alcorcón – a city in the Comunidad de Madrid  located on a hill which is name Al-Cor (hill in Arabic). Thus, the name is presumably of Arabic origin.

4 Generations

The first person of the Alcorcon family to arrive in Carcar was known as Mamerto Narciso. This was before the 1849-50 implementation of the Claveria decree, after which he became known as Mamerto Alcorcon. The surname’s coinciding with the Al- surnames of Carcar leads me to believe that the family received the surname in Carcar–as a Carcar family. Thus, their relatives back in Parian, if still existent then, may have gotten another name.

The earliest record I have of his family in Carcar is that of the baptism of his daughter, Areopagita. The year was 1835 and the child was baptized Dionicia Areopagita, presumably after the pseudonymic theologian often mixed up with St. Denis of France. In the record, Mamerto Narciso was said to be a feligrés of Parian de Zebu. All subsequent racial classification of the family was that of mestizo Sangley.  With this record of his still being a feligrés of Parian by 1835, thus, it can be said with some certainty that the first person of the family in Carcar really was Mamerto.

The only earlier record I have come across for a mestizo Sangley Parian family in Carcar is of an 1832 baptism for a Sagolili son. In the 2010 Voters list of Carcar, there are 32 voters surnamed Alcorcon.

[8-Feb-2012: I take back that first sentence of the preceding paragraph. I had since come across 5 baptisms in 1823 of children with parents who were Parian feligreses. However, I still cannot figure out who these families were, or meaning what surnames they later took on. ]


Mamerto Alcorcon (    –1868) pDn: Mamerto Narciso

=1) Matea Teodora (    –1849)

Victor Alcorcon (       ) pDn: Victor Narciso

—=(1847) Engracia Barcenas (       ) pDn: Engracia Facunda

——Filomena Alcorcon (   -1900)

——= Domingo Enanoria Emnace

———Macario Emnace (1889-

——Marcelo Alcorcon (   -1891)

——=Petrona Albao

———Amancio Alcorcon (   -1879) child

———Trifusa Alcorcon (   -1881) child

———Felimon Alcorcon (   -1892) child

———Josefa Alcorcon (1891-

———Maria Consolacion Alcorcon (1892[1])

Areopagita Alcorcon (1835–   ) pDn: Dionicia Areogapita

—= Pedro Alcorisa

——Alipio Alcorisa

——= Josefa Jaen Mendoza

———Carlos Alcorisa (1893-

———Emiliana Alcorisa (1900-   ) Emiliana Mendoza in Bapt

———Cleofe Alcorisa (1903-

———Marcela Alcorisa (1905-

———Dionisia Alcorisa (1906-

Segundo Alcorcon (1838–   ) pDn: Segundo de Gracia

—=Juana Alcos Barcenas (   -1874) AKA Petrona

——Ysabel Alcorcon

——= Segundo Enad Sato (1883-

———Maria Salud Satot (1900-

———Vicente Sato (   -1907) child

Bartola Alcorcon (calc. 1841-1920) soltera 79 yrs in Burial

2) Hipolita Emnace Emnacen (1831

Bernabe Alcorcon (1851

Filomena Alcorcon (calc. 1855-1886)

—=(1884) Nicasio Navarro Alfafara (1859-

——Vicente Alfafara (1886-1886)

Ysidoro Alcorcon (calc. 1859-

—=1) Valentina Alejado Alesna (   -1900)

——Pedro Alcorcon (   -1894) escuela in Burial

——Numeriano Osias Alcorcon

——=Blasa Ybañez

———Aniceta Alcorcon (1908-1908)

———Flavia Alcorcon (1909-

——Victoriano Alcorcon (1885-1886)

——Lorenzo Alcorcon

——=(1929) Benita Alcover Canarias

——Buenaventura Alcorcon

——=(1912) Paula Alegrado Aldueso

———Felipa Alcorcon

=Laureano Lanit Barcelo

———Protacio Alcorcon (1920-

=(1944) Porfiria Lanit (1924-

———Benjamin Alcorcon

———Maria Alcorcon (1933-2002)

=(1953) Peter Cecilio Genobatin Aleonar (1927-1977)

——Diosdado Alcorcon (   -1893) child

——Obdulia Alcorcon (   -1897) child

—=2(1901) Teodorica Alerre Alegrado (1869-

——Epifania Alcorcon (   -1907)

Basilio Alcorcon

—=Basilisa Barcuma

——Francisco Alcorcon (   -1879) escuela in Burial

——Pedro Alcorcon

——=Pia Alcover Ababa

———Primitiva Alcorcon (1905-

——Eutiquia Alcorcon


———Vicente Alcorcon (1902-

Susana Alcorcon (   -1903)

–= Vicente Navarro

Florencia Alcorcon (    -1943) vda

–= _____

[1] Father Marcelo died 19 months before her birth

(under reconstruction)

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