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Grand old folks updated

(first version published 2-Nov-2009)

When friends gather and reminisce of the Carcar of our old times, the discussion invariably fast forwards to the past–and the grand old folks we’re still privileged to have around us–and about their old times. Imagine my father was 78 when he died 5 years ago already, and yet his high school English teacher is still very much around–Mrs. Cecilia Alfafara-Florido. And my mother died a year ago at 80 and her St. Catherine’s teacher’s (and cousin) memory is still sharper than many of ours–Mrs. Pilar Sandiego-Lopez. I can’t imagine: Mrs Lopez is 39 years old in the Senior Citizens program!

Talk of the Senior Citizens Program, so as not to omit some grand folk from our list, I went to the office of the Carcar Senior Citizens Programs to generate a list of members born 1919 or earlier. So, here’s an updated list.

A burial arranged at the Carcar convent showed Basilisa Alinton to have died at 106 years of age. When I consulted the Carcar Senior Citizens office, she was not even registered yet.

Our Carcar Hall-of-Fame:

Basilisa Tesoro Alinton: born 15-Apr-1905 – died 4-Jan-2012: 106 at the time of death.

Magno Labajo, 100 in 27-Dec-2009.

Pilar Sandiego-Lopez, 99 in 12-Oct-2009; 10 months younger than Magno. (Died 2011)

Rosario Quijoy-Silva, 98 in 17-Apr-2009; 6 months younger than Pilar. (Died May, 2010)

Cecilia Alfafara-Florido, 97 in 1-Feb-2009; 10 months younger than Rosario.

Pedro M. Cuico, 97 in 14-Feb-2009; 13 days younger than Cecilia.

Balbino Omido Campañon, 97 in 31-Mar-2009; 1 month younger than Pedro.

Ana Canaya-Barcenas, 96 in 26-Jul-2009; 1 year, 4 months younger than Balbino.

Vicenta Noel-Sandiego, 96 in 21-Dec-2009; 5 months younger than Ana. (Died 2011)

Nieva Alesna-Alcazaren, 95 in 15-Jan-2009;

Juliana C. Lauron, 93 in 7-Jan-2009;

Dulce T. Ramos-Alesna, 93 in 11-Sep-2009; 8 months younger than Juliana (Died December 2010)

Socorro A. Tangarorang, 93 in 11-Sep-2009; same date of birth as Dulce.

Maria Tangarorang-Montayre, 93 in 12-Sep-2009, one day younger than Socorro.

Irene Alesna-Aleonar, 93 in 20-Oct-2009, one month younger than Maria.

Juliana A. Gabrillo, 93 in 15-Nov-2009; one month younger than Irene.

Iluminada Folanque-Alfafara, 92 in 13-May-2009; 6 months younger than Juliana.

Constancia Caballero-Alvarado, 92 in 7-Sep-2009; 4 months younger than Iluminada.

Fausta B. Quilar, 92 in 27-Nov-2009; 2 months younger than Constancia.

Maura A. Wamar, 91 in 28-Feb-2009; 9 months younger than Fausta.

Ines L. Candado, 91 in 18-Apr-2009; 2 months younger than Maura.

Isabel Abrenio-Cong, 91 in 19-Nov-2009; 7 months year younger than Ines. (Died October, 2010)

Celestino L. Wasawas, 90 in 7-Apr-2009; 5 months younger than Isabel.

Angela Caballes-Zamora, 90 in 31-May-2009; 6 months younger than Isabel.

Gorgonia L. Veliarosa, 90 in 9-Sep-2009; 4 months younger than Angela.

Vicenta Delima- , 90 in 11-Sep-2009; 4 months younger than Angela.

Vivisima G. Alesna, 90 in 1-Oct-2009; half-month younger than Vicenta.

Ramon C. Barcenilla, 90 in 17-Dec-2009; 2 and-a-half months younger than Vivisima.

Juan Alegado, 90 in 27-Dec-2009: 10 days younger than Ramon.

Honorable Mention:

Paciana L. Abella, 90 on 9-Mar-2010.

Catalina Camotes-Lucero, 90 on 6-May-2010; 2 months younger than Paciana.

Except for Mrs Cong and the attorney Barcenilla, who both now reside in the US, all the other grand folks live in either Carcar or Cebu City.

Can somebody who read this and who knows something please communicate with me because it has also been brought to my attention that Ubaldo Sato is also a nonagenarian.

My friends don’t want to grow too old to when people you love aren’t there anymore. But it always brings an impish grin on our faces when somebody butts in that people you hate, and people who hate you, are no longer there, too.

Like, in those glory days of Carcar, I’m certain our nonagenarians we’ve mentioned above were taught to respect their elders. We should strive to follow them in that regard–respecting one’s elders while growing old–because (to paraphrase George Burns) we too would want to reach an age in years when there’s nobody around we should be respecting anymore.

Any others?

(now deceased)

(page under construction)




    By: Galo Silva on May 14, 2010
    at 2:26 pm


    Mama finally give up. She died Tuesday,May11 just after celebrating her 99th birthday.


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