Posted by: vip | February 15, 2010

Origins of Carcar families, 2

Origins of Carcar Families, 2

Taken from records Interments 1877-1883

Many of these families have already been mentioned in the more complete Origins of Carcar families (1).

However, in that previous post, I may also already have referred to some of these families as coming from elsewhere (Mancao, for instance as native of Carcar), so this post supersedes any previous suggestion of family origin. But some caution: even though a particular record states this or that family was from such place, it’s perfectly possible an even earlier ancestor had come from Carcar but the family then transferred to this new “origin” and then came back to Carcar.

Anyway, let me rehash these for the record:

Bohol – Aleoguens, Barateria, Campanilla, Dayagdal, Empleo, Langbid, Ledesma, Nauja, Umbay (Dauis); some records also point to Langamin, Gelloani, Gelle, Quilaton, Dayupay, Dayaona, Candelas.

Barili – Remocaldo

Boljoon – Lauronilla

Cebu City – Alcorcon (mS), Alcudia (mS), Cuico (mS), Lauron, Montesclaros, Poncardas, Raganas (El Pardo)

Dalaguete – Calomarde

Leyte – Aldipulla

Minglanilla – Aledon

Opon – del Corro (mE), Languido, Lapingcao, Lapinid

San Nicolas – Aguilar, Bacalso, Bacon, Gemperoso (but also as from Parian), Lapasaran, Mancao (also via Talisay)

Talisay – Daan



  1. Hello to all,

    may i know if navarra family originaly came from cebu?

    • i have not found a definitive record for the origin of the navarra family of carcar. since earlier records i have of the individuals show they did not have the surname before the claveria decree, this may mean that even if they originated elsewhere, they received the surname in carcar and this surname can be grouped with the dozen or more given to carcar that starts with nav- (nava, navacilla, navares, navarro, navasquez, navatilana, etc).

      navarra is a region and old kingdom of spain where is found the town called cárcar.

      but i sense in your question something that you want to get to the bottom of?

  2. thanks for the reply…

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