Posted by: vip | April 21, 2013

Pan- surnames of Carcar

Pan- surnames of Carcar

As I mentioned in the post Em- and Fan- surnames of Carcar, most of the surnames that “officially” used to start with Fan- are now spelled with P, or in this case, Pan-. What must also have contributed to this muddle may have been the existence at the same time in Carcar of surnames that actually started with Pan-, too. Maybe because of this, scribes and families mixed the Fan- up with the Pan-. And, our not having a native “f” sound in our alphabet also may have been the final nail on the coffin.

We have touched on the Fan- surnames in a previous post, so, my initial inclination was to include for this post only those original Pan- names. But for the sake of comparison, I decided to reprise here the Fan-surnames, too.


present old catálogo p./col. origin early distrib.
Panaginip Panaguinip Panaguinip 100/6
Pananganan Pananganan Pangangaan 100/5 Bohol
Pangalay 100/6
Pangarap 100/6
Panidar 100/6 Capiz Latid
Panimdim 100/6 Sangat
Paninsoro Paningesoro Paningisoro 100/6 Bolinauan, Jamitanagan
Panisan 100/6 Bohol
Pansan 100/6 Ylaya, Cogon
Pansit 100/6
Pantorilla Pantorilla Pantorrilla 101/1
Panucat 100/6 Bohol (Panglao) Lagang
Pancipance Pansipansi 100/6
Pangadlo Pangadlo 100/6 Bohol


present old catálogo p./col. origin early distrib
Fano 47/6 Bohol Say
Fantonial 48/1 Bacsiji
Panginahug Panginaug Fanginahog 47/6
Panon Fanon Fanun 48/1
Panonce Fanonce Fanunci 48/1
Pantilanan Pantilanan Fantilanan 48/1
Pantilgan Fantilgan Fantilgan 48/1
Pantilgone Fantilgone Fantilgoni 48/1
Panugaling Fanugaling Fanugalin 48/1
Panugalinog Panugalinog Fanogalinog 48/1
Panuncialman Fanuncialman Fanuncialman 48/1 Luanluan

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