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Day- surnames of Carcar

Day- surnames of Carcar

The fourth alphabetical surname group in Carcar, the Day- surnames, were mostly to be found in the Montepase and Bacsiji areas. Maybe the authorities (priest, gobernadorcillo, cabezas) handed out these surnames to people residing there, like the Bar- and C- surnames appeared to have been distributed to Cogon residents and of present-day Guadalupe, and the Al- in Latid and Guadalupe areas.

Through the years, these surnames underwent spelling changes and these have resulted in the surnames concerned to be spelled quite differently at present, and as a further result, pronounced differently from what we would have had with the old spellings.

These would be the Dayabilos, Dayacamus, Dayalimas and Dayapira family names of 160 years ago but which are Diabelos (djabelos), Diacamus (djacamus), Dialimas (djalimas), Diapera (djapira) today.

Non-family names but new Day- appellations now attached to people of all surnames all over Carcar these days are Dayabetic and Dayalisis.

The first priest born in Carcar was Jacinto Alcoseba Dayagro (b. 1855). This information was taken from a post-notation on his baptismal record that said primer sacerdote. Other notable early Day- personalities in Carcar were the gobernadorcillo Mariano Dayondon and cabezas Miguel de los Angeles (also of the Dayondon family), Cornelio Dayonot and Domingo Daytec.

present old catálogo p./col. origin earlier distribution
1 Daitic Daytec Daytec 37/6 Bohol Mantaongon, Montepase
2 Dayagbil 37/6 Napo
3 Dayagdal 37/6 Bohol Caboncolan, Cangcabayo, Say
4 Dayagro 37/6 Garay, Napo, Ylaya,
5 Dayalo 37/6
6 Dayanan Dayanan, Dainan Dayanan 37/6 Napo, Usuc
7 Dayangco Dayanco Dayancu 37/6
8 Dayaona 37/6 Bohol Montepase
9 Dayatdayatan 37/6
10 Dayday 37/6 Napo
11 Dayondon 37/6 Boljoon Bacsiji
12 Dayonot 37/6 Boljoon Bacsiji
13 Dayota Dayuta Dayuta 37/6
14 Dayuja Dayuja Dayuha 37/6 Montepase
15 Dayupay Dayupay Dayopay 37/6 Bohol Montepase
16 Diabelos Dayabilos Daybilos 37/6
17 Diacamus Dayacamus (none) Mapingan
18 Dialimas Dayalimas Dayalimas 37/6 Montepase
19 Diapera Dayapera Dayapira 37/6 Bohol Montepase


  1. thank you for information , it always inspire me reading it. When the next Alesna clan reunion hope i could attend done time , had the Alenton clan organized 2 years reunion in Carcar . Happy holidays & a Blessed New Year

    Julie alesna alenton gabato

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