Posted by: vip | July 29, 2013

Families traced, update

Families more or less traced back to their earliest persons:

Alcorcon, Alcordo, Alcoseba, Alcudia, Alcuetas, Aldave, Aldemita, Alega, Alegrado, Alegueojo, Aleonar, Alerre, Alesna, Alfafara, Avila, Barabas, Baracao, Barangan, Barateria, Barcelo, Barcelos, Barcenas, Barcenilla, Bardenas, Bareng, Barga, Bargayo, Caballero, Campanilla, Campañon, Canaya, Canencia, Catao, Del Corro, Emnace, Emnacen, Empleo, Galicano, Gascon, Gemperoso, Laorden, Laoronal, Leporgo, Llamas, Mancao, Navarra, Navasca, Navatilana, Noel, Nuñez, Oasaoas, Oatin, Pananganan, Panidar, Paningesoro, Paraz, Poncardas, Porcia, Powao, Quilario, Rayla, Regis, Renijani, Renopal, Sagolili, Sarmiento, Satot, Saucejo, Sedon, Siacor, Silva, Tagimacruz, Tangarorang, Taning, Tenchavez, Tenieblas, Umbay, Velez, Villarosa, Ybañez, Ybesa.

I am using the “original” spellings of the surnames.

Many other families have loose lines that I have not been able to connect to each other. Even with the families above, many still have loose lines, too. I made a timeline for each, based on baptism, marriage or burials record to estimate to which generation each starting person in a loose line may have belonged. That’s why the work is never done.



  1. when does the montecillo’s came to carcar?

    • the earliest record I have involving montecillo was the marriage in 1879 between faustino montecillo and anatalia barcarcel. The marriage record further said faustino was a native of sogod [sic]. anatalia was an illegitimate child and we can surmise the mestizo features of the montecillo family of carcar came through her, through her unknown father.

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