4 Generations

Narciso Barcenilla, mestizo Sangley, was the third (recorded) Cebu City-born person to become gobernadorcillo of Carcar, after Roman Sarmiento and Domingo Gemperoso.  My earliest direct record for his family as of this writing is the 1851 Baptism of his daughter Teodora. I’m sure earlier records could be found, and I remember there was one in which as Narciso de Jesus he was a padrino (godfather) in an earlier baptism.

The surname Barcenilla, along with those of other city families Alcorcon, Alcudia, Aldave, Alegrado, Gemperoso, and others maybe, appear to belong to Carcar alphabetical surnames (Al-, Bar-, Cam-, Can-, Day-, Em-, Fan-, Gempe-, etc.) and so must have been assigned to the respective families in Carcar already, as indeed these families were already settled here at the time. But then again, these surnames may also have been given to their families in the city, although chances of that are slim considering the evidence available for those surnames in Cebu City.

A Cebu City society writer wrote about a Pedro Cui-Timoteo Barcenilla debt recovery and made of it as if there was this friction between the city sangleys and the local folks of Carcar, thinking (although we do not know what made him conclude thus) that Barcenilla was a native indio. Friction between city and native folks, we can’t be sure, but certainly not between Cui and Barcenilla because they were both mestizos Sangleys from Parian.  On the other hand, it must have been just the Sangleys who were fighting over the spoils which was Carcar, culminating in the Noel-Mercado political rivalry.

Actually, the Claveria decree also provided that individuals known to be brothers or sons be given the same surname–for that was really the purpose of all the name-giving. Thus, if these families knew what their city family were given, they’d have been entitled to use that surname. Why these families chose a new surname to start in Carcar is intriguing:  either they had no more contact with their city relatives and did not know the new surnames over there, or themselves did not want to be identified at all with the old ones (or vice versa), or just wanted to turn over a new leaf. However, the Sarmientos used their city family name. As must have Sagolili, because that name does not fit in with Carcar surnames (see also Surnames).

Perhaps the most well-known of the family is Anunciacion Barcenilla-Aznar, daughter of Judge Leocadio Barcenilla shown below. With her husband and fellow pharmacist Matias Aznar, founded what is now the Southwestern University in 1946 in Cebu City and every one who’s passed through its portals knows her name.

Mauricio Flores, a son of Jorgea Barcenilla Alcorisa and Nemesio Flores, may be one of the earliest Carcaranon PMAers (wartime Class 1944).  Mauricio was a long-time instructor at his alma mater in the 50s. His son Joseph graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point in 1974 and joined the Philippine Air Force.

And yet, in the 2010 Voters list for Carcar, there are only 11 voters surnamed Barcenilla.


Hilario (       ) born and resident of Cebu City


Narciso Barcenilla (b. Cebu City-1877) mS, pDn: Narciso de Jesus; gobernadorcillo 1862-63, 1871-72

–=Marcelina Barcia  (   -1883)

—-Paulina Barcenilla (   -1905)

—-=(1855) Estanislao Alcuiris Alesna  (1831-1897) pDn: Estanislao Cristobal

——Evaristo Alesna

=(1878) Cresencia/Ynosencia Sanchez Villarosa

——Cresencia Alesna (   -1857)

——Liceria Alesna (1860-


=2) Jose Siazon? Bugarin

——Maximina Alesna


——Leandra Alesna (1863-   ) AKA Alejandra

=(1902) Santiago Simporios Paraz  (1875-

——Filomena Alesna (


——Fortunato Alesna (1871-

——Fermin Alesna (1875-

=(1897) Liceria Rebollo Regis  (      ) AKA Sergia

——Cornelia Alesna (1882-

——Cruzela Alesna  (   -1886) Cornelia?

——Vicente Alesna

——=Francisca Cabaniero Cuison

—-Pedro Barcenilla (b. CC -1891)

—-=1(1857) Eufemia Ybañez Alvarado  (   -1887)

——Agaton Barcenilla (1858-

=1(1876) Filomena Buntia  (   -1895)

=2) Jorgea Padagas Abais  (       )  AKA Sergia

——Lupe Barcenilla (1859-

——Hilaria Barcenilla (1861-

=(1878) Isabelo Sagolili Alcordo

——Felipa Barcenilla (1863-

=(1892) Maximo Flores Paras  (       ) Barili

——Regino Barcenilla (1865-

=(1893) Ursula Villaflor Ricablanca (       ) Barili

——Paula Barcenilla (1867-


=2(1895) Bonifacio Alegado Tangarorang

=3(1915) Pedro Pajardo

——Epifanio Barcenilla (1869-

=(1892) Nemesia Tenieblas Dainan

——Restituta Barcenilla (1871-

=(1898) Fernando Patarramas Lofranco

——Jose Barcenilla (1873-

——Diego Barcenilla (1875-

=(1910) Felicitas Amadora

——Andres Barcenilla

=1(1899) Sixta Bargamento Alesna  (

—-=2(1891) Simplicia Vocal Lanada

—-Timoteo Barcenilla (   -1907) gobernadorcillo 1873-75, 1877-79, 1885-87

—-=1(1860) Petrona Alcorisa Alcordo

——Felipa Barcenilla (1860-

=(1881) Segundo Barcelona Alcoseba (   -1901)

—-=2(1906) Juana Espina

—-Juliana Barcenilla

—-=(1869) Hilario Alcorisa Alcordo

——Faustino (Barcenilla) Alcordo (1868-   ) natural child, legitimated by marriage

=(1895) Romana Tangarorang Caballero

——Vicenta Alcordo (1872-

——Paula Alcordo (   -1886)

——Arsenia Alcordo

=(1900) Margarito Flores Regis

——Teodora/Ysidora Alcordo (1884-

=(1907) Filemon Alfabete Umbleiro

——Tomas Alcordo (1886-

——Emilia Alcordo

=(1908) Agapito Alesna dela Cerna  (1888-

—-Teodora Barcenilla (1851-1896)

—-=(1877) Basilio Licerio Alegado Alfafara  (1848-   ) pDn: Basilio Xavillo

——Julian Alfafara (1878-

=(1902) Rosalea Tangarorang Caballero  (1881-

——Vitaliano Alfafara (1879-

——Mariano Alfafara (1880-1945)

=(1904) Florencia Dayagro Poncardas

——Maria Alfafara (1882-1886)

——Placido Alfafara (1884-1889)

——Manuela Alfafara (1886-

——Apolonia Alfafara (1888-

——Raymundo Alfafara (1889-

——Cirilo Alfafara (1890-1904)

——Feliza Alfafara (1892-

=(1913) Crispin de Lima Yborda

——Hermogenes Alfafara (1894-

—-Saturnina Barcenilla (   -1872)

—-Romana Barcenilla (1855-1858)

—-Tomas Barcenilla (   -1880)

—-=1) Ysabel Tapia Cuison

——Concepcion Barcenilla

=(1891) Agapito Alfafara Ybañez  (1869-

——Leocadio Barcenilla

=(1906) Justina Tenieblas  (1881-

——Juan Barcenilla (1874-1876)

—-=2(1878) Andrea Alegado Alcover

——Mariano Barcenilla (   -1880)

——Emilia Barcenilla


=2(1905) Teodoro Unabia

——Prisca Barcenilla

=(1909) Juan Dayagbil Navares

—-Sebastiana Barcenilla (   -1876)

—-=Lazaro Alcorisa

——Jorgea Alcorisa

=(1889) Nemesio/Mauricio Flores

——Maria Alcorisa

=(1901) Teofilo Navatilana Regis

——Ruperto Alcorisa (   -1883)

——Anastasia Alcorisa

=Teodorico del Corro


  1. Don Narciso Barcenilla is listed indeed as naturales de Cebu). Thanks for explaining that it meant born in the city and not the province of Cebu. I also saw his name at the old Bautismos in the convento which was covered by animal skin. The guy who wrote in that registry had the most beautiful penmanship i’ve ever seen. Unfortunately the niece of the monsignor of carcar at that time who was always wearing shorts also had the whitest legs I’ve ever seen(a teacher in the nearest school) and so I was distracted and failed to record everything.

  2. now i found who were the parents, brothers/sisters and cousins of my lolo JULIAN Alfafara…he was the eldest of Teodora Barcia Barcenilla-Basilio Licerio Alegado ALFAFARA…and the lolo/lola of my lolo Julian was Hilario-Rita(Margarita)… mission is of ROSALEA TANGARORANG CABALLERO who was lolo Julian’s darling…..

    • lolo/lola of julian were hilario-rita’s son narciso and wife marcelina barcia. i haven’t posted caballero but meanwhile you can trace the tangarorang. happy hunting, allan.

  3. Hi, this is so informative for me. my great-great grandfather was Judge Leocadio Barcenilla, and my grandfather was Mariano T. Barcenilla, Sr sister of Anunciacion Barcenilla-Aznar. Thank you so much.

  4. Hi,

    Good day!

    I know this will come to you as a surprise.

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    Hope to hear from you. Thank you.

    Myrna Mascardo
    Real Estate Broker
    PRC Lic. # 008899

  5. Hi

    My name is Archie Barcenilla from Gensan city.

    My father is from Carcar cebu..

    How great I am with my surname.

  6. hi im cita alcordo,great grand daughter of hospicio barcenilla alcordo cousin of anunciacion barcenilla is really nice to know your blood line.if anyone know my great grand father pls notify me,would really love to know more.

    • i have two possible barcenilla-alcordo lines but i don’t have hospicio in either, so who were his siblings or his parents (mother?)

  7. My Mom’s maiden name was Consolacion Barcenilla. She was born in Negros Occidental/Bacolod. My Grandfather was Ezequiel Barcenilla from Cebu.

  8. Vip, you certainly are doing a great job. Thanks for your time and effort. This is Marianas Barcenilla Ygona (greatgrandaughter of Pedro Barcenilla).

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