Posted by: vip | April 2, 2014

tres de abril

Andres Abellana had already prepped Carcar for that day of Quilat’s eventual coming and, in so doing, himself missed the tres de Abril which uprising had been moved up from the original plan for Holy Thursday, April 7.

What happened was Talisay…

The premature fervor blew a shrill whistle on what would very possibly have been a fair-strength attack wrought with some military planning, plus the option to see the thing through.

Instead, what happened as a result, into the night, the now alerted Spaniards undertook several raids. Perhaps not in gentle persuasion were secret identities extracted from the captives and one by one rounded up, leading the resistance leadership to decide on moving up any attack, and thus setting the date for the following day right away — Palm Sunday, the 3d of April, up from the 7th.

–abstract of a carcarfamilies post of three parts that will appear starting 7 april, the 116th anniversary of the assassination of leon kilat in carcar


  1. Hi Vip,

    Which is the correct spelling for Leon Kilat?

    Ted Alcuitas
    Great,great grandnephew of ApolinarioAlcuitas

    • i suppose there is no “correct” spelling for the name. in my piece, when I go back in time to that period, there was no letter “k” in spanish and so i use quilat, which his church burial record also used, and kilat when i speak of the present. It would be the same thing, i think, when i use apolinario alcuetas and ted alcuitas.

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