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Alcoseba notes

Alcoseba notes

Let’s treat the Alcoseba family first, for they were most probably the first one (1991) in Carcar to make a family tree.

The name.  While the Catálogo de Apellidos listed Alcoceba (p. 4, col. 2) as the spelling, but the very first records in Carcar of the family right after the Claveria decree was implemented in mid-1850 were all spelled Alcoseba.  There were instances, but much later, when Alcoceba (probably as a remedial afterthought) would crop up but this prescribed spelling simply was swamped by the s’s, and that spelling took hold and still holds today.

Place of origin. There seems to be no record that place the family as having originated elsewhere other than Carcar, so we may claim them to be among the original native Carcar families. The Carmiano Alcoseba branch most probably lived in Latid (present day Sta. Catalina-Burgos-Gen. Luna). But eldest son Benito’s residence was Tapon in his marriage in 1833 (and very probably was his father Carmiano’s, too) and later, Cabiaon and there is a record of Benito being a cabeza de Barangay in 1864 (while a resident of Cabiaon).

Eusebio Alcoseba was also a resident of Latid by 1855. The Alejados were also residing in Latid.  Cosmé Alcoseba was a cabeza in the 1880s, as father Antonio (a younger brother of Carmiano, married to Marcela Alesón Paraz,) had been in the 1850s. Antonio, too, lived in Latid. Maricuela Alcuiris, Carmiano’s wife, and whose father Alejandro Cleano was a cabeza by 1803, died in 1857 with the couple’s residence at Latid and registered under cabeza D. Alvino Ledesma). It is hard to trace back which Alcoseba branch first resided in Luanluan and around which time, but I’m pretty sure records may give us a good idea.

While early records all point to Latid (and not Luanluan) as most of the family’s residence, there is this window for the possibility that while the P. Vasquez-San Jose-F. Noel (along where the Poblacion 1 barangay hall is)-Gen. Luna circumferential were all part of old-day Latid, Luanluan was a little further to the river bank. As time went by and Latid ceased to exist in name, the whole area became known as part now of Luanluan–is that so? So that families of this area once part of Latid are now called residents of Luanluan. Along with Alcoseba, we can also point to the Alcorisa family, who already even had two gobernadorcillos, too. We wish old more knowledgeable historians of Carcar can give us a clearer light on the histories and old boundaries of places. Remember, we’re talking about a time more than half a century before the coming of the railroad.

see also Places/B. Sitios/Latid)

Sequence of Carmiano’s children: while Eusebio Alcoseba is listed (in the Alcoseba Family Tree of 1991) as the third child of Carmiano and Marienela (aka Maricuela), he was born 1827 and was actually only the 7th child of the couple. Gregoria (1820) and Apolonia (1824) should have been placed before him, but this action would necessarily entail a shake up of the established assigned numbering in the AFT, although admittedly a pittance in exchange for accuracy.

In the 1831 baptism for a Maria Bernarda, her record was subsequently annotated with Severina, so let’s take that to be Severina Alcoseba.

The children Lucas Antonio (born 1822-died 1823), Ma. Catalina (1826-1826), and Ma. Cristina (1833-1833) are not included in the AFT . Perhaps they were omitted not having reached adulthood, but they were all born and have baptismal records in Carcar.  If they’re included, the number of children would be raised from 7 to 10.

The sequence of the siblings in the AFT is as follows:

1. Benito Alcoseba  (m. 1) Maria Alentado)

2. Placido Alcoseba  (m. 1) Silveria Navarro)

3. Eusebio Alcoseba  (m. Basilia Navarro Barcelona)

4. Gregoria Alcoseba  (m. Inocentes Alejado)

5. Apolonia Alcoseba (m. Gregorio Dayagro)

6. Severina Alcoseba (m. Lucio Alcorisa Alcordo)

7. Ana Alcoseba (m. Nazareno Aldemita)

But which sequence we can already revise per records we can find in the parish books of Carcar to this new sequencing:

Carmiano Alcoseba (Bernardo Carmiano ) d. 1873

m. (1816) Marienela Alcuiris (d. 1857)

1. Benito Alcoseba (d. 1895)

m.1 (1833) Ma. Cornelia

m. 2) Maria Alentado (   -1864)

m. 3(1869) Justa Baquilta (   -1908)

2. Placido Alcoseba (1818-1905) Placido Navarro (bapt.)

m. 1) Silveria Navarro (Ma. Silvestra)

m. 2) Gregoria Gillangao

3. Gregoria Alcoseba (1820-1902) Ma. Gregoria (bapt.)

m. Inocentes Alejado (1819-    ) Vicente Mercado (bapt.), Vicente Dias

4. Lucas Antonio (1822-1823) bapt.

5. Apolonia Alcoseba (1824-1881) Ma. Polonia (bapt.)

m. (1842) Gregorio Dayagro (1821-1876) Gregorio Santiago (bapt.)

6. Ma. Catalina (1826-1826) bapt.

7. Eusebio Alcoseba (1827-1895) Francisco Eusebio (bapt.), Eusebio Cordoba

m. (1847) Basilia Navarro Barcelona ( Ma. Basilia (bapt.), Cecilia Rita (marr.)

8. Severina Alcoseba (1831-1888) Maria Bernarda (bapt.) with notation in bapt as Severina

m. (1861) Lucio Alcorisa Alcordo (1834-1902) Juan Lucio (bapt.)

9. Ma. Christina (1833-1833) bapt.

10. Ana Alcoseba (1834-    ) Ma. Ana (bapt.)

m. Nazareno Aldemita (    -1881)

Also note: Benito Ybañis, by which name Benito Alcoseba was known before the Claveria decree, was married in 1833 to a Ma. Cornelia. She possibly may not be the Maria Alentado because Maria’s parents were listed as Leon Alentado and Florencia Ma., while Ma. Cornelia’s were Francisco Valeriano and Ma. Princesa. The entry of Ma. Cornelia into the family tree is an interesting point. There are no more records of her or any children she may have had. Not only that about Benito, but in that marriage his age was given as 19, from which we calculate his year of birth as 1814, or two years before the marriage of Carmiano and Maricuela. However, ages in the Marriages books were not too reliable.

Be that as it may, but Carmiano Alcoseba was part of a larger family. The Carcar parish books reveal his parents, Cipriano Alcoseba (Agustin Cipriano) and Catalina Pancita [sic].  Cipriano died in 1860 as a widower per his burial record.

Other children of Cipriano and Catalina Pancita were Casimira Alcoseba (died 1880, married to Ambrosio Alesna), Bernabela Alcoseba (died 1889, married to Marcelo Alvarado Ybañez) and Antonio mentioned above (died 1879, married to Marcela Aleson Paraz in 1837).

There is also a big branch starting with a Francisco Simon (died 1845, married to Feliciana Alcuiris) who still cannot be linked and he could be either a son of Cipriano, or even a brother.

(see also Alcoseba family tree)


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