3 Generations

A Cebu City family whose particular place of origin in the city is not yet known.  The surname, too, like Sagolili and Sarmiento, does not fit with the alphabetical groups of Carcar. But while Sarmiento is a big Cebu City family, it is puzzling why Sagolili and probably Poncardas seem to be confined to Carcar (meaning, the Sagolilis and Poncardas presently in Cebu City can be traced to Carcar).

In the 2010 Voters list for Carcar, there are 11 voters surnamed Poncardas.


Pedro Poncardas (       ) b. Cebu City

=Eleuteria Baquilta (   -1881) b. Cebu City; AKA Leoteria

Salvadora Poncardas (   -1901)

—=Catalino Alegado Alfafara (   -1883)

——Genoveva Alfafara (   -1880) escuela in Burial

——Lorenzo Alfafara (1867-   ) CB Brgy # 1 in 1897

=(1896) Severa Dayondon dela Concepcion

——Eugenia Alfafara (1869-

=(1889) Matias Villanueva Sarmiento (1863-1912)

—-–Justa Alfafara (1871-

=(1891) Vicente Monceliver Cui (1875-

——Ysabel Alfafara (1873-

=(1891) Sotero Sagolili Barcenas

——Maximo Alfafara (1875-

=(1894) Ana Rama Tagimacruz (1877-

——Geronima Alfafara (1877-1883)

—-–Primitiva Alfafara (1879-1886)

——Epifanio Alfafara (1882-

=(1905) Melchora Alevoso Rayla (1877-

——Catalina Alfafara (1884-1902)

Pascual Poncardas

—=Cornelia Barrena (       ) AKA Antonina

——Remigio Poncardas

=Patricia Barbon Campugan

——Felipe Poncardas

=Filomena Avelita Delfino

——Emiliano Poncardas

=Victoria Gellido Muit

Dionisio Poncardas (   -1883)

—=(1879) Manuela Villahermosa Alesna (   -1883)

——Melchor Poncardas (   -1883)

——Vicente Poncardas

=(1904) Silveria Alevoso

-Antonio Poncardas (   -1880)

—(1877) Cirila Alegado Barcelona

——Gregorio Poncardas (   -1880)

——Tomas Poncardas (   -1884)

Ponciano Poncardas (calc. 1854-

—=1(1876) Enrica Alcoseba Dayagro (   -1895)

——Maria Poncardas (1877-1877)

—-–Praxides Poncardas (   -1879)

—-–Felipe Poncardas

=(1907) Felipa Simporios

——Florencia Poncardas

=(1904) Mariano Barcenilla Alfafara (1880-

—-–Amanda Poncardas (1885-1886)

—-–Estanislao Poncardas (1887-

—-–Isabel Poncardas (1889-

=(1913) Valeriano Regner Jaen (1889-

—-–Apolinario Poncardas

=(1910) Saturnina Camoro Lapiña

——Magdalena Poncardas (1893-

=(1914) Emilio Barimbad Hermosisima

—=2) Micaela Ocampo

——Gabriel Poncardas (1901-

-Benedicto Poncardas (   -1896)

—=Juana Satimianan

——Januario Poncardas

=(1908) Vicenta Baran Delfino


  1. Im so glad to know about the family originally from Carcar.I belong to the Poncardas Family..from Vicente Poncardas wife Silveria Alevoso..my father Primo Poncardas Sr.#7 child among their nine children..but as what i remember..my father and my uncle told me that..their is another Vicente Poncardas i dont know the middle name and the name of his wife..but he moved and live in Glan Mindanao..where you can find most of the residents are Poncardas..

    • pls, what is the date of birth of your father primo? btw, i have another vicente simporios poncardas (b. 1908), a 2d cousin of your father, maybe he was the one who went to glan. your vicente was vicente alesna poncardas, b. 1880.

      • my father Primo was born on Feb.9,1920..he passed away 12 yrs.ago..one of his siblings ,older than him still alive.His name is Alfredo Poncardas. as i remember my dad told me that his father is the only child…and that other Vicente Poncardas marry to one of the Enriquez family..if am not wrong..

        more power to this site!!

        • your grandfather vicente must have been an only child, his parents were married 1879, he was born 1880 and his mother died in 1883 and his father followed 2 months after. does your family know who took care of vicente?

  2. my husband is dulcesimo pongan alfafara the fifth child of dr. jesus poncardas alfafara and fredeswinda bugarin pongan his grandparents were mariano barcenilla alfafara and florencia dayagro poncardas and his great grandparents was ponciano poncardas at present we are living here in poblacion, glan, sarangani province togeteher with the families of apolinario dayagro poncardas and gabriel ocampo poncardas

  3. my grandfather named vicenty “enting” poncardas Sr.,
    my father named vicenty tenny poncardas Jr.
    now my younger brother named vincent poncardas.
    we currently reside at cagayan de oro city, mindanao.

  4. This is what I’ve been looking for. Thank you!

  5. Salvadora and Catalino lost 2 kids under the age of ten and the other an 18-year old. Tough times. I wonder if something as benign as a common cold did a number on those kids…or this happened during the cholera years. Kaluoy intawn.

    • i wish i had included noting the cause of death (which are in the burials record). those who died 1883 and 1902 were probably victims of cholera. If i can I’ll go over whether catalino himself (d. 1883) was also such a casualty.

  6. I am the granddaughter of Vera Pongan Quianzon (Maiden name: Vera Bugarin Pongan), also from Carcar. Her parents are Julio Pongan and Mercedes Bugarin. Her siblings are Nivardo, Fredeswinda, Crisostomo, Leonardo (Narding), Jose Maria and Julio Jr (Julie). My Lola Vera died last night, Feb 3, 2014. Please pray for her soul. Thank you.

    • thank you for sharing with us your tree albeit thru this sad but timely post. i hope your relatives learn of this. r.i.p. vera

  7. can You please search if where i came from ? coz i really have no idea…….by the way im the grand daughter of Mr. Eduardo Poncardas..

    • dear stephany kate, i would need more information about eduardo, like when he was born, his wife, father, mother, or his middle name.

  8. Hi, I am the great great granddaughter of Eugenia Alfafara, her daughter Maria Alfafara Sarmiento is the mother of my Lola

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