Bargayo, Alvaro

Alvaro “Baring” Cui Bargayo

(19-Feb-1927 – 28-Aug-1949)

“…Shiny and sparkly/ And splendidly bright/ Here one day/ Gone one night” — Michael Jackson (Gone Too Soon)


Son of Alejandro Alegado Bargayo and Teofila Barcelos Cui.


Piano prodigy, even in a family of musicians; must have been the only sight reader of music in Carcar (then as today called primera vista–first sight) because musicians are always quick to attribute that ability of him: sight reading can be developed, but he seemed to have been born with it; equally quick learner on the violin; Carcar’s Maestro Bindoy (Brigido Lakandazon) was there to guide his musical talents; to this day Carcar musicians and music lovers still talk of Baring Bargayo with a sigh when they talk music, and Carcar music that was.

Died at 22, still a bachelor.

bargayo baring c.m.c. orchestra

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  1. I know of an Elmer Bargayo, from Carcar who was a very good pianist. Unfortunately he died in Manila of a suspicious death at still a young age – around the 60/s. Any relation ?

    • elmer bargayo was a first cousin of alvaro, belonging himself to an equally outstanding musical line.

  2. Thank you for the info Vip. I enjoyed listening to him when he used to visit our dorm. He used to call me “gaw” because of the Bargayo of my grandma. I dont know if we are related.

    • as Bargayo you are certainly related, you’re 3d degree cousins with both alvaro and elmer.

  3. Oh , thats awesome to know to be related to a musically gifted person. Why they died so young , I cant understand, I wish to meet Alvaro and Elmer/s family in Carcar specially you told me we are 3d cousins. Thank you very much Vip. I/d like to meet you too someday. My son is into genealogy too but of the Dabon clan of Mandawe. I/ll contact you when I/ll be in Cebu.

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