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Bar- surnames of Carcar

Bar- surnames of Carcar

Next to the well-known Al- surnames, the Bar- is the second biggest alphabetical group among the surnames of Carcar. That Carcar surnames can be grouped alphabetically is evidence of the Claveria decree’s Catálogo de apellidos at work for Carcar since these appear in the catálogo almost in sequence.

As with Al- surnames, even though some Bar- families received their surnames in Carcar but they were originally from elsewhere: Barateria, Barbon, Bardon, Bargio, Baracao, Barcarcel, Barcelos—were from Bohol. And Barcenilla, a mestizo Sangley family from Parian.

There is an 1834 baptism of a Baritua child. Not yet using the surname, of course (Tomas Francisco, son of Francisco Anselmo and Ma. Valentina), but the record is evidence that this Minglanilla family had already established a foothold in Carcar even before the Claveria decree. What is worth noting, though, is that in the implementation of decree in 1850, the Baritua were able to use the surname assigned to the original family back in Minglanilla. And we claim it as a non-Carcar surname because it is too well-known as a Minglanilla family and much bigger than the Carcar lines.

The Bar- surnames:

present old catálogo origin
1 Baraba Barrabas Barabas
2 Baradan
3 Baran
4 Barangan
5 Baraquia
6 Barateria Bohol
7 Barawidan Barauidan Baraoidan
8 Barazon
9 Barazona Barasona Barasona
10 Barbac
11 Barbadillo
12 Barbecho
13 Barbieros Barbeyros Barbeiros
14 Barbon Bohol
15 Barcastigue Barcaistigue Barcaistegui
16 Barcelo
17 Barcelon
18 Barcelona
19 Barcenas
20 Barcenilla Parian, mS
21 Barcoma
22 Barde
23 Bardilas Bardelas Bardelas
24 Bardinas Bardenas Bardenas
25 Bardon Bohol
26 Barellano
27 Bargamento
28 Bargasao
29 Bargayo
30 Bargio Bargeo Barheu Bohol
31 Barina Barrena Barrena, Barena Sibonga
32 Baring Bareng Bareng
33 Baritua Minglanilla
34 Barluado Barluado Barloado
35 Barredo mE; Dumaguete
36 Varga Barga Barga
37 Baracao Baracao Bohol
38 Baradat Baradat
39 Barade Baradi
40 Barao Barao
41 Barcarcel Barcarcel Bohol
42 Barcelos Barcelos Bohol (Dimiao)
43 Barentos Barentos
44 Barayuga Barayuga

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