisa ypil. again, in my file facundo, severo, dolores and teodosia were children of isabelo duterte and his unnamed buot wife.

      • @ Conrado: you said that your grandfather returned to davao after the war with ramon duterte. However, my father Douglas Dacayana Duterte recalls Vicente Duterte returning to davao around that time and was elected Vice-Governor and Senator, as Ramon Duterte was in Cebu City and elected mayor then.

        • You are right. I mixed up the two brothers. I need a flow chart to keep track of everyone. I do not know how my mom keeps it all in her head.

          My mom says the the only felisa Ypil she knows is her nanay pisay. But she do not know if she was ever a nurse. She is still close to to the ypils of cebu and danao and alot of them are in the medical field, she’ll ask around.

          At the mention of sikatuna street, mom says a bunch of Duterte-Diores lived there after WWII. one of them, her “cha isa” was a nurse.

          • Tia Isa is what my father says he used to call Felisa Ypil. I wonder if they are one and the same.

  45. @ vip: my father wants to know if Felisa Ypil was a nurse from Sikatuna Street, Cebu City. He recalls a woman of that name being his godmother.

    • i don’t really know anything about felisa. her descendants, like conrado, would be able to answer you better about her. she was also the mother of beatriz duterte-durano, maybe your father can make the link.

  46. Hi, Estefania!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to input the list of names with my aunts, uncles and cousins! I’ll add to that too, that my mom is Marilyn Macias (maiden name), Ramon Jr’s. first wife.

    This is a wonderful blog! Thank you to VIP and everyone for enriching all of us through family history! It’s a true blessing for those of us who know so little!

  47. Hello Michelle!

    The list of names of our family was no problem really :). A bit confusing at first but interesting! Hmm it seems that I’ve already added you to the list of names haha ! I got most of them from Tita Dodo 🙂

  48. Very interesting indeed! Yes, thank you for adding me. I’m glad Tita Dodo was able to provide that! Just didn’t know if you needed my mom’s name!

    Where does everyone live? I’m on the Florida panhandle.

    • Most of us under Jorge Gonzales Duterte live in American Samoa. Everyone else however is spread out across the US, Philippines, and the UK.

  49. hello jason

    I don’t know why I’m reading this side, but I found out that my great-grandparents maternal are
    Numeriano Gerasta y Ramona Suarez y Duterte.

    thats also a branch of Dutertes.
    Numerianos and Ramonas son Alejandro got married with Dolores Veloso y Gonzales (my grandparents)

    Alejandro and Dolores daughter Gloria Gerasta y Veloso is my mother married to Pedro Lozada from Barili.
    I’m married to a swiss and living in switzerland

    Anne Harder Lozada

  50. Hello Anne,

    I know that my great grandmother is a Gonzales from Danao as well. Lola Zoila? I think. Have to confirm with my dad. One of my aunts is also married to a Swiss (Grieder).
    I’m meeting a lot of relatives through this site. Thanks to VIP. (-:

  51. Last year I constructed a family tree to trace my father’s side ancestors but I ended up more on my mother’s side.

    bernardo duterte was my 5 x maternal great grandfather, if you could scroll down I think you should see his name. If anyone is serious maybe we can create a website for us descendants. Venancia Duterte Suarez is where my line comes after Francisco Duterte.

  52. here is also another look of it

  53. Hi VIP,how many siblings does Vice Mayor Rodrigo have?Can you state their name as much as possible.Did he tried to remarried again?

    Who is the biological parents of Jason Duterte? Please I need an answer. I’m looking forward for your response. Thank you. God Bless.!!

  54. Hello Kerra,

    Don;t know much about the Vice mayor. he is my dad’s first cousin. His father who was governor of Davao was my grandfather’s youngest brother, Lolo Ramon, who was Mayor of Cebu at one time. My dad is Jesus (Tuti) Duterte. He is the oldest of six siblings. His mother was Rosario Regis of Carcar. My Mom is Jean Villaluz. I think they at one time were in Pelaez area during the war.
    From which branch of the family are you? Thanks for your interest (-:


  55. Hi, I am the daughter of Jose F. Jayme (Pepe) & Sofia Acuna Jayme (Ning-ning). My Papa is a first cousin of Soledad Duterte, Tita Soling of Davao City. Among her children was Rodrigo Duterte, now Mayor of Davao City. When I was young we use to visit Carcar, Cebu. Can you please help me fing the connection between the Roa -Jayme’s of Cebu and our relatives in Carcar? Thanks and Warm regards!

    • i recognize the jayme surname for someone who married to a duterte-roa of cebu city and san fernando, and the acuña as having married to a silva of carcar. thus, perhaps if can tell me who were the parents of jose jayme and of sofia acuña we can be one step closer to answering your questions?

      • The parents of my father Jose “Pepe” Flavio Jayme, were Atty. Andres Jayme and Luz Roa of San Fernando. Lolo Andres was from Mandaue City Cebu, my father was also born there. Their sibblings were, Atty. Remedios Jayme-Fernandez (Tita Meding), Atty. Vicente Jayme (Tito Inting), Guadalupe Jayme-Bulatao (Tita Oping) and Miguel Augusto Jayme (Tito Mike), his twin brother…..Hope you can find the link? Thanks a lot! 🙂

        • thanks, bec-bec. i’ve sent an email to you. i know the link but need you to iron out some kinks in it. thanks for coming into this blog.

          • thanks a lot to you too…. you see papa always brings me to meet the old folks but the problem is that….they are no longer around, we have a lot of relatives from Cebu, Manila, Davao….etc. Tita Duterte though is still in Davao….I haven’t had the chance to meet her when I visited the place she had her afternoon nap…btw, I missed to mentioned Tita Lulu Jayme – Alojipan, the youngest sister of Papa and she is still healthy and able and is now in Davao City…..

    • Hi rebecca, and VIP, Im Ariston Jayme Jr., son of Ariston Bihag Jayme Sr. My grandfather’s name is Santiago Jayme, brother of Dr. Ariston Jayme of Mandaue. Our great grandfather is Ponciano Jayme. Thanks to this thread that I found out relatives and connection to Duterte Clan. Looking forward to having a reunion with the Jayme Clan. Regards to all.

  56. Hello Rebecca,

    Check to see if you dad is related a Gorgonia Regis ( Mang Onyang). she is my grandmother’s older sister. My Lola is Rosario Duterte, Ronald Duterte’s mother. Her sister (mang Onyang) married a Roa. She might have been the reason that you visited Carcar a lot. Their father, my great grandfather was Magno Regis. Mang Onyang grandchildren are the Zabalas of Guadalupe.

    • if rebecca would make her father’s family tree, your questions would be easily answered too, jason.

    • yes…papang and mamang mentioned the name “mama onyang” to me when he was still alive, in my younger years while liveing in Guadalupe, Cebu with Tita Meding Atty. Remedios Jayme-Fernandez, we use to visit the Roa’s in San Fernando….and the house of Tita Eliza Ebro? does that ring a bell? Thanks for your response…. Becky

    • Hello Jason,

      Beck again, I’ve email you a photo my dad had in 1939 (The occasion was the baptism of the youngest and the confirmation pf all the children of Mr.& Mrs. Alfredo Deen. I guess I have to call him Lolo Fred already. Please see if this can help in your genealogy.

      Thank you again and warm regards.

  57. hello to all. i’m looking for my long lost relatives in cebu which belongs to the dacayana clan.

    • this has been re-directed to the Search page.

  58. Hello May,

    My father Douglas is of Dacayana descent. His mother was Estefania Dacayana, but that is pretty much all I know.

    • Thanks for the info. My mother was only 7 years old when they left Cebu City but she remembers her Aunt Nini, her father’s cousin, and her Uncle Vicente. She also mentioned that her Auntie married a Duterte.

      • Yes, Lola Estefania married my grandfather Jorge Gonzales Duterte. They had 3 children – Daisy, Douglas and Thelma Duterte.

  59. FYI to everyone I’m trying to copy Tito Vip’s List here into a more easier to look at, you can have a look at it here just click on drag on the tree, I’m still trying to finish it, but do check in from time to time

  60. .any link about JANEO clan??thanks

  61. hello…im just searching about my fathers relatives in cebu,
    my fathers name is ROMEO H. GONZALES.
    if you know him please give me any info.thanks

  62. Very interesting reading the Duterte lineage some of whom I know like .. Dr. Ilde Rodis , a good friend and Dr. Cherrie Duterte Bondoc. I would like to mention that the TIA ISA mentioned above is . Mrs. Luisa Diores Ruiz , RN , one of our instructors at the then Southern Islands Hospital School of Nursing. As far as I know , she is still alive and living in Lahug.

  63. hi,,im avelina abella..nais ko po sna humingi ng tolung mula sa inyo para po malaman ko kung saan po ang angkan ng aking ama gling kasi ayaw po niyang sabihin kung saan talaga sa cebu yung pinangalingan niya…ang pangalan po ng aking ama ay si Federico Abella..taga danao daw po sila,yn lng po ang pagkakaalam ko,,sana po matulongana ninyo ako,,,maraming salamat po…ito po ung contact number ko 09155669747.

    • @avelina, if you’re read some posts and pages here, i ask more information. but in your case, seeing that your father is from danao, that is far from my scope of knowledge. there seems to be abellas maybe throughout the province of cebu and the original source is san nicolas, cebu city. i wish you well, or if other readers can read this and know anything hopefully.

      • @vip, can you please trace the duterte’s of maribojoc, bohol…my grandfather narciso duterte had told me that his great grandfather is maximo duterte, whose mother is a duterte came from cebu and go back to cebu out of wedlock…

        • doing that i would have to go to maribojoc and ask permission from the priest to go over their books. in short, i have to expect a miracle. however, please tell me when your grandfather narciso was born, who his wife was. and his knowing his great-grandfather maximo, did narciso also know his grandfather and probable date of birth? we will then have their timeline. there were also dutertes in leyte i believe. what is also significant is this cebu duterte family was mestizo español and was already carrying their surname in 1798 as the the records tell us. if the name was given to a native (filipino) family, it must have come only around 1850. that’s what we want to know.

  64. Hi Good day to all!

    Gusto ko lang po sana malaman, kung sino po ang mga ninuno ko sa Sogod, Cebu..

    My father’s name is Renario Bracero Aredidon, his mother is Leoncia Monterola Bracero, his father is Emilio Monsanto Aredidon.
    Gusto ko sanang malaman kung saan o kanino sila nagmula..

    My mother’s name is Elma Onidos Pacultad, her father is Diosdado Bringil Pacultad and her mother is Valeria Ostanilla Onidos.
    I wanna know where these family surnames originated from..
    Maraming salamat sa pagbasa nito. God bless;)

  65. Hi am back again…thanks for posting Lolo Prudente…. I guess our roots came from there…, I am the daughter of Jose Flavio’ Roa – Jayme, one of the twins of Lolo Andres and Lola Nena….papa’s eldest sister was Tita Meding….I also had the chance of meeting Tito Danny Deen in Davao, some of the members of the family are still here in Cebu..

    THE JAYME – ROA (DUTERTE) FAMILY OF CEBU …Back in Cebu 1974, when I was still a kid….we used to visit the Roa’s and the Ebro’s in San Fernando. There was a parish priest in the south, i don’t know if it was, Carcar and a relative who owns a school in Carmen. Of course who can forget Danao. I was able to meet Ramon Durano Sr.” Lolo Amon” as mama says….And, in Davao Tita Soling…first cousin of papa (she died recently) and at Careta Cemetery…we used to light candles at the graves of Lolo Andres and Lola Gonda (the mother of Lola Nena)….and the other old Jayme’s…

  66. Ups sorry…not Lolo Prudencio, Lola Prudencia…I stan corrected…Thanks again.

    • thanks for writing. i don’t have his first name, who was segunda’s roa husband? also, what’s the first name of your lola nena roa-jayme? i hope i can complete the prudencia duterte suarez-escolastico rosales duterte family tree through you.

      • Her full name was Elena Luz Roa , she was born in January 1, 1896….I don’t know who the husband of Lola Gonda is…..I only saw her name when we visited Careta Cemetery at Lolo Andres grave.

      • Descendants of Remberto Roa & Segunda Duterte

        1 Remberto Alburo Roa Segunda Duterte

        2 Jose “Otec”/“Ipe” Duterte Roa Gorgonia “Onyang” Cheung Regis Veloso (?)
        3 Carmen “Carmencita” Veloso Roa (d. single in M/V Corregidor sea tragedy during WW II, was
        Cebu’s first carnival queen)
        3 Jose Jr. “Dodong” Veloso Roa (d. single in M/V Corregidor sea tragedy during WW II)
        3 Rodolfo “Nitong” Veloso Roa Purita de Veyra
        3 Teresita Veloso Roa-Taylor Eddie Taylor
        3 Ma. Aurora “Honey” Veloso Roa-Zabala Eleuterio “Elio” Zabala

        2 Remedios Duterte Roa (b. , d. at the age of 16)

        2 Soledad Duterte Roa (b. , d. at the age of 9)

        2 Carmen Duterte Roa- Cabigan Sabas Cabigan
        3 Oscar Roa Cabigan
        3 Maria Roa Cabigan
        3 Zosimo Roa Cabigan
        3 Soledad Roa Cabigan
        3 Francisco Roa Cabigan

        2 Remberto Jr. Duterte Roa. Juanita Mina-Roa

        3 Josefina “Nenita” Mina Roa-Segura Manuel “Maning” Segura

        3 Lourdes “Toots” Mina Roa-Hartendorp Eduardo Hartendorp

        3 Caridad “Caring”/“Carrie” Mina Roa-Schaller-Carmona
        Don Schaller
        Fabian Carmona

        3 Guillermo “Willie” Mina Roa Leni Belen (?)-Roa

        3 Francisco “Frankie” Mina Roa Marilou “Malou” Castro-Roa

        3 Manuel “Donnie” Mina Roa Pacita Tobes-Roa

        2 Luz “Nena” Duterte Roa (b. 01 Jan 1896 , d. 30 Jul 1973)
        Andres Espina Jayme (b. 30 Nov 1876, d. 27 Sep 1947)

        3 Vicente Jayme
        Inday Dapat
        Lourdes Mercado

        3 Remedios Lucila “Inday Meding” Roa Jayme-Fernandez (b. 30 Oct 1914, d. Nov 2001)
        Amando Fernandez (b. , d. )

        3 Jose Flavio “Pepe” Roa Jayme (b. 07 May 1916, d. 17 Mar 2001)
        Sofia “Ningning” Acuña-Jayme (b. 29 Sep 1924, d. 26 Nov 2009) [had 2 siblings, was
        the daughter of the former PC Provincial Commander in Catbalogan, Samar]

        3 Miguel Augusto “Ito”/“Mike” Roa Jayme (b. 07 May 1916, d. )
        Mary Gullas
        Basilisa “Basing” Sepe (b. 15 Apr 1945, d. 13 Dec 2011)

        3 Guadalupe Maria “Oping” Roa Jayme-Bulatao (b. 11 Dec 1917, d. 11 Oct 1992)
        Rodolfo “Dodoy”/“Rod” Ungson Bulatao (b. 20 Jul 1919, d. 05 Sep 2004)

        3 Emilio “Dodong” Roa Jayme (b. 11 Nov 1918, d. 1918)

        3 Vicenta Luisa “Lulu” Roa Jayme-Alojipan (b. 29 Dec 1920, d. 13 Feb 2012)
        Ricardo Alojipan (b. 11 Sep 1916, d. )

        3 Emilio Gregorio “Dodong” Roa Jayme (b. 24 Dec 1925, d. Feb 1945)

        2 Concepcion “Ita” Duterte Roa-Deen Alfredo Ponce Deen (b. 13 Sep 1904, d. 13 Dec 1970)

        3 Nicolas “Nick” Roa-Deen Edith Belarmino-Deen

        3 Alfredo Roa Deen Priscilla “Ching” Fuentes-Deen

        3 Jose Fuad “Paddy” Roa Deen Marileen Vallejo-Deen
        3 Danilo “Danny” Roa Deen Zenaida “Zeny” Chacon-Deen

        3 Norma “Mita” Roa Deen-Escaño Ramon Jr. “Monchu” Teves Escaño

        3 Barbara “Nena” Roa Deen-Gomez Federico Gomez

        3 Victoria “Baby” Roa Deen-Sison Jay Sison

        2 Luis “Ite” Duterte Roa Nelly Dinnen-Roa
        3 Grace Dinnen Roa (settled in Bukidnon)

        2 Pedro Duterte Roa Loreto “Loring” Gueverra-Roa
        3 Sylvia Guevarra Roa
        3 Ting Guevarra Roa
        3 Boy Guevarra Roa
        3 Dickie Guevarra Roa

        [having informed the author of the comment, i have removed the 4th, 5th and 6th generation that appeared in the original comment for security reasons since this is not a closed site and contents thereof may appear in searches. – vip]

        • Hi Becky,
          Wow! Lots of interesting info. FYI, my mother, Nellie Dinneen was from Surigao. We never settled in Bukidnon. I now live in Las Vegas, Nevada with my husband , two children & grandson.

  67. Hello again, I posted names of the names of the Decendants of Remberto Roa and Segunda Duterte, myself included.Tediously gathered and compiled by a cousin, Gerry Bulatao “one of the sons of “Tita Oping” (Guadalupe Jayme) & “Tito Dodoy” Bulatao.

  68. This is Ron from Honolulu, Hawaii. My high school classmates and I are trying to contact Gloria Parinas Duterte, who married Ronald Duterte of Cebu. Can anyone help us to locate Gloria please?

    • Hello Ron, THis is Jason Duterte. Mommy Gloria is my Aunt married to my Ron who was my Dad’s brother. She is in Cebu. If you can forward me your Info, I can hand it over to her or to her kids. Thanks.

      • Dear Jason,

        Here is the photo I told you about. Hope this can be of use to your genealogy.

        Thank you again and God Bless! Becky Ma. Rebecca A. Jayme Regional Manager – Visayas_Zambo

        UBIX CORPORATION Regional Office, Mactan Cebu Tel. No. (032) 340-2319 / 238-5662

        Fax No. (043) 340-1883

        “Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.


        • Dear Jason;
          This is Ronald Nishiki from Honolulu, Hawaii, a class mate of Gloria Parinas Duerte. Marie, a close friend of Gloria, and I have not received a reply from Gloria. We are wondering if she has received my message for contacting us. My e-mail address is: and my home phone is: 808-685-3721. We hope to hear back from her. Best regards; Ronald

          • Hello Ron, sorry. I relayed your message to Christine, my cousin. Se said she was going to forward to my aunt in Cebu. I will be sure to show her this email when I go see her in March. Thanks.


      • Dear Jason;
        Thank you for your quick reply. My contact phone number is: 808-685-3721 and my e-mail address is:
        Lots of aloha from Hoonolulu!!

  69. My name is Nicolas Gerardo Rosales I just curious as to if Gerardo Rosales is familiar at all. I never met my father until I was 13. I have been trying to figure out who my family is that originated from Spain. I m not sure of his fathers name nor his mothers name but I know my fathers name is Gerardo Rosales My full name now is Nicolas Gerardo Patton because my mother changed it as a child but it still reads Nicolas Gerardo Rosales on the computers at the offices. I am here from North America Indiana my mother told me I had family in spain and I had family in mexico I am jus trying to find them is all. If anybody knows anything about the rosales and where I come from I would love to know also I almost forgot.. one of my dads brothers names is Salvador Rosales He also has a brother named Miguel Rosales and they have a sister named Teresa Rosales. My fathers mom which would be my grandmother was from Spain thats all I know and I know my Grandfather came from Mexico. I have never met any of my family from spain it would be a pleasure to find them! I have awesome big hazel green eyes long eye lashes im 145 lbs 5’8 not getting any taller, shoe size 9, I have olive toned skin not very dark but not pink either and I also remember always being called Lalo as a child, I guess thats what my father called me. Basically I have nothing in common with my mom and her side of the family if anybody out there knows they are related or you could help in some way it would mean a lot I was born April 13, 1992 if that helps any.

  70. My name is Nicolas Gerardo Rosales I just curious as to if Gerardo Rosales is familiar at all. I never met my father until I was 13. I have been trying to figure out who my family is that originated from Spain. I m not sure of his fathers name nor his mothers name but I know my fathers name is Gerardo Rosales Romero My full name now is Nicolas Gerardo Rosales Patton because my. I am here from North America Indiana my mother told me I had family in spain and I have family in mexico as well I am jus trying to find them is all. If anybody knows anything about the rosales or the romero and where I come from I would love to know also I almost forgot.. one of my dads brothers names is Salvador Rosales He also has a brother named Miguel Rosales and they have a sister named Teresa Rosales. My fathers mom which would be my grandmother was from Spain thats all I know and I know my Grandfather came from Mexico. I have never met any of my family from spain it would be a pleasure to find them! I have awesome big hazel green eyes long eye lashes im 145 lbs 5’8 not getting any taller, shoe size 9, I have olive toned skin not very dark but not pink either and I also remember always being called Lalo as a child, I guess thats what my father called me. Basically I have nothing in common with my mom and her side of the family if anybody out there knows they are related or you could help in some way it would mean a lot I was born April 13, 1992 if that helps any. my father is also related to Guillermina Romero

  71. I may be able to help you with your quest to find the Carcar/Danao Duterte link. I asked my mom if she knew who was the first Duterte in Danao, and she says it was her grandfather Papa Biro(not sure of spelling). My mom says Biro and his brother moved to Danao after biro married a ypil. before that, they lived in cebu city. Their mom was a Duterte from Carcar but that the dad was not. My mom told me the father’s last name, she does not remember any first names. If you think think this is useful I’ll try getting more info out of my mom, or better yet you can call her in danao. You would know better what questions to ask.

    • biro is severo and his wife, felisa ypil. he was a son of Isabelo and the Buot wife. by biro’s brother you may mean facundo, the grandfather of ronald? The two’s other siblings were dolores, married to osmeña and teodosia married to diores.
      my other links, possibly isabelo’s siblings are francisca (mother of escolastico r. duterte) and dionisia, mother of filomena, who was the mother as well of the usp sisters.
      the carcar wife you may be alluding to may have been ramon’s wife, rosario regis, mother of ronald.
      i really wish i could get to older records like a settlement of an estate that may show that isabelo, francisca and and dionisia were siblings and even who were their parents. basta the south dutertes’ starting persons were bernardo duterte and son francisco.

  72. Isidro Duterte, was a former Mayor of San Fernando, Cebu. He had a brother Ignacio who was a Judge in Ginatilan town. As Elaine Delvo correctly pointed out, Isidro, married twice and had 18 children among which were Dr. FILOMENO “Imon” husband of Bening,(parents of Cherie Bondoc) GERTRUDES “Truding”, mother of Brenda Mendoza Crider and DIONISIO- father of my mother, Gemma Duterte. and SOLIDAD “Soling” (of the 2nd batch “wife’) mother of Elaine. The Duterte name would end among the children of Isidro by his first wife, as his sons did not produce male offsprings, but Isidro had numerous male offsprings that perpetuates the Duterte name by his 2nd wife. My mother, GEMMA DUTERTE married Dr. Eli Belarmino of the Belarmino’s from Badian, Cebu.

  73. Isidro, Tatay Sidro as he was called, had Ignacio for a brother, but im not sure if Ignacio is the source of the numerous Duterte in Ginatilan as he had no known male heirs, probably another brother- Jesus. Isidro’s sister, Manay Basil, is the mother of the late Capt. Isagani Bautista- of who’s house, I remember as a kid, Manong Amon and Nang Ate (Beatriz) Durano would visit every May during the San Fernando fiesta. It was always a sight any child would behold, as Manong Amon was already a prominent politician, and their convoy would be escorted by a police patrol vehicle from Danao.

    • Hi
      Ignacio Duterte married Victoria Bamboa and they have 9 offspings, 4 boys and 5 girls. One of them was my Lolo Primitivo Duterte who married Arcadia Ferenal. They lived in Ginatilan and bore 12 kids. 10 boys and 2 girls

  74. Hi everyone Ferdinand Sabio Duterte. I’m one of the northern Duterte’s roots..
    My great great grandfather is NICOLAS “Ola” Duterte, in Danao City. Hhis parents and wife unknown. My father mention that Nicolas has a brother named ESCOLASTICO Duterte and RODOLOFO Duterte a doctor, who migrated in US before WWII, other siblings not known, and he has a cousin Felomino Duterte a banker.. please trace & correct..
    MODESTO “Eto” Duterte (my great grandfather) is as son of NICOLAS and has a younger brother (unknown) and sister a certain Lola “Ebe” who married to Laurente in Danao City. Modesto married to Leona Monte Constantino of Leyte, they settled in Danao City and they had 7 children namely: (eldest to youngest) NATIVIDAD died young; PONCIANO, Sr. (my grandfather) married to Victoria Roble Mata of Danao City; VICENTA married to surnamed Velasco; JUANITA married to Nestor Juntilla live in Davao; EPIFANIA married to Camilo Tito; FELICIDAD married to Concordio Abendan of Pardo, Cebu City; and FELIMON married to Quintiliana Bragat of Borbon, Cebu.
    PONCIANO Sr. & VICTORIA had 10 children namely: (eldest to youngest) LYDIA married to a surnamed Tan of Cebu City; CECILIA married to Franciso Catubig of Cebu; RIZALINA married to Dionisio Fernandez of Carcar, Cebu; ARTEMIO (my father) married to Nativiad Sabio of Barili, Cebu; JOSEFINO married to Pacencia Fuentes of Leyte; PANTALEON married to Sally Alegrado of Carcar, Cebu; ROSENDA married to Venancio Rupinta of Ozamis migrated to Florida, US in 1973; VICTORIA married to Santiago Yuhico of Surigao;, JOVENAL married to Hilaria Gabutin of Guadalupe, Cebu and PONCIANO Jr. unmarried.
    According to my father, my grandfather Ponciano is a nephew of Severo Duterte and Vicente Duterte. During his high school days in Abellana Cebu, Ponciano stayed in the house of Ramon Duterte till he graduated in secondary. When he got married, he settled in JM Basa St. Cebu City and they were neighboo of his cousin Jorge Duterte in San Nicolas.
    When Dr. Rodolfo Duterte plan to moved to US, he offered Ponciano to go with him but Ponciano refused and preferred to stay in Cebu. This is based to the story of my father .
    Thanks a lot to VIP…

    • Hi
      Ignacio Duterte married Victoria Bamboa and they have 9 offspings, 4 boys and 5 girls. One of them was my Lolo Primitivo Duterte who married Arcadia Ferenal. They lived in Ginatilan and bore 12 kids. 10 boys and 2 girls.

  75. And please help me to trace who is the biological parents of Nicolas Duterte and his siblings..

  76. erratum: Modesto is Calixto “Eto” Duterte… His daughter Juanita is Juana Duterte married to Eleno Juntilla..Second married of Jaana is Nestor Juntilla..

  77. Erratum: Modesto is Calixto “Eto” Duterte… His daughter Juanita is Juana Duterte married to Eleno Juntilla..Second married of Jauna is Nestor Juntilla..


    • Additional information gathered about Nicolas Duterte.

      his wife has surname Batiquin. There siblings were Calixto Duterte, Viviana Duterte, unknown one brother settled in Bogo, etc.

      Descendants of Viviana Duterte married to Laurente.

      1. Anunciacion Laurente
      2. Braulio Laurente
      3. Rufino Laurente
      4.Tomas Laurente
      5. Arsenio Laurente

      Second married of Viviana Duterte has surnamed Manit.

  79. Have you heard about the dutertes of Ginatilan, Cebu? Im from Davao myself but i traced my roots to the Dutertes of Cebu particularly San Fernando who was a judge that was assigned in Ginatilan. His name was Ignacio Duterte.

    • yes, ignacio was the son of felix lara duterte and margarita quiachon jabonillo. ignacio was the brother of isidro duterte mayor of san fernando who apparently started this duterte family tree. please communicate with me so we can complete the ignacio side. thanks for writing.

      On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 3:31 PM, CARCAR FAMILIES: A Genealogy Blog for

    • yes, ignacio was the son of felix lara duterte and margarita quiachon jabonillo. ignacio was the brother of isidro duterte mayor of san fernando who apparently started this duterte family tree. please communicate with me so we can complete the ignacio side. thanks for opening this line of communication.

  80. I stand corrected in my earlier post….when i mentioned Ignacio had no known male heirs….he had plenty and that would probably explain the numerous Duterte’s in Ginatilan town… …sorry for the confusion…my family were close to two daughters of Ignacio whom we know now as – 2nd chapter diay…

    • freya duterte father is jaime duterte, catalino duterte’s son

  81. one of Ignacio’s sons (Catalino,if I am not mistaken), was Lucy (who died recently)…Lucy married Jaime Calungsod of Ginatilan – featured then in the news as descendants of San Pedro Calungsod….most of their sons are high ranking generals in the Philippine military and Police today.

  82. Useful info. Fortunate me I discovered your site
    accidentally, and I’m surprised why this coincidence didn’t took
    place in advance! I bookmarked it.

  83. Hi Vip, Lorraine here. I’m from San Fernando, went to SCC from K to HS, and married a Carcaranon. I’ve recently restarted efforts to put together the Rabor family tree beyond my grandparents, but I always run into the Duterte family tree! No surprise since it’s a really big clan, and I kind of already know that I have “double-membership”. But what I didn’t know was that one Duterte branch is from Carcar. My grandfather is Leoncio Rabor, who is the son of Valentin Najarro Rabor and Trinidad Suarez according to this. I remember my dad saying from when I was a little girl that the Suarez families are our relatives, but I didn’t really know the connection, until now. For some reason though, I think the tombstone shows Leoncio Papas Rabor, but I could be mistaken. I will have someone double-check in San Fernando.

    My grandmother’s name is Guadalupe Solon Duterte. I don’t see her anywhere on the tree except as Leoncio’s spouse. That’s a mystery we’ve been trying to solve, along with the connection to the north. My dad (who passed away in ’92) knows Tio Bebe quite well, according to my mom’s accounts. We were also close with the Dutertes from Talisay, and we’ve been told that we’re relatives with Ramon Duterte’s family. One interesting fact I ran into today is that Tio Bebe’s full name is Rodolfo Solon Duterte, the same middle/surname combo as my Lola Oping. I’m not exactly sure if it’s just coincindence or if we’re that closely related, but I’m determined to find out…not exactly sure how just yet!

    Thanks and great job!

    • Hello, Lorraine!!
      I was wondering if Ramon Duerte is the same one that was the President of a university in Cebu. If he is, then he was married to Gloria Parinas Duerte. Gloria is a classmate from Kalani High in Honolulu, Hawaii. We are trying to contact her about our class reunion. We will greatly appreciate help in contacting her. My phone in Honolulu is: 808-685-3721 and my e-mail is:
      I hope we can get some help. Thank you very much!!! Ron

      • Hi Ron, I believe Gloria is married to Ronald, one of Ramon’s children. I’m sorry but I do not have contact with them. Good luck on your search!

      • Hello Ron and Lorraine

        Ramon is Ronald’s father. My uncle Ron was president of
        USP and was mayor of Cebu at one time.
        As was Ramon, my grandfather.
        Ron, I gave your info to Mommy Gloria when I was in Cebu
        A few months ago. She barely leaves Cebu anymore
        Since my uncle died. My cousins are in San Diego
        Cathy and Christine.
        Lorraine, Ramon my grandfather is Tio Nenes older brother
        Who started the Davao DUTERTE branch.0

        • Thank you very much Jason.
          Neither Marie or I have received any communication from Gloria. We are hoping that we can see her when we visit Cebu in the future.
          Does she still work for the travel agency? We used to get some news of her from her Mom, but she passed away a while ago. She is very missed at our class reunion.

        • Hi Jason, my mom remembers Uncle Ronnie and Tio Bebe visiting us in San Fernando, together. But she can’t remember if your father had visited before. My father is David Rabor (also a Nene). I feel like I’ve met Auntie Gloria before. Didn’t she write a cookbook?

          Are you related to the Dutertes from Tabunok, who used to own Duterte furniture?

          • Hello Lorraine,
            Mommy Gloria wrote a cookbook a few years back.
            My dad is Jesus (Tuti) , mom is Jean. I think the Duterte furniture are Lolo’s cousins. Not really sure how-:)

          • Jason;
            Do you know if your Mommy Gloria is OK? Cebu has taken a huge hit from the typhoon. We in Honolulu have not heard from her, and you are our contact there. Hope you and your family are also OK. We here in Honolulu have donated to the Red Cross and are working on doing fundraisers.

          • Lorraine and Jason;
            I do not know if you ever knew about this, but did you know that Gloria Parinas Duerte was Miss Hawaii Filipina? She won a trip to the Philippines and visited there for the first time because of her title.
            She was already a good cook at that time. So I am not surprised she wrote a cook book. Her Mom was a good cook too.

    • Hi Lorraine,
      I’m Fil Duterte and we come from Talisay Cebu. My full name is Filomeno Servino Duterte IV, my dad was Filomeno Saldana Duterte III and my grandfather Filomeno Solon Duterte II (brother to Lolo Bebe Duterte in California). I still remember when we were young we used to go to San Fernando and visit our lolo there. If i remember right we call him Lolo Nene. My lola used to own Duterte Furniture in Cebu City.
      This thread’s almost 3 years already 🙂 i was in touch with Vip a couple of years ago but lost track when we migrated to Australia..

  84. Vip, I know the Paradelas, Labitans. My mom has always wondered why the Aleonars are always at their functions and funerals…now we know why!

    I also keep in touch with a lot of Isidro’s descendants, included Elaine and Mirasol you mentioned above.

    • @lorraine, please make a leoncio rabor family tree. you have not mentioned names of your family.

  85. Here are the children of Leoncio Rabor – Guadalupe Duterte…I’m not sure of the order or if I’m missing anybody, but will check with my cousins:

    1. Antonio, Sr. – Simeona Abarquez (Pardo)
    2. Vicente (never married)
    3. David, Sr. – Camila Bamboa (San Fernando)
    4. Trinidad (never married)
    5. Macaria(?) (never married)

    Antonio, Sr. (Nonong) has so many descendants, mostly living in Chicago and California now, but quite a few still in Pardo and surrounding areas. David, Sr. (Nene) is my father. My brother is David, Jr. I will put together a family tree that I can send you. Is there an e-mail address I can use?

    I think I may also be able to get information on the Ambrosia Rabor-Marcelo Papas and the Evaristo Rabor-Fernanda Suarez branches.

  86. Vip,in reading these family trees, I believe we are related in both the Tangarorang and Duterte families. My grandfather was Filomeno Caballero (son of Francisca Tangarorang and Jorge Caballero) and my grandmother was Perpetua Duterte (daughter of Isidro). Thank you for this site as it has given me, and I’m sure everyone, a better insight into all our families.

    • Thank you for the information a ouple of your items are on the family tree sent by Cherrie Duterte Bondoc, MD, Daughter of Filomen DUterte. My daughter -in-law is in he process putting it on a MS Word friendly format. I shall them sen you this family tree to make it easier. Unfortunately Cherri who is my husband Ernesto’s first cousin doe not know how to use a computer so it was handwritten, I have an account with Ancestry .com and my daughter in law is trying to fill in the blanks It starts with the original 2 brothers and will now end with my 1 year old granddaughter. Let us hope and pray that between us two we can come up with a grand family tree. The last city of residence of Ilomen DUterte, MD was Lahug, Ceby on the corner of Diamond and Gen streets. UncleEmon was a most gracious man I met him when he visited my mothr-in-law Gertrudes Duterte Mendoza in the lte 970’s in their home in Daly City, CA. Bless you for the additional data and I promise once the family tree is formatted you shall receive a copy.

      Warmest Regards,

      Diana Simmons Mendoza (spouse of Ernesto Duterte Mendoza, Sr.)

      PPS, just one humorous remark, some of the future Duterte descendants will be Jewish. I myself am Jewish which by our law essentially makes my sons and grandchildren Jewish. What a marvelously eclectic family we have, leaving quite legacy for future generations.

      Maligayang Pasko, at Manigong Bangong Taon.

      • The whole tree is beginning to fill out with wonderful branches and leaves. A lot to be proud of.

  87. I also have Duterte ancestors in both my mother’s and father’s side. If you want to help and collaborate, visit my family tree at

  88. Hi vip! would just like to know if the name Roman? Duterte who’s married to Eredertina? Luna(?names not certain) came up on your list? They’re probably born around 1820s given that my great grandfather was born in the 1840s. No one in the family knows their real name other than the info that his wife’s family name was Luna. They have 4 known children who lived in Southern Leyte(namely, Martin”Ating”, “Sanoy”, Fulgencio”Oloy”, “Inday”, 3 in cebu, and probably 1 or more in antiquiera,bohol.

    We’ve only known very little about them. Other than, according to them we’re related to the dutertes of cebu and danao(they were “ig-agaw” with them), that the famiy were of French trader descent(which probably explains our forefather’s height, complexion, and relativelyngood looks), and that my grandfather or his siblings wouldstay with thier cousins in danao and cebu whenever they’d visit. My Grandpa’s brother even lived with one of them when he studied in cebu.

    It wouldbe of great help for us to iron out our family tree if such info is available in your keeping. thank you.

  89. Hello Rebecca. I’m Jason. My grandfather is Ramon Duterte, former mayor of Cebu, he married my grandmother Rosario Regis of Carcar. Lola’s youngest brother was Tio Nene of Davao who was Lola (Tia Soling) husband., parents of the Mayor😊. Your visit to Carcar was probably to Lolo and Lola’s house or relatives there. I have heard your last name being mentioned at family gatherings and know that we are related, just didbt have enough info.
    Lola Soling was a Roa as well who is also related to both sides of Regis and Duterte.
    I think VIP has a lo of info on this.

    • Hi, my name is Johanna Duterte and I am the granddaughter of “Tio Bebe” Dr. Rodolfo S. Duterte. He is currently 99 years old and still lives in San Francisco!! I came across this website and just wanted you to all know that he is still alive, well, and has many stories to tell of his childhood.

      • Hi Johanna! Good to hear that! I will make it point to visit him if we ever go to CA. I heard he was close with my dad and his siblings.

      • Johanna, I knew your grandfather well. He is a cousin to my late mother-in-law Gertrudes Duterte Mendoza. Your grandfather was still in practice when I joined a medical practice in 1980. I recall him fondly. We were at his home in I believe Sea Cliff when I first married. I have the family tree of the Duterte side of my husband’s family going back about four generations. His family lived in Lahug, Cebu, although my husband was born in Pampanga. Just wanted you to know someone remembers your grandpa fondly.

      • Hello Johanna. Thanks for the update. We’ve wondered about Tio Bebe.
        Met him in Cebu and visited him in SF at the house. He also took me and my sister Jessamyn who is the Bay Area to the mountain house.
        My uncle was Ronald of Cebu my dad Jesus ( Tuti). We are now in Utah, moved here from NYC. Tita Cherrie and Uncle Hans (Germany) send their regards as well.
        Wish you grandfather all the best.
        We’re thinking of him.

      • Hi Johanna, I am the grandchildren of Poncianao “Poncing” C. Duterte a second degree cousin of “tio Bebe”. I remember before that my grandfather “Lolo Poncing” always mention the name Dr. Rodulfo “Bebe” Duterte – brother of Escolastico S. Duterte II. I’m so glad that i found you on this site. Kindly extend our regards to Tio bebe and the whole family. Thank you

      • Hi! I am so glad I found this blog. Been wanting to draw the Duterte family ever since the president was elected. It was hard yo explain how i was related to them. I am Ria, grand-daughter of Serafin Duterte Sr., older brother of Lolo Bebe. Im very familiar with the name but have very little memory of him. I can only remember Lolo Dodong (Filomeno) who always visit Cebu.

  90. I’m also searching my Duterte ancestors. If you are keen on helping please visit and fill out our family tree form in our Facebook fan page.

  91. dear vip,

    i will share to you my long time of seeking and longing for where Duterte’s roots we came from and i’m so happy that at last i have found it through the genealogy of The Church of Jesus Christ of the Letter Day Saints. My great great grandfather is Nicolas Rosales Duterte “tatay ola” , he is a brother of Escolastico Rosales Duterte, Sr. Nicolas wife has surname Batiquin. their children are 1. Modesto or Calixto Duterte they call them “tatay eto” my great grandfather ; 2. Viviana Duterte “lola ebe” married to surname Laurente they settked in Davao and the other one is a male sibling who settled in Bogo, Cebu. my grandfather is Ponciano C. Duterte “lolo poncing” his wife is Victoria Mata Duterte “lola toyang”. They have 10 siblings.

    • thanks for adding to the family of escolastico duterte. in my file the mother of escolastico was francisca duterte y veloso who died 1904. it was their father who was rosales but i presume francisca and their father never married.

      • i had been confused in your previous letters because although you mentioned escolastico duterte y rosales you had also mentioned dr. rodolfo duterte because although this dr. duterte also has a brother named escolastico their mother was a vidala solon. the escolastico duterte y rosales in my file is the grandfather of this second escolastico solon duterte and dr. rodolfo solon duterte. care to clear this issue?

      • VIP, can you please help me to trace who are the parents and siblings of Francisca Duterte y Veloso? t.y.

  92. hello VIP, would just like to clarify the erroneous posting of my previous letters, the Escolastico i have supposed to mention is ESCOLASTICO ROSALES DUTERTE I, not Escolastico Solon Duterte II.

    Escolastico II is the brother of Dr. Rodolfo Solon Duterte, their other sibling is Filecula Duterte mt Joaquin Papas and Segunda Duterte mt Remeberto Roa, Sr.

    Their parents are Filomeno Suarez Duterte & Vidala Solon.

    Thank you..

    • again, segunda and filecula were sisters rather than children of filomeno suarez duterte, the siblings of escolastico II and rodolfo were lourdes, serafin, and filomeno duterte jr. i think escolastico was the eldest and rodolfo, the youngest.

      • ok vip, thanks for the info that segunda and felicula are also daughter of Escolastico I & Prudencia Suarez.

  93. I’m from a Roa Clan… Most of my uncles (RIP) were doctors… My descendants were Batholome & Leonarda Roa

    • Do you have a Road family tree? My great great grandpa is Remberto Road Sr. but I don’t have info about his ancestors.

  94. Is surname buot related to dutertes?

    • an isabelo duterte y veloso married damasa buot and moved from cebu city to carmen. they are the parents of facundo, severo, dolores (osmeña) and teodosia (diores)

  95. Hello everyone!!… good day to everybody. Glad to come across to this blog and got familiar of the families genealogy. Thanks to the one who made this.
    We are the 3rd generations of Pablo “Amboy” Suarez (the 8th child of Venancia and Guillermo Suarez) and Isabel Sabaiton who came from San Fernando, Cebu mostly now living in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte. Our late grandparents, the children of Pablo and Isabel were the following;
    1) Celedonia Suarez married to Quirino Caumeran,
    2) Tranquilina Suarez married to Pantaleon Tañedo,
    3) Rufing Suarez married to Buenaventura Candelanza,
    4) Eugenio Suarez married to Pipay Delima
    5) Roman Suarez married to Juanaria Baricuatro and
    6) Nemesio Suarez (single).
    Subsequent 2nd and 3rd generations can be found in our group page of PABLO “Amboy” SUAREZ CLAN. If needed we can provide the detailed listings of our family tree.
    Wish you all have a fruitful life… God Bless!!

  96. @vip…FYI, our current public group page is now PABLO “Amboy” DUTERTE SUAREZ and YSABEL SALAZAR SABAYTON DESCENDANTS, changed from the previous group page we had. In here you can have access to our family tree in file.
    Also, please note that above listings does not includes Regino Suarez and Celestina Suarez among the siblings I’m not familiar with and have known them either. Hope you can help me determine who they are.
    Thanks and have a nice day.

  97. Hi! I’m Marcos “Milko” Calo Rabor from Butuan City. My father is Pedro Rabor from San Fernando, Cebu and is the son of the former mayor of SF, Emiliano Suarez Rabor. Can you help me have a good headstart in finding where we fit in in the Genealogy? Thank you and Godbless!

  98. hello po sa lahat! Lola ko po ay si Juana Inrequis Gonzales-Lawas ….nakapag asawa sa Lolo ko na si Marcelo Manipis Lawas ang sabi po ng ama ko noon pinsang bou daw po ng lola ko si Vecinte Gonzales Duterte.

    • pagkamatay ng lola ko ..umattend po si Gov. Vecinte Duterte nandito pa sa amin ang picture …andito po kami sa Davao nakatira …kung sino man po nakakilala sa lola ko pls po paki sabi lng po sa amin kasi si pa po namin nakilala ang mga kapatid ng lola namin …thank you po in advance
      ito po full name ng lola ko sa pagkadalaga JUANA ENRIQUEZ GONZALES. From Danao Cebu

  99. Hello all,

    I’m so happy I found this forum. I was finally able to trace our connection to the Dutertes.

    I now know that my maternal grandfather, Ramon Duterte Diores, was the son of Teodosia Duterte-Diores and grandson of Isabelo Duterte.

    Hello relatives! 🙂


    • hi, i would remember before that whenever it was sinulog we would go to tia lourdes house with our uncle dennis duterte to watch the parade from there. we are from danao city and also from the isabelo duterte tree.

      • This is correct, my cousins are still practicing this through Daddy Ernesto “Esting” Villamor Diores side.

  100. Hi, my father is Mario “Mayon” Villamor Diores, youngest son of Ramon Duterte Diores and Efifania “Panyang” Villamor Diores.

    • @Michael Diores

      Hello! My mom is your father’s half-sister. I don’t know if you know/remember her. Antonieta Diores.

  101. Good day to all Duterte’s… im trying o fill in my lineage wth the clan…my grandfather is Paciano Duterte and was told he was from danao, cebu and i have no idea at all of any of his siblings or my great grandfathers name… we are the duterte’s from north cotabato but i am base in the UK now..if anybody can help me and trace any connections please please enlighten me..thank name is gel

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