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The older families of Carcar

The older families of Carcar


We can only suspect as much since on the same timeline as the others, these families already had more than one line. This means that while many families (featured in the Families section of Carcarfamilies) have been traced to a single ancestor, at the same timeline, these families already had several, making it very hard to determine whether these different lines were actually the children of a single line, or siblings and children of an unnamed parent, or even merely cousins.

Thus, I have records for persons in the families of:

Alcesto. Ygnacio Bernardo and wife Ma. Mariquita had three children born 1826, 1830 and 1833.

Ambrosio Alcesto and wife Micayla Alcoy with a son born 1825 and a daughter who died and was  buried in 1855 as an escuela.

Mateo Alcesto and wife Martina Alegado had 5 children born from 1835.

Leocadia Alcesto married to Pablo Emvrado had a daughter born mid-1820s who in turn got married to Placido Alesna.

Again, Ambrosio, Mateo and Leocadia could also have been children of Ygnacio Bernardo. But I still have to come across a record affirming those relationships.


Alcontin. In a timeline, the older person in the family would have to be Cornelio and wife Brigida Aleson whose grandchildren were born by 1824 and later. Except that there is another Brigida Aleson who was the wife of a Manuel Ybañez, the starting person of that family. A different Brigida Aleson?

A Santiago Bartolome married to Ma. Carpa had children by 1819. A Francisco Marcelo with a son by 1831 and a Manuel Francisco with a son by 1836.

And a Juanico Alcontin with grandchildren by the 1830s.


And the others. Similarly situated are these early families the (to use their old spellings): Alcorisa, Alcos, Alcover, Alcoy, Alcuesar, Alcuiris, Aldaya, Aldevera, Alduesa, Aledo, Alegarbes, Alejado, Aleser, Baran, Barauidan, Barbac, Barbadillo, Barcoma, Bardenas (but which I’m trying to wrap up), Barellano, Bareng, Barga, Bargayo (to wrap up), Barluado, Camates, Camomot, Camoro, Campaña, Cananea, Candiong, Canencia, Cuison, Dayagro, Dayanan, Fantonial, Fanuncialman, Federico, Gemota, Lapiña, Lausa, Lawas, Manguiran, Navares, Navarro, Oaumelda, Panimdim, Paningesoro, Tanudtanud, and others.


Now, readers who wonder that their families are missing from the trees in Carcarfamilies will realize that it’s so difficult to reconstruct, to string together those families above, especially since I do not believe in making leaps of presumption, and instead believe that the relationship between the persons and, thus, their lines, should be firmly established but, sadly, fall short with only the records we have gathered.


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