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[21-Dec-2010] Every time I go over the Alcordo file, to input some new data or generally just to give it a look-over, it never ceases to cause my eyebrows to cross: why do I only have a Tamayo Alcordo as a sole progenitor of this big family? Yes, I have the names Juliano and Salome as his parents but was Tamayo an only child or son? His children were born pre-1820s to perhaps 1850, yet his contemporaries in quite a number of other Carcar families would have had siblings and his father, Juliano, would also, have some siblings. I must admit at not having dug up any females who might have been Tamayo’s sisters, and that would be my shortcoming entirely.

Cases like this usually hint at families who were migrants to Carcar. But I have no record of Juliano or Tamayo or even some of the latter’s children as having originated from elsewhere. And, Doroteo Alcordo, presumably Tamayo’s oldest son, became gobernadorcillo of Carcar, even as Tamayo had married an Alcorisa, a family who already had two gobernadorcillos before him. And how did the family become the large one that it is? Maybe, this reason: Tamayo had at least 12 children.

In the 2010 Voters list for Carcar, there are 117 voters surnamed Alcordo, the 74th most numerous surname in the list.


4 Generations



Tamayo Alcordo (   -1877) pDn: Tamayo Albarado/Mariano

–=Dorotea Alcorisa

—-Doroteo Alcordo (1824–       ) pDn: Dorotheo Ybañez (bapt.), Francisco Doroteo; gobernadorcillo bef. 1857, 1859-61, 1863-65

—-=1(Juana Dayondon)

——Roman Alcordo (1851-   ), natural son

—-=2 (Matea Barcoma)

——Basilisa Alcordo (1854–    ) natural daughter in baptism

—-=3) Tomasa Canaria Sagolili  (   -1871)

——Anacleto Alcordo (calc. 1853-       ) AKA Tito

=(1873) Josefa Baquilta Alesna (calc. 1853-

——Simona Alcordo (1854-1902) Ramona?

=Toribio Barcelona Alcoseba

——Filomena Alcordo (1855-1880) soltera in Burial

——Cenon Alcordo (1858-

=(1884) Ramona Manchan Velez

——Eugeniano Alcordo (1860-

=Juanita Caller Regner

——Escolastico Alcordo (1861-

=(1884) Severa Robles Gonzales

——Anacleta Alcordo (1863-

=Jacinto Alcoseba Aldemita

——Agrifino Alcordo (1865-

=(1890) Gavina Rayla Rodriguez

——Simplicio Alcordo (1869

 ——Honorio Alcordo

=Enemecia Cui Jaen

——Isabelo Alcordo (calc. 1858-

=(1878) Hilaria Alvarado Barcenilla  (1861-

——Patricio Alcordo (calc. 1854-

=Maxima Veloso de la Cruz  (       ) AKA Geronima, Guillerma

—-Ambrosio Santiago (1827–   ) pDn: Ambrosio Santiago (bapt.)

—-Severino Alcordo  (1830-1898) pDn: Severino Martin (bapt.)

—-=1(1863) Tomasa Alcover Alvarado

—-=2) Juana Camingao Dayanan  (       ) Barga?

——Bruno Alcordo (1883-

——Deogracias Alcordo

=Pasana Manto

—-Ines Alcordo  (1832–   ) pDn: Ynes Ma. (bapt.)

—-=Gabino Barauidan Bardon

——Severino Bardon (   -1884)

——Eriberta Bardon

=Adriano Alesna Caban

——Ysabel Bardon (   -1883)

—-Lucio Alcordo  (1834-1902) pDn: Juan Lucio (bapt.)

—-=(1861) Severina Alcuiris Alcoseba

——Segundo Alcordo (calc. 1861-

=(1884) Ana Bontia Alesna  (1862-

——Blas Alcordo

=Agueda Umbas Baritua

——Paulina Alcordo

=(1885) Mateo Alivoso Rayla

——Ursula Alcordo (1867-

=(1901) Daniel Caballero Alvarado

——Nemesia Alcordo (calc. 1873-

=(1895) Armando Alivoso Rayla  (1874-   ) AKA Amando

——Gil Alcordo (   -1881)

——Simeon Alcordo (       ) AKA Samson

=Merced Flores Salazar

—-Juan Mariano (1836- ) pDn: Juan Mariano (bapt.)

—-Petrona Alcordo (1838-1898) pDn: Petrona Paula (bapt.)

—-(1860) Timoteo Barcia Barcenilla (   -1907) gobernadorcillo 1873-75, 1877-79, 1885-87

——Felipa Barcenilla (1860-

=(1881) Segundo Barcelona Alcoseba (calc. 1862-

—-Hilario Alcordo (1840-

—-=Juliana Barcia Barcenilla

——Faustino (Barcenilla) Alcordo (1868-    ) baptized as Faustino Barcenilla; legitimized by marriage of parents

=(1895) Romana Tangarorang Caballero

——Vicenta Alcordo (1872-

——Paula Alcordo (   -1886)

——Arsenia Alcordo

=(1900) Margarito Flores Regis

——Teodora Alcordo (1884-1945) Ysidora in Marriage

=(1907) Filemon Alfabete Umbleiro

——Tomas Alcordo (1886-

——Emilia Alcordo

=(1908) Agapito Alesna dela Cerna  (1888-

—-Alfonzo Alcordo (   -1883) AKA Yldefonzo

—-=Filomena Gonzales Molina  (   -1890)

——Alejandra Alcordo (calc. 1865-

=1) Simeon Enad Atillo

=2(1910) Macario Bagar Cabaluna

——Gerardo Alcordo (1869-

——Melecio Alcordo (1871-

——Benita Alcordo (   -1889)

——Juana Alcordo (1875-

——Maria Alcordo (1878-   ) (See Alcordo-Cabigon, Maria in Carcaranons page)

=(1897) Filomeno Tapia Cabigon

—-Quirino Albarado  (1847–   ) pDn: Quirino Albarado (bapt.)

—-Tranquilino Alcordo (       ) Quirino Albarado?

—-=Margarita Nuñez Volante

——Bernardino Alcordo (   -1883)

——Soleta Alcordo (   -1879)

——Fausta Alcordo (1884-


=2(1913) Juan Pananganan Alicaba

——Gregorio Alcordo (1885-1889)

——Juan Alcordo (   -1888)

——Pilar Alcordo (   -1891)

——Leonarda Alcordo (1891-1903)

——Emeliana Alcordo (1894-

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  1. Our family line:

    Francisco Alcordo Married to Sinfrosa Olivares Alcordo


    Reymunda Alcordo
    Crisensio Alcordo
    Sally Alcordo
    Rogasciano Alcordo
    Danilo Alcordo
    Rosario Alcordo
    Arturo Alcordo
    Dolores Alcordo
    Amor Alcordo
    Ordulio Alcordo
    Francisco Alcordo
    Carmelita Alcordo
    Bernardito Alcordo

    Arturo Alcordo married to Theresita Parica Santiago


    Maria Araceli Alcordo married to Noshad Siddiqui
    Reymund Alcordo
    Rene Alcordo married to Leila Zaguirre
    Arnold Alcordo married to Marylou Mercado
    Arnel Alcordo

    Maria S. Alcordo – Siddiqui
    children: Audrey Chio, Johanna Siddiqui, Hamna and Yusef

    Rene S. Alcordo
    children: Alisone, Reneil and Nicole

    Arnold S. Alcordo
    children: Mark and Raegan Romantico, Aronne Paul M. Alcordo

  2. hello VIP,

    Now that we have traced my line, will you post it online or that would be it?

    It would be great to see our line added to the Alcordo clan.

    I am beginning to trace family crest and keeping records of our history.

    I also started to let our family know about your website.

    Thanks to you, we now can begin to fill the pieces and voids that have been missing for so long in our lives.

    Kudos to your work, hulog ka ng langit!


    Arnold Alcordo
    Segundo Alcordo line

    • @arnold,

      the family trees here are first few generation ones. I have incorporated what you gave me in my Alcordo file, although hoping you could get the dates for the brothers and sisters of your father and their spouses.
      re your wish to trace the family crest, I think your family does not have a crest.
      In any case, please read my post here touching on this issue:


      • akong lolo apo ni segundo Alordo ug Ana Alesna

        • mga anak ni Segundo Alcordo ug Ana Alesna
          Placido Alcordo- Ramona Alesna
          Amancio Alcordo – Segunda Remolesan
          Aproniano Alcordo – Luncia Abellana
          Amanda Alcordo – Vicente Cui
          AmadoAlcordo – IsabelGuttierez
          Maria Alcordo – Dela Cerna
          Alcordo -FranciscoEmpereo
          PlacidoAlcordo -Ramona Alesna
          mga anak Vicenta Alcordo
          Inocentes Alcordo -Remedios Cui
          Nicolas Alcordo
          Catalina Alcordo Nicolas Empleo
          Wilfreda Alcordo
          Holeta Alcordo
          Rogelio Alcordo
          Nilo Alcordo
          Emma Alcordo

          Amado Alcordo -Isabel Guttierez
          Anak Lucila Alcordo -Isaias Alcoy
          Anak – Lydia Alcoy -Ernesto Alcordo

          • thanks boyet. you mean ernesto alcordo and lydia alcoy (your parents?) are second cousins? maria alcordo’s husband was filoteo (tiyoy) dela cerna. thanks I am updating my file now

          • sorry

          • good kaau ka nka subay jud ta ani da para ma trace nato atoa kaliwat

  3. Thanks VIP,

    I think a crest is not such a good idea. I only wanted a family tree instead.



  4. Vip,

    Got some more information:

    My dad has baptismal records as follows:

    Abuelos Paternos: Segundo Alcordo and Ana Alesna

    Abuelos Maternos: Marcial Olivares and Hilaria Labaya

    Padrino: Diosdado Alesna

    Santa Catalina pagina 3 numero 5

    • hello arnold- how are you and your family?musta na Auntie Baby?-
      I really miss to hear anything from all of u there in USA- I have no contract nga with my bestfren Maricel- How can i keep in touch to her ba?- my tel number is -+639075944697, +63-082-2985844 sa bahay, This is Ate Ofe Sonido -my address is 7th ave Km 6 Bangkal.Davao City

      • hi Arnold, this is Gladys Alcordo, the daughter of Amor & Ines Alcordo from Carcar. We are recently staying here in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. I have a brother named John Arnold Alcordo. hope to hear from you their from California..extend our regards to Auntie Baby, Maricel, Raymond ug sa uban pa namong mga ig-agaw..Please contact me through this # +639071461182. Our best regards.

        • Hi cousin Gladys! Sorry for this very late reply to your message of February 14th,2014 to my late brother Arnold. He passed away on November 25th, 2013 at Makati Medical Center in Manila while on a business trip. Tia Sario Alcordo-Rago & cousin Stella Rago also went to Manila at the Don Bosco Memorial Chapel to pay their respects to my late brother. Mommy, Marylou (Arnold’s widow) and our youngest brother Irineo Arnel also flew to Manila to take care of Arnold’s remains and his body was flown to New Jersey and was buried at the Veterans Memorial Cementery. I’m surprised that you were not made aware of my brother Arnold’s passing. If you have Facebook then please friend me “Reymund Santiago Alcordo” and your Ate Maricel “Maria Siddiqui.” Daghang Salamat!

      • Hi Ofe Sonido! This is Reymund Santiago Alcordo, Maria Araceli (nickname “Maricel”) Alcordo’s brother here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Ate Maricel is now living in New Orleans, Louisiana with her 2nd husband Noshad Siddiqui ( a Pakistani Muslim) along with their 3 kids, Husna Jowannah (eldest daughter), Hamna (2nd daughter) and Yusuf Siddiqui (youngest and only son). Maria Araceli also had a daugther, Audrey Alcordo Chio, from her 1st husband, Romeo Chio in Belleville, New Jersey whom she divorced in 2001. My sister also has a Facebook account under “Maria Siddiqui” and you may contact her via FB. I am sorry that it took this long to reply to your message but my brother U.S.Navy Retired Arnold Santiago Alcordo passed away on November 25th, 2013 at Makati Medical Center in Manila due to Sepsis (blood poisoning). He is survived by his widow Marylou Mercado Alcordo, biological son Aronne Paul Alcordo and adopted sons Mark Romantico and Raegan Romantico. Please keep my brother Arnold in your Prayers and may his soul find Eternal Peace, Love and Happiness in Heaven…Amen.

        • I just received your message tonight, My name is Efigenia Alcordo Ukno, living here in Manitoba, Canada for more than 40 years.I was married & now widowed w/ one son. My father’s name is Bonifacio R. Alcordo died in 1959. I am glad you contacted me but sorry to say that I do not live in United States. I do not know well my father’s siblings.Thank you ever so much.

          Efigenia Alcordo Ykno.

          • Hi Effie, do you know your paternal grandfather’s name? For all we know we’re probably related and you are my Aunt (several removed) in Manitoba, Canada! Lol! My father is Arturo Olivarez Alcordo (from Carcar, Cebu & Davao City) and my mother is Theresita Parica Santiago-Alcordo (from Manila & Gen.Santos City). My paternal grandfather is Francisco “Kikoy” Alcordo and my paternal grandmother is the famous Bisaya Magazine writer Sinforosa “Prosa” Olivarez-Alcordo. If you have Facebook then please friend me under “Reymund Santiago Alcordo.” Thank You Very Much Effie!

          • Yes, I remember my grandfather;s name. Agripino Rodriguez Alcordo, from C Carcar Cebu. I know when I was a little girl, we used to go to Carcar on their fiesta every year. I love that place, all my relatives lives in that area. Yes, we are probably related, my older sister Polly knows everyone in Carcar, but she died last year 2016. Now, we are only 3 living 1 sister Anita live in Ohio,USA. myself Effie A. Ukno, live here in Manitoba, Canada for almost 42 yrs. I can understand Visaya but I cannot talk that language anymore, because I was a sma;; girl when we left Cebu. I grew up on Quezon City. Now I am in Canada for 42 yrs.Nice to meet you here.By the way my parents name :Bonifacio R. Alcordo and Margarita Javier Alcordo,

  5. VIP,

    I am Jesus N. Alcordo, born December 25,1936,married to Yolanda Villon Alcordo, born December 3, 1941. We have 3 children:

    – John, born 12/27/65, married to Maria Victoria Wenceslao. They have three children: Renita Beatriz, aged 14, Christine aged 12, and Javier Lorenzo, aged 9.

    – Margarita Yazmine, born 10/15/74, married to Jonathan Carlson. They have five children: Joshua aged 11, Christopher aged 9, Benjamin aged 7, Phillip aged 3, and Rachelle aged 3 mos.

    – Jerome, born 10/16/75, married to Sylvia Ludo. No children yet.

    My father was Adriano Rodriguez Alcordo, born 9/9/1901,married to Macaria Natad Alcordo, born 01/02/1904. They have 11 children:

    -Teofilo,born 12/27/1925, married to Lorena Avila Alcordo, born 9/ 1935.
    – Crispulo, born 6/10/1927, died 1999, married to Gloria Chiong Alcordo.
    – Abraham, born 1929, died 1948
    – Jorge, born 3/18/1930, married to Olga Javier Alcordo, born 1939.
    – Gavina,born 9/15/1932, married to Jose B. Bernabe,
    – Carolina,born 3/26/34, married to Eutropio Beltran, deceased.
    – Catalina,born 2/14/39, married to Homer Hierro
    – Teresita, deceased
    – Erlinda,born 3/19/45,married to Anacleto Artificio, deceased.
    – Gloria, born 3/29/47, married to Juan Estillore

    Teofilo and Lorena have 5 children:
    -Teofilo Jr., married with 2 children
    -Samuel, married with 3 children
    -Eduard, single
    -Alexander, married with one child
    -Jocelyn, married with 1 child

    Crispulo and Gloria have 4 children:
    -Clifford, married with 1 child
    -Cindy, married with 2 children
    -Christopher, single
    -Caroline, married, no child

    Jorge and Olga have 4 children:
    -Mary Ann, married with 2 children
    -Catherine, single
    -Peter, married with 2 children
    -Francis, married with 2 children
    Gavina and Jose has 2 children:
    -Joseph, single
    -Noel, single

    Carolina and Eutropio have 3 children:
    -Gerardo, married kwith 1 child
    -Myla, married with 1 child
    -Ethel, married, no children

    Catalina and Homer have no children

    Erlinda and Anacleto have 2 children:
    -Angelo, single

    Gloria and Johnny have 3 children:
    -Grace, married with 2 children
    -Johnny, married with 2 children
    -Joyce, single

    On my father’s side, my Grandfather was
    Agripino Alcordo and my Grandmother was Gavina Rodriguez Alcordo. On my mother’s side, my Grandfather was Pedro Natad and my Grandmother was Paulita Manacap Natad.

    My father had 10 siblings but I met only the ff:
    – Lucia Alcordo Steen
    – Maria Alcordo Alducente
    – Eleodora Alcordo, single
    – Patricio Alcordo
    – Vicente Alcordo
    – Florencia Alcordo Montejo

    My mother had 4 brothers:
    – Daniel Natad
    – Abraham Natad
    – Blas Natad
    – Nemesio Natad

    Please help me trace the ancestors of my father.

    • we might be related my grandfather is Vicente Alcordo … i think i met your sister tiya Coring … i’m Rosenda’s daughter from Tabunok … maybe my mom knows you …

      • You are my niece. Your mother Rosenda is my first cousin. I’m the 7th son of Adriano Alcordo, your Grandfather Vicente’s elder brother

  6. Aloha!
    My name is LeeAnn Alcordo Kawaa. My great grandparents are Hilario Alcordo and Juliana Barcenilla. My grandparents are Faustino Barcenilla Alcordo and Romona Tangarorang Cabellero. My father, Amando Alcordo migrated to Hawaii to work on the sugar plantation. Thank you for the information and I was very excited to see my grandparents names.

    • thanks for showing up here, leeann. can i ask you for a family tree from your father amando, spouse, children (you) in correct sequence and maybe your spouses and children. if you have dates, double thanks. email them to me vipaleonar@gmail if you need the privacy.

      • Amando Alcordo married Elizabeth Pamplona in Pahala, Hawaii.
        Together they had 5 children.

        1) Mildred Pamplona Alcordo married Roderick Evangelista.
        a) Erik Kaulana Evangelista
        b) Maila Moana Marie Evangelista
        c)Beth Kahealani Evangelista
        2) Alvin Pamplona Alcordo married Relyn Valiente
        3) Elmer Pamplona Alcordo married Karen Bail
        a) Shawn Alcordo
        b) Bryson Alcordo
        c) Jessica Alcordo and Josiah Kalima-Padillo
        He`enalu Alcordo Kalima-Padilla
        4) Catalino Pamplona Alcordo married Elizabeth Gravela
        a) Jonathan Alcordo married Bernadette Villarimo
        Codi-Li Alcordo
        b) David Alcordo
        c) Joseph Acordo
        5) LeeAnn Filomina Alcordo married Peter Kawaa
        a) Kamakana Mahie Kawaa

        We are the Alcordo’s from Hawaii. I can give you more detail information if you need. Let me know.

        • thanks, leeann. i’ve added amando’s branch to my file. did any brother of his go to hawaii with amando? btw, in my file his siblings were petrona (born 1896), amando (6-feb-1899, baptized 8-feb), catalino (1901), beatriz (1903), zosimo (1905) and a rosario who died 1908 a child. there could have been others after zosimo and rosario, i haven’t reached that far yet into the record books for alcordo. amando’s is the only one in faustino’s family that i have a family tree of, thanks to you.

          • Yes, his brother Zosimo Alcordo also came to Hawaii. He was never married. He died on the island of Lanai.

    • Hi LeeAnn…your grandmother Ramona Tangarorang Caballero is the elder sister of my grandmother Rosalia Tangarorang Caballero… and your grandfather Faustino is a 1st cousin of Rosalia’s husband Julian Barcenilla Alfafara…am constructing the Tangarorang, Barcenilla, Caballero of carcar and Alfafara family trees…glad to meet you cousin LeeAnn…!!

  7. I am an Alcordo, whose grand father was Teotico Alcordo of Carcar, Cebu, who married Severa Gonzales, daughter of Juan “Kay-ag” Gonzales of Cebu and whose youngest son was my father, Francisco Gonzales Alcordo.

    I am married to the same woman for the last 52 years, Heidi Valero Alcordo, whose family hailed from Bacolod City, who all immigrated to Valencia, Bukidnon sometime in the 1950’s. We have four children, one girl and three boys, all married and all living in the United States. We have nine grandchildren.

    I was the third president of Central Mindanao University at Musuan, Bukidnon from 1970 to 1982. My wife and I joined our U.S.-born son in Florida in 1988 and worked at the University of Florida as a Research Associate, and my wife as a Hardee county school, teacher until we retired and returned to the Philippines in 2004. We now live in Valencia City, Bukidnon.

    Do pass by our home should any of you find yourself in our vicinity. Our local phone no. is 828-2496 and 828-3244.

    Happy New Year (2011) to you all.

    • just found out that my great grand father Agripino is your father’s brother Escolastico married to Severa Gonzales …

      • I mean your grandfather is my great grandfather’s brother 🙂

  8. Hi VIP

    Father: Agripino ALCORDO = Mother Gavina Rodriguez ALCORDO

    Son: Vicente Rodriguez ALCORDO(1912-75) married to Primitiva Aballe ALCORDO(1913-94)

    Children of Vicente ALCORDO:

    1.Clarita ALCORDO Panganiban(deceased)married to Idio Panganiban
    has 4 children

    2.Crecensia ALCORDO Dabatos married to Antonio Dabatos
    has 4 children

    3. Sofriana ALCORDO Amaranto married to Aidie Amaranto
    has 2 children

    4.Usafe Vicente ALCORDO married to Belen ALCORDO
    has 1 child and 3 adopted stepkids

    5.Rosenda ALCORDO Javier married to Rolando Javier
    has 4 children

    6.Glenda ALCORDO single

    7.Arescia Alcordo Javier married to Raul Javier
    has 3 children

    non-marital Children of Vicente ALCORDO
    1.Wilfredo ALCORDO
    2.Romeo ALCORDO
    3.Jessie ALCORDO
    4.Nestor ALCORDO
    5.Ricky ALCORDO
    6.Maritess ALCORDO

    would like to trace the mother side GAVINA Rayla RODRIGUEZ .we don’t have any clue of our relatives on my grandmother side(Gavina).if you could help us if they are from Carcar also that would be great. we appreciate your effort on this site
    thank you

  9. Hi VIP

    also if you have record of Margarita “Martha” ALCORDO(she’s single) she is a first degree cousin of Vicente Alcordo. we don’t even know who her parents are. she kind a grow with Vicente tug along with his family. til her death year of 1978.

    thank you

    • gavina rodriguez’s parents were potenciano rodriguez and dominga rayla, but that’s all i know of both. i thought potenciano could be a son of the mestizo español demetrio rodriguez whose son gregorio set up his family in carcar, where he also became a mayor. however in some records in potenciano’s family said they were mestizo sangley, so they must be a different family altogether.

      as to the dominga, i haven’t been able to link her with the other raylas of carcar. the same thing with potenciano, if i would be able to also get to her burial record (if she died in carcar) hopefully i may find there their parentages.

      i have a margarita, sister of dean amancio alcordo, but they were 2d cousins of vicente.

      • it might be same family … coz we’re told that my grandfather Vicente Rodriguez Alcordo has a chinese blood …

        • do have any record for Agripino’s brothers or sister or his parents?

          and i think Barcenilla are also related to the ALCORDO’s


          • i meant this other rodriguez family was mestizo español, not sangley (chinese).

            re what i have of Agripino’s siblings and parents, they’re there in the family tree above. the barcenilla connections are also there in that family tree, thus only those alcordo branches connected to barcenilla are related to them.

  10. Hello,

    My name is Paul Alcordo from Phoenix, Arizona. My father is Orlando Alcordo. His brothers are Crispo and Cedrito. They also had a brother who died during the Japanese invasion. I didn’t know much about our grandparents because they all died during the Japanese invasion. My father grew up in a little town in Leyte. From what they told me, my grandfather was a saxophone player who hailed from Carcar and he was married to a twin – last name Donato from Leyte.

    I have met Catalino from Hawaii before while stationed in Seoul, Korea. I have spoken to Mr Isabelo when he was in Florida. Also met some of the Alcordo’s during the previous Alcordo Reunion in Las Vegas. Our family is in Arizona, Tiyo Crispo’s is in Dallas, TX and San Mateo, CA, then Tiyo Sedrik (deceased) is in Consolacion, Cebu. We knew so little about the Alcordo clan because we all had roots in Leyte. Then lived in Cebu. If you can shed some kind of history as to who our grandfather was, it would be much appreciated.

    • Our grandfather’s name was either Benjamin or Bienvenido (not sure).

      • it would make it a little easier for me by estimating a timeline (birth) for your grandfather? or, when your father and/or uncles were born would help, especially if you can show who was the oldest. we can then make a little estimate for your grandfather. if your father or brother/sister is still living, maybe they would also know what was your grandfather’s middle name. any little information like that can open a big window for our search.

        • I am Hegino Alcordo,from the ormoc City Philippines, first degree cousin of your father Rolando brother of Crispo and Cidrito, Your grandfather is Beinvenido Alcordo, younger brother of my father Purisimo Alcordo, your great grand parents are Jose Alcordo and Romana Pongos Alcordo, all of them your grand father and great grand parents were massacre during world war II in Camotes Island Cebu, Philippines

          • Hi Hegino, thank you kaayo. I never knew Papa’s side because we were always going to the Baylon’s side in Calunangan, Merida when we went on vacation. Lola’s twin sister who was married to a Baylon was the one who raised Papa when his parents died in WW2. So he considered Calunangan as home. Basically, he only knew of your dad whom he called Tio Puring. Also, thank you for the information about the Pongos relation. This is also why he always went to Lolo Pitong’s place to get pineapple and whatever fruits he can bring back to Cebu. My dad had a nickname “salin sa hapon” (Japanese leftover) because he survived a bayonet stab from a Japanese soldier. The bayonet went through his body and still lived. Anyway, thank you for clarifying the lineage. Daghan kaayong salamat.

    • Aloha Paul!
      It’s been a while since I last visted this site. Yes, I do remember my brother Catalino (Dong) sharing with us that he met another Alcordo in Korea. What a small world. Catalino retired from the Army and is now residing in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. He is also working at Tripler Hospital (military). I was fortunate to have a copy of my father’s baptismal certificate and it had the names of his parents. That’s how I was able to trace my Alcordo lineage on this website. Good luck!

      • Hi Leann, thanks for the info. Well, next time I’m in Hawaii, I’ll see if we can all get together even for a few minutes. I was actually in Honolulu last year for a couple of days. I visited a friend from my old Army days. It was a stopover between Phoenix and Manila. Please send my regards to Dong. If you’re up to it or Dong, email me your contact numbers. Don’t know when I’ll be flying back again but I usually stop over in Honolulu.

  11. correct me if I read your family tree wrong
    are this people below are Agripino’s siblings? who are the parents of Agripino ? I am trying to connect the dots on my grandfather side and hopefully the side of Gavina Rayla Rodriguez Alcordo also … I appreciate your site thank you

    ——Anacleto Alcordo (calc. 1853- ) AKA Tito

    ——Simona Alcordo (1854-1902) Ramona?

    ——Filomena Alcordo (1855-1880) soltera in Burial

    ——Cenon Alcordo (1858-

    ——Eugeniano Alcordo (1860-

    ——Escolastico Alcordo (1861-

    ——Anacleta Alcordo (1863-

    ——Simplicio Alcordo (1869-

    ——Honorio Alcordo

    ——Isabelo Alcordo (calc. 1858-

    ——Patricio Alcordo (calc. 1854-

    • yes they are the siblings of agripino/agrifino. their parents are doroteo alcordo and tomasa sagolili

      • VIP,
        does any of the above names are parents of Martha Alcordo ? she’s single when she died around late 70’s

        we are trying to figure out who her parents are … we just know that she is a cousin of Vicente R Alcordo

        i appreciate your site … learn new things searching my grandfather side

        thank you

        • do you have any records of Vicente Rodriguez Alcordo’s other siblings I can only name Lucia, Maria , Florencia, Patricio, Adriano,Eleodora

          thank you so much

          • i am Helen Alcordo Lisondra, the eldest daughter of Milagros Alcordo & Alexander Endrina Lisondra.

            Milagros (nene/mila) was the daughter of Primitivo ‘Tiboy’ Rodriguez Alcordo & Mercedes Tipactipac Nengasca. Primitivo was one of the siblings of Vicente ‘Enteng ‘ .

            Primitivo was born on 12 nov 1901 & died 10 oct 1942.

            Their other siblings, per my personal notes thro’ the years, were:

            Ruperta ‘Pertang’ / Bonifacio ‘Pationg’/Francisco ‘Kikoy’.

            Please correct me if i am mistaken. I only met lolos Enteng ,Diano & lola Dulang in my childhood & lola Maria in my early 20s.

            And it’s a first for me to see the name of Patricio as one of their sibs.

        • it would have made the search easier if you estimated martha’s age at her death, for us to be able to locate in which generation to place her. anyway, i have a marta born 1886 to patricio and maxima veloso dela cruz. with only that, we still cannot confirm if this is the martha you are after.

          the best bet to ask for vicente’s other siblings would be the other families that you know to be of his family.

          • guesstimate age when she died 1978(I think) maybe around 70’s or early 80’s … she was already old while i was growing up … so not really sure how old … so maybe she was born around 1900’s ? … no more living siblings of my grandfather

            I’ll ask if Patricio & Maxima is the parents … as far as I remember or my mom telling me that Vicente and Martha are first degree cousins … thank you

          • HI VIP

            we figured out that Marta is daugther of Patricio & Maxima born aroung 1886 or 1887

            thank you

          • yes. marta, daughter of patricio and maxima veloso de la cruz was born 19-jan-1886 and baptized 23-jan with patricia trinidad as godmother.

          • does she have sisters or brothers ? … there’s one we just know in name of Tia Bagta

            thank you VIP

  12. Hi, I am Isabelo Suelo Alcordo with five living sisters and three living brothers. I was the President of Central Mindanao University (CMU) at Musuan, Bukidnon from 1970 to 1982. We live now in Valencia City, Bukidnon.

    Your post got my interest when you mentioned “Escolatico married to Severa Gonzales.” What is the correct name? Escolastico or Teotico? The fact that both names appeared to be married to the same woman could only mean that both names refer to one and the same man. Any comment.

    For us, beyond Teotico/Escolastic Alcordo, our knowledge of our family tree ends with our grandfather. By the way, my father (deceased) is/was Francisco.

    Best regards to all Alcordos!

    • sir, you’ve piqued my interest with the name teotico. the person we are both referring to was baptized in 1861 and married to severa gonzales in 1884 in both records as escolastico. there was also no second name in both instances. how and for what reason he presumably changed his name intrigues me.

      • could the teotico have started by a cousin referring to him as tio tico (escolastico)?

  13. Hi, it could be. It is really intriguing.

    But my father Francisco Gonzales Alcordo and all his sisters (he was the only male in the family and all now deceased) had always given us Teotico for the name of our grandfather. All we know was that his father (our grandfather) was known in Carcar as Don Juan (Juan Kay-ag) Gonzales because he was fond of spreading his coin money on a mat when counting them. And that their mother (our grandmother) was Severa Gonzales the daughter of Juan Kay-ag. My 1st-degree cousin German (Jimmy) Bacaltos knows a lot about them. If I remember right, the mother of Severa was a Roble.

    Best regards.

    • even his name alone could already be a source for a family story. in all the baptism records of his children (the ones i have, about 8– including francisco’s–out of 10) he was named escolastico. you’re right about the roble line, and they were mestizo español from danao on the carcar record.

    • This is amazing! To actually have a handle on an old expression – Juan kay-ag. I remember this from my grandmother Telesfora Sarmiento. The connotation though was of one who is unorganized. So there was an actual person by that name. This is good to know, one of those nuggets that make genealogy so interesting.

    • Hello, So it seems that the Search engine has taken me here. My name is Toni Dahlen I am the Great Grand Daughter of Ms. Nemesia Bacaltos-Arriola, My Great Great Grandparents would be Matilde & Panfilo Bacaltos and to that. My Great Great Great Grandparents would be Severa Gonzalez & Escolastico Alcordo, Lastly my Great Great Great Great Grandparents would be Don Juan Gonzalez (of Spain) & Rosilinda Robles of (Danao City). Whoa that was a mouth full!. I guess i’m here in search of my family History. my Great grandmother is still alive by the way that the age of 96. I’m truly blessed.

  14. hi i just want to know the root of my grandmother coz my father doesn’t have any knowledge about the root of her grandmother is paulina alcordo married to francisco lago..they are from general santos city but originally her parents are from carcar,cebu..i only heard she had two sisters,the one is in south cotabato and the other one is in davao del sur..thank you so much..jennifer lago tagalog

    • @unknown, do you know around when is paulina’s date of birth? your mother must know. i presume the lago is not from carcar? her sisters’ names? pls try to contact them. even if i come across a record for a paulina alcordo, without any other information regarding her, i wouldn’t be able to say it is your grandmother.

  15. hi vip…my father told me that the birthday of my grandmother is october 20 but he can’t remember the year..they are all girls..her sisters are simprosa aka posing,rosalina aka nene and their eldest is a certain bibang who lives in cebu..thanks…

  16. TO ALL

    Related or belong to Gavina Rodriguez- Agripino Alcordo Clan please become a member to myheritage

    thank you VIP for this site

  17. hello,
    I am Anna Brelin Alcordo-Estoy(maiden name) I am from Leyte.. my grandfather was Purisimo Pongos Alcordo married to Alberta Racines.. he was from Carcar cebu, too. But i don’t know much about his family history.. i will try to ask any information from my uncle Rocito Alcordo..I have read my uncle Paul’s post here.. most of my grandpa’s nephews and nieces are based in USA the Alcordo-Sacramento family in Sacramento California.. I’ll try to trace our roots.. glad to hear that we have a website for the Alcordo’s., we created alcordo clan in facebook too.. maybe we can share soem information..

    • I remember khiluck…lolo purisimo alcordo’s father is jose alcordo, as he mentioned this to me…wil ask my father hegino alcordo for more detail, then will post it here….thanks to the website…really appreciate this alot…God bless….

  18. who is the Parents and grandparents of Dean Amancio Alcordo

    thank you

    • Dean Amancio Alesna Alcordo married to Raymunda Reymolisan there only child is Buenfe Alcordo Goco she has 3 daugher and 1 son there names are Isabel, Ma. Luisa, Ma. Angelic and Amancio Charles

  19. You did not mention Bonifacio Alcordo and Margarita Javier Alcordo, older brother of Vicente Alcordo. Bonifacio & Margarita has 7 siblings.
    1. Faustino Alcordo deceased July, 1993
    2. Apolinaria Alcordo Dillion – married to Clayton Dillion
    3. Catalina Alcordo West – married to George West
    4. Efigenia Alcordo Ukno – married to Tony Ukno
    5. Anita Alcordo – single
    6. Leonardo Alcordo – married to Lita an both deceased – 2001
    7. Francisco Alcordo – married to Nith Alcordo
    This all I can say. Just let me know if you need help.

    • are you related to Agripino & Gavina Alcordo Clan ?

      my grandfather is Vicente “Inting” Alcordo married to Primitiva “Bebang”

      is Bonifacio alcordo’s parents are Agripino & Gavina ?

      in our line we have a Bonifacio (Pationg)

      if you related to Agripino & Gavina ALcordo please join this site

      if you have Facebook

      • Yes, both Agripino & Gavina are my father’s parents. The name of my father is Bonifacio (Pationg) as they call him. I am his 4th daughter, has been living here abroad for 34 yrs. I am a retired medical secretary. Can you tell me who are your parents? It will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

  20. Hi everyone my name is Crescencio S Alcordo married to Portia Hojas Alcordo we live in Winter Park,Fl. USA and Cagayan de oro, grandparents is Escolastico Alcordo married to Severa Robles Gonzales Alcordo and my parents is Francisco Alcordo married to Felicidad Suelo or Zoilo Alcordo,from Bago or Bacolod Negros Occidental we in the family know nothing on the family side of my mother’ relatives can you help us locate her family tree.

  21. Sorry, I am too young that time on and I do not know all their whereabouts. I am Bonifacio R. Alcordo (Pationg), 4th daughter, I have been living here in Canada for 37 yrs. My father Bonifacio R. Alcordo died in 1959, he was 54 yrs. old. We never go back to Cebu, all of us are in abroad. I am not interested to know all of them because I do not know them except Vicente Alcordo Tio Enting. Thank you for asking.


    is there any chance you have the 10 children of Agripino & Gavina Alcordo ?

    we can only name 9 children , Lucia , Maria , Eleodora , Florencia , Ruperta , Adriano , Vicente , Primitivo , Bonifacio

    we would really appreciate it …



    • i have vivencio (1892), lucia (1893), ligorio (1895), eliodora (1897), adriano (1899), primitivo (1901), bonifacio (1904), and maria (1906). i found vicente (1912) only because I knew of him. the ones in boldface are not in your list. that makes 9 in my list. their parents agrifino and gavina were married 1890.

      meanwhile, i don’t have florencia and ruperta found in yours. I suspect they were born between maria and Vicente, which volume i have not yet closely covered. or, i have a florencia (1885) daughter of escolastico, older bro. of agrifino. anyway, florencia and ruperta added to my list would make 11. you don’t have vivencio and ligorio maybe they died young and are not remembered so much anymore.

      • Florencia is one of Lolo Vicente’s sisters …
        I think Florencia is the youngest … but i thought its my Lolo Vicente is the youngest 😀

        so they might have a total of 11 then 😀

        maybe that what happen they died young …

        thank you so much


        here are the complete names children of Agripino & Gavina … the only missing year is Ruperta or Petang … she was married to Felomino Lara but thats all that I know …if you can get or stumble on any information of Ruperta Alcordo Lara … let me know please

        1. Vivencio ??? Born 1892
        2. Lucia ALCORDO Steen born Dec 13 1893
        3. Ligorio ??? born 1895
        4. Eleodora ” Dulang “ALCORDO born 1897
        5. Adriano “Diano ” ALCORDO born Sept 9 1899
        6. Primitivo “Tiboy” ALCORDO born Nov 12 1901
        7. Bonifacio “Pationg” ALCORDO born May 14 1904
        8. Maria ALCORDO Alducente born 1906
        9. Ruperta ALCORDO Lara
        10. Vicente ” Inting” ALCORDO born July 19 1912
        11. Florencia ALCORDO Montoya born Oct 27 1914


        • I think this is a complete list. Thank you so much,

  23. Thanks for asking, unfortunately I do not even know all my Father’s name brothers and sisters except Tio Inteng, Tia Dolang, Tia Maria and Tia Florencia I cannot comment you on this, although it has been for ages, almost all of them are dead, why should I bother my brain thinking of them whereinfact they were not interested of us when my parents are still alive and why asked me now. Please smarten up when asking me those questions, but anyways, thanks for the interest.

    • who are you talking to?

  24. Can you not read my name? My name is Efigenia the daughter of Bonifacio
    Alcordo (Pationg) I am married to Ukno, so I have nothing to do with them anymore. How about you? Who are you that keep asking about Rodriguez Alcordo’s family? Can you tell me who you are? I wanted to know you.

    • i should have required comments here to give their full names. i tried being sarcastic like calling an “unknown” with dear unknown. but we should be more forthright with our names. efigenia a. ukno is right here. that’s the new rule in carcarfamilies now.

      • @ Efigenia A. Ukno not all QUESTIONS are DIRECTLY for you to ANSWER … maybe when you REPLIED the first time you click the notify me of follow-up comments

        most of the question here are directly to VIP who is the ADMIN/MAKER of this site . who is giving us the informations that we dont know about the ALCORDO FAmily


        • Totally agree with you fa

        • Totally agree with you frenzy…we should all try to help each other as we can…even a small single information could help tracing the alcordo roots. this site for me is very imformative as we on pongos-alcordo clan are very much interested to know. we are patiently waiting for the vip to reply to our queries as we wanted to make connections to our alcordo relatives somewhere around globe…please vip if u could or if u have any information re: our grandfather’s root his name is purisimo pongos alcordo born june 29, ????, he died at the age of 96y/o late 1990’s he was married to alberta racines alcordo….thanks your help is greatly appreciated…by the way he was originally from carcar cebu and his father’s name is jose alcordo a musician…he live and died in ormoc city leyte…..thanks a mil…also regards to all alcordo’s out there and i am proud to be one.

  25. Sorry. Arlene, I cannot answer you the questions you asked me. Yes, my father is from Carcar, Cebu but we never live in that place, just don’t the whereabouts of any Alcordo’s. I am the only one here in abroad for almost 38 yrs. Thanks for asking, not really interested at all.

    • It,s ok Efigenia. i addressed my queries directly to VIP the admin of this site, he/she is the one
      who do the research to connect the links of all the alcordo clan. all our comments here became threads from one after another. the information we shared here is very vital to the clan. Me as well, i dont know much of the other alcordo’s but i love to get connected with them as i am alcordo by blood….on our lolo purisimo pongos alcordo side we did our best to stay connected and we are very close even up to the children of our children’s cousin

  26. I am not interested to know them, so please stop asking me so much questions re. their whereabouts, I have my own problems. Thank you.

  27. Will an Alcordo family volunteer to suggest and coordinate a REUNION OF ALCORDO FAMILIES in Carcar sometime one to two years from now?

  28. Yes, I do agree with that; having a reunion of Alcordo Families in Carcar in one or two years from now on. I hope I am strong enough to do this. I agree if I am still alive, but the problem is I do not know how to get to Carcar. I was still a little girl when we left Cebu, and I have been living here in Canada for 34 yrs. Well, just get in touch with if time comes. Thanks, Beloy

  29. good day every body im mrs criselda m. cacao formerly ms criselda pananganan mendoza of talisay batangas.its a big pleasure to reply in this column, all i want is to know the relatives of my mother mrs juliana pananganan mendoza.agapito pananganan is her father,ms lamberta, mr vicente,ms lota a teacher of pob. 1 carcar cebu city is the only name she rememberred. to all carcarians pls kindly help us. pls reply to my email Thanks and godbless.

  30. No comment at all and thank you

  31. hello po VIP….i have a friend in my facebook account her name is juliet cecilia alcordo pizarras…i wanted to help her, she is looking for her mother named josephine alcordo from cagayan de oro, she was abducted by her father when she was just 6months old and was brought to Bohol, her father’s name is teodulo pizarras. she is desperate to know and meet her mother, she is the only child, please if anyone who knows about josephine alcordo from cagayan de oro, kindly share it here or maybe e-mail me at or send a message to juliet cecilia alcordo pizarras in her facebook account….maraming salamat po sa inyo.


    do you have any records of Felomina Alcordo- Aniban married to Anastacio Aniban ? who are her parents and siblings ?

    Very much appreciated if you can give me the Infos

    Thank you

    More power to your site

  33. Hello VIP and hello Alcordo Clan,

    I’m helping my (half) brother, Antonio J Aquino, Jr (Tony) trace his maternal lineage. Our father, Antonio U Aquino of Tarlac, married Amparo Steen, daughter of Lucia Alcordo of Carcar, Cebu.

    We are currently vacationing in Cahayag, Tubigon, Bohol, and staying with my Vaño relatives until May 31, 2014.

    You can contact Tony through me at 09267445533.

    Thank you and be well!

  34. hello vip and alcordo clan

    I’am mario van alcordo my grandparents inocentes alcordo and remedios cui alcordo my father is cristito c. alcordo and my mother patria f. aledo they have three siblings the ff: Mario Van Alcordo,Ian Alcordo,Val Alcordo, ila mga apo kay sila si Zoc b. Alcordo, Ina B. Alcordo anak n sila n Ian Alcordo og n Zenaida Bayang Alcordo

  35. My grandfather name Nestor alcordo he born in car car city my father name josephino moncada alcordo he born at ormoc city there are 10 children
    Rizaldy alcordo
    Fernando alcordo
    Marilyn alcordo asintista
    Nestor alcordo 11
    Juliet alcordo boston
    Melodina alcordo berame
    William alcordo
    Arnold alcordo
    Lolita alcordo amodia
    Joselita alcordo

  36. My grandfather name Nestor alcordo he born in car car city my father name josephino moncada alcordo he born at ormoc city there are 10 children
    Rizaldy alcordo
    Fernando alcordo
    Marilyn alcordo asintista
    Nestor alcordo 11
    Juliet alcordo boston
    Melodina alcordo berame
    William alcordo
    Arnold alcordo
    Lolita alcordo amodia
    Joselita alcordo

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