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L (Lan-, Lao-, Lap-) surnames of Carcar

L (Lan-, Lao-, Lap-) surnames of Carcar

Before we got introduced to the English letter “w” via the Americans, many Carcar surnames, as well presumably as every Spanish word, used “oa-“ or “ua-“ to represent that “wa” sound. Non-Spanish names with a “w” were pronounced as vee, or in the case above, va.   Thus, it’s little wonder that during the American period we found it terribly convenient to be able to cut down spelling by half with the new single letter “w” – and this resulted in surnames being re-spelled: Baraoidan or Barauidan became Barawidan. Even the place name (now barangay) Bolinauan became Bolinawan. In the Spanish era, spelled with “w” these names would have been pronounced as Baravidan and Bolinavan.

Next to the Oa- group of surnames itself (which group we’ll touch in a later post), the Lao- must have the next number of samples of this re-spelling. Thus, prime examples of the “new” spellings are: Lawas, Lawat, Law-it – the former Laoas, Laoat, Laoit.

Another evolutionary change to the “L” surnames was that of the old Lao- families, who turned to the spelling Lau-: Laugan, Laugo, Lauron, Lauronal, Lauronilla, Lausa, Lauglaug, Laure.   One more: the Lao family of Minaga around 1850 were not Sangleys but indios, and the surname was either a native or a Spanish one. This was almost fifty years before the Lao’s of Chinese origin arrived. Thus, there may still be Lao’s of native indio origin as well as Lao’s of Chinese origin in Carcar, but sharing only the spelling of their surnames.

Add to the L surnames the sub-group Lan-.

Early cabezas de barangay in this surname group were Juan Lanada, Custodio Lañas, Santiago Languido (as early as 1825 with the name Francisco Santiago), Felipe Lapinid, Gabriel Laure and others.

present old catálogo p./col. origin early distribution
Laña Laña (none?)
Lañas 73/4
Langamin Langamin Langamen 73/3
Langbid Langbid Langbed 73/3 Bohol Sangat
Languido 73/3 Opon Daanglungsod
Lanit 73/3
Lantaya 73/3 Napo
Lanada Lañada 73/4 Cabiaon, Daanglungsod
Lao Lao Lao 73/4 Minaga
Lawas Laoas Laoas 73/4 Daanglungsod
Lawat Laoat Laoat, Lauat 73/4 Tubod, Taug, Valladolid
Laoc 73/4 Daanglungsod
Laugan Laogan Laogan 73/4
Laugo Laogo Laogo 73/4 Daanglungsod
Law-it Laoit Laoit, Lauit 73/4
Laorden 73/4 Bohol Latid, Valladolid
Lauron Laoron Laoron 73/4 CC, Mandaue Valladolid, Minaga
Lauronal Laoronal Laoronal 73/4 CC Minaga
Lauronilla Laoronilla (none) Boljoon Bacsiji
Lausa Laosa Laosa 73/4 Minaga, Bacsiji, Cabiaon
Lauglaug Lauglaug Laoglaog 73/4
Laure Laure Laore 73/4 Minaga
 Laogao Laogao 73/4
Lapera Lapira Lapira 73/5 Talisay
Lapinid 73/4 Opon
Lapingcao Lapincao Lapincao 73/4 Opon
Lapas 73/5 Opon Tapon, Daanglungsod, Valladolid
Lapis 73/5 Minaga, Cabiaon
Lapatis 73/4
Lapasaran Lapasaran Lapazaran 73/4 CC, SN Tapon, Valladolid
Lapiña 73/4 Minaga

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