As I take down notes from old Carcar records with the goal to outline the genealogy of as many Carcar families as I can, I shall be thinking aloud…

And consequently, as my education on the history of the town, which one can read from between the lines on the pages of those books, continues, I can only hope my blog will have been jampacked with facts, ideas, doubts, questions, choler and hosannas worthy of what has been my privilege to experience. Attitude with an edge–two negatives which multiplied, like mathematics, will hopefully produce a positive.

I was sent off on the genealogy path by getting earnest answers from historian Mike Cullinane to the inanest questions I asked him about my own families’ histories. About Carcar, Claveria, Cebu City–Cullinane gave me my first real history lessons.  The product of my research is his for the asking.

I must acknowledge my indebtedness to the graciousness of Mormon members who persevered in their calling to tolerate my almost daily readings at their family history centers in Lahug and Sikatuna. I got most of my Carcar records right out of their microfilm readers.

Meanwhile, for some months now, Msgr. Rolando Jimenez, Carcar ministry moderator, has allowed me access to the convent books. At the same time, he also invited me to partake of lunch at the convento with the other office staff whenever I’m in Carcar for my research. What can top that?

There have been many inquiries my way about people’s ancestors, in which they give only the name of one ancestor, usually a grandparent. That will prove to be very difficult to verify from my records. One, in innumerable cases, several persons, in the same family, have the same name, and it is foolhardy to point to one with some certainty without other references, like the person’s siblings, or a timeline.   Two, since it is my project to outline the genealogy of Carcar families, I would like nothing better than to also get the family tree of the person making the inquiry. That way, quid pro quo, I can help with the personal search and at the same time my file for such family gets updated and the project makes progress.

Join the project. Please fill me in with your family lines.  Bookmark this site.

Email: vipaleonar@gmail


  1. nice

    • I am a descendant of a Yap family in Bogo. My grandfather’s name is Eugenio Yap married to Gregoria Lumapas. He has a brother named Esteban Yap. They have sisters who lived in Bantayan I think. We are a big family too in Bogo, Cebu.

      • Hello Ms. Jucom, is Mariano Lumapas the father of Gregoria Lumapas with a sibling named Geronimo Lumapas (married to Serafina Mendoza)? Geronimo Lumapas is my great-great-grandfather.

  2. Hey VIP, you should publish this in hard, book form! I am amazed at the amount of work you put into this research. It’s very, very interesting!

    • I agree

  3. thank you Vip, some of the details of some alfafara family line you might find helpful is at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/alfafara/
    which was started in 2006 by the descendants. God bless you Vip.

  4. Good work,hope to contribute to the research someday…


  5. Great job ! ! !
    now i know the roots of my mother’s family and am proud to one of ur family, a true and great carcaranons.


  6. Hi there,
    Nice blog, I just found it and I am already a fan.

  7. Nice website! I am looking forward to visit this town soon! My father grew up in Davao but his father (my grampa) is originally from Cebu so I know that I am somehow related to the Noels in Cebu. More power VIP! 🙂

    • Hello! My grandfather, Felipe Fernando Yap have nephews in Davao. their names are Cesar (deceased), Valentin, Lorenzo.

    • Mga Noel mag reunion ta.

  8. Hi!

    My mother’s name is Estela Socorro Sauza Dela Cruz Maroney (a resident of Winlock, Washington, USA) whose mother is Dolores Embrado Sauza Dela Cruz (born 08 August 1929 Cebu City) whose mother was Criselda Alison Embrado (born 08 February 1899 or 1900 Carcar) whose parents were Dolores Alison and Ricardo Embrado.

    Please help more to research the parents and ancestors of Dolores Alison and Ricardo Embrado.

    I really would like to connect with my Carcaranon roots.

    Thanks. God bless you!

    • please uncover cresilda embrado’s ancestry in the aleson family. with reference to evangelista aleson-Ynocenta rangcajo, they are the parents of dolores aleson who was married to gerardo (not ricardo) alcover embrado in 1888. cresilda was born 1900. Thus, she was a second cousin of archbishop teofilo camomot in the aleson family.

      took a long time with researches going on simultaneously, but we got there.



    • Hi gud morning,can i ask your email?

  10. it is so nice.i really appreciate,now i found where my lolo malcolm aleonar and his family lived…i would like to know more my cousins en auntes en uncles,hope they can connect to it..thanks to this site..more power en god bless…ALEONARIANS…


  11. Hi VIP thanks for all the infos. you must be acknowledged for all the efforts you have made.

    I am Joan Baraquia of Cogon Carcar, recently married to a Calderon of Pampanga on 2005. I have 2 adorable sons, Shaddy Xsly Baraquia (my loved child) and Kleiner Baraquia Calderon.

    I am the 3rd child of Arsenio Barangan Baraquia and Bella Lanit Alcorcon. who bear Jovyp, Jonnah, me, Josette, Jonas, Janette and Joanis.

    My father Arsenio is the second child of Carlos Labis Baraquia and Leonora Barangan (eldest daughter of Cristobal Bargayo Barangan and Dorothia Cabungcal Barangan), who bear Carlos Junior, my dad, Rolando, Lorna, Octavio, Solomon, Carmen, Fernando, Virgilia and Anecito.

    My mother is the eldest daughter of Protacio Alcorcon and Porferia Lanit Alcorcon who bear my mom – Bella, Ranulfo, Edelberta “Eldie”, Maria Luisa Liberty, Fe and Roger “Jerry”.

    I hope I contributed a little to this carcar genealogy for those who look for their roots.

    • @Joan, was your grandfather Protacio Alcorcon the son of Buenaventura Alesna Alcorcon and Paula Alegrado Aldueso? Was Protacio a brother of Maria Alcorcon, wife of Peter Aleonar?

  12. exactly VIP…

    • @joan, i wish our site’s friends who ask about their genealogy will also supply us with information as extensive as yours, makes establishing the connections so much easier. through your data i have updated my alcorcon files and hopefully the baraquia and barangan infos will one day also get connected. Can you email me personally with dates you may have of the names concerned.

  13. Protacio Alcorcon November 24, 1920 married on December 16, 1944 to Porferia Alcorcon November 4 1924

    Arsenio Baraquia December 12, 1949 married on March 11, 1973 to Bella Alcorcon April 21, 1951


    Jovyp Baraquia December 13, 1973
    Jonnah Baraquia-Alvarado December 21, 1974 married on February 25, 2006 to Alex Macasero-Alvarado January 9, 1980

    Joan Baraquia-Calderon September 19, 1977 married on December 8, 2005 to Giovanni Calderon from Pampanga January 6, 1980

    Josette Baraquia-Ticzon June 24, 1979 married on August 20, 2008 to Rhandy Ticzon of Iloilo

    Joanis Baraquia January 8, 1981
    Janette Baraquia July 12, 1983
    Joanis Baraquia October 3, 1985

    Carlos Baraquia November 4, 1924 married to Leonora Barangan

    I will try to gather my uncles and aunties’ birthdates.

    Both my grandparents are from Cogon, Poblacion 1, Carcar

  14. correction VIP, the first Joanis is supposedly JONAS…as Joanis is our youngest…

    thanks a lot

  15. by the way Leonora’s siblings are:

    Visitacion Barangan-Llanos
    Dr. Virgilio Barangan (US based)
    Lilia Barangan-Commendador (US Based)
    Beatriz Barangan, Brenda Barangan is her daughter who was born on March 3 1977

    • because of the tracing you gave, i can link you to my alesna, aldueso, alfafara, alegrado and alcorcon families. for the barangan and bargayo files, i need to have cristobal’s parents.

  16. thanks VIP, but with regard to that, lemme ask Tito Blix Bargayo or my Lola. One thing i’m only sure of, Tito Felix Bargayo is the cousin of my Lola Leonora Barangan.

    thank u

  17. hi po.thanks for bringing this family tree tru internet..this made me more interested about ALEONAR’S origin..
    hope to see again soon..i posted your photo with my son DWYT JOKA.

  18. in search for carcar academy people? and st. catherine’s school?

  19. Vip,

    Mama finally give up. She died Tuesday,May11just after celebrating her 99th birthday.


  20. http://www.myheritage.com/site-family-tree-35970411/oaper-de-castro-genealogy

    i only know my grandfather, teodoro oaper sr and his brother vicente oaper of perelos carcar cebu.

  21. Can i have your email? i would like to connect with you about my family’s geneology.

    • it’s right above, at the end of the post itself

  22. Good morning! I think the last time I corresponded with you was back in March or April 2010, inquiring about my dad’s family. My dad was Ricardo Oamilda, His father was Pablo Oamilda, and his mom was Eusibia Oamilda. My dad was born in 1917, and died 2002. My grandpa was born 1892, and died 1940, my grandma was born 1888, and died 1938. I know there’s some relatives in Cebu, but, don’t know anyone. I would like to visit sometime next year, and see if I could find any of my relatives. My mom was not of filipina race so there’s no record of her. I would like for you to follow up on my dad’s relatives.

    • gretchen my name is armand perez. my great grandfather was an oamilda. my great grandfather lived in waipahu hawaii same time as your grandfather. his name was tomas oamilda and was married to anacleta oamilda. they have 5 children all girls born on waipahu. they moved back to the philippines sometimes in the early 1920’s. they all got married. most of the oamildas are now in the usa. either in seattle washington as perez, abella or alforque. the oamildas are in stockton california. you can email me at aa3940bigdaddy@yahoo.com or call (206) 293-7599. thanks.

      • I’m the great granddaughter of Yap Tauco married to Joaquina Fernando. their son Felipe Fernando married Marta David Timbol. One of their sons Jose Timbol Fernando married Gloria Perez of Boalan,Zamboanga City.

  23. we will have our alenton clan reunion on may 7 , 2011 in carcar and we want to trace up our family tree starting from our grandparents , name Felicidad Alesna married to Eugenio Alenton .
    who are the sisters & brothers of Felicidad & Eugenio .

  24. hi,
    my mum was from car car, her name Eleuteria Agustin. her parents were Damiana Palang and Almario Agustin. I know little about my mum’s side of the family since her father died when she was still three. We use to visit carcar before, sitio luan luan. i remeber mum mentioned during the 1800’s the old house was a shoe factory. thats the second house on the on the left of the main road to sitio luan luan. i hope you can help me get to know more about my mother’s ancestry.

  25. Hi:

    I am trying to find family information about Ciriaco Aledo from Carcar. He was born in 1896/1897. Ciriaco left Carcar and traveled to Hawaii; arriving in Honolulu and working for the Sugar Plantation.

    In Hawaii, Ciriaco married Teofila Fernandez, who was from Cebu City.

    Ceriaco Aledo’s first cousins were: Patricio Aledo, Margarito Aledo, and Bartolome “Omeng” Aledo. They also left Carcar and traveled to Hawaii to work. Margarito was married to Severina Alcones as listed on a Honolulu, Hawaii Passenger List and also recorded on a Carcar marriage record.

    The parents of Patricio, Margarito, and Bartolome were: Inocente Aledo and his wife, Ana Alcoy.

    If you know of any information about Ceriaco Aledo and his family, please reply. Thank you.

    • I am one of the daughters of Ciriaco Aledo and i live in Kailua, Hi. i know my dad had a lot of relatives and spoke of them quite frequently. I know he had a son in carcar and as i rememder he resembled my father.

  26. Hello, My name is Louis B. Cui Jr. I’am trying to trace my father’s ancestor at least from his Father, My father’s name is Luis Figuracion Cui, that were originated from Cebu City. His father’s name is Ciriaco Cui and his mother’s name is: Procesa Figuracion. If anybody in your group knows this family please let me know. I appreciate your help to this matter and many thanks in advance.


  27. i am jhun escobido from manila i am also trying to connect branches of our family tree. grand parents is victorio whom i believe came from bohol we call him lolo torio. i want to connect to other escobido in carcar cebu thanks

  28. Hi po ask ko lang if pwede po ma trace ang family ng mother ko.Her father’s name is Vicente Alegado and her mother’s name is Lita Fano (my grandparents born in Cebu). Nasa Davao po lumaki ang mother ko at mga kapatid niya.Pero laging naikwento sa amin ng mother ko ang about sa family niya na may mga kapatid lolla ko sa Cebu.And may mga cousins ang mother ko sa Cebu na di nila nakikita kasi sa Davao na po sila lumaki.Since mahirap lang ang family ng mother ko it’s hard for them to travel sa Cebu.I’m just wishing na ma trace ang mga family and relatives ng mother ko.Si Lita Fano (my grandmother)ay ipinanganak sa Carcar Cebu na anak daw po ni Pedro Fano and Teofista Barcenas (my great grandparents) Thanks and God Bless po!

    • what is lita fano’s full name and when born? as for vicente alegado, i need more info for me to direct where to look for in the vast alegado tree.

    • One of my bestfriend , Cecile Drilon is married to Percuis Alegado of Iloilo.His father in law is a professor of UP Cebu.

  29. hi! i find your article so HELPFUL for my research of the families in naga. i’d just like to ask if you’re familiar with the Chiongs of naga city? i badly need help with my research

    • Hi Mel Tamayo! Maybe you or someone will see a common ancestor between us. Of hundereds of blogs I only see your name listed on this one and possibly 2 others. My wife is Chilean and I wonder how far back we have to go to see a relationship of your ancestors and my wife’s.

      I believe, based on interpreting microfilm, that Francisca Tamayo Cortez who died on May 13th 1914 in Buin, Chile was married to Martin Tapia Valerio. Francisca’s parents are Augustin Tamayo and Dionisia Cortez. Please email me at mariatapia777 [ ] gmail.com.

  30. My family name is Camus. I was born and grew at Mindanao, Cagayan de oro city. My father mention me the place carcar. I am not sure if he was born there. His name was Pio Camus, born 1922. Please help me trace my grad parents I appreciate it.

    • quite hard to do with only his name and year of birth, didn’t he mention who his own parents were? or what middle name did he use. any other information?

      • Hi Josephene!
        Can you tell me your father’s name and his middle name.My mother ‘s middle name is Camus of Calidngan Carcar Cebu.Thanks and hope to hear back from you.

  31. Hello!
    I’m Marianas Barcenilla Ygona. I looked at your list of Carcar families and I don’t see Barcenilla or Alegrado on your it. I have traced my family trees, both the Barcenilla and Alegrado families. One time when I was in contact with Peary Aleonar, I intended to send him the family trees. Vip, are you Peary, by the way? If you are, are you still interested in the genealogy? I love the home page picture. I have a copy of that because my mother is in it.

    • hello, marianas. yes i’m peary. and i’ll always be interested in carcar genealogy. i hope you can email me a copy of both barcenilla and alegrado please. i’ve been helping in the the alegrado family reunions for some years now in setting up the branches of the family.

  32. Thanks for your reply. I’ll e-mail you the trees later.

    • eagerly anticipating your barcenilla and alegrado trees. sorry, the alegrado tree is under the alega family here.

  33. Vip, naa bay mga Abadilla sa Carcar? We are trying to trace the roots of a Felisa Trinidad Abadilla whose mother was a Noel. I heard they settled in Carcar.

  34. I just found this fantastic site. Eventually, all Carcaranons (sp) and their offsprings like me, who are all over the world, are going to come here and bombard you. LoL! My late mother was from Carcar. She was around 16 years old when she ran away from home and left for Hawaii with her husband back in the early 1920’s. Her father’s last name was Compacion, and her mother’s maiden name was Ygloria or Igloria. About 8 years ago my son on a business trip to Manila made a side trip to Carcar to search for family roots. He went to a Catholic church that kept records. The volume containing “Compacion” was checked out. Maybe you had it.

    • just got from carcar and i no longer go to internet cafes so i’m totally offline while there. anyway, i must admit i did not take notes of compacion and very very little of ygloria. of the first except for the fact that the original spelling of the surname found in the old books was campacion. this ties with the alphabetical grouping in carcar of cam- surnames. meanwhile, the claveria catalogo listed the surname as campasion.

  35. hello po im sarah jane alegado zurita….daughter of ma.isabel alegado zurita…..pls conTACT me in this number 09059004184

  36. Interesting blog

  37. Hi Vip,
    I have a strong interest in knowing my ancestors.
    My father’s name is Renario Bracero Aredidon. He was son of Emilio Monsanto Aredidon and Leoncia Monterola Bracero ( born on 1920 )

    Leoncia is a daugther of Pedro Bracero and Filomena Monterola, so I wanted to know who are the parents of Pedro and Filomena and also their grandparents and great grandparents if possible.

    I always wanted to know my grandfather Emilio Monsanto Aredidon, to know some details / information about his life, but unfortunately, there’s no one to talk with since he left my granny when my father is still in her tummy.

    I hope that I could trace the ancestral root of my family especially to my grandfather Aredidon.

    Thank you very much and looking forward to hear from you soon.

    By the way, they we’re from Sogod, Cebu City.

    God bless:)
    – Claire

    • i wish i could help you but right now i’m concentrating on carcar families. perhaps, this: if you could visit a mormon family history center, they may be able to tell you how to go about with your search.

      • Hi Thanks for the response, yes I already did that.. Going to Mormon church (LDS) and rolling the film to see those names on the list in an old machine, which is cool..
        Have a nice day!

  38. helo to the people of carcar. salamat sa paghimo ani nga website. gusto nako matrace o mailhan ako mga relatives sa side sa mga manayaga family sa valencia carcar. apo ko ni juliana manayaga. ang iyahang mga igsoon kay sila si juaquin manayaga, victor manayaga, julian manayaga, simon manayaga og leon manayaga. Juliana Manayaga is married to Geronimo Compacion. I am Mercedita Compacion. Daghang salamat. i hope ako mahimamat ako mga relatives nga side sa akong lola Juliana Manayaga Compacion in valencia carcar

  39. I saw in the Nadela Family tree the Lazo family. Can you give more info on this surname as we were told that we were once Lazo not Razo. Thanks in advance.

  40. I am Josephine from Lapulapu city and my hometown is from San Remigo…I would like to keep in touch with Mr.Marc Valencia Vanzwoll and Micaela Valencia Vanzwoll they are from carcar too but i dont know if presently where they live now …I hope and pray someone can help me where i can keep in touch with them..thank you so much and God bless…

    • i suggest you also post this at the H-Sarmiento Ancestral House (Tisà). the family may just read of it there.

      • ok i will try to send message there too…..tnx for the reply

  41. I am actually grateful to the owner of this site
    who has shared this wonderful piece of writing at at this place.

  42. Wow, fantastic blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?
    you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is
    magnificent, as well as the content!

  43. Dear Mr. Aleonar, thank you for undertaking this research. I would appreciate it very much if you could help me with our family’s search. My great grandfather’s name, I was told, is Benito Nacario and he married Cristina Labajo. My grandfather is Engracio ‘Kid’ Nacario who married Engracia Kasayan Nacario. We’d like to trace more details and accuracy of info for my great grandfather and also trace full names of great grandparents. Where can we get this info. Would appreciate very much your help in this regard. Btw Sir, we’re heading to Carcar today and visit the church and check records. If possible Sir, would it b possible to get your landline or cell number for easy contact? My cell s 09173225705 and landline is 2618990. Thank u once again for embarking on this legacy-building project. God bless u.

    • a virus had crashed my pc last sunday and am using the convento’s for internet. would you know when your grandfather engracio was born? pls text any reply to my cell 09236503029

  44. My maiden name is richelle magno Alcover. My mothers name is Melinda magno. My biological father is Ricardo Alcover. I don’t know anything about my lineage and am seeking answers. Please help if you can. Thank you.

  45. Mga Noel mag reunion ta.

  46. Was there a position in Carcar as a town or barangay “tinidor del libro”

    • there may have been tenedor de libros somewhat like a librarian or archivist, but i think there was the secretario municipal who was the scribe

      • Thanks for the response.

  47. I need your help to trace my father’s origin. Name: ALEJANDRO CASCON GONZALES, born : May 3, 1931, in Catarman Camiguin.Their father’s name is TEOFILO GONZALES known his origin in Cebu. Only few information they’ve know because wat the age of 7 yrs. old their father died. My father telling me that his father work as “manananmbal” , prodigal son, mostly his father’s siblings are doctors in Cebu and have a lot of wives. In fact my father traces some of his half-brother & sisters. Hope and pray you could help me.
    My name is Fe Alcala Gonzales in Davao City

    • i’m sorry but my research is limited to carcar and my families from cc, naga, san fernando and barili

  48. any information about the Roa’s of Carcar?

  49. Also, pls. trace my family tree . I will present it at our reunion. thanx.

  50. Hi Vip. You are definitely inspiring! I’m also trying to help my cousin in tracing our Laurel roots from Cebu particularly in Danao though we’re not from that town. We also got few details that we have relatives in Barili. I’m not sure if you have any information on the Laurel line in the south. Our great great grandparents are Hilario Laurel and Vicenta Almendras Pasaol somewhere early to mid 1800s. Hoping you could help us. Thanks! 🙂 – Tatz Laurel Sta. Juana

  51. Hello…and ahh…just found this/UR website! Altho I have elder fam tree in Carcar: the Alcudia’s/Navarro’s recorded frm the 1800’s; I’m writing to ask a question off the wall. I’m curious if the families before they were give ‘spanish’ surnames had an indigenous/tribe-fam surname?? In other words…truly Filipino. Is there/were there recorded names before given their Spanish names??? Fam relations who’ve helped me w/fam tree as far back as they provided me….are all deceased now (regretful I didn’t ask…but maybe they didn’t know either).
    Like UR work-research/dedication and I can see the many people seeking their roots w/UR help.
    Salamat! Esther J. Romero/California USA

    • hello. Re your question right away, i’ll have to tell you there was no tribal surname, at least not in my research which cover, for some families, in the late 1700s. people only bore two names, the first name and the second was also either another first name or one with a religious connotation.
      For instances, the earliest alcudia in carcar was a mestizo sangley from parian (now part of cebu city) and he was known as leon de los santos. He was buried in 1875 already as leon alcudia.
      the earliest navarros in my files were a francisco valentin (a gobernadorcillo—the mayor– who died in 1832 before surnames were distributed in 1850) and a leoterio nazareno who may also have come from san nicolas but was certainly an indio, or an indigenous person.
      btw the surnames later given to the indios were not even all spanish, many of them very native names in fact.

  52. Thanks for the clarification and other notes. Continued success w/your research AND inspiration for the family tree hunters. My journey in search and compiling my family tree has been a ‘labor of love’ and treasure all the documents/letters/family/churches and helpful people that made my heritage and history more meaningful. Thus presently; I’m trying to keep up w/all the younger generation statistics and to whom will be interested to be its caretaker. Again…thanks for reply…God Bless
    Esther J. Romero

    • Hi again….I’ve just about completed my ‘tree’ of my ancestry and sharing my info via your email. Hope your email above is correct….is there no ‘dot’ after gmail…??? Plz let me know. If you get my info…all is explanatory.
      Thanks…Esther J. Romero

  53. I find this site interesting and very helpful. Thanks so much for the one who created this.

    I want to trace back roots. My great-grandmother was Celia Rodriguez who was from Carcar, Cebu and was married to Bernardo Vazquez from Surigao City. The couple had nine (9) children — SANTIAGO, ISABEL married to Jose Rendon, ESTRELLA married to Perpetuo Perfecto Ganhinhin, ROSARIO, LYDIA married to Eliseo Maturan, ESTER married to Ramon Dubduban, BERNARDO JR., WILLIAM and FREDESVINDA married to Nicolas Galvez, Jr. All three sons of the couple were not blessed to have sons to carry-on the Vazquez name.

    Lola Estrella was my maternal grandmother. I remember Lola Estrella telling me that her mother Celia was from Carcar. No mention about the parents nor siblings, if any. Any information on this matter is much appreciated.

  54. I want to track back the roots of my grandfather Isidoro Mancera my late grandfather. I know my grandfather came from Carcar, Cebu and I heard that there are a lot of Mancera living in Carcar.

    • what was his middle name?

  55. It is with much sadness that I inform you, friends and followers of Vip, that our dear friend passed away today, October 15. We will miss this amazing man.

    The wake is at St. Peter Chapels on Imus St., Cebu City.

    • Just re-opened this blog again and soooo very sorry to hear that vip had passed away. Huhuhu! Who is taking over his brilliant work and had they all been documented? My deepest condolence, though very late.

  56. I just found this amazing and ambitious project. Does anyone know if anybody is taking over to continue the blog? My condolences to Vip’s family.

  57. Good day I am edwardson barcenilla according to my grandfather he is the grandson of the first governor generally of carcar cebu regards to all barcenilla family

  58. Hello?

    We are Korean, and Philippine Festival Tour 1-2 times every year.

    I would like to know about this year’s festival Kabkaban in Carcar City.

    November this year, please let us know the exact date of the Kabkaban Festival.

    This is because the tickets need reservation.

    We like the Philippines like home.

    So every year, and the Philippine Tour for 20 years.

    Thank you for fast and accurate information.

    God’s pleasure

  59. I am looking for Alice Degracia in car car city Cebu … she won’t leave my husband alone… I have sent her a 5 page letter… she showed him… she is in dream land if she thinks he will ever bring her here… she has missing teeth and says she is so poor…. but she has a computer and a cell phone and writes him all the time …I’ve asked her nicely to leave my husband alone.. please help me locate her…

  60. Hope we can connect mine…not yet completed….

  61. anyone knows Nida Alcoseba a painter.. we hav her painting in our house and it is dilapidating already its a durian paint ,..how could we make exchange of it ..email me vrbimbos@gmail.com

  62. My name is Brenda Bidaure. My grandmother’s name is Gliceria Hintapan ( or Gintapan). She was from Carcar, Cebu. She went to Manila when she was about 15 or 16. We do not anything about her. She was married to Simeon Burton. If you could help us find out more about her genealogy. I truly appreciate it. My mother Delia Burton Bidaure has Alzheimer. My father , Andres Bidaure and was a native of Cabatuan, Iloilo. His mother’s name is Apolonia Brac Bidaure. Not much is known about her. My email is brendabidaure@gmail.com
    Thank you.

  63. Aloha, I’m from California my great grand father Leoncio Tabura was from Carcar born 1890. He lived in Hawaii for 15 years and worked on a sugarcane plantation. He sailed back to Philippines in 1933. I’m searching any Tabura family members.

  64. I am a descendant of Procesa Bargayo Parami married to Constancio Cavan Dayanan of Brgy. Cogon, Carcar. My father, who is now 81 yrs old is Eugene Parami Dayanan is their son. My great grandmother ( mother of Procesa ) is Maria Alfafara Bargayo married to Fortunato Obdamin Parami. The mother of my great grandma is Luisa Campugan Alfafara married to Vicente Camomot Bargayo.

  65. very interesting sana may next reunion pa. I am grand daughter of Santos Noel in Sangat, SAn Fernando Cebu. Maria Elena Noel

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  67. Hi,
    I am also looking for family in Cebu with surname Sarmiento and first name Sergio.
    He is my father although now know he’s past away. I remember as a child hearing about this area Carcar. I have only started my search. Do you know of my father or could you point me in the direction of who to contact?

    Thank you

  68. My great great great Grandfather was Vincente Sarmiento and Concepcion Sarmiento.

  69. Can you do the montesclaros family too pleaseeeeeee

  70. How about the Vidal in Naga Cebu po?

  71. Mga ninuno ko to .grabe subrang tuwa yung auntie ko nung pinabasa ko to sa kanya ..

  72. Very good article! We are linking to this great content
    on our site. Keep up the good writing.

  73. My name is Xiara Quijano
    Father: Lucien Demetrio Alesna Quijano
    Grand Mother: Constance Alesna Lasconia Quijano
    Grand Father: Unknown
    Great Grand Father: Demetrio Sato Alesna
    Great Grand Uncle: Francisco Sato Alesna

    I have a copy of Francisco’s obituary.
    I will email it to u if you reply to my request to find more about my family. Any info is vital. I appreciate your services! Aloha!

    Ph: 808-723-1176
    Address: 1031 Gulick Avenue
    Email: xiara_j@yahoo.com

  74. Hello my name is John. Would like to know if anyone there in Carcar, Cebu know any Baldevia or Caballero families? thank you

  75. Hello everyone, my name is Ally. My family genealogy is in its 5th generation. It would be really nice if someone helped me.

    Great-great grandparents: Gorgonio Alkuino and Susana Amay
    Great-great great grandparents: Genaro Amay and Severa Rentura

    I’ve learned that Severa Rentura came from Carcar Cebu, I want to know when was her birth date and death date and if there is someone out there who knows her roots. Thank you!

  76. Im looking for information about my father & his family. He was a member of The CarCar Brotherhood Association. His name Marcos Argel Advincula, His father was Teodoro Advincula and his mother Maria Argel.

  77. I am looking for my aunt who lives in Mahayahay Tuyom, Carcar City Cebu. Her name is Fe Navarro. Her husband’s name was Nilo Navarro. He was the one from this region. My aunt works as a dressmaker. If you have any information of her current whereabouts, please let me know. She has not been in contact for many years now. My mom, Marcelina Rivera, who is her sister is looking for her.

  78. I am looking for my aunt who lives in Mahayahay Tuyom, Carcar City Cebu. Her name is Fe Navarro. The husband name was Nilo. She works as dressmaker. If you have any information of her current whereabouts, please let me know. She has not been in contact for many years now. My mom, Marcelina Rivera, who is her sister is looking for her.

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