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Yap of Parian in Carcar: for the record

Yap of Parian in Carcar: for the record

The earliest known trace of the Yap family of Parian are of the couple Juan Yap and Sofia Florido. They were the parents of Eleuterio (calc. 1854[1]-1927 Bogo), Maria (calc. 1857-1947 Carcar) and Consolacion (calc. 1859-1928 Carcar).  There has not been discovered a record naming either Juan’s or Sofia’s parents, or when Juan and Sofia themselves died. By the way, I’d gathered the lineage from Carcar church records and of Eleuterio’s burial in Bogo.

Florido. The Florido, also a mestizo Sangley family from presumably also Parian, arrived ahead in Carcar. The earliest known of the family in Carcar is the baptism in 1873 of Agostino Florido, son of Doroteo and Teresa Pono Sarmiento. It’s possible the Floridos in turn had followed the Sarmiento family to Carcar.

Yap. Whatever, it’s easy enough to say, then, that it was the Yaps who merely tailed their Florido cousins to Carcar, the Yaps specifically Maria and Consolacion. Eleuterio went to Iloilo and coming back to Cebu settled in Bogo.

Consolacion Yap. Earliest record for the Yaps in Carcar is the burial in 1889 of Maria (II) Yap, parvula daughter of Consolacion and a padre no conocido. The next is the baptism the following year of Elisea Yap, daughter of Consolacion and a padre no conocido (the same as Maria II’s or some other is not known). The next record of Consolacion’s branch is her marriage in 1892 to Juan Ramos Rodriguez.

Consolacion had an older son, Porfirio Yap, born in Parian in 1882 with also a no conocido father (although subsequently recognized as Marceliano Castillo of Bohol). Porfirio, married to Mercedes Gerasta Tapia of San Fernando, had 13 children by her, two of whom did not survive childhood. Of the eleven who did, two became lawyers, one a C.P.A., a professional mechanical/electrical engineer, a psychiatrist, a lieutenant general in the Philippine Army. The three sisters became teachers. Porfirio had served as juez de paz (justice of the peace) in San Fernando where he met his wife, the daughter of another juez serving in Carrascal, Surigao.

Elisea married Carcar-born Felix Alega Campanilla in 1910. He died in 1914 but they had two children, a girl born 1911 and Anastasio. Anastasio had an only son, Rene and they lived in Cebu City. The Campanilla originated from Bohol. Elisea married again in San Fernando in 1917 to Sulpicio Genebraldo Baricuatro. This union produced 8 children and a number of grandchildren, one of whom became a diocesan priest, Fr. Dennis Camomot Baricuatro.

Maria Yap. Meanwhile, first Carcar record for Consolacion’s older sister Maria is of the burial in 1897 of her husband Mariano Avendaño San Diego (from Obando, Bulacan). I was informed by a historian researcher that there are records for Mariano San Diego being a cabeza de barangay in the Gremio de Mestizos in Cebu City in the 1880s. His burial record in Carcar had as cause of death “de muerte repentina.” Too suddenly indeed because it seemed Maria was pregnant when Mariano died and she gave birth to Esperanza San Diego 7 months later. Unfortunately, Esperanza died one-and-a-half years after, in 1899.

The next record is in 1908 when Maria and Mariano’s eldest Antonio Sandiego married Concepcion Barcenilla Alcoseba, and the birth that same year of their child Mercedes, who later became Sister Mercedes, ICM. A second child for Antonio and Concepcion was Pilar Sandiego, born 1910. A marriage record in 1913 in Carcar is available for Maria’s son Marcial Sandiego to Maria Sadorra Carampatana from Barili.

The next children for Antonio and Concepcion appears to have been born (baptized?) in Barili where Antonio was the juez de paz, after he, brother Narciso Sandiego and cousin Porfirio Yap (mentioned above) passed the 1911 examination for judges.

[1] Birth years calculated from the ages given in the three’s respective burial records.


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