dela Cerna, Eugenio

Eugenio (Genying/Eugene) Laborte dela Cerna

(15-Mar-1944 – 10 October 2009)

Son of Catalino Alcordo dela Cerna and Angelina Gabuya Laborte of Aloguinsan

Volleyball coach and Cebu Sports Hall-of-Famer, player, patron.

Called Genying by the family, Eugene had always played volleyball while in school; worked with Philippine Airlines, coached University of San Carlos boys high school volleyball team; then also started its college team; some of USC players that went through him selected to Philippine national teams; named to the Cebu Sports Hall-of-Fame in 2004; USC coach from 1970-2006; everywhere called a legend in Cebu volleyball.


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  1. Uncle Geñing’s birthdate is March 15 I forgot the year.

    Catalino dela Cerna is the son of Agapito dela Cerna and Emilia Alcordo of Luan-luan, Carcar.

    • can you inquire for the year genying was born? also please complete the brothers and sisters of catalino and also of agapito. This will be for our dela cerna file.

      • VIP can we connect this record of your its my root contact me when your able…….i have my record but not complete.09238983886

    • Completo na imu Record Lorieze?

    • 15 March 1944

    • Pls ko Correct Agapito(Pitong) Alesna dela Cerna.married to Emilia (Emay) Barcenilla Alcordo. Sons/Daughters: Policarpio,Catalino, Epion( not true name),Eluterio(Titi Reuter),Socorro..Sons and Daughter of Catalino(Lingling) & Angelina G. Laborte:Dulce/Dulicesima C. Villarin.,Eugenio(Genying)….kini si Yolanda Arroz asa maneh connect?

  2. hello po,akong lola c Catalina dela Cerna gusto ko na makabalo sa iyang mga ginikanan ug mga igsoon kay sukad2x wala jud mi kaila.kay ang istorya daw ana ni layas siya paingon ug lanao nag uban ni LOrenzo Bucao…hope u can help me about this.thanks in advance.and merry x’mas!!!

    • i really cannot link up the different de la cerna branches who arrived in carcar from san nicolas. in the case of catalina, i hope you’d include when (date) she was born, maybe what middle name she was using (meaning, the surname of her mother). did lorenzo bucao eventually become her husband? although i see you’re not using bucao.

      • Our lot has been sold here of San Nicholas and near USC

      • Wala ko kabalo kung kasal ba akong lola na si Catalina dela Cerna ug Lolo Lorenzo bucao wla pod koy mapangutan-an ky patay na tanan igsoon sa akong mama.Ang gigamit pod sa akong mama sa iyang birth certificate ky dela Cerna man gud.Pero ingon akong mama sauna na Sanchez ang Middle ni Lola Catalina Sanchez Dela Cerna.

      • Wala ko kabalo kung kasal ba akong lola na si Catalina dela Cerna ug Lolo Lorenzo bucao wla pod koy mapangutan-an ky patay na tanan igsoon sa akong mama.Ang gigamit pod sa akong mama sa iyang birth certificate ky dela Cerna man gud.Pero ingon akong mama sauna na Sanchez ang Middle ni Lola Catalina Sanchez Dela Cerna.

  3. Have a blessed 2011 po. My mother is teresita dela cerna paniza, daughter of severo and estefa navarra dela cerna of tuyom carcar cebu city. Today, we reside here at Mindanao. We want to locate our origin clan and family tree to meet our lost relatives someday. Hope you can help us. Thanks and more power. God Bless….

    • if you’ve read my reply just above, there are a number of dela cerna individuals who came to carcar from san nicolas which makes it difficult to trace their relation to each other. if you can trace severo’s parents or even estefa navarra’s, hopefully these ancestors are in my file for the dela cerna and navarra families.

  4. Hi. I am also looking for Marilou Ganade dela Cerna. Do you know where can I find her? I’d like to get in touch with her for a very important and personal reason. She can get in touch with me through my blogsite or through my email address:

  5. Looking for my Friend’s mother..

    Marilou Ganade Dela cerna went to manila in 1975-1976 and stayed with a relative in Quezon City when
    she got pregnant. Gave birth to a baby girl sometime around March 30, 1976 and was adopted by
    Hector Munoz and Luring Conejos. Marilou comes from the visayas, maybe, cebu, samar, leyte…
    has been more than 35 years now and my wife Maria Kristina Conejos Munoz – Gueco would like to find
    the whereabouts of her biological mother. Both adopting parents have died since and the sketchy
    details below are all that can be recalled by Kristina.

    Looking for: Marilou Ganade Dela
    Origin of Mother: Cebu / Samar / Leyte – Visayas
    Age of Mother at birth of Maria Kristina
    Conejos Munoz: approximately around 16 – 19 y/o
    Year of Birth of Baby Kristina: 1976 sometime
    around March 30, 1976
    Place of Birth: Quezon City, maybe hospital or clinic
    Age of Marilou Ganade
    Dela Cerna today: 51 – 54 y/o

    We hope you can assist us to locate her. Thank you very much.

  6. Aloha my name is Darlene (Anguay) Makaiwi. My grandmother is Anacita dela Cerna who married Fransico Anguay. Anacita”s parents were Quirino dela Cerna & Juliana Aldemita. Quirino”s parents were Gavino dela Cerna & Rosenda Rapaga. Would like to know more of my ancetors. Mahalo

    • the individual members of the family who arrived in carcar all came from san nicolas (now part of cebu city), but there are so many of them and looks like from just carcar records alone they cannot be linked to one another. so i have so many loose de la cerna branches. to illustrate, i cannot link your branch with that of the subject of this page here, eugenio. nor do i have a sibling of gavino, or if i have i still cannot link them. in a record he was said to have been a native as well as a resident of san nicolas although he was buried in carcar in 1883. i have his parents, though — pascual and tomasa balde. quirino’s wife, juliana aldemita’s mother was an alcoseba and could be found in the alcoseba family tree reconstructed by monsignor alcoseba.

      • Much Mahalo vip, guess need to do more searching. Yes I have that Alcoseba side. Do you know of any Anguay’s from Carcar? I have not seen that name on the Carcar Families?????????

  7. greetings…. i’m marvin orbse tagalicod… my mother was LOIDA DELA CERNA ORBSE..a daughter of ADELAIDA ZABATE DELA CERNA.. whose father was JULIAN DELA CERNA… is JULIAN DELA CERNA belongs to the list of DELA CERNA FAMILY… thank you

    • Kindly Check Julian dela Cerna if Martina Alesna is his wife…then we can connect Marvin.

  8. H! Im genelyn kathy looking for mr.jaimie or jaime dela cerna does anyone here knw this man?
    f you happen to know please contact me in number 09168768207..thank u and god bless

  9. Do you have blood lines in Ormoc or Kananga in Leyte? Dela Cerna’s too.

  10. Si Genying ni, Volleyball Coach sa USC and before work at PAL

    • VIP help me to complete my records….Kindly save my number….Eric D. 09238983886 ________________________________

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