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Paraz notes

Paraz notes

Blas de la Cruz. The starting person of the family, based only from the Carcar records, bore the name Blas de la Cruz.  A baptism record in 1816 showed Don Blas de la Cruz as a cabeza de barangay then.  But in the marriage in 1836 of his son Alejandro Lucas (later Alejandro Paraz), Blas was said to have been already deceased by that time.

Blas’s wife was a Ma. Gabriela. Meanwhile, there is a burial record in 1860 for Gabriela Aleson, viuda (widow) of Blas de la Cruz. (Although it’s always possible there are other Gabrielas married to other Blases de la Cruz, but until I run into these other couples’ records, I will appropriate the data for Gabriela of the Paraz family). A significance in all this would be that all Paraz in Carcar descended from Blas de la Cruz have Aleson (now spelled Alison) blood.

Aside from Alejandro, Blas and Gabriela had another offspring, a daughter baptized as Marcela Candelaria in 1814. She was married in 1837 to Antonio Gabriel, son of Juan Cipriano and Ma. Pancita. That family later took the surname Alcoseba and Antonio Gabriel became Antonio Alcoseba, and was a brother of Carmiano Alcoseba. Marcela was also identified in subsequent records as Marcela Paraz.

Origin of the family. A church record has not been found yet that says the family (either Blas de la Cruz or Ma. Gabriela) originated elsewhere other than Carcar, and so, for me the opinion remains that Blas was a native of Carcar. However, whether he was just born in Carcar but of parents one or both of whom came from another place likewise we cannot say categorically.

With regards to their place of residence, the earlier records already placed them in Latid.

Paraz the surname. There is no Paraz in the catálogo de apellidos, only Paras (p. 101, col. 3). But even the old records in Barili also used to spell the surname there as Paraz. And regarding the family’s use of the surname, I have not come across a record that referred to Blas de la Cruz as Blas Paraz while he was still alive or even after he’d died.

Simeon Paraz. Third-born (1841) of Alejandro, Simeon was an escribiente (scribe) and was the Carcar church fiscal, a cabeza de barangay and later became teniente síndico (lieutenant acting as capitan) of the town when the gobernadorcillo was charged with an offense. He relinquished the office to Florencio Noel a couple of days before Leon Kilat arrived in Carcar. He is included in the list of Carcar’s chief executives, having held office 1896-1898.

Other Paraz lines. I have four lines that bore the Paraz surname (but not yet certain that they belong to this same family since it’s possible other people already also carried the pseudo-surname Paraz even before the Claveria decree).

One was a Teodora Paraz married to Juan Clemente with children born 1820-1830s. The children later took the surname Barellano, so Juan Clemente’s family was Barellano. But like I said above, without other records to tell us so, we can’t be sure whether Teodora was of the main Paraz family.

Another was Eleuteria Paraz whose first husband, Remigio Alcos, died in 1859, and who married again to Estanislao Apao in 1861. Although Eleuteria was already a Paraz by 1859 I can’t link her yet to Alejandro and Marcela in the main branch, or to Teodora for that matter without a record to do that.

A third is a pre-Claveria Francisco Paraz with a marriage record (to a Ma. Candelaria) in 1830 and a second marriage (to Ma. Rita) in 1834. Probably because I could not trace their family group after may be because he had taken another surname, and, gosh, it would be very difficult to sift through the records for a Francisco married to a Rita with children born after 1834. I need luck here.

The fourth is a Carlos Paraz who lived in Latid around 1850 with wife Maria Alesna. I have two children of the couple but nothing after them.  But it remains possible that Teodora, Eleuteria, Francisco and Carlos were also children of Blas de la Cruz.

On a personal note. I discovered a personally interesting record in that one of Simeon’s many children, Niceforo, was born and baptized in 1883 with padrino (godfather) D. Pedro Aleonar, who is my great-grandfather. The two were probably fellow cabezas at that time. Meanwhile, in a much earlier record (1821), Vidal Ygnacio, Pedro Aleonar’s grandfather, was registered under the barangay of D. Blas de la Cruz, Simeon’s grandfather.

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