Aleonar, Peary

Peary Gumersindo Aleonar

(13-Jan-1926 – 5-Jan-2004 Cebu City)

“Be productive every day.” –Peary G. Aleonar

Son of Aurelio Tigley Aleonar and Dolores Rodecindo de Veyra from Cebu City;

Civil engineer, lawyer, musician, education instructor.

Parents public school teachers; with only brother who became a priest was taught piano and violin early on; per a Carcar Academy souvenir program writeup, would have graduated as 16-year-old valedictorian of war-halted high school class of 1942; joined guerillas the following year; also spent wartime taking informal drawing lessons with Martino Abellana; after the war did not file for war benefits; college editor at Cebu Institute of Technology, graduated civil engineering 1949 and passed the board same year; highways engineer during rehabilitation of Carcar-Barili road; wrote about 1949 election terrorism in the Free Press and was dismissed from the Highways through  muscle of politicians; dean of engineering at UV; student publication moderator at UV and coined name Green Lancers for the UV varsity; studied law while teaching and finished Ll.B 1961, passing bar exams same year;

Editor of Cebu Advocate, a daily with cousin Cesar Aleonar as publisher;  retired as editor and became columnist of The Freeman; East Asian Pacific Journalists Tour sponsored by the U.S. White House, Department of State, Department of Defense in 1967; President, Association of Cebu Journalists;

Secretary of Charter (1st) Cebu City IBP Board and member of the IBP Board in various positions until appointment as RTC Judge 1983; class president of 7th National Prosecutors Seminar (DAP)  requirement for judges and prosecutors; viola player in community Cebu Symphony orchestra; judge of all Cebu Pop Music Festival from its First until his ailment in 2003; Outstanding alumnus awards from Carcar Academy (twice), Cebu Institute of Technology (twice), University of the Visayas (thrice).

Married to Trinidad (Nida) Tapia Yap with 6 children.

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