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Al- surnames of carcar, rev. 1

Al- surnames of Carcar

In a previous post (9-jan-2012) for the Al- surnames, my columns in it included only the present, the old, and the spelling of the surnames in the catálogo, plus the number of 2010 voters and the variant spellings now found in the town. Later on, I modified the subsequent surnames posts to include the origins (if known) of the family and some early distribution of it in Carcar. For lack of space the number of voters and variant spellings (quite important) had to be dumped in the recycle bin.

Anyway, let’s get back to the original post.

The common wisdom was that in the Claveria decree, a letter was assigned per town, so that A- (Al-) was assigned to Carcar. So, the purpose of these carcarfamilies posts was to show that surnames given in Carcar were not all Al-.  As a matter of fact, Carcar surnames follow several other alphabetical groupings: Bar- (Baran, Bargayo), Cam- (Campaña, Camingao), Can- (Canencia, Canarias), Day- (Dayonot, Daytec), Em- (Emnace, Empleo), Fan- (Fano, Fantilgoni), Gel- (Gelle, Gellicania), Gem- (Gemperoso, Gemal), Gen- (Genobisa, Genave), Lao- (Laoc, Laoronilla), Lap- (Lapingcao, Lapinid), Man- (Mancera, Maniscan), Mang- (Manguiran, Manguroban), Nav- (Navares, Navarro), Oa- (Oaper, Oacan), Qui- (Quijano, Quijoy), Rem- (Remo, Remolado), Sat- (Satira, Satorre), Tang- (Tangarorang, Tangcay), and maybe others.

The list below does not include later-arrivals which may include Albarracin, Albrando, Alcarez, Alfeche, Alferez, Alforque, Alicaba, Alicaway, Aliño, Alquizola, Alquizalas and many more.

This revised post is mostly to incorporate the origins and distribution of the surname. Alevoso is the only addition to the previous list.


  present old catálogo p./col origin early distrib
1 Alcachupas Alcachupas alcochofas 4/1   Latid
2 Alcain     4/1    
3 Alcesto     4/2   Latid, Cabiaon, Tapon
4 Alcomendras Alcovendas alcovendas 4/2 Sibonga Napo
5 Alcontin     4/2   Banica
6 Alcorcon     4/2 mS Parian Latid
7 Alcordo     4/2   Latid
8 Alcoriza Alcorisa alcorisa 4/2   Latid
9 Alcos Alcos alcos, alcuz 4/2   Latid, Tapon, Lagang
10 Alcoseba Alcoseba alcoceba 4/2   Latid
11 Alcover     4/2   Latid, Bolinauan
12 Alcoy     4/2   Latid
13 Alcudia     4/2 mS Parian Latid
14 Alcuino Alcuyno alcoyno 4/2    
15 Alcuirez Alcuiris alcuiriz 4/2   Liboron
16 Alcuitas Alcuetas alcuetas 4/2 Sibonga Latid
17 Alcuizar Alcuesar alcuezar 4/2   Basac, Tapon, Daanglungsod
18 Aldave     4/2   Latid, Tapon
19 Aldaya     4/2   Bolinauan, Cabiaon, Banco
20 Alde Alde aldi 4/2    
21 Aldemita Aldemeta aldelmeta 4/2 Bohol  
22 Aldevera     4/2    
23 Aldipolla Aldepolla aldipolla 4/2 Leyte  
24 Alduesa     4/2    
25 Aldueso Aldueso alduezo 4/2    
26 Alecha     4/2    
27 Aledo     4/2   Cambuntan, Montepase, Latid
28 Aledon (none) (none)      
29 Alega     4/2    
30 Alegado     4/2   Bolinauan, Latid
31 Alegam Alegam aligam 4/4    
32 Alegarbes     4/3   Bolinauan
33 Alegrado     4/2 CC Latid, Cabancalan
34 Aleguin Aleoguenz aleoguenz 4/3 Bohol  
35 Aleguiojo Alegueojo alegueojo 4/3 Bohol  
36 Alejado     4/2   Cambuntan
37 Alemios Alemeus alemeuz 4/3 Bohol Napo
38 Aleñar Aleñar aliñar 4/4    
39 Alentiojo Alenteojo alentejo 4/3   Caraatan
40 Aleonar     4/3 Bohol Cabancalan
41 Alerre     4/3 Boljoon  
42 Alerta Alerta (none)      
43 Alesna     4/2   Latid
44 Alfafara     4/3   Ylaod, Bolinauan
45 Alinsugay Alinsugay alensogay 4/3    
46 Aliser Aleser alescer 4/3   Lagang 
47 Alison Aleson aleson 4/3   Ylaod, Latid, Luanluan
48 Allera Aleyra alera, allera 4/3   Latid
49 Alvarado Albarado albarado 3/6   Latid, Bolinauan
50   Aldocente aldosente 4/2 mS Parian Latid
51   Alentado alentado 4/2    
52   Aleranera aleranera 4/3    
53   Alesla alesla 4/3    
54   Alevoso aleboso 4/2   Latid, Tapon
55   Alfafaras alfafaraz 4/3 Bohol  
56   Alinbubuyog alembubuyog 4/3    

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