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Nav- surnames of Carcar

Nav- surnames of Carcar


One of the more numerous alphabetical group, the “Nav-“ families were mostly located in the Daanglungsod area, albeit a big and influential family, Navares, it seemed congregated in Napo – whether the family was also originally from the Daanglungsod area, but Napo is a very distant settlement from Daanglungsod.

Although the Noel Papers did not include his name in the list of Carcar chief executives, but in his burial record in 1832 D. Francisco Agustin was presented as capitan, meaning a gobernadorcillo, or town mayor. Add to that a marriage record of 1833 listing the father, D. Francisco Agustin, the same person, of the groom, as a difunto capitan. His family is Navarro.

Ambrocio Navares (AKA Francisco Ambrosio) of Napo was a cabeza de barangay in the 1850s. So also was Clemente Navasquez (AKA Clemente Santiago), a mestizo Sangley.

Although the spelling Navoa predominates in town, there is also a Nabua spelling here, but which is also the spelling of a family in Cebu City, The two may be related. 


present old catálogo p./col. origin early distribution
Nava     90/4    
Navacilla Navacilla Navasilla 90/4   Montepasi
Navares     90/4   Napo
Navarra     90/4   Daanglungsod, Tuyum
Navarro         San Nicolas
Navasca     90/4    
Navasquez     90/4 mS Daanglungod
Naveo Navio Navio 90/4    
Navesis Naveces Naveces 90/4    
Navidad     90/4    
Navilla     90/4    
Navoa     90/4   Sangat
  Navea Navia 90/4   Catadman
  Navatilana   90/4   Daanglungsod


  1. One thing that facebook has brought is one can see the less common surnames easier.

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