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The Catálogo de apellidos of the 1849 Claveria Decree has the surname Alcovendas listed on page 4, column 2.  I have not yet traced the family back to the pre-Claveria names but my earliest record is the baptism, and the burial, same year 1850, of Sicenando Alcobendas [sic], son of the spouses Dionisio Alcobendas of Napo and Arcenia Gemparo.

The next records, around 1870s, already spelled the surname as Alcovendas, and native of Sibonga, which parish had been established 1830. That spelling went on until the early 1900s.

The next fork is in 1888 when Juan Alcovendas was identified as cabeza Don Juan Alcomendas. But in 1901 the surname was back to Alcovendas[1]. And also in 1909.  The next deviation was a 1924[2] record this time spelling it back to Alcomendas. And I suppose it was easy from there to get to the present Alcomendras. Thus, in the 2010 Comelec voters list there are no more Alcobendas, Alcovendas or Alcomendas. They’re all Alcomendras there. But indications are they’re only one family.

My file on the family still falls awfully short to make any responsible presentation.  But, like said, indications are they’re only one family. Anyway, it won’t take too big a bitter pill to swallow if it turns out they’re actually different families. At least, I’ll have four files instead of only one.

(page and family tree under construction)

[1] Marriage 5-Feb-1901 Jose Alcovendas with Andrea Tagimacruz.

[2] Baptism 14-May-1924 Pedro Alcomendas, son of Flaviano Alcomendas of Ocaña and Saturnina Calvo.


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