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Cabezas de barangay, 1872-75

Cabezas de barangay, 1872-75

A new development. Around 1872, Carcar church books already referred to barangays by numbers, although the headmen were still called cabezas.  Thus, a person is described as, say, “Juan de la Cruz, empadronado (registered) de barangay n.o 13 de Don Tal Fulano”. It’s hard to determine historically just from the parish records whether the numbering meant that the town was geographically subdivided this way, or whether the old barangay system was still in force wherein its individual members may have been from different places but were, yes, registered under the same cabeza and, thus, it was just the group which was numbered.

In other words, the number could mean either the town was subdivided into small units or zones, or the barangays were simply given numbers, the better to be identified with, even if the innovation had no geographical significance. And then, there was also no mention of sitio or barrio names in this setup, as had been the previous practice, leading one to further suspect there really may not have been a zoning arrangement in the way the pie was cut. The best way to get to the bottom of things would be to root out where each cabeza was residing, map his barangay members and see if, indeed, the barangay numbers were continguous to each other. Best way, but given the records available, probably the hardest, on the other hand.

For what the fact may be worth, Carcar today has only 15 barangays, albeit zonal, whereas they numbered 67 in 1872-75.

In the table below, the Barangay number is at the left. The presence of the second cabezas at right may indicate changes either in the barangay leadership itself or the change could have been in just the numbering – it is also difficult to determine. Plus the fact that, except for one, there is no cabeza on the left who was moved to another number on the right, which may mean a change in the cabeza. But then again, Nicomedes Navarra’s barangay from no. 34 and later to no. 32 may just mean it was only the number which was changed. Another puzzling data is of Juan Umbay for both barangay no. 17 and no. 51, although he had been replaced in both by 1875.

So, in view of the inconclusiveness of all of the above, suffice this list to serve as just a social footnote–but quite welcome for the purposes of family history making: who had ancestors of importance in the town.

— — — —

1 Campoy Fernando
2 Panginajug Marquez Sagolili Hilario
3 Aldipolla Hilario
4 Baracol Gavino Alcover Patricio
5 Alegado Antonio
6 Alcorisa Lazaro Barcoma Bernardino
7 Embalzado Placido
9 Camuta Ciriaco Aleguiojo Mariano
10 Gemperoso Servando
11 Aleson Juan Quijoy Saturnino
12 Quijano Anatolio Laña Macario
13 Alegrado Basilio
14 Barillano Cayetano Ybañez Lorenzo
15 Rama Simon
16 Genosa Patricio
17 Umbay Juan Gellecanea Juan
18 Dayondon Macario
19 Empalmado Blas
20 Baran Pedro Hellorda Pedro
21 Barangan Fermin Canencia Mariano
22 Emnace Bonifacio Aleser Victorio
23 Dayupay Carpio
24 Empleo Anastasio Labain Dionisio
25 Gemal Juan
26 Mancera Matias Caban Eulogio
27 Fantonial Bonifacio
28 Mancao Gregorio
29 Labain Carmelino Dagojoy Francisco
30 Quijano Eugenio Mancao Silverio
31 Alcuesar Mariano
32 Tanodtanod Lucindo Navarra Nicomedes
33 Janite Josef
34 Navarra Nicomedes Cuyco Raymundo
35 Satinitigan Santiago
36 Oatin Julio
37 Tanginan Luciano
38 Tamarra Candido
39 Oacan Mriano
40 Lauglaug Ciriaco
41 Sarmiento Gregorio
42 Bargamento Balvino
43 Padayao donato Dayanco Zacarias
44 Daynan Juan
45 Villarosa Pantaleon Cuy Gregorio
46 Panuan Victor Alesna Bartolome
47 Malijaslijas Apolonio Camomot Jose
48 Gonzales Facundo
49 Alcuiris Vicente
50 Lapinid Lucio
51 Umbay Juan Lapas Macario
52 Caballes Leon
53 de la Concepcion Fernando
54 Alesna Martiniano Barcelo Claudio
55 Alcontin Carlos Alcover Valentin
56 Satot Agapito
57 Cañete Alejo Panugan Liberato
58 Mangaron Silvestre
59 Alegrado Eustaquio Hellorda Pedro
60 Quijoy Silverio
61 Rayla Benito
62 Mangruban Juan
63 Barcelo Catalino Remoyen Placido
64 Lapinid Hilarion
65 Emnacen Benigno Enanoria Balvino
66 Gemperoso Manuel
67 Ramos Teodoro


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