The name of the town Carcar, Cebu, rings as much for its statuaries and edifices as also for its many sons and daughters who achieved fame or, most importantly, served humanity or their talents well (or notoriously, too, if it came to that).  Indeed, those houses and monuments may have also been the products of her own native sons who were the finest artists and artisans.   Be that as it may, the men and women in these Pages are household names in the town and it is our obligation to bring them out as undeniable part of Carcarfamilies heritage.

Selection has been limited only to persons known to have been born in Carcar.  But while disqualifying the non-natives, we must acknowledge these larger-than-life icons, too, were just as important to the life, status and prestige of Carcar:  Eustaquio (Takoy) Abarquez, Gonzalo Abellana, Msgr. Cesar Alcoseba, Padre Manuel Fernández, Brigido “Maestro Bindoy” Lakandazon, Mariano Mercado, Florencio Noel, Roman Sarmiento and in our times, Mother Rebecca Alesna-Baruc, choreographer Val Sandiego and his cousin, heart surgeon Dr. Peter Mancao. Lucio Abala, too, was probably born in Cebu City (Pasil) but for that incident of birth would certainly have made it here, too.

This requirement is decidedly a bit rigid for today, considering that with travel to Cebu City already being so convenient for decades now, many Carcar parents have chosen to have their children delivered in city hospitals and so the latter are Cebu City-born and thus non-eligible. But this is our little limpieza de sangre condition and we stand by it, the absence of which would open the floodgate to persons already several generations out of the town.

There is a sub-page for Carcar mayors, however, and quite many of them have been Cebu City-born. As a matter of fact, since 1867-1896, and then from 1898-1929 Carcar was dominated by the city families–60 years. Anyway, together with an upcoming sub-page in process, that of Carcar foodstuff (its origins), these will be my only concessions.

Please think up no significance to when each Carcaranon is posted, i.e., one ahead of the other–simply, that data for most of them are still being collected, and the pages will come out as data comes in. Anyway they will still appear alphabetically.

I must acknowledge but too many persons to be individually cited for their essential contributions in data-gathering for this page. To you all, you know my gratitude and appreciation will always remain. And while these pages are still under construction, please email me anything you know of the person. And do feel free to even suggest another Carcaranon.


  1. Hi! I just bumped into this page when I was searching for possible relatives in my father’s mother’s side who trace their origin from the family of Narcisa Valeriano in Carcar. Also, there are the families of Alerre and Lopez in Carcar.

    This blog is definitely useful. Thanks.

  2. pls help find my family roots of my grandparents , Felicidada Alesna married to Eugenio Alenton.. later they magrated to Digos , Davao del Sur..
    planned Alenton clan reunionon May 7 2011 in carcar ..thank you

    • when was felicidad and eugenio born or married and what are the names of their children (in order)? why did you put this here and not in the Families-Alesna page? please reply to this at that page.

      • sorry for that , i was just surfing around , now i found the Alesna Clan Foundation .
        I have to ask my 2 uncles re their marriage date , 4 are still living out of 13 siblings .
        Juana , Peling , Pablo , Eriberto , Bienvenido , Natividad , Tranfiguracion , Lucia , Anon , Senyong, Nilo , Eduardo , Romy

  3. can you trace the Dayagdal Clan… they are living in montepassi but we couldn’t traced our origin and who’s our ancestor here

    • of the many untraceable dayagdal lines, there is one whose starting person in my file is alejo dayagdal who in an 1867 record was said to have resided in montapasi. his wife was juliana dait. but i’ve managed to dig up only have 3 daughters and only one son, apolonio, married to alipia genco. please trace as far as you can your family tree.

  4. Hi! Is ALCOVER Family not in your research that they are Carcaranons? My great grand father was once a Councilor in Carcar (VICENTE ” INTING” ALCOVER) but never seen in your research.Just asking!

    • have you read everything in my blogs? just asking. no alcover ever volunteered a family tree. perhaps you should be the first in your family to construct a family tree because i have a hard time reconstructing the many many branches of the family into one coherent family tree. as for carcaranon, please give me details about your great-grandfather and we’ll see that he rates just as highly as the individuals already in the carcaranons list, which is an on-going effort.

  5. hi my name is leomilo baring jones son of remidios baring married to vicenti jones. im lookng for my reltives frm carcar cebu,vactus valencia,its good to have this kind of web to trace my family line…..coz my mother died when im around 1yr of age….tnks a lot!!!!!

  6. Hi, I am looking for the Lawas Families or Clan in Valladolid.. Their Grand Great Parents are Fruto Lawas and wife Severa Enario. Thanks

    • Where are you from? My mother told me fruto lawas was her great great grand father?

    • Looking for relatives in Car Car City Cebu. Iam the daughter of Donato Lawas born in Car Car In 1890. My name is Lilianna Lawas And Iam from Cairns Australia .

    • Looking for relative in Car Car Cebu City with the family name of Lawas. My father was Donato Lawas from Car car . I Live in Australia and Will be visiting the Philippines next year Hope to have a reunion there. Praying that it is Gods Will I meet UP with a Lawas relative 😃

      • My grandad was suppose to be Narciso Lawas from Valladolid Carcar but he leave in Malabuyoc

  7. I am also inquiring about the Alcover-Silva geneology. My dad was Graciano Alcover Silva, born around 1910 in Carcar, Cebu. He emigrated to Hawaii, andf was married to Leoncia Samonte Cui, also from Cebu.

  8. hi, can you locate may ancestor name Miguel Rodriguez

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