Alegado, Saturnino



3 Generations

Saturnino Alegado was the son of Santiago Alegado. Thus, he is in the fourth generation in the parent page Alegado Family Tree.

Saturnino was nicknamed “Hapay” for which annihilatory reason we can now only speculate.  Church records indicate he’d served as the Church portero, a minor church official along with the fiscal and the sacristan, but for how long a period I cannot reconstruct. I presume the duties of the portero involved the supervision over church edifices and assets, and as such was also in charge of the cemetery–not that this has anything to do with the nickname. His signature, shown below, shows a very fine handwriting, probably a prerequisite to being taken in for church office.

The Saturnino Alegado-Angela Alesna Clan was one of the first families to hold a Reunion (now annual).  A family tree was reconstructed by member Benjamin Bargayo and in-law Isaac Obiso as a result. Meanwhile I had already been poring over Carcar records, but did not know about the clan reunions and their family trees. It was only by chance at a fiesta that I was told of a Saturnino Alegado clan and so told them of my ongoing project and also intimated to Obiso and member Sesinio Villaluz Jr. that per records I’d gathered, Saturnino had a previous marriage–to Eulalia/Bartola Alfafara, which union in fact had produced 6 offsprings, two of whom, Inocencia and Lope, the second family thought were also children of Ana Alesna.  Eulalia was buried the day after Lope was born and we can surmise she died from that delivery. Thus, Lope himself knew no mother but his father’s second wife Ana Alesna, whom Saturnino married after less than a year.

But then a breakaway further happened when the Petrona Alegado-Arcadio Alegrado branch chose to go it separately and start the Alegrado Clan gatherings. A family tree opened the eyes to other family trees and although we can say the reunion resulted in a disunion but no matter, at least the relationship is acknowledged.


pDn: pre-Decree (Claveria) name

Saturnino Alegado (1819–       ) pDn: Francisco Saturnino (bapt.), Saturnino Lucas

=1(1842) Bartola Baquilir Alfafara  (1821-1852) pDn: Alvarada Bartola (bapt.), AKA Eulalia

Eduvigis Alegado  (1844-   ) pDn: Eduvigis Crispina

–=(1865) Juan Canasa Tangarorang

—-Bonifacio Tangarorang (calc. 1866-

=(1895)Paula Alvarado Barcenilla (1867-

—-Melecio Tangarorang (1868-

=Yrinea Abapo Gadiano

—-Sergio Tangarorang (1869-

—-Manuel Tangarorang

=(1893) Eduvigis Manlisic Manzano

—-Ariston Tangarorang (1873-

—-Fructuosa Tangarorang (1875-

—-Angel Tangarorang (1876-

—-Gerondia Tangarorang (1877-

=(1900) Tomas Propios Pangalao

—-Francisca Tangarorang (1879-

=(1901) Flaviano Navilla Sarausad

—-Gavina Tangarorang (1882-

=(unm) Julian Barcenilla Alfafara  (1878-

—-Isabelo Tangarorang (1883-

Benedicta Alegado  (1846-1866) pDn: Benedicta Ma., died single

Maximino Silva  (1847-1848) pDn: Maximino Silva (bapt.)

Ynosencia Alegado  (1849-   ) pDn: Ynosencia Albarada

–=(1878) Andres Sabay Caballero

Jose Casimiro Alegado  (1851-1884) single

Lope Alegado  (1852-

=2(1853) Angela Baquilta Alesna (1834-   ) pDn: Angela Custodia

Petrona Alegado  (1854-1906)

–=(1881) Arcadio Caban Alegrado  (1861-1908)

—-Emilia Alegrado (1883-1954)

=(1916) Hilarion Alejado Tangarorang  (1889-1937)

—-Hugo Alegrado (1884-

—-Sinforosa Alegrado (1885-

—-Ygnacio Alegrado

=(1910) Natalia Reyes Bareng

—-Jose Alegrado (1888-

=(1914) Eriberta/Roberta Dayanan Sarmiento

—-Francisco Alegrado (1890-

—-Victoria Alegrado (1893-

=(1932) Casimiro Alfafara

—-Venancio Alegrado (1897-

=Julieta Garcia Castillo

Josefa Alegado  (1856-

–=(1878) Atanacio Pangadlo Empleo  (1855-1918) AKA Nicacio, Eustaquio

—-Juan Empleo (   -1879)

—-Jose Empleo (1882-1883)

—-Leona Empleo (1884-

=(1904) Tomas Dayaona Alcover

—-Felipe Empleo (1885-1886)

—-Petra Empleo (1886-

—-Arsenia Empleo (1888-1981)

=Sotero/Antero  Alcover  (1887-1977)

—-Leocadio Empleo (1892-

—-Brigido Empleo (1894-

—-Simeon Empleo (1898-

Hospicio Alegado  (1857-1878)

Juana Alegado  (1859-

–=(1879) Mamerto Canosa Sagolili  (1857-1902)

—-Basilia Sagolili (1881-

—-Vito Sagolili (1882-

=(1906) Luisa Barcelo Cui  (1881-   ) baptized Luisa Jaen

—-Saturnino Sagolili (1883-1886)

—-Rosenda Sagolili


=2(1913) Rufo Bargamento Canasa

—-Leon Sagolili (1886-

—-Gregoria Sagolili

=(1911) Julian Simporios Paraz

—-Abundia Sagolili (1890-

—-Catalina Sagolili (1891-

—-Regina Sagolili (1893-1902)

—-Paula Sagolili (1895-1897)

—-Ramon Sagolili (1897-

Maria Alegado  (1863-

–=(1892) Anselmo Baquinas Gutierrez  (   -1903)

—-Isabel (Alegado) Gutierrez (1891-

—-Consolacion Gutierrez (1893-

—-Juana Gutierrez (1898-

—-Simeon Gutierrez (1903-1905)

Numeriano Alegado  (1867-1896)

–=(1891) Evarista Alcover Propios  (1867-

—-Jacoba Alegado (1892-

=(1913) Vicente Naveces Languido  (1895-

—-Jose Alegado (1894-

Norberta Alegado  (1869-

–=(1892) Basilio Camomot Bargayo  (1867

—-Alejandro Bargayo (1894-

=1(1916) Teofila Barcelos Cui

=2) Barbara Silva

—-Paulina Bargayo (1897-

—-Emerenciana Bargayo (   -1909)

—-Maximo Bargayo (1903-1905)

—-Placido Bargayo (1905-

=(1931) Estefania Inquing Sarmiento  (1907-

Augusto Alegado  (1871-1909)

–=(1898) Agustina Sagolili Alducente

—-Silveria Alegado (1899-

—-Emilio Alegado[1] (1901-

—-Victorino Alegado (1903-

—-Angelo Alegado (1906-

—-Engracia Alegado (1909-

[1] For which was named the Barangay Emilio Alegado in Glan, Sarangani



  1. like the disunion part. hehehehe

  2. From what I learned during the reunions of the Alegrado clan, my great grandmother Petrona Alegado’s (married to Arcadio Alegrado) father Saturnino “Hapay” Alegado was nicknamed “Hapay” because a crowd of people would always give way to allow him to pass. They break the ranks like bohok hinapay. I want to learn more about my roots and more about the nickname “hapay”.

    • as of now only wistful thinking from us about his nickname as either being due to a forceful personality or even to a favorite hairstyle. but there may be a tie up between the family stories and per records, the actual position he held in the parish. however, the fact of his descendants of today owning properties contiguous to each other may be traceable back to him, as are their plots in the old cemetery.

  3. I don’t kow if I am related to you but my grandfather was Francisco Alegado married to Tomasa Reyno. As far as I know, the Alegados were originally from Paoay, Ilocos, then my grandparents went to Anao, Tarlac where my father, Leocadio Alegado was born. My father’s family then went to Isabela. I speak highly of the Alegados because my father was a good man and in my opinion, a very smart person. We got all the premium genes, so we should all be proud of it!!!

    • the alegados of carcar, cebu and of paoay, ilocos are accidents of the claveria decree. i have records of the alegado family even before they got the surname and there was no indication they originated from elsewhere. so, it would be nice, for the sake of knowledge, to know the start of the surname in ilocos. many thanks for writing, i hope you learned something about the carcar, cebu alegados.

  4. Would like to know more about the Empleo Family. Can you assist me? I am a relative.

  5. I am really interested in a story told by Nang Puring Sagolili from Glan, that Hapay’s lineage came from the fourth wife of Limahong, a pirate who used to pillage the Philippine seas. I am Helen Alegado from Glan, Sarangani, granddaughter of Emilio Alegado, (deceased) former mayor of Glan.

  6. hapay kuno kaymohapay ang mga tawo inigagi niya basta di mangatahoran.kay maigo sa latigo.hehe strict siya…

  7. I am looking for Alegado geneology. I am also an Alegado.

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