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Cam- and Can- surnames of Carcar

Cam- and Can- surnames in Carcar

For this third alphabetical surname group of Carcar, the “C” surnames, I usually separate into two subgroups—the Cam- and the Can- surnames. But since their difference really is only in the third letter, and “m” and “n” follows each other anyway, and so they probably should be taken together.

Francisco Ygnacio (of the later Canencia family) was a cabeza de barangay by 1827 and Carcar gobernadorcillo before the 1850s, or I should say, before he became a Canencia.

Like the Bar- families, a good number of these “C” families were found in Cogon, which may suggest that these two surname groups — the Bar and the Cam/Can- — were distributed to families in or from Cogon. Francisco Canarias (the same family was at times also recorded as Canaria) was a cabeza de barangay by 1849. But the Campaña family also settled in Daanglungsod and Cleto Martin (of the later Camoro family) headed a barangay as early as 1827, the members of which lived or worked in Napo and Bacsiji.

In the table below, the “present” column below is the spelling of the surname found in Carcar today, or anyway its most numerous variant spelling. The “old” shows how it was spelled in the old record books. The “catálogo” was supposed to be the prescribed spelling found in the catálogo de apellidos of the Claveria decree.

Blank spaces for “old” and “catálogo” mean the old and catalogo spellings correspond with the present.  Blank for “origin” could either mean a native Carcar family or that its origin just cannot be determined yet.

present old catálogo origin earlier distribution
1 Cambal
2 Cambing
3 Camingao Cogon
4 Camomot Camomot Camotmot Mulag, Bolinauan
5 Camonias Camuñas Camuñas
6 Camoresta Camorista Camorrista
7 Camoro Daanglungsod, Latid, Cogon
8 Camotes Camates Camatis Bulangan, Lagang
9 Campaña Cogon, Daanglungsod
10 Campanilla Bohol Cogon
11 Campañon Campañon Campoñon Bohol
12 Campoy
13 Campugan Campugan Campogan Cogon, Paguinpinon
14 Camus Mantaongon
15 Camuta Camuta Camota Bohol
16 Canadalla
17 Canagan
18 Canaleja
19 Cananea Canania Canania Cogon, Luanluan, Latab
20 Canape Canapi Canapi Bolinauan
21 Canarias Canarias, Canaria Canarias, Canaria Latid
22 Canasa Bohol Mantaongon
23 Canaya Latid, Tapon
24 Canayon Cananayon Canayon
25 Candar Luanluan, Latab, Cabiaon, Minaga
26 Candel Candel Candil
27 Candelas Bohol
28 Candiong Bohol Luanluan
29 Canencia Bacsiji
30 Cano
31 Compacion Campacion Campasion
32 Camilote Camilote
33 Canondo Canando

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