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The mestizo Español families in Carcar

Around the year 1868 must have been the time when the townfolks of Carcar saw the most number of Spanish mestizos on its streets.  These would be the families in Carcar racially classified as mestizo Español (to distinguish from Español, mestizo Sangley, indio, Chino infiel, Chino Christiano, etc.). And these mestizos belonged to the Silva, del Corro, Fortich, Barredo and Rodriguez families. There has not been that number since.

We will also look into how many voters for each surname can found in the 2010 Voters List, although short of interviewing these residents, we should not conclude they belong to these families, particularly Rodriguez, which is a fairly common surname in Cebu, and has Spanish as well as pure “indio” ancestries. But all the Silvas in Carcar probably belong to the same family.

The Silvas, del Corros, Fortich all resided in the place called Latid. It always stumped me where Latid was, or what it is now called — even after 3 years of Carcar research—but I’ve decided Latid (meaning “to plot”) must be what is now the central poblacion area, the Burgos-Sta. Catalina-Gen. Luna streets, whose road network does appear to be a plotted subdivision.

[31-Aug-2011]: A sixth mestizo Español, Jose Siazon Bugarin, arrived in Carcar around the 1890s from Minuluan (now Talisay City), Negros Occidental.  The family of a sister in Negros has Siocon as the latter’s middle name, though. By this time, however, the Fortich family may no longer have been around to welcome him to their “exclusive” little club.

[1-Apr-2014]: A mestiza Española was the second wife of Donato Regis around 1850. She was Juana Falcon from Bohol (town unmentioned). She had many children by Regis. She died in 1876 and was buried in Carcar.]

Silva. A surname of Portuguese origin. But there is no record found yet in Carcar that indicate this family came from Portugal; they were mestizo Español. Could be Portuguese who settled in Spain but as a common surname, Silvas must be found in Spain since the earliest time.

Earliest record in my file: 1812.

Although his father, Pedro, was Español, it’s not clear whether Mariano Silva was born in Carcar or in Cebu City.  If those records still exist, perhaps we can search for his possible baptism in Carcar from 1785-92. But there are no church records in Carcar of Mariano’s siblings if he had any.  It’s possible there are Silvas from Cebu City or other towns, descended from those siblings.

In 1812, Mariano married Manuela Espinosa here in Carcar. I haven’t come across from where Manuela or this “Espinosa” family came from.  But this early date suggests that Silva arrived in Carcar before the Parian Sangleys did.

Gregorio Silva, son of Mariano, served as gobernadorcillo of Carcar thrice in 1861-62, 1865-67 and 1869-71.

There are 44 voters surnamed Silva.

del Corro.

Earliest record in my file: 1838.

Carlos Nazareno del Corro was born either in Cebu City or in Opon (now Lapu-Lapu City), conflicting records exist for both origins. But his father, Miguel, a mestizo Español, was said to have been born in Cebu City but married an Opon lass, simply called Maria in the record.

No del Corro became mayor of Carcar but Padre Anastasio del Corro, a great-grandson of Carlos Nazareno, was parish priest of Carcar from 1901 until his death in 1948, the longest serving parish priest of the town.

There are now only 4 voters surnamed del Corro, all one family living in Calidngan. But a family tree would show how the del Corro bloodlines have extensively spread out especially through the female lines and there may be individuals, maybe some still living in Carcar, and bearing Ybañez, Padin, Alcos, Gutierrez, Flores, de la Calzada, Canencia, Nacua, Abellanida, Gemperoso, Bacus, Paredes, Alcudia who are del Corro descendants.

Fortich. A Catalan surname

Earliest record in my file: 1850.

Jose (María) Fortich, mestizo Español, was born in Manila. His wife, Rodecinda González, was born in Cebu City. Although described as a feligres de la Ciudad, (technically, member of the parish of the City), Jose and wife had at least four [five] children baptized in Carcar: Catalino (1850-1850), Josefa (1851), Ricardo (1854), Pilar Juliana (1855), and Maria Fortich (1864).  Juliana even had a daughter Basilisa Fortich baptized here in 1876. Another child, Manuela, older than Catalino, was buried in Carcar in 1850. An 1868 marriage record where Jose was a witness still called him a feligres of the ciudad.

In the 1850 Baptism, the father was just plain Jose (not Jose Maria). Anyway, the gaps between the records for the children may suggest other children, and a family historian would know why these other children, if any, did not have records in Carcar. Maybe the family had residences in both Carcar and Cebu City.  And this is interesting: the Fortich family was said to reside in Latid, so where would have been the Fortich house?

There is no voter on the list surnamed Fortich, suggesting the family must have left Carcar very early.


Earliest record in my file: 1868 (Apr).

Pedro Barredo y Meneses was born in Dumaguete to Spanish mestizo parents, Felipe and María Ana Meneses.  Felipe, born in Manila, resided in Dumaguete where his wife hailed from. He had panadero as oficio and so must have operated a bakery in Dumaguete.  A Barredo family in Dumaguete or Negros with mestizo traces must belong to this family.

Pedro married Melchora Oasay Oasaoas (both surnames now spelled as Wa-) of Bohol ancestry.

There are 3 voters surnamed Barredo, and 3 Barrido.


Earliest record in my file: 1868 (Nov)

Gregorio Rodríguez was born in Surigao to an Español father, Demetrio, from Madrid who married a Surigao lass and resided there. He married Dionisia Lañas Ramos in 1868, according to the marriage record, an escuela of 14 years of age. Gregorio was said to be 25 in that same record.

Gregorio was capitán municipal of Carcar 1896-1896.

In the baptism of Gregorio’s eldest child, Aurelia in 1868, the madrina was a Doña Josefa Fortich, presumably the daughter of Jose. In 1901, Aurelia married Nicanor Enriquez, the widower of Josefa Regis. Descendants of Aurelia and Nicanor are Alcoseba and the Alfafara-Enriquez of the rotunda.

There are 65 voters surnamed Rodriguez, but since the surname is such a common one, not all the Rodriguez voters now in Carcar may have descended from this Spanish family.



  1. […] The town of Carcar in Cebu boasts of a very interesting and well done website that deals with family history and heritage. Examples of families descended from Spain are the following: del Corro, Fortich, Barredo, Rodriguez, ( […]

  2. My great-grandmother, Cecilia Dian Rodriguez, was from Carcar. Born in 1881, died 1955 in Surigao City. She left Carcar when she was about 19 or 20 years old, settled and got married to my great-grandfather, Bernardo Vasquez (criollo) and I’m hoping to find any kind of information about our distant relatives from my great-grandma’s side. Thanks.

    • i will try to trace her back in 1881. know names of her siblings? did the vasquez family also have family records in carcar? i have a vasquez family who were mestizo sangley, came from cebu city and settled in sibonga before getting to carcar.

    • Hello Vin, my family is the only representative of the Rodriguezes written-up here by the late Vip. My great-grandmother is Aurelia Ramos Rodriguez. All other Rodriguezes left Carcar so we are the ones taking care of the remaining tombs. Do contact me at

  3. Vip,
    Martin Arriola mentioned to me that he was in contact with you so you know already of other Rodriguezes besides Aurelia, Segundino, and Juan. Martin said his ancestress Rosenda is a sister of Aurelia. He mentioned more siblings, namely: Tomasa, Romualda, Gerard (married to Primitiva Regis), Lucia, Roman, and Julian. Have you come across these names?

    • i do not have tomasa and julian.

  4. Natividad Alfafara, born 1903, a pharmacist, from Carcar, Cebu married Miguel Enriquez, a medical doctor also from Carcar, Cebu. They were the Alfafara-Enriquez of the rotunda and descendants of Aurelia and Nicanor. Natividad and Miguel’s children are: Ofelia (now Ofelia Enriquez Dayang; my mother), Migs, Emmanuel, Nicanor and Alicia. Ofelia, the eldest of the siblings has three children, Bernadette, Jed, Geraldine. Migs has two children, Niel and Connie, Nicanor has 4 childen, while Alicia has 4 children; Micheal, John, Francis and Jay.

  5. hi vip. i wrote here that my grandfather, Dr. Miguel Enriquez, (1903-1950) of Carcar Cebu might be the decendant of Aurelia and Nicanor. Im not sure. I would appreciate it much if you could help me learn more about our family tree. My grandparents owned the house right in front of the rotunda. My grandmother used to have her pharmacy there. The house is now the common property of his two surviving heirs Ofelia and Alicia and the respective heirs of Migs, Emmanuel and Nicanor, now deceased. My grandmother’s maiden name was Natividad Rayla Alfafara. I would like the know who my great, great grand parents were from both sides. From what I know, my mother is related to Epifanio Alfafara. And if im not mistaken, my grandfather Miguel was born or might have settled in Tuyom, Carcar. Thanks in advance. Best regards!

    • your great-grandfather nicanor enriquez was born Carcar 1870 to an earlier miguel (born san nicolas, died carcar 1899) and apolinaria avila ocaña (also from san nicolas). miguel’s parents were leon and rufina murillo.
      for your alfafara side, may i direct you to to the alfafara (vicente) page. epifanio your great-grandfather was a son of catalino alfafara and salvadora poncardas. catalino’s parents were alejo alfafara and ciriaca alegado. i think you can easily find them on the alfafara (vicente) tree.
      do you remember me? were you bernadine’s classmate?

  6. hello vip. thanks for the reply. i have read john’s messages and yours too so now I know who my great, great grandparents are. many thanks to this web page. geraldine, our youngest was bernardine’s classmate. i have a friend named nanette aleonar. is she your sister?

    • would she be nanette a. delos santos in california? that’s a daughter of a cousin, mario, and their family lived at our aleonar house in carcar. i was introduced by bernadine to someone i think working then at century park, that would have been geraldine.

  7. Hi,

    My ancestors are from Montalban, Rizal, now renamed as Rodriguez, Rizal namely Eulogio “Amang” Adona Rodríguez, Sr. whose son Isidro is the father of Oscar Sr., the father of Oscar Jr., my father. I can’t seem to find anything before Eulogio. Any thoughts?

    • do you have a copy of amang rodriguez’s baptismal record. i’m certain that record contained the names of not only his parents but also his grandparents both paternal and maternal. if you don’t you can try re-tracing him: since he born before the town of montalban was established, what town was montalban a part of before? that is where those parish records may be found. it would state whether he was indio or mestizo español or mestizo sangley.

  8. Sorry, I forgot to include what was written on Wikipedia. Amang’s parents are Petronilo Rodríguez and Monica Adona. I couldn’t find anything before that. Also, he must have been born in Montalban as he studied in that town as per Wikipedia.

    Based on how my father and ancestors look, I would assume mestizo sangley. I myself look mestizo espanol coming from the mother side, Padilla-Perez.

    • maybe wikipedia historians got careless with timelines. i read that montalban’s first mayor was amang himself. that means when amang was born, montalban was not yet a town or parish and was only part of an older town and/or parish. even in amang’s student days, montalban was not yet a town, also. it is with that older parish where records for him and his ancestors may be found. what town was montalban a former part of?

      • It is the northernmost town of the province of Rizal, located on the slopes of Sierra Madre, and was officially Montalban in 1909 until it was changed to Rodriguez in 1982

        • i already looked that up. that’s exactly the point. amang was already 26 years old when montalban became a town in 1909 (except if it was already a town, and its even earlier name was just changed to montalban). so, again, before that, montalban was part of which town? or to put it another way, which town/parish had jurisdiction over montalban before 1909 – morong far to the south? i’m pointing this to you to guide you where to search for your ancestry records if you care.

          • As per my aunt, “Our family genealogy starts from petronilo. otherwise, true quite vague only a historical account that a certain kapitan ambo who originated from bulacan who crossed the mountains to montalban. if this may help, montalban used to be part of san mateo. the maiden name of monica rodriguez is adona, and they originated from san mateo.”

  9. my name is Ricardo P. Rodriguez son of Salvador Guevara Rodririguez Sr. son of Jose Rodriguez from cebu. I wonder if Jose the father of Dona Josefa Fortich that you have mentioned is the same as my grandfather.

    • the father of josefa fortich is jose fortich, not rodriguez

  10. While I was reading on this article I just can’t help but notice that the Basilisa Fortich mentioned could posibbly be one and the same Basilisa Fortich which I have read on another article (link provided below);

  11. Hi my grand father, Agapito Alcoreza Famador is from Carcar, Cebu. I’m trying to find our roots. Can you help me?

  12. My grandmother, Maria Salvacion Bacus, is from Pardo. I would like more information about the Bacus and Abaday families. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you!

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