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carcarfamilies genealogy society

Our genealogy society

Some months into my pretentious solo experiment, I recognized the project needed the help of many others out of the same mold of relentless family tree makers, whole families as it were, or even the entire town itself if it came to that.

That point I started the carcarfamilies yahoo group, the social network then. My first post was four years ago, in February 9, 2007, wherein I acknowledged that there were many other Carcaranons already making their family trees then and proposed that it was time we shared what we were gathering with one another.  Carcar families had by 200 years so inter-related with each other that any family tree can fill up other family trees just by the family’s very inter-relationships.

The first 10 who responded to the call were: Ramona Smith-Casares in the US, Donney Abellana-Sharp in Scotland, Vilma Cong-Divinagracia in the US, Willy Abellana (R.I.P) in Carcar, John Ada and Leo Alegado both in the US, Edna Echavez in Canada, Jeanelyn Zozobrado in the US, Silvino Tagimacruz Jr in Quezon City and Jimmy Dayonot in the US.  Donney gave a complete lineup of her father’s family, Vilma began to doggedly hook up with her family members, Willy responded here and there to my queries and Ondo Tagimacruz emailed his extraordinary accomplishment (with collaborators) of his Tagimacruz as well as the Alfafara family trees in excel.

I now realize there was only one based in Carcar – Willy Abellana — who responded with the first wave, and we have at present 63 members, me included. Galo Silva got on to the group and became a member only almost 2 months after, but as Member No. 33 has since single-handedly tracked down the Silva and Quijoy families for the group. Other members have stopped sending in their updates but not Galo, who being based in Las Vegas, must have calculated the odds of our ever accomplishing anything for Carcar, and bet all-in on that.  Many who tried to initiate their family genealogy began to experience the travails of waiting for family members to respond—even two years after the latter’s first pledges.


When we present our first edition product to the town the names of the following members (in alphabetical order) of the society will be there–and bravo!:

Wilfredo Abellana (+), Donny Abellana-Sharp, John Ada, Basilio Alegado, Allen Alesna, Richard Alesna, Blossom Alesna-Morante, Gerald Alfafara, Elbe Alicaba-Cale, Joan Baraquia-Calderon, Marissa Barcelo-Bacon, Emmanuel Barcenas, Rodolfo Barcenas Jr., Roger Barcenas, Tessa Barcenas-Sowa, Eusebio Barcenilla, Phoebe Boholst-Panopio, Liliosa Cacafranca, Virginia Camotes-Regis, Rafael Campañon, Apple Campañon-Botass, Vilma Cong-Divinagracia, Jimmy Dayonot, Rey del Napoles, Edna Echavez, Shirley Edillon, Lufrey Eliorda, Zenaida Enriquez-alegrado, Joanilyn Fano, Bernie Fernandez, Joan Florido, Ritza Florido-Tumusok, , Radith Gantuangco-Congson, Jojo Garcia-Serranilla, Charles Kwong, Almar Lagaras, Gibb Lapinid, Marguerite Largo, Michael Lozada, Sherwin Madrio, Leo Manguray*, Niño Maramba, Luz Navarra-Lozada, Al Noel, Michael Noel, Gigi Noel-Gabumpa, Rose Paculaba-Koenig, Julie Paningsoro, Algresa Paraz-Binoya, Virginia Ponteres-Keita, Leilani Que, Bryan Quisquirin, Shelyn Regis-Gabrillo, Sheila Mae Rosaroso, Galo Silva, Ramona Smith-Casares, Silvino Tagimacruz Jr., Lilia Tanga-an-Sepalon, Galileo Varga III, Marites Villaluz-Heyrosa, Jeanelyn Zozobrado.

[contributors of family trees in boldface]

When they appear, it will be with their real names, like you get in the records.

*withdrew 1-Aug-2011



  1. still open? i actually began to surf the internet late last year only…add me to this group…inspired by your blog and Ondo Tagimacruz’s listing, am on the work of connecting/continuing such listings down to the newborn kid…thanks for this opportunity..Godbless
    yes my full real name is allan celestino dialimas alfafara…of gen.luna street,carcar city…now residing in zone kagape,bgy paknaan,mandaue city whose line is vicente line > alejo alejandrino alfafara/ciriaca alvarado alegado >basilio licerio alegado alfafara/teodora barcia barcenilla > julian barcenilla alfafara/rosalia tangarorang caballero >ildefonso caballero alfafara/maria dialimas…

    • the genealogists are a yahoogroup. you can apply there but you need to contribute your family tree, not just your ancestors (because this has been taken care of) but more than that, also your father’s brothers and sisters and your own brothers and sisters and families. what’s your mother’s middle name?

  2. Hi this is Evelyn Quijoy ..I am here in Elk Grove, California…

    My parents: Inday Freding Regis Quijoy and Cesar Quijoy and grand parents:
    Ramon Regis , Vicente Quijoy and Mena Quijoy are also from Carcar… in Cogon ..I went to St Catheine’s School until 1969..

    How I miss Carcar…

    • My grandfather name was Eugenio Quijoy Alenton , married to Felicedad Villasor Alesna , can you relate to this names or ypur parents . They use to have a house in Rotunda , Carcar , had 13 children .

  3. I have been researching my father’s family for quite sometime and have found so much information but little of my father’s direct family. There is no-one to ask except of first cousins that I have never met and don’t know how to get ahold of them. I can tell you that my father is the only son in his family and that he had three Uncle’s Empleo that married three Caballero sisters. Their names are Apolinio Empleo/Luceria Caballero, Esteban Empleo/Segunda Caballero, and Maximo Empleo/Felisa Caballero. If there is any information you can give me, or point me in the direction I would most appreciate it.

  4. I am looking for information on pablo mercado born 1888 august,25 he is my grandfather any information would help i know he was born in puerto rico and was married and had 10 children he is a look at my family tree if any can help I would appreciate I have never meet my grandfather my father was born in imperial vally in california

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