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Carcar surnames frequency – Final results

Carcar surnames frequency



Background. Carcar has a population of 100,632 (2007 census).

Summaries. The study was based on a computer-generated Comelec List of Voters 2009 for Carcar, excluding the extension period this Christmas. The list contained 55,205 voters.  5,809 surnames total were counted in the list.  The count was done manually and started 5 Dec. Original intention was to get the top 100 surnames but as ties inevitably turned up, the tally was expanded a little to include the surnames with 100 or more voters, which finally involved 111 surnames.

There was a little hitch in the counting because in the list, Camañero, for instance, was sometimes lumped together with Camanero, with an “n” instead of ñ.  Ditto with Gabinete and Gabiñete. Since it became too tedious to count them individually line by line, the two were just taken together and thus the totals here include both sets of spellings. Anyway, it is, however, most probable that the surnames were originally the same, although as a matter of record and exactness, it would have been ideal to be able to come up with how many spelled their name Camañero and how many Camanero at this period in the evolution of Carcar surnames.

In like manner, there were also what must be errors by respondents themselves in their registration forms where some filled in two spaces to separate a compound name (ex., dela__cerna, instead of dela_cerna).  More likely, these were inadvertent and the Comelec staff did not have time to go over all the entries with the respondents, and these could easily have been corrected if truly erroneous. Although this will result in another surname, no matter, just to be sure.

But where there are variant spellings of a surname, the one to appear in the ranking will be the most numerous. However, the total voters will include the variants, which will also be shown.

Distribution.  The top 10 surnames represent a total of 3,522 voters, or 6.38% of the total. The surnames with 100 or more voters already accounts for 18,623 voters (33.7%).

For the poblacion (town center)-oriented Carcaranon, the result may be an eye-opener in that the first two names, Lauron and Lapiña, come mostly from the Valladolid-Perrelos-Valencia area, and as such may possibly be the old Daanglungsod families. But then, on the other hand, relatively confined to living in the town center may have brought pressure on the Al- families to reduce their number of children.

For what the fact is worth, records point to Lauron, the most numerous voters on the list, originally spelled Laoron, as having originated variously from Cebu City, Mandaue, and Talamban, but has managed to outpace all the others — the migrants and the original Carcar families. But the additional situation of the surname tying up with the Lao- alphabetical group of Carcar surnames may indicate the entire family received the surname only in Carcar, thus they were here already before the Claveria decree.

Thus, the top 10 of the alphabetical surname group which Carcar is most known for –the Al- surnames– had Alegado (No. 4), Alesna (5), Alcover (11), Alison (26), Aleonar (39), Alegarbes (43), Alcoseba (56), Alforque (57, although of Minglanilla origin), Aliser (67), and Alcuizar (72).

Their rankings here no longer reflect the All-Carcar reputation their group once had. The group still accounts for a staggering 212 families, however, and 4,490 (8.13%) of the total number of voters. Formidable but not that dominant anymore, further taking into account that the majority of these Al- surnames now on the list were even just recent additions and not of the original Carcar Al-s.

That is not to say that although the Al- (and Bar- and Cam-) families had been dominant in number in the town center, they were confined there, because the Al- families were also heavy in the Mantalongon-Guadalupe area, from where they may have actually originated, although by the time of the Claveria distribution, these families had already dispersed somewhat. [1]

Evolution of spellings. From a sampling of top surnames in the Comelec list, we can also compare the contemporary spellings of today with their more or less original ones.  A word of caution about original spellings, because it would be presuming to say that what the clerks wrote in the early days of surnames were correct, except if it were pretty consistent for a particular surname. Or else, let’s just base our little comparison on what was the more common old spellings, or what was on the Claveria decree list.

Below, at the left side is what is today; at the right, the “antiques”.

Alcuirez – Alcuires

Alcuizar – Alcuesar

Alison – Aleson

Barawidan – Barauidan

Baring – Bareng

Camotes – Camates

Diacamus – Dayacamos

Dialimas – Dayalimas

Diapera – Dayapira

Lauron – Laoron

Lawas – Laoas

Manlisi – Manlisic

Oamilda – Oaumelda

Paninsoro – Paningesoro

Sato – Satot (Satut in decree)

Wamar – Oamar

Wasawas – Oasaoas

Watin – Oaten

[1]Many families like Alegado, Alesna, Alfafara, could already be found in Bolinawan, Napo and even Ylaud (for Alfafara) which is near the sea from the town center.


Final Results

1 Lauron 488 voters
2 Lapiña 481
3 Cuizon 391
4 Alegado 360
5 Alesna 331 (incl. 2 Alisna)
6 Fernandez 323
7 Dela Cerna 301 (incl. 2 Cerna, dela; Dela  Cerna)
8 Lawas 284
9 Quijano 284
10 Barangan 280
11 Alcover 278
12 Lapas 276 (incl. 51 Lapaz)
13 Padin 271 (incl. 2 Paden)
14 Bacus 269
15 Lapinid 257 (5 Lapined)
16 Campaña 246 (incl. 10 Campania)
17 Wamar 237
18 Sato 236
19 Campugan 232
20 Baring 228
21 Nadela 228
22 Abella 226
23 Unabia 222
24 Tanudtanud 213
25 Dayondon 205
26 Alison 204
27 Apura 203
28 Navares 203 (incl. 8 Navarez)
29 Saraum 203
30 Gantuangco 202 (inc. 24 Gantuangko)
31 Nacua 199
32 Mangyao 195 (inc. 3 Mangyaw)
33 Manayaga 193
34 Oamilda 188 (incl. 18 Wamelda, Wamilda)
35 Satinitigan 188
36 Caballero 184
37 Navarro 184
38 Nuñez 174
39 Aleonar 172
40 Lañas 169
41 Cabungcal 162
42 Larrobis 162
43 Alegarbes 161 (incl. 1 Alegarbez)
44 Tangaro 160 (incl. 2 Tanggaro)
45 Baran 158
46 Barbadillo 157
47 Solon 154
48 Regis 153
49 Garces 150
50 Labra 145
51 Baclay 144
52 Bacon 141
53 Encabo 141
54 Racho 140
55 Pananganan 138 (incl. 1 Panangganan)
56 Alcoseba 135
57 Alforque 135
58 Canape 132
59 Wasawas 132
60 Villarta 129
61 Pantilgan 127 (inc. 1 Pantelgan)
62 Navarra 127
63 Satorre 126
64 Abadilla 125
65 Navesis 125 (inc. 52 Naveces, Navecis, Naveses, Navesis, Navices, Navisis, Navises)
66 Bardinas 123
67 Aliser 122
68 Daclan 122
69 Laña 122
70 Ramos 121
71 Ybañez 120
72 Alcuizar 119
73 Tatoy 118
74 Alcordo 117
75 Canencia 117
76 Fantonial 117
77 Mancera 116
78 Alegrado 115
79 Navasquez 115
80 Cui 113
81 Torres 113
82 Paninsoro 113 (incl. 15 Paningsoro, Paninsuro)
83 Remocaldo 112
84 Tangarorang 111
85 Bagol 110
86 Enad 109
87 Lapis 109 (incl. 6 Lapiz)
88 Quindala 109
89 Barcenas 108
90 Gemuta 108 (incl. 52 Gemota)
91 Languido 108
92 Rama 108
93 Ababa 107
94 Enjambre 107 (inc. 1 Emjambre)
95 Espinosa 107 (incl. 3 Espinoza)
96 Alcontin 104
97 Aldaya 104
98 Langbid 104
99 Largo 104
100 Sabala 104
101 Sonsona 104
102 Villaver 104
103 Dayanan 103
104 Dayangco 103
105 Dayonot 102
106 Diapera 102
107 Abarquez 101
108 Alejado 101
109 Bargayo 100
110 Cabaluna 100
111 Tangaja 100


  1. im from the bacon-cuizon-oamilda family. thanks.

  2. i would like to find any family that belong to the Pablo Lapates Oamilda and Eusibia Oamilda that’s from the city of Carcar, Cebu. My father was born in the Philippines left at the age of 3yrs. Baptized there but the church had burned down. My name is gretchen oamilda (dayanan) also family from the city of Bohol. That’s my inlaws. I would appreciate it if I could get someone to email me and my address listed to the left. Salamat!

  3. I’ve noticed someone who came from the bacon-quizon-oamilda family could they also be related in someway and somehow. any information on the oamelda,wamelda, or wemelda

  4. on the top 10 Al- surnames: aside from alforque, per records found, only aleonar originated from elsewhere (bohol). the 8 others are old carcar families. the only other “immigrant” Al-surname to figure in the top 111 list was alegrado (cebu city, no. 78).

  5. Hello, I am interested to know my roots from Carcar ebu. My grandfather was Francisco Zamora Navarrez Sr. He was born on 1896 at Carcar Cebu. Married to Carmen Suerto Morales from Cebunga Cebu. He migrated to Tangub City Mindanao on 1920’s. My family does’nt know very much about our grandfather’s anciestry but all we remember where he was born and came from. Please help us to solve this puzzle.

    • i will try to see some records of 1896, if you can give the date that will make it easier for me. the main spelling (since the start of surnames) is navares. only one other variant, navarez (one-r) is found in carcar. of the moment, there is no navarrez spelling in carcar.

  6. Gus2 kng mahanap ang mga kapatid ng papa kng si domingo v. Dela cerna from magallanes cebu.25yrs napo kasing hindi nia nakita ang mga kapatid nya.i am anabel dela cerna thanx

  7. Helo po sana po matulongan neu kami sa pghanap ng mga kaptid ni domingo dela cerna from magallanes cebu,hindi po kasi namin alam kng asan na sila almost 26yrs na po kasing di sila ngkita2.salamat im anabel dela cerna

    • @anabel, seguro you give the complete name of your father, when he was born, and maybe the names of your father’s siblings. because one reading this, the name would only ring a bell if they are directly related and know of the circumstance of your father not having seen them. btw, where is magallanes cebu–magallanes street, cebu city? you must understand that the dela cerna family (originally from san nicolas) are fairly well-spread all over cebu.

  8. My father complete name is domingo villarosa dela father parents isabell villarosa and dionisio dela cerna.but they’r father s gone wen he was 12yrs step father sila pero di na po nia maalala ang fullname.his siblings pablito dela cerna and jovita dela cerna.alupis st. Cebu city daw po ung kinalakihan niang lugar.

  9. Pls help naman po

    • can you give me your email address. there’s a very little opening but it may be the right one. i t want to give information only to you.

  10. Hello
    paki add nalang po ako,very excited napo akong malaman ung result.63birthday po kc ng papa ko tomoro.salamat po

  11. Maraming salamat po talaga.paki add nalang po ako sa facebook
    (anabelle Serna-dungca)

  12. Paki message nalang po sakin ung information,,sa facebook (anabelle serna-dungca po)salamat

  13. Good evening sir/ma’am! I pa follow up ko lng po sana ung result about DOMINGO VILLAROSA DELA CERNA,relatives.thanks

  14. hello again vip!
    can you please help me locate the origin of my grandfather, benigno pansit,married to pilar dollera of lower tawog. i was told that he was a policeman in town back in the days. i barely have any stories or anything, where his family came from. i know that the pansits in danao, valencia are related to us. my big brother is named after him which in some documents he is mistaken as the “benigno pansit.” i’m also wondering why there’s no surname pansit in your comelec tab. there’s a lot of them in lower tawog. once again, thank you!

    • i’m sorry i have not made a file for the pansit family yet. in the comelec list, i limited it only to the families over 100 which reach 111 families. the pansit family has 93 voters (incl. 1 pancit) and is no. 126, that’s why it did not make the list. it had the same number of voters as aleguiojo and mancao.

      • so it’s just that we didn’t make it to a 100 huh…that’s all! in the meantime i’m going to check with my cousins about the birth dates of benigno pansit’s children, and will submit it to you,okey? thanks for the immediate response though…..

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