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G (Gel-, Gem-, Gen-) surnames of Carcar

GG (Gel-, Gem-, Gen-) surnames of Carcar

Let’s go back to what was our main purpose: Carcar surnames are not just Al-s as most people (including Carcaranons) think but have several other alphabetical groups. We’ve already featured the Al-, Bar-, Cam- and Can-, Day-, and the previous, the Em- and Fan- groups.

Now we go to the surnames that start with “G”.  These look to have been, most of them, distributed to residents of the Bacsiji and Napo areas.

Domingo Gemperoso was the gobernadorcillo of Carcar in 1857-58. Francisco Laurencio (Gemal family) was a cabeza as early as 1833 in my notes. So was Ynocencio Genovea who lived in Bacsiji.

Gemperoso was at times identified as Domingo Agustin and also as Domingo Guzman in pre-Claveria Carcar records. He appeared in Carcar records as early as 1836 as a feligres del Parian de Zebu [sic]. Baptisms of his children in Carcar appear from 1838. He was a cabeza de barangay by 1850 before rising to gobernadorcillo. His burial record in 1881 says of him as a mestizo Sangley and married.

There are many names found in old Carcar records which I could not find in the catálogo. We can only muse now that maybe there just was no clear communication line between the official list and what the local scribes played only by ear, oido, or else they were hard to make out in the catálogo due to some blots and smudges in the types and printing. On the other side of the coin, many surnames are no longer found in the town’s list of voters (except maybe as middle names). One of the “extinct”, significantly, is Gemperoso.

present old catálogo p./col. origin early distribution
Gellacania Gellecania Gellecanea 55/4 Cabiaon
Gellangao Gellangao Geleangao 55/4
Gelle 55/4 Bohol
Gellegan 55/4 Paguinpinon, Banco
Geluano Gelloano Gelloano 55/4 Bohol
Gellecanao Gellecanao 55/4
Gemal 55/4 Bacsiji, Napo
Gemoya Gemuya Napo
Gemperona 55/4
Gempesao 55/4 Bacsiji
Gempeso 55/4 Napo
Gemuta Gemota Gemota 55/4 Napo, Cavitojan
Gemperoso 55/4 mS Parian
Genabe Genave Genave 55/4 Bacsiji
Gengoni 55/5
Genobia Genovea Genovea 55/5 Bacsiji
Genobiagon Genoveagon Genaveagon 55/5 Bacsiji, Bolinauan, Napo
Genodepanon 55/5 Mulag
Genosolango Genosalango Genosalanga 55/5 Napo
Genoveaga Genoveaga
Gentapan 55/5
Genoveo Canal, Bacsiji
Genteroy 55/5
Gentoriasin Gentoriasen 55/5

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