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M (Man-, Mang-) surnames of Carcar

M (Man-, Mang-) surnames of Carcar

The Man- subgroup is distributed in the Perrelos-Daanglungsod area. It should not be surprising that a lot of Sangat-Perrelos families originated from Bohol since Sangat is a fairly large cove that would certainly be a beacon for travelers from Bohol. Meanwhile, the Mang- families are fairly bunched around the Napo hills bounded by present-day Guadalupe.

Of course it baffles us how an alphabetical group in the catalogo was distributed to settlements as far apart from each other as Perrelos-Daanglungsod and Napo. And because of this distant application, it would seem safe to assume (for the sake of assuming) that the Man- and the Mang- surnames were also treated differently, and not one whole letter, by the implementers of the Claveria decree in Carcar.

Bernardo Manguiran, a resident of Napo and then known as Bernardo Agustin, was a cabeza de barangay in the 1820s. His collateral descendant, Jose Ricare Manguiran,  whose family had migrated to Bukidnon, was consecrated a bishop in 1987 and is the bishop of Dipolog.

present old catálogo p./col. origin early distribution
Manapsal 82/6
Manayaga Manayaga
Mancao 82/4 Talisay
Mancera 82/4 Bohol
Mancia 83/2
Manigos 82/4
Maning Daanglungsod
Maniscan 82/4
Manlisi Manlisic Manlisic 82/4 Daanglungsod
Manondo 82/5
Manca Talisay
Manuguran Manoguran 82/5
Manguiran 82/5 Napo
Manguray Manguray Mangoray 83/2 Talisay
Manguroban Mangruban Mangroban 83/2 Napo
Mangyao Mangiao Mangyao 82/5 Barili, Napo

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