Alega and Alegrado



In the 2010 Voters list for Carcar, there are only 7 voters surnamed Alega. But Alegrado accounted for 115 voters, the 78th most numerous on the list.


3 Generations

Legend: pDn = pre-Decree (Claveria) name 


Actually, an Alega Family Tree would already include the entire Alegrado clan of Carcar since the first Alegrado, Brigildo (from Cebu City), married Nicolasa Alega, Gregorio’s daughter, presumably around 1820.  Most Alegrados today would no longer know that Alega connection, or even the name Brigildo Alegrado (died 1852) for that matter, had not the clan started holding reunions for 3 or 4 years now.

But to say that the Alega family was a pure Carcar family is also tenuous, at this time, considering that I only have Gregorio and two children, by which condition of paucity of family members usually indicated that the starting person Gregorio came from elsewhere, too, although the subsequent records I found for his family did not name an origin other than Carcar.

And I did not follow my own rule for sequence of children here, by which rule Nicolasa Alega’s children, who were born well ahead of brother Antonio’s, would make Nicolasa probably older. I just let male primogeniture dictate on this one.


Gregorio Alega

=Joaquina Bersave

Antonio Alega (   -1874)

=Alejandra Candiong  (   -1896)

—-Vicenta Alega (1851-1876)

=Claros Sagolili

—Liceria Alega


=2) Simeon Camomot Campanilla (1839-1927) pDn: Simeon Fortunato (bapt)

—-Hipolita Alega (1855

=(1878) Dionisio Barayuga Barcoma (calc. 1854-

—Tereso Alega (1857

=(1880) Mariana Barga Renijani (calc. 1859-

—Alejandro Alega (   -1861), child

—Ynosencia Alega (   -1861), child

—Cristita Alega (calc. 1864 -1897)

=1(1882) Benigno Barentos Caracol

=2) Florentino Aldevera

—-Romana Alega (calc. 1865-

=(1884) Basilio Barceló Barán (calc. 1864-

(see Ezequiel Barangan in Carcaranon page)

Nicolasa Alega (   -1877)

=Brigildo Alegrado  (   -1852) from Cebu City, pDn: Brigildo Silvestre

—Hilario Alegrado (1820-1860) pDn: Ylario Camingauan (bapt.)

=(1851) Vidala Baquilir Alfafara  (   -1876)

—Basilio Alegrado (1823-1905) pDn: Francisco Bacilio (bapt.)

=Romana Cavan  (   -1895)

—Juan Alegrado (   -1899)

=Dionisia Aleson Alerre

—Eustaquio Alegrado (1828–   ) pDn: Eustaquio Pedro (bapt)

=(1856) Modesta Aleoguenz

—Bernardino Alegrado (1830–   )  pDn: Francisco Bernardo (bapt)

=Mamerta Barazon Pansan

—-Rafael Arcangel (18321837) pDn: Rafael Arcangel (bapt)

—-Guillermo Alegrado (1835-1899) pDn: Guillermo Mercado (bapt)

=Gorgonia Camates Cuison  (   -1904)

—Escolastico Alegrado (1837–   ) pDn: Escolastico Ynosencio (bapt)

=(1863) Silvestra Alesna Lapasaran

—-Gregoria Alegrado (1841–   ) pDn: Gregoria Pascuala (bapt)


=2) Nepomuceno Flores

=3(1876)  Candelario Falcon Regis  (1853-

—Estefania Alegrado (1845-1879) pDn: Estefania Ma. (bapt)

=(1874) Anacleto Galan Rayla  (   -1899)

—Tomasa Alegrado (   -1906), unmarried


  1. hello good day i was searching for the name of my father florentino aldevera…maybe this time he is 50-60 years old..

  2. Dionisio Barayuga Barcoma – My father name is Dionisio Barayuga.. nice..

    • i invite you to be the family tree maker of the barayuga family. just list down your grandparents (or better, great-grandparents) and pls include dates of birth as much as you know (like your father’s) because that’s how i can easily link up various lines. thanks, again, please do that ha

  3. Placido Alegrado that’s the name of my lolo

    • hazek, like i did above to jeffrey barayuga, i invite you to make the family tree from placido alegrado. first make the direct tracing from him, his wife, your mother? and her or his siblings, and then down to you and your siblings. please include the spouses.

  4. I am Brasilian and the family name of my familly is Alega. My grandmother was Alega and she was born in Lebanon, at Anfeh (or Enfeh). Maybe it is the same family of Carcar. I don’t know and I search the origin of family Alega.

    • i’m sorry but i can’t say if your grandmother’s family was from carcar from just what you told me.

  5. Hello! I was just trying to search on the origin of my family name. Unfortunately, i dont know much about my genealogy. My father passed away 21 years ago. But according to my tita our grand parents are from cebu.

    • hi. why, where are you from? can anyone in the family help you trace back?

  6. Hi Hope anyone can answer me, where from Lapuz-Barcelo Clan, My Grand mother was Ma. Angelina Torres Lapuz and my Grandfather was Fructuso Mahilom Barcelo… Is there anyone from their bloodline can contact me especially to my grandmothers bloodline.. thank you..

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