del Corro, Anastasio

Fr. Anastasio (Padre Tatyong) Nuñez del Corro

(25-Dec-1860 – 11-Dec-1948)

Son of Juan-Climaco del Corro of a mestizo Español family and Juana Nuñez, a mestiza Sangley from Cebu City;

Orphaned while still a child of his father, his mother remarried (a younger half-brother, Filomeno Silva, also became a priest); ordained priest 1884; coadjutor of San Nicolas, Barili, Baybay (Leyte); parish priest of Naga 1899; as parish priest of Carcar from 1901 until his death, the longest serving; Diocesan examinador sinodal and vicario foraneo; prime supporter of cultural movements in the town; and mover, as he established the St. Catherine’s School in 1923.

del Corro


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  1. My mother is a native of Carcar, and told us that, Padre Tayong is their first cousin.

    • You must mean the Western way of describing family relationships. Yes, if your great-grandfather was Padre Tatyong’s first cousin, then, yes, you too are the padre’s first cousin, except you’re 3 times removed. You have not yet answered my query at the Search Forum about your mother so I don’t know when she was born, but Padre Tatyong was born 1860 and using the Filipino way of counting generational relationship, your mother must have been born not too far off that time also. I really wish the del Corro family can try to reconstruct their family tree, too. You can start with just from your great-grandfather or grandfather and get the ball rolling. I will help with what I have.

    • Stand corrected, my mother Maura del Corro, (born May 3, 1919) that Father Tanyong was his uncle. My mother’s Bros and sisters are the ff: Luis, Mariano, Ramon, Amado, Clara and Sotera, the rest i don’t remember. Some of my cousins now lives in Leburun, Carcar

      • eduardo, by the age, the grandfather of your mother would probably be the cousin of padre tatyong. i’m sure you can remember the names of your grandparents (your mother’s parents). please include the maiden name of your mother’s mother, too. or better, the great-grandparents so the easier to make the search. thanks i really need your family tree.

        • my mother’s full name was Maura Varga del Corro, I am now inquiring my sister who is in cebu with regards to my lolo and lola’s names.

  2. sir.
    gusto ko po sanang malaman tungkol sa pamangkin nya na si gerardo??

    • @japhil, who were gerardo’s parents?

  3. teodorico del corro sya ba ang kapatid ni anastacio del corro.

  4. si gerardo del corro sya ang nawawalang pamankin ni anastacio.

    • pls refer to Families/del Corro page for genealogy of teodorico and gerardo vis-à-vis anastasio.

  5. My Mother’s Father’s name is LUCAS del Corro ( his wife’s name is Vicenta Barga )

    • was it your sister who gave that or did you get that from the families/del corro page here? I’m working to validate all the data i;ve gathered to match with the outside world. please ask your source what’s vicenta’s mother’s surname. anyway, the only data i have of lucas-vicenta’s family is a ceferino delcorro their son born 26-aug-1904. he is not in the list of maura’s siblings you mentioned.

      • My mother Maura, they were not in the list, they were orphans and were scattered to relatives, my mother grew up with her aunt Romana del Corro, my uncle Luis del Corro at 17 went to Hawaii as a Pineapple picker ( pre-war)…just little of information.

    • Well your one of the generation

  6. We are the legit family of Eng. Gerardo A. Del Corro we are based here in Davao City, Philippines Eng. Gerardo A. Del Corro is our great grand father, self proclaimed first Filipino Civil Engineer graduated North Carolina in United States of America.

  7. Hi, I am the grandson of Dr. Angel Del Corro. He was one of the longest Medical Director of then Pampanga Provincial Hospital now known as Jose Linggad Hospital in Pampanga.

    From what I now, Lolo Papang as we called him knew of our relatives in Cebu, as to where specifically we don’t know. I often do business in Cebu and have recently read in the papers of the Del Corro house which I believe is in Carcar if I am not mistaken.

    I am just curious, that is why I wrote on this page.

    Thank you.

  8. Hi, I’m wondering if the Corro family in Daanbantayan, Cebu (without the ‘del’) and the del Corro family in Carcar are related. If I remember correctly, Gregorio Corro, who is our original ancestor, came from Naga Cebu according to my grandfather.

    Thank you.

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