Alfafara, Catalino

Catalino “Capitan Talino” Tagimacruz Alfafara

(22-Mar-1897 – 14-Aug-1945)


Son of Maximo Poncardas Alfafara and Ana Rama Tagimacruz.

Founder of Carcar Academy (1930); Army captain;

Shares honor with his sister Primitiva Alfafara-Padin (1903-19__ ), long-serving Carcar Academy principal, and her husband, Elpidio Alesna Padin (1899-   ) who succeeded Catalino as Academy director, for having shaped the futures of the most number of Carcaranon, as well as young men and women from other towns; since he was a captain during the Japanese occupation and a big prize, his family members were imprisoned by the Japanese and grilled regarding his whereabouts, but he had already made the jump to Bohol; unexpected death in 1945.

Married to Clotilde Mejia with 3 children.

Catalino Alfafara 1st Death Anniversary

Catalino Alfafara 1st Death Anniversary Program 1

Catalino Alfafara 1st Death Anniversary Program 2

1946 Printed Program for the First Death Anniversary Service for Capt. Catalino T. Alfafara (from Peary G. Aleonar collection)

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  1. kimberly from general santos city,i just want to tell you that theres so many alfafaras here in gensan…my lolos name is DOROTEO ALFAFARA and the name of my lolos father is patricio alfafara…….im hoping that we meet you all someday……

    • Us here in cebu, glad to see you all. My grand pa was solomon alfafara and his sister was corazon alfafara.

  2. alfafara’s are all related . in the first generation this can be connected.

  3. those alfafaras who lived late 1800s and early 1900s are the keys to answer the questions of who and how are we ralated…ako hibaw an nga si Capt Catalino Alfafara daghang igsuong babaye nga lain na surnames pagkaminyo..c Mrs Padin ug Mrs Telesfora Yap ilado nga igsuon ni Capt Catalino tungod sa Carcar Academy..others lisod na unless the present families could deligently search sa mga lolo ug lola with the dates of birth/death..wa ko hibalo how were they related to my lolo Julian Barcenilla Alfafara….super nice to trace and know kinsa jud to sila…..

    • the early alfafaras from 1800s-early 1900s are no longer with us. i hope one of them had traced the alfafara family tree for us but no descendant has come out with the result of that. anyway, capt talino’s father, maximo poncardas alfafara, was a first cousin of your lolo julian.

      • My mother is Natalia Alfafara Capt. Catalino Alfafara’s sister. My father is Quintin Sarmiento. Both my parents were school teachers in Carcar.My other was the Home Economics Teacher in Carcar Central School while my father was the Principal in the same school.I am right now in Charleston, South Carolina.

        • @patria, are you the same person as paz patricia?

  4. It could be me, but my name is Paz Patria.

    • i may have misread the baptismal record but on my file it’s paz patricia sarmiento. i’m planning to go to carcar this afternoon and hopefully i can check the 1942 record again tomorrow.

      • i was in carcar as i planned and got back just yesterday afternoon, and was absolutely wrong: it’s paz patria.

  5. Nilo Sarmiento is my brother. He is in Albany, California.

    • May I have (Fr.) Nilo A. Sarmiento’s contact address? The class of 1966 Ateneo de Davao High School, of which I am a member, has been wanting to get in touch with him for the longest time. Thank you. i am looking forward to communicating with him.

      Deogracias Edwin P Mojica

  6. my father is PERCY S. ALFAFARA…his father’s name MARTIN ALFAFARA

  7. Thank you for sharing, U. Vip!

  8. Hi, I am Adrimar Alegarbes Alfafara. My father is Adriano Poncardas Alfafara. He is the youngest amongst 10 siblings: 9 brothers and a sister… where am I in the family tree?

    • redirected to Alfafara (Vicente) family page

  9. Greetings to all my Alfafara relatives…My grandma Teresita Alfafara Sanchez is the daughter of Catalino and Clotilde…I was not born yet when Catalino passed away, but i remember Clotilde (Lola Inding to us) with fondness and affection…does anyone know about the family history of Clotilde Mejia?

  10. Ako si Eugenio Lapitan apo ni Francisca Alfafara,si Francisca Alafafara naay mga igsoon,ang ngalan si mandang alfafara,toring alfafara,menis alfafara ug quinten alfafara, mao ni sila ang mga anak sa unang asawa ni captain catalino alfafara

    • ang akong lola si francisca alfafara anak ni catalino alfafara ug patrecia ginabe

  11. ako c eugenio lapitan apo ni francisca alfafara ang akong great grandparents ay c catalino alfafara ug c venencia alfafara dili diay c patrecia ginabe

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