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Grand old folks update updated

Grand old folks update updated

Heritage mapping revisited. A couple years ago, when the idea appeared before my viewfinder that there were many nonagenarians in Carcar, I began listing these grand old folks of the town. Not content with only my genealogy records, I went to the seniors citizens office at the municipio and with sheer obstinacy had to show the officeworker there that their data could be sorted by birth date to get the members 90 years or above, and so wangled such a printout from him. I never expected I’d get that many of them.

On quite another hunt (this time for the natural and cultural heritage of carcar per respective barangays) I went to another municipio office and they showed me the result of a heritage mapping done by students (I think of Madrileña dela Cerna) and one included the human resources in that barangay. The 2-year-old Barangay Bolinawan report mentioned one Magno Labajo, said to be 103 or 105 years old. A Bolinawan resident in that second office said that Magno may even be around 107 years. Anyway, since that mapping, another set of students from a second university had gone up to interview the grand old man again.

Before the second interview, I’d immediately gone back to the convent books to search for his possible baptismal record from 1902 to 1912.  I could not find such record. So much so that I included considering he may not have been born in Carcar. This was more than 2 years ago.

But last week at the public market, I happened to eat at a stall tended by Magno Labajo’s own great-granddaughter. She told me Magno died in 17-December, 2010, at age 103 and his birthday was December 27. When asked for the age of her grandfather, she was not very certain and just guessed it to be over 70, but that he was the eldest child of Magno. That caught a red flag. If Magno was over 103 his eldest would be around 80. Over-70s was possible but not very probable. I then got the name of Magno’s wife, but the great-granddaughter and her aunt (the second night) could only remember the nickname Pinang Enjambre. But they did remember Magno’s mother, Ines Fernandez, although not the name of his father.

So, back to our refuge and source of all our strength, the convent books. The Baptisms for 1907-1915 gave out only Graciano in 1909 and Pedro in 1914 both as children of Agapito Labajo and Ines Fernandez. No Magno but at least I had two brothers of his plus the name of their father. Moreover, the Baptismal books of that period still included the names of grandparents and Magno’s paternal grandparents were Fernando Labajo and Patricia Labiaga.

Work around. Basing my estimate on the estimated age of his eldest child, I worked back Magno’s marriage to be around 1934-1938. Fortunately the books of those years have been indexed already and records were easier to find. Long story short, there it was: Magno marrying Ceferina Enjambre in 19-November-1937, and the record gave his age as 19 (with the wife as 22).

Back to Baptisms. We now have something to base our calculations on, the age given in the Marriage record,  And his name was indeed on the index: Labajo, Magno. The year was 1918 and he was born January 1 of that year, not December 27.  Ergo, he was 92 when he died in December 2010.

Case closed.



  1. i find this fascinating as I can picture the context, lol

  2. and, I agree with your vision of heritage as not just houses

  3. I agree na al…are surnames kay AKo al…… sab aq surnames , where my parents from Cebu..

  4. Cebu carcar is my father came from and my mother is from pinamungahan cebu specifically and I’ve a humor from my siters and mama..that before we own ,,I mean my grandparents own that whole lot in atlas… But our late uncle sold that to them without letting other brods and sis know,Aron maiya ag Tanan halin , Kay at that time siya ra naa Grado ag AKo mama og uban igsoon nila Walay grado , so iya gi tago ag Tanan niini.But God sees everything…so siya pa ang gauna sa Laing kalibutan noon ,which was siya ag kamanghuran, but my mom now is still very alive and kicking by Gods grace…! Although she’s is now almost 84..Thank you for reading all these…Have a nice day all the time..God bless everybody!!!

  5. Alcesto on my father side and Paran on my mother side

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