The surname originated in France as Barsalou and established in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands of Spain as the Catalan surname Barcelo.

Carcar, Cebu, Philippines

Four Generations

Abuyog, Leyte, also has a prominent Barcelo family. The achievements of that family compares with those of Carcar’s.  I was told that a seminarian intentionally spent vacation time in Carcar, knowing there was a Barcelo family here, to get acquainted and establish family or at least friendly ties. Opinions of him in Carcar were very high, and Carcar Barcelo  were only too proud to call him one of their own. Meanwhile, two Carcar Barcelo descendants cut, so to speak, from the same cloth with him were Fr. Benjamin Aleonar (1927-1969) and Fr. Sabiniano Aleonar, SVD, a missionary assigned in Chile.

[15-Sep-2015: another descendant of the Carcar Barcelo bloodline is Mons. Rey Manuel S. Monsanto HP JCD. The monsignor is from Cagayan de Oro City]

I looked at a few Abuyog and Dulag (Leyte) records and the oldest Barcelo I could find, Patricio, can be estimated to have been born around 1870, probably the patriarch of the Abuyog-Dulag clan. He may have come from Carcar, but although chances are I should if he had had, yet I have no Carcar record of him. And also, nearly all older Barcelo in Dulag and Abuyog were listed as having been born in Tanauan, Leyte. Again, only closer research can show either the family really originated also from Carcar, or else, that the surname was also distributed in Leyte or maybe elsewhere, independent of Carcar.

I have Carcar Barcelo blood myself but also have a second reason for claiming this Leyte clan since some of them also have de Veyra (Tanauan, Leyte) blood, which I too have.

One more thing. There are two families in Carcar, the Barcelos and the Alfafaras (also as Alcaparas) that are distinct from Barcelo and Alfafara. The two families most probably also got the surnames in Carcar already.  I say they got the names in Carcar because while records say both Alfafaras and Barcelos came from Bohol (Barcelos from Dimiao while one or two indirect records say the Alfafaras were from Loon) yet the two surnames fit with the alphabetical groupings of Carcar.

In the 2010 Voters list for Carcar, there are 60 voters surnamed Barcelo, the 209th most numerous surname in the list.


pDn = pre-decree (Claveria) name

Francisco Ambrosio

=Maria Alejandra

Mariano Bernardo (   –1825), pDn: Mariano Bernardo

=(1794)Ana Sevillena

Alcario Barceló (     ), pDn: Alcario Juanillo (marr.)

=(1815) Modesta Alegado  (   -1881), pDn: Ma. Modesta (marr.)

—-Claudio Barcelo (1816–    ) pDn: Francisco Clauxio (bapt.)

—-Pilaria Barceló (1817-1868), pDn: Ma. Pilaria (bapt.); single

—-Berenguela Barceló (1819-1904), pDn: Ma. Bringuila (bapt)

=(1852) Hilario Campugan Aleonar  (   -1870) pDn: Valeriano Hilario; AKA Apolinario (marr.)

(See Hilario Aleonar in Aleonar Family Tree page)

—-Dorotea Barceló (1821-1884) pDn: Ma. Dorotea; single

—-Tomasa Barceló (1823-1883) pDn: Catalina Tomasa (bapt.) single in Burial

—-Mariano Barceló (1825-1908) pDn: Mariano de la Assumpcion (bapt.)

=(1849) Gregoria Camelote  (1825-1903) pDn: Ma. Gregoria (bapt.)

—-Ma. Berina (1827–    ) pDn: Ma. Berina (bapt.)

—-Catalino Barceló (1829–    ), pDn: Catalino Plácido

=(1855) Manuela Canales Barateria

—-Doroteo Barceló (1831–  ), pDn: Dorotheo Antonio (bapt)

=(1851) Josefa Alejado Taning

—-Santiago Barceló (1834-1891), pDn: Macario Salvador Santiago

=(1865) Juana Peñalosa

—-Manuela Barceló (1836-1903), pDn: Manuela Salvadora

=(1859) Ysidro Bardón Barluado

—-Pablo Barceló (1837–   ), pDn: Pablo Mauro

=(1859) Gregoria Campaña Barateria

—-Basilio Mariano (1839–   ), pDn: Basilio Mariano

—-Leoteria Barceló (   -1899), single

Alvino Barceló (   -1857), pDn: Francisco Olbino (marr.)

=1(1819) Dominga Bargamento  (   -1851), pDn: Ma. Dominga (marr.)

—-Saturnino Lucas (1820–    ) pDn: Saturnino Lucas (bapt.)

—-Cornelio Barceló (1822-1886) pDn: Juan Cornelio (bapt.)

=(1852) Eduviges Barluado Báreng

—-Florencio Barceló (1827–   ) pDn: Francisco Florencio (bapt.)

—-Martina Barceló (1829–   ) pDn: Maria Martina

=1(1855) Florencio Candar Báreng

=2(1876) Fernando Campoy

—-Honoria Barceló (1831–   ), pDn: Ma. Honoria

=(1851) Anacleto Camómot Barbeiros

=2) Damiana Barluado  (   -1882)

Antonio Barceló (calc 1810-1884), pDn: Juan Antonio (marr.), Antonio Francisco

–=(1833) Ana Salvadora Alduesa  (calc 1817-1877), pDn: Ma. Ana (marr.)

—-Damiana Barceló (   -1868)

=(1854) Leuterio Barbac Barán

—-Basilia Barceló (1836–    ), pDn: Ma. Basilia, AKA Cecilia

=(1858) Pedro Barbac Barán

——Basilio Baran

=(1884) Romana Candiong Alega

(see Ezequiel Barangan in Carcaranon page)

—-Salvador Barceló (1840–   ) pDn: Manuel Salvador (bapt.)

=(1861) Catalina Alfáfaras Aleonar  (1841-    ), pDn: Catalina Francisca (bapt.)

—-Higino Barceló (1846–    ), pDn: Higino Francisco

—-Emeterio Barceló (   -1851)

—-Felipa Barceló (   -1883)

=Serapio Barluado Barauidan

Laurencio Barceló (     ), pDn: Agustín Laurencio (1839 bapt. of daughter Dalmacia)

=Josefa Barbón  (     ), pDn: Ma. Josefa (1839 bapt. of daughter Dalmacia)

—-Eusebia Barceló (   -1894)

=(1853) Domingo Leporgo

—-Dalmacia Barceló (1839-1879), pDn: Ma. Dalmacia

=(1868) Lucio Barbadillo  (   -1882)

—-Maximiano Barceló (AKA Maximino)

=(1867) Manuela Gentoriasin Genteroy

—-Julio Barceló

=1(1868) Diega Camates Camuñas

=2(1877) Balvina Barán Barbadillo

—-Maria Barceló (1851

—-Pedro Barceló (    -1872)

Two recent additions reconstructed as children of Mariano Bernardo and Ana Sevillena linked through Carmelina and Julia’s respective Marriage records :

Carmelina Barceló (       ) pDn: Ma. Carmelina

–=(1840) Antonio Bareng (       ) pDn: Francisco Antonio

—-Tomas Bareng (   -1853)

—-Mariano Bareng (   -1906)

=(1863) Estefa Barbosa Campoy

—-Ygnacio Bareng (   -1850)

Ma. Julia

–=(1841) Francisco Julian

Teresa Barcelo (       ) pDn: Ma. Teresa (marr.)

–=(1837) Felipe Barbadillo (       ) pDn: Felipe Santiago (marr.)

—-Segundo Barbadillo (

=(1859) Placida Barbon Campañon

—-Mariano Barbadillo (

=(1865) Juana Sinajon Barajona


  1. Hi VIP. It’s me again. There’s a Severina Barcelo Cui who married Angel Cui (both are Cuis). Would like to know who Severina Barcelo Cui’s parents and grandparents. I have no specific timelines but all I know right now is that Angel Cui is the sister of Felicidad Cui (Sarmiento). Let me know if you need more information on this. Thanks.

    • from where did you get severina barcelo cui? severina’s cui line is one of the 4(?) cui lines of carcar that i said i could not link, per records, with each other. but her father also a mestizo Sangley and from Cebu City, also became a cabeza de barangay in Carcar. all the cui lines of carcar may, or may not be, related with each other,

      • Hi VIP,

        I got the connection of Angel Cui (who is an alfafara) and Severina Barcelo Cui from the Great grand daughter. I’m asking her also if she has any idea or information about her Great grandmother’s parents too. If I do get info on this I will let you know as well. 🙂 Have a good day!

        • Severina Barcelo Cui is the grandmother of my father 🙂

  2. Hi, my paternal grandmother is surnamed Barcelo. Her father was Spanish. Maybe, we have Spanish blood, or we’re somehow related. Just leave me a message. Thank you. 😉

  3. hello’ my grandmother is Teodora Barcelo (RIP) from Cambuntan Carcar and married to Victor Aledo (RIP) my grandfather. I just want to know if anyone knew about the side of my grandfather’s brother or sister if there’s any. Thank you and Godbless!

    • i’m sorry, i do not have records for brother or sister of victor maybe he was an only.

  4. Hello to all. im dandreb barcelo quimson. from San Fernando La union. this coming april. we go to cebu city . i want to see my relatives in carcar cebu. because my mother have a blood of Barcelo’s Family in carcar cebu city. i wwant a information about there address and names. my mother’s is Jude Saraum Barcelo. pls. kindly replay i need a imformation about her family. thank you.

    • please post your barcelo pedigree or if you want it privately email it to me at that way, we can really line you up with the correct barcelo lineage. thanks

  5. HI VIP. i will go to cebu this coming april 22. to see my relative there in carcar cebu. im Dandreb Barcelo Quimson son of Jude or Judith Barcelo Quimson. text me pls. 09308811567. i need some information

    • who are judith’s parents and grandparents?

  6. Hi VIP,

    Good Day!

    It’s been a long time, sorry for late replay it’s been 4 years 🙂
    I already visited my Barcelo Family twice 2013 & 2014, I ask some elder’s and they said that our Barcelo last name is came from Spanish ancestor.

    I want to know if we belong to your Barcelo Family clan, and if I will prove that we came from Spanish Ancestor I want to visit Spain to find some relatives, I’m here now at United Arab Emirates I hope I can find where my maiden name Barcelo came from.

    Also, thank you so much for your blog 🙂

    God Bless!

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