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Em- and Fan- surnames of Carcar

Em- and Fan- surnames of Carcar

You may fake your house to look like a ducal family –yours– has lived there for 300 years, but please not your family history.  – vip

The fifth and sixth alphabetical surname groups in Carcar, the Em- and the Fan- surnames, may have gone through probably the most significant changes in spelling, from the prescribed one in the catálogo de apellidos of the Claveria decree, to what earlier Carcar scribes used, up to what now prevails in the town.

Consider: many — make that most — of the Fan- surnames are now spelled beginning with “P”. Thus, the one with the most voters today, Pantilgan (126 voters), was Fantilgan per the catálogo, and Fantilgan in the old Carcar books 162 years ago. What may be hugely contributory to the muddle was the fact that there actually is also a Pan- group of surnames in Carcar, and they’re even a little bit more numerous than the Fan-.  Plus, of course, the common occurrence of fronouncing one’s ep into fee, and vice versa.

Almost half of the Em- surnames went to families with origins from Bohol, but only Fano appears to be their paisano among the Fan-‘s.

It is worth noting that Anastasio Empleo, second generation of the family, as well as Pedro Emnacen, both natives of Bohol, became cabezas de barangay in Carcar, which may illustrate that these Bohol natives encountered little problem in assimilating into Carcar society, or, that the town assumed no snooty attitude towards Boholanos.  Another Bohol native who also made the grade immediately was Alejandro Enad. Nepomuceno Emnacen Satot*, born in Carcar in 1829 to Boholano parents also became a cabeza.

P.S. [12-Jan-2013]:  While the Fan- surnames underwent some spelling makeover, the Emnace and Emnacen surnames suffered a more severe shakeup: while there is no doubt that the two families were distinct from one another—so much that second generation brothers Pedro and Gregorio Emnacen married two Emnace lasses (relation not yet ascertained). But adding to the families’ imbroglio, Pedro’s son by his second wife also married the niece of his (Pedro’s) first wife. These entanglements may have caused a bit of confusion over the two surnames.

 Long story short, there are Emnace’s today who should be strictly Emnacen, and for all we know, vice versa. 

* now spelled Sato everywhere.

present old catálogo p./col. origin early distribution
Embalzador Embalsado Embalzado 43/6 Bohol
Embrado Emrrado Emrado 43/6 Latid, Cabiaon
Embuscado Embuscado Emboscado 43/6
Emnace Emnace Emnase 43/6 Bohol Luanluan
Emnacen Emnacen Emnasen 43/6 Bohol Luanluan, Minaga
Empleo 43/6 Bohol Barili
Embarnace Embarnase 43/6
Embate Embate 43/6 Banica
Empalmado Empalmado 43/6
Empinado Empeinado 43/6
present old catálogo p./col. origin early distribution
Fano 47/6 Bohol Say
Fantonial 48/1 Bacsiji
Panginahug Panginaug Fanginahog 47/6
Panon Fanon Fanun 48/1
Panonce Fanonce Fanunci 48/1
Pantilanan Pantilanan Fantilanan 48/1
Pantilgan Fantilgan Fantilgan 48/1
Pantilgone Fantilgone Fantilgoni 48/1
Panugaling Fanugaling Fanugalin 48/1
Panugalinog Panugalinog Fanogalinog 48/1
Panuncialman Fanuncialman Fanuncialman 48/1 Luanluan

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