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Oa- surnames of Carcar

Oa- surnames of Carcar


You may be surprised why I titled this the “Oa-“ surnames and then most of the names here start with ”W”.  On the list below, the first column is the spelling of the surnames as found in Carcar at present, but the “W” surnames there on that column were once spelled starting with “Oa-” — all of them. I guess, except for those found in non-Spanish names that had made their way to Spain, there was no “w” in the Spanish alphabet. And then, those non-Spanish names with the “w”, Spain pronounced the “w” as “v”.

Mariano Oasaoas (as Mariano Francisco before Claveria) a pescador (fisherman) has a record as a cabeza de barangay in 1839 and by another in 1850 as residing in Daanglungsod. His daughter, Melchora, got married to Pedro Barredo, a mestizo Español native of Dumaguete.


present old catálogo p./col. origin early distribution
Oacan     93/3    
Oamilda Oaumelda Oaumelda 93/3   Catadman, Daanglungsod
Oaper     93/3   Daanglungsod
Wabinga Oavenga Oavenga 93/3 Bohol  
Wamar Oamar Oamar 93/2    
Wapiri Oapere Oaperi 93/3    
Warnac Oarnac Oarnac 93/3    
Wasawas Oasauas Oasauas 93/3   Daanglungsod
Wasquin Oasquin        
Watimar Oatemar Oatemar 93/3   Daanglungsod, Minaga
Watin Oatin Oatin 93/3    
  Oaquiar   93/3    
  Oarayen   93/3    
  Oarque   93/3    
  Oasay   93/3 Bohol Sacsac

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