Avila, Jose

Jose Leon Avila

(18-Nov-1884 –

Son of Filomena Mercado Avila;

Entrepreneur, impresario;

Family admits to Carcar parish priest Fr. Manuel Fernandez as Don Jose Avila’s father; thus, it is hardly surprising that Avila was educated abroad (St. Joseph’s College, a secondary school in Hong Kong)  and that his descendants have mestizo looks; brought Imprenta Avila and published The Advertiser and Tigmantala; with Cine Ideal started moviehouse business and family owned string of moviehouses in Colon and Mango Avenue uptown; Don Jose Avila street in Cebu City named after him.

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  1. Got more informations about the Avila’s of Carcar? This confuses me for my great great grandfather Geronimo Avila who married Rosalia Gantuangco is a cousin of Don Jose. My mother even told me that the Avila’s from Cebu City would visit my great grandfather Paterno Avila Sr but then most of our relatives on the Avila side are in Aklan. Makes me wonder how did they became cousins?proof of their closeness and that they are related is the land given as gift by Geronimo to Don Jose which was originally owned by the Gantuangcos at Pili Kanipaan( colon) If the reason why Don Jose had mestizo descendants was because his father is a Spanish priest why was my Avila ancestors also mestizos. Isn’t that some Avila’s of Carcar was because of the marriage of Geronimo Avila (from Aklan and not fathered by a Fernandez priest) and Rosalia Gantuangco.In addition to that Vicente Ferrer had 2 families one in Capiz and another was in Sitio Tawog, Valladolid, Carcar.
    I’m totally confuse with this genealogy thing. The Gantuangco is traceable but the Avila is like they just appeared from somewhere hahah

  2. Don Jose Leon Avila, the Impresario, Publisher and Secretary to the Governors died on May 3, 1959 at the age of 75.
    Source: https://www.philstar.com/opinion/2011/11/18/749094/remembering-my-grandpa-don-jose-avila

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