(alesna – awl)

3 Generations

Generally regarded as the biggest clan in Carcar.   On a trip to a rural countryside in Valencia, Bukidnon, last year, I even found a 4-generation Alesna family with the ancestor originally from Carcar. And yet, reconstruction of the family tree pointed only to a single couple.  There are other families in Carcar that had already branched out more in the same timeline.  But starting person Felipe’s having 5, maybe 6, sons to carry on the name may explain the exponentiation of the name.

The Cebu Institute of Technology was formed by a triumvirate of engineers: Fidel Dagani, Amancio Alcordo and Jose Cavan. Alcordo and Cavan are second cousins on the Alesna side, great-grandchildren of Marcelo Alesna here below.

BREAKING NEWS: Just tonight (25-Sep-2009) I found the marriage record of Victorio Alesna to Benedicta Aldaya.  Dated 20-Jul-1835, the entry identified the previously unlinked Victorio Loverto’s [sic] parents as Luis Mariano and Ma. Agustina.  So, the big branch of Victorio has now been linked.

BREAKING NEWS: And then tonight (13-Nov-2009) was found the marriage record of Saturnina Alesna and Enrique Ybañez, which branch have been consigned to the bottom of this page, waiting for the day Saturnina can be linked to whichever Alesna branch she belongs to. Well, the marriage record for Enrique Ybañis [sic] with Saturnina Antonia was found as 21-Aug-1847. Saturnina was the daughter of, like the previous breaking news above, Luis Mariano and Ma. Agustina. Happily at the same time, this also links for my files Ybañez with his lineage as son of Doroteo Ybañez and Victoria Albarado [sic]. I am going to place Saturnina tentatively after Francisco Silvestre who, born 1818, would have been already 29 at that marriage date–pending the finding of pertinent dates for her and her next siblings in this tree.

[23-Jun-2011: I found the burial record for Ma. Agueda, 66 years, viuda of Santiago Phelipe. The date was 1-May-1834. The record gave her cabeza as D. Luis Mariano, thus her own son.]

In the 2010 Voters list for Carcar, there are 331 voters surnamed Alesna (including 2 Alisna), the 5th most numerous surname in the list.


Felipe (    -int. 1828) AKA Santiago Felipe, Felipe Santiago

=Agueda Maria (calc. 1768-1834) pDn: Ma. Agueda (burial); AKA Ma. Aquina; 66 viuda in Burial

Luis Mariano (       ) pDn: Luis Antonio/Mariano

–=Maria Alcuiris  (       ) pDn: Ma. Agustina/Agata

—-Victorio Alesna (calc 1811-     ) pDn: Victorio Loverto

—-=(1835) Benedicta Aldaya  (calc 1815-     ) pDn: Benedicta Placida

——Dalmacio Alesna (1835-1895) pDn: Dalmacio Mariano; Ambrosio?

——Ambrocio Alesna (1839-1903) AKA Tiburcio

=1(1860) Donata Bardon Canancia  (       ) AKA Liberata

=2) Serapia Saucejo Panimdim

=?3) Liberata Enanoria

——Catalino Alesna

=Ynes Alegado

—-–Ysidoro Alesna (   -1893)

=Felipa Saucejo

——Vicente Alesna (calc. 1853-1927) 74 in Burial

——Nieves Alesna (   -1901)

=(1882) Balbino Bacus

—-Francisco Alesna (1817-1893) pDn: Francisco Santiago

=Rosa Lauit (Lauat?)

——Joaquin Alesna

= Romana Rem

——Gregorio Alesna (1850-

——Jacinto Alesna (    -1896)

= Ramona Oarayen

——Claro Alesna (    -1889)

= Rosa Saura Mangubat

——Rufino Alesna (    -1905) AKA Mateo Rufino

=(1890) Basilia Canaliso Sarmiento (1861-1901)

——Platon Alesna (    -1889)

——Fermin Alesna

=Ysidara Batomalaque Resaga

—-Francisco Silvestre (1818–   ) pDn: Francisco Silvestre

—-Catharina Lucia (1819-1821) pDn: Catharina Lucia (bapt.)

—-Juan Antonio (    -1849) single

—-Saturnina Alesna (1825–       ) pDn: Saturnina Antonia (marr.)

=(1847) Enrique Ybañez  (   -1863) pDn: Enrique Ybañis (marr.)

——Marcelo Ybañez (1847

——Tranquilina Ybañez

=(1874) Rosalio Marcelo Alegado Alfafara  (1850-

——Mamerto Ybañez

=Ynocenta de las Nieves Alcudia

——Ysabel Alesna


——Valentin Ybañez (1863

=Jacinta Alcudia

——Ruperta Ybañez (   -1884)

=Mamerto Alegado Alcuesar

——Susana Ybañez


=2) Gregorio Alcudia Silva

—-Alvino Alesna (       ) pDn: Olvino Santiago (marr.)

=(1845) Toribia Canasa  (   -1883) pDn: Ana Toribia (marr.)

—-Antonia Alesna (1828-1898) pDn: Ana Antonia

=Ysidoro Alegado

—-Estanislao Alesna (1831–   ) pDn: Estanislao Cristobal

=(1855) Paulina Barcia Barcenilla  (   -1905)

(See Paulina Barcenilla in Barcenilla family tree page)

—-Consolacion Alesna (   -1891)

=(1852) Pedro Alvarado Alegado

—-Mariano Alesna

=Venancia Villahermosa (       ) from Barili

Samson Alesna (   -1874) pDn: Samson Mercado

–=(1815) Martiana Aledo (    – 1864) pDn: Martiana Ysidora

—-Alexa Navarro (1816–   ( pDn: Alexa Navarro (bapt.)

—-Antonio Alesna (1817-1883) pDn: Antonio Guinto (bapt.)

—-Felipa Alesna (1823–   ) pDn: Felipa Narciza (bapt.)

=(1843) Cleofas Alegado Alejado  (       ) pDn: Juan Cleopas

—-Cirilo Alesna (1825–     ) pDn: Santiago Cerilo (bapt.)

=(1851) Petrona Alegado Alejado  (       ) AKA Melitona

—-Placido Alesna (1827–    ) pDn: Juan Placido (bapt.)

=(1855) Roberta Alcesto Emvrado

—-Marcelino Alesna (1830-1904) pDn: Marcelino de la Cruz (bapt)

=(1861) Manuela Barajona

—-Saturnino Alesna (1833-1876) pDn: Saturnino Francisco; single

—-Pascual Alesna (1836-1882) pDn: Pascual Bailon (bapt)

=(1860) Juana Bargados Canagan (   -1883)

—-Eleuteria Alesna (   -1888)

=(1860) Joaquin Alerre  (   -1904)

Valentin Alesna (       ) pDn: Francisco Valentin

–=Regina Barangan  (       ) pDn: Ma. Regina

—-Eustaquio Alesna (   -1888) AKA Celedonio

=Gregoria Cuynos/Alcuyno  (   -1896)

—-Juana Francisca (1819–    ) pDn: Juana Francisca (bapt.)

—-Eleuterio Alesna (1823-1887) pDn: Francisco Leuterio (bapt.)

Liberata Enanoria  (   -1888) pDn: Ma. Liberata

—-Calixtra Alesna (   -1874)

=Mariano Lapasaran  (       ) AKA Damiano, Maximo

—-Gregoria Alesna

=Pedro Alcos

—-Augustin Ylario (1826–    ) pDn: Augustin Ylario (bapt.)

—-Mariano Ygnacio (1828–    ) pDn: Mariano Ygnacio (bapt.)

—-Nicolasa Maria (1830–   ) pDn: Nicolasa Maria (bapt.)

—-Juan Francisco (1832–   ) pDn: Juan Francisco

Ambrocio Alesna (       ) pDn: Francisco Ambrosio

–=Casimira Alcoseba (   -1880) AKA Carmela (burial)

—-Rafaela Alesna (1822-1888) pDn: Ma. Rafaela (bapt.)

=(1842) Cesareo Alvarado Ybañez  (       ) pDn: Cesario Ybañez

—-Cathalina Micayla (1824–    ) pDn: Cathalina Micayla (bapt.)

—-Maria Mariana (1827–   ) pDn: Maria Mariana (bapt)

—-Mateo Alesna (1830-1885) pDn: Timoteo Ybañez (bapt.)

=Macaria Barrabas  (1832-1884) pDn: Ma. Macaria (bapt.)

—-Sotera Alesna (1832–   ) pDn: Sotera Ma.

=(1854) Ynocente Cuison Alcoy  (       ) AKA Vicente

—-Meletona Alesna (1837-1896) pDn: Petrona Prisca (bapt)

=Francisco Alcoy

—-Eduardo Alesna (1838-1892) pDn: Fausto Eduardo (bapt.)

=Luisa Dayagro Enanoria  (1839-   ) pDn: Luisa Nepomucena (bapt.)

—-Bartolo Alesna (       ) AKA Bartolome

=Liceria Barcenas Aldocente

—-Maximo Alesna (   -1893)

=Dorotea Alfafara

Marcelo Alesna (calc 1804-1881) pDn: Marcelo Antonio

–=(1833) Gregoria Baquilta  (calc 1815-1867) pDn: Gregoria de los Angeles

—-Angela Alesna (1834–   ) pDn: Angela Custodia

=(1853) Saturnino Aldaya Alegado  (1819–   ) pDn: Francisco Saturnino (bapt.), Saturnino Lucas

(See Alegado, Saturnino Family tree page)

—-Fernanda Remigia (1836–   ) pDn: Fernanda Remigia

—-Julian Alesna (1839-1883)

=(1862) Ysabel Tegley Bargamento

—-Martiniano Alesna (   -1903)

=Paulina Buntia (    –1902)

—-Maria Alesna (   -1850) child (Fernanda Remigia?)

—-Salvadora Alesna

=Gregorio Caban

—-Matea Alesna (1850–   ) pDn: Timotea Ma. (bapt)


=Eustaquio Alcuesar Alcuetas

—-Juan Alesna

=Ynocenta Sabandeja  (   -1890) AKA Vicenta

—-Josefa Alesna (calc. 1853-

=1(1873) Anacleto Sagolili Alcordo (calc. 1853-   ) AKA Tito


=3) Pablo Lara

—-Bartolome Alesna

=Nieves Propios Simporios


(reconstruction going on)


  1. My father, (Ret. Col.) Dioscoro P. Alesna, originally came from Carcar. His father is Ponciano Alesna married to Eusebia Padolas. He recalled that they moved to Cebu City from Carcar when he was a child so that his father could be closer to his place of work. My father’s siblings were: Delfin, Mariano (who died in his teens), Rosario, Felicing, and Francisco. I do not know from which Alesna branch we came from.

    • If you can get who Ponciano’s father was or mother or even some siblings of Ponciano, I’m sure I can link you to your branch. Please email me the correct sequence of your father’s brothers and sisters so I can include them in the update. Better if you have their respective spouses, too. Also, where was your father born and when?

      • Hi, I just read your blog and I was amazed by your quest for your family tree. My husnand is an Alesna too and is from Valencia Carcar, His grandparents were Vicente Alesna who is married to Ysabel Daoba Alesna… I was also trying to locate his clan since He already grew up hre in Cebu City. We are also eager to know and to associate with the Alesna Clan.

        • if you can give me other information: maybe vicente’s middle name or names of his brothers/sisters. or names of his children and their births, every information that your family know.

      • haie., i also want to know my family tree. im an Alesna, i only knew my grandfather’s name because he died before i was born. i hope to know more about him and my family, if not a burden can you help me know his family tree?? thanks in advance and your blog was fascinating 🙂

        • by the way i forgot., my grandfather’s name is Florencio Alesna

  2. Ponciano’s father was Hernando Sagolili Alesna. My father can no longer recall his grandmother’s name. This is the order of Ponciano and Eusebia Padolas’ offspring:
    1) Delfin married to Inday Patalinghug (sister of former Lapulapu mayor Max Patalinghug)
    2) Mariano (drowned when he was around 17)
    3) Rosario (first married to a Lofranco, was widowed then married a Cenita, both from Bohol)
    4) Felicing (was a widower and married twice)
    5) Dioscoro (my father)
    6) Francisco married to Florence Fortich (of Inabanga, Bohol)
    My father was born in Carcar on September 30, 1920 and is married to Esperanza Torrefranca from Inabanga, Bohol. He often talks of a cousin in Carcar nicknamed “Cipring”

  3. The Sagolili was the link. I had a Ponciano but didn’t know if he was the one, so the names of his parents or siblings would have confirmed it. Ponciano’s parents were Sisenando Alesna and Ana Sagolili. That makes your branch that of Felipe-Samson-Placido-Sisenando-Ponciano-Dioscoro (refer to tree above). Thanks for the list. Cipring would be the former councilor of Carcar, I’m not sure now of his real name.

    • Felipe-Samson-Placido-Sisenando-Ponciano-Dioscoro (refer to tree above).

      can i have a complete tree on this branch sir ? or can you provide me some photocopy, or electronic copy of old record (e.g. baptismal, marriages, death records for our family’s keeping sir) i am making a tree on facebook tnx…this would be of great help:)

      • @warren, that’s a tall request. here, if you can give me a complete tree from your just your grandfather, children, grandchildren, etc., etc. i’ll see what we both can do about your family tree. but i don’t have photocopies, or copies of records, etc. i just sit down and make notes and copy what i can read from either the books or microfilms. some families want actual certifications and so they go to the parish office and request for these.
        that is good, in exchange for their allowing me access, i can help the parish by suggesting families to get actual certifications and the parish earns money. one person i accidentally met in barili really has a scrapbook of baptismal, marriage, burial certifications for his family. i admired him for it and from his scrapbook i learned we were related. and because of what i told him, he ordered some more certifications and updated his files. i was so amused but awed by what he was actually doing.

      • i just would like you to clarify me on this portion sir:

        DIOSCORO wrote: Ponciano’s father was Hernando Sagolili Alesna.

        VIP wrote: The Sagolili was the link. I had a Ponciano but didn’t know if he was the one, so the names of his parents or siblings would have confirmed it. Ponciano’s parents were Sisenando Alesna and Ana Sagolili.

        then this would be the case:


        SISENANDO ALESNA x ANA SAGOLILI = HERNANDO SAGOLILI ALESNA supposedly, hernando is a son of sisenando and ana, they are different person not the same, HERNANDO, should bear his mothers maiden name which is a sagolili, pls correct me if am wrong….

        THEORY 2

        Felipe-Samson-Placido-(Sisenando as HERNANDO) -Ponciano-Dioscoro.

        VIP WROTE : refer to fam tree above

        —-Placido Alesna

        =(1855) Roberta Alcesto Emvrado

        (for sisenando to bear the SAGOLILI maiden name PLACIDO must have married a SAGOLILI, if not ANA SAGOLILI) who is (1855) Roberta Alcesto Emvrado in PLACIDO’s life? )

        have we missed something here? pls clarify…maybe this is why you have no records of valentina and valiriano and my lolo dioscoro “coring” does not have the lucia record.

        • i got the name of sisenando from, among other records, his own marriage to ana sagolili in 1876. so my file has no hernando. it’s possible either dioscoro was mistaken about the two names, or sisenando was also called hernando, that’s also possible. re theory 1 i do not have hernando being a son of sisenando.

          anyway sisenando was the son of placido and roberta emvrado (now spelled embrado) and he was the one who married a sagolili and it is ponciano and his siblings who carry the middle name sagolili.

          • i guess you got mired in the information from dioscoro that ponciano’s father was hernando sagolili alesna. the mixup started there. it’s sisenando embrado alesna, married to ana alcesto sagolili, instead.


            VIP WROTE:———Ambrosio Sagolili ( -1873)

            ———= Roberta Alcesto

            ————Ana Sagolili (calc. 1858-1898)

            =(1875) Sisenando Embrado Alesna (calc. 1854-

            This shows that SISENANDO EMVRADO ALESNA married ANA SAGOLILI this might be the missing link, or the misconception of lolo coring….


            Amen, Warren! This shows you have the perspicacity to cross-check, something needed for one to make a family tree! – vip

      • name under celia cooper….
        Trying to find my family tree…mom and dad only remembers their parents:
        dad-Larry Alesna
        Juan Alesna
        Catalina ReCarte
        Julian Lobitos
        Margaret? (still need to ask my mom)

        Thank you…

        • hey sis,

          Popo’s wife’s name was Margaret Hederola

        • Aloha Char, my name is Darlene(Anguay)Makaiwi and I see a Juian Lobitos. Would that Lobitos be Lobetos or Lovitos?? My grandfather on my moms side is Ciriaco Lobetos, but actually spelled Lovitos from Argao. Just wanted to find out.

  4. Thank you for your response. My father wrote down the names of his father’s siblings which might be useful to you. Here is the list:
    1) Valentina
    2) Ponciano (my grandfather)
    3) Igmedio
    4) Valeriano (later migrated to Bukidnon)
    5) Norberto
    6) Felisa

    • Thank him for me. I have Delfin (d. 1879), Francisco (d. 1884), Ponciano (b. 1884), Lucia (m. Teofilo Enanoria), Emigdio (b. 1887), Feliza (b. ?), Roberto (b. 1896), Nemesio (b. 1898). Parents Sisenando and Ana Sagolili were married 1876. Could Valeriano be the grandfather of the Alesnas I met in Pinatilan, Valencia, Bukidnon I mentioned above? My sequence for Lucia and Feliza were just my guess: there’s a daughter of Lucia who died 1906 and Feliza’s husband was born 1889. I wonder why your father does not have Lucia and I do not have Valentina and Valeriano. Norberto was Roberto in his baptismal record.

      • Could Valeriano be the grandfather of the Alesna’s I met in Pinatilan, Valencia, Bukidnon I mentioned above? ….

        it could be possible sir, Enrique Alesna, a son of VALERIANO, first cousin of my Grandfather RET. COL FRANCISCO ALESNA SR, RIP DEC 2009, daddylo, (father is Ponciano and mother Eusebia Padolas), lives in BARANGAY MANAGOK MALAYBALAY BUKIDNON, the locals fond of saying BARANGAY ALESNA, almost 80% of registered voter’s are ALESNA’s…

        LOLO Enrique and his siblings had a banana, pineapple, corn and rice Plantation in barangay Managok, malaybalay bukidnon.

        LOLO Enrique’s family inherited in car-car the WATERSOURCE of CARCAR WATER DISTRICT….

        i hope i did contribute some helpful information. tnx.

  5. Hello,

    When my mom arrived here in Honolulu, Hawaii in the early 1980s, she lived with the Alesna family from Carcar. The elder Alesna’s nickname was”Noy Sipring” and his wife’s nickname was “manang Tilde.” They had two sons: Ponciano and Junior (presumably he has the same name as the elder Alesna). Knowing that Filipinos tend to recycle first names in the family, “Noy Sipring” could be the “Cipring” that your father was referring to as his cousin in Carcar. The elder Alesna and son Ponciano have already passed away. Junior Alesna, on the other hand, has been deported back, so he is in Carcar right now.

    • Hi Jake, is your Mom’s name Juana? or Juliana? I seem to recall a relative of my grandfather who would always stay with us in Manila whenever she’s in town. She even performed the Hula or Hawaiian dance when she was here one time during a party at our house. It was during the 1980’s

  6. If I am correct sir,the Luis Alesna mentioned at the top of the list married Maria Alumines whose son was Estanislao Alesna who was listed as a Cabeza de Barangay in 1877.He got married to Paulina Barcenilla. Their son, Evaristo Alesna was the father of my great grandmother Josefa Alesna Y Villarosa who married Isabelo Montesclaros. Please inform me if you received the family tree I attached to my third email. Thanks for posting all these.

    • hello rey…i have been looking at baptismal records from carcar cebu from 1877-1880’s and found Filomena Alesna’s baptismal record. Her father was Evaristo alesna and her paternal grandparents were Estanislao A. and Paulina Barcenilla. I guess this is your great grandmother’s sister. It’s pretty cool huh!

  7. I am one of the grandchildren of PABLO ALESNA. He was from Valencia, Carcar, Cebu. He was married to CATALINA LAUDE, and lived in Naval, Leyte (now Biliran Province). He was a carpenter who was seeking a greener pasture. We do not have much knowledge about his person. Could you help us trace his lineage?

  8. My name is Rona Alesna and I was so excited to finally find the parents and grandparents of my great great great grandfather
    A. Felipe Alesna
    a. Luis
    b. Samson
    c. Valentin
    d. Ambrocio
    i. Eduardo Alesna and Luisa Enanoria
    1. Felomino
    2. Ricardo Alesna and Merced
    Lamora Villasor
    a.Francisco Alesna and
    Consolacion Fernandez Sadernas
    i. Cesar Alesna
    1. Napoleon Alesna
    a.Rona Alesna
    3. Ponciano
    e. Marcelo

  9. regrading the marriage of record of victorio alesna and benedicta aldaya, were you able to see their bdays as well?

    • that would be a very stiff order. From the data given in the marriage record, victorio and benedicta are calculated to have been born 1811 and 1815 resp. but the ages given in the marriages are very imprecise. moreover, i don’t know if the books concerned are still intact, and fishing their names out of host of names still w/o surnames would be the hardest part. it needs perseverance and that was how i found the marriage record itself.

  10. I just traced my great grandfather’s parents to Sabina Alesna and Nasario Guyal. My great grandfather Juan Guyal was born in 1893. Any line to Sabina Alesna? (I’m not even sure if that’s correct spelling)

    • @melanie, may i ask where the nasario-sabina branch lives? for instance, where was juan guyal born in 1893? if you can make the nasario guyal-sabina alesna family tree, that would be a tremendous addition to our alesna file.

  11. Hi vip,

    Do you have a name for Leon Alesna (born 1910-1920s), sister is Cedeng or Medeng Alesna coming from Carcar? What branch?

    • Leon Veloso Alesna

      • while nag akó-akó in reconstructing carcar family trees, my plea to carcaranons is to complete their own family trees so we can link up their tree with my older one.
        more than half of my records for persons from 1900 were contributions of their descendants.
        this is also my plea to you @galileo: please complete your family tree. i presume you do not know his parents but if leon is your ancestor, make the tree from him, his spouse, children and spouses, grandchildren, etc. in the meantime, i’ll do my searching for your ancestors, too. fair deal?

  12. my name is marjorie and would like to trace my family root .my late grandfather was Leopoldo P. Alesna sr. who was married to Isidra Montecillo.Thier children,arthuro,clarita,leopoldo jr. my late father ,dalisay,melagros,lita,rosalinda,brenda and romeo.I remember my grandfather was an american soldier and was assigned in hawaii. he was also very close to Coring,the late Col.Dioscoro P. Alesna.

    • LOLO CORING IS STILL ALIVE and KICKING!… he just CELEBRATED HIS 90th bday last Sept 30, maybe you are referring to my daddylo the late RET. COL FRANCISCO P. ALESNA SR, RIP, the younger brother of lolo CORING…

  13. hej, its me the last part of my letter the word late change that to ret. ,the Ret.Col.Dioscoro P. Alesna. Pardon me .

    • @marjorie, since i cannot find leopoldo, it’s possible he was born later than my last records. but it’s also possible i got crosseyed from the many names and generations. if you could give me his date of birth i might be able to more narrowly place my search. or can you ask an older generation in your family what the P. in his name stands for? and maybe could you complete your family tree from him, children and spouses, grandchildren, to update the Alesna Family tree?

      • just email your family tree to me.

  14. thank you very much ,if i can contact anyone of my family or any siblings of mine who are living in the philippines.Im living in sweden for several years now and also my sister name Elisabeth.

  15. hi, my grandfathers middlename is Leopoldo Potikar Alesna sr., and born 1912.

    • it’s horrible, marjorie. i’m in carcar and looked for the baptism of leopoldo. the volume ended at august 1912. the next volume was supposed to start aug 1912 to 1914 but it only started on page 66, 1913 already. nobody there can say where the first 65 pages are, maybe it was the result of having the volumes bookbound. i hope those missing pages will turn up in some other volume.

    • Hi could I be related to you somehow? Contact me…
      Thank you..

  16. good pm sir!

    can i have more information…


    =Agueda Maria ( ) AKA Ma. Aquina

    if you have, or where can i get information about them…can you help me sir…? many thanks…

    • the burial record for marcelo alesna in 1881 said his parents were felipe and agueda (no second names). as phelipe and maria aquina, they were parents of samson mercado (later samson alesna) in his marriage in 1815 to martiana ysidora (later aledo). i have no record yet to help us what agueda’s family name later turned out to be.

  17. tnx vip for your prompt response:)

    ———Ambrosio Sagolili ( -1873)
    ———= Roberta Alcesto -ana sagolili

    —-Placido Alesna
    =(1855) Roberta Alcesto Emvrado -sesinando

    hello vip, i am confuse about the two roberta’s are they not in conflict???

    another family story iv heard is that one from our roots was a child of a PADRE DAMASO (SPANISH PRIEST)

    pls clarify if there can be records link out from this folks stories thnx…

    • is the padre damaso the real name? anyway, go over the family tree and look at the alesna women who bore children out of wedlock. they would have (pnc) on the next line. and then try to see if that line is mestizo-looking.

      but as for records, i doubt one will surface because that would mean an admission from a spanish priest. if there was, only a dna test may settle that.

  18. tnx vip!

    PADRE DAMASO (not real name) “spanish priest”

    ———Ambrosio Sagolili ( -1873)
    ———= Roberta Alcesto -ana sagolili

    —-Placido Alesna
    =(1855) Roberta Alcesto Emvrado


    hello vip, i am confuse about the two roberta’s are they not in conflict???

    another thing will you tell me the codes

    such as;

    pnc -born out of wedlock

    (1860) Juana Bargados Canagan ( -1883) – you mean to say born 1860 then died 1883???

    pDn: Francisco Valentin -what does pDn means?

    this is helpful in my quest to make our tree as detailed, and geniune data as it could be…

    you might check our clan’s website…

  19. hello vip,

    i am confuse about the two roberta’s are they not in conflict???

    (vip wrote: The Sagolili was the link. I had a Ponciano but didn’t know if he was the one, so the names of his parents or siblings would have confirmed it. Ponciano’s parents were Sisenando Alesna and Ana Sagolili. That makes your branch that of Felipe-Samson-Placido-Sisenando-Ponciano-Dioscoro (refer to tree above). Thanks for the list. Cipring would be the former councilor of Carcar, I’m not sure now of his real name)

    ———Ambrosio Sagolili ( -1873)
    ———= Roberta Alcesto

    -ana sagolili

    —-Placido Alesna
    =(1855) Roberta Alcesto Emvrado


    another thing will you tell me the codes

  20. my lolos are mestizos…so as his couzins, lolo enrique of malaybalay bukidnon as well it is possible… a PADRE DAMASO is the source…either on the ALESNA side or on the SAGOLILI side

    • regarding mestizo: we now have the means to trace which alesna and sagolili women bore children out of wedlock (pnc= padre no conocido, father uunknown) and they would be the ones who’d possibly borne mestizo children. but if we’re really aiming to determine where spanish blood came, if any, you’d have to also examine not just the alesna and sagolili but also the padulas, llanto, embrado, alcesto, etc. trees.

      pDn means pre-Decree (Claveria) name, when the individual still did not have a surname.

      =(1860) Juana Bargados Canagan ( -1883) means the individual above this married her in 1860, and correct, she died 1883.

  21. btw warren, i remember last july i requested for your family tree from your grandfather down to the latest additions. i’m still waiting…

  22. hello vip,

    i am confuse about the two roberta’s are they not in conflict???

    (vip wrote: The Sagolili was the link. I had a Ponciano but didn’t know if he was the one, so the names of his parents or siblings would have confirmed it. Ponciano’s parents were Sisenando Alesna and Ana Sagolili. That makes your branch that of Felipe-Samson-Placido-Sisenando-Ponciano-Dioscoro (refer to tree above). Thanks for the list. Cipring would be the former councilor of Carcar, I’m not sure now of his real name)


    ———Ambrosio Sagolili ( -1873)
    ———= Roberta Alcesto

    -ana sagolili


    —-Placido Alesna
    =(1855) Roberta Alcesto Emvrado


    tnx for the codes…

    i have summoned all my cousins to edit our tree so we can be of help also in your finding other missing links in your carcar family database…kep n touch and more POWER VIP!!!


    in case you want to check the ALESNACLAN website il give you an admins access code can i have your email account…

    pls. pm me @😉

  24. both ambrosio sagolili and sisenando married a one ROBERTA ALCESTO, the former ROBERTA bore a ALCESTO family name, the later ROBERTA has a MIDDLE name ALCESTO with a family name EMVRADO;

    pls shed light on this vip…;(

  25. both ambrosio sagolili and sisenando alesna married a one ROBERTA ALCESTO, the former ROBERTA bore a ALCESTO family name, the later ROBERTA has a MIDDLE name ALCESTO with a family name EMVRADO;

    pls shed light on this vip…;(

  26. i need your response peary (vip)…

    • why is the two robertas confusing? one is alcesto and the other embrado, simple as that. you also asked this at the sagolili page and i’d answered this question there. i need your family tree warren.

      • vip,

        precisely thats the reason why i did ask you both Robertas from my sagolili’s and alesna’s side has the ALCESTO maiden name, AM NOW ASKIN YOU based on your records, are they not the same PERSON???

        my familytree:

        il send you and admins-access code privately, may i have your email add…

  27. pls shed light on our family tree. my grand father’s name is Honorato Alesna (originated from carcar) married to Carmen Alvarado. they have 5 siblings, namely alexander, lima, hesus, hermilo & paquito. t/r….

    • @hermilo, i’m sorry i cannot find honorato (yet). would you know more about him–date of birth (even calculation), middle name, brothers and/or sisters, etc.? anything that can help me narrow down my search.

      “they have 5 siblings”–by siblings do you mean brothers and sisters of honorato or the children of honorato and carmen?

  28. hello,,i just wanna know if ypu guys could figure it out my family father name is CARMELITO ALESNA known as CARLING, his brother name is EDDIE ALESNA their mom is (aka) ANDA.. im not really closed to them,,coz my my mom and dad are separated…


    • i wish i could help you, maybe through which you can get closer to the alesna side of your ancestry. i can’t find carmelito, eddie. would you know when your father was born? what middle name did he use? who was your mother? and even if they’re separated, can you try to ask your mother who were your father’s father/mother and their real names, or some more siblings of your father? — anything that can help me search and locate his place in the family.

  29. ok..his mom name is ALEJANDRA ALCOVER ALESNA and i think his dad name is LUCIO ALESNA..
    my father name just past away.. he died last october 22 of 2010… hope you can help me with this little info…


    • around when was your father born? and was he born in carcar? i need to make a timeline so my search is narrowed in such a large wide field. meantime, you know my project is to expand the family trees of the records i have. please help me do that by also contributing your father’s family tree (your mom, yourself, siblings (in order), children, etc.)

  30. sorry for my answer took so long…anyway, my father name is CARMELITO ALCOVER ALESNA, he was born on AUGUST 07, 1953. he was born in CARCAR… nad his brother name is EDUARDO ALCOVER ALESNA.. sorry but I don’t know his birth date…hope you could manage this little info…to be honest i don’t have nothing more info..
    PS..just wanna know where are you located???
    are you in the philippines?

    thank you,


  31. Hope so we have a big happy family reunion to all Alesna’s.

  32. Hi just wanna know my family tree I’m the grand daughter of AVELINO ALESNA married to ANTONIO PACULABA

  33. again, i would like to know the family tree of my lolo jose alesna married to beatriz aka bating medel alesna. the father of my lolo is numeriano. thank you

    • the parents of numeriano were catalino alesna and ynes alegado, found here in the first alesna branch of luis mariano.

      • Good Day. First of all, Im Davey Jones Alesna-Jabungan. I was elected as PIO for Mindanao. Election was Conducted Last Grand Reunion Dated April 27-28 2013. my GrandFather Name is Julian Alquilita Alesna, BirthDate/Place: January 09 1913 @ barili, Cebu. was then Move to Bansalan, Davao del sur in the year 1949. Lolo Julian Have 8 Children. One is my Mother Miss Petra Alesna-Jabungan (birthDate: April 27 1943 / Guiholngan, Negros Oriental) Other childrens Agustina, Estefania, Petra, Aurelia, Julian Jr., Celsa, Julio and Fe. I will Gather other Information Once Record will locate..

  34. thank you sir we are trying to make our family tree starting only with numeriano alesna married to faustina solon with the help of the first born apo of jose /bating alesna, joji. we are also trying to revive old things of our lolo nga nagkabuwag buwag pag ka guba sa ancestral house sa eskina awayan.

  35. hi’ s.alesna father name nicanor grand father name alpio dela cerna alesna.sana ma meet ko na mga cousin ko.. dito kasi ako ngayon sa davao city toril district..nakatira..
    wala kasi akong na meet na mga alesna dito..hehe ..wish ko sana mka punta sa big clan place sa mga alesna sa carcar..

  36. Hello! I’m researching the Alesna family of Escolastico Alesna. He had 4 children, one of which was Ignasio. They went to Hawaii in 1917. Maria Propios was the wife although I didn’t find a marriage certificate. I found a boat manifest where she returned in 1932 with her daughter, Rosaria. I’m trying to find out who their parents were and where they were from. I know they lived in Carcar.

    • i have escolastico the son of ysidoro and felipa saucejo who appears above on the tree. Ysidoro was a son of victorio alesna and benedicta alesna. they are found towards the top of the tree. i also do not know when escolastico and maria alcover propios were married but have 7 children of theirs born before ignacio but who also died from 1893 to 1895. ignacio was born 30-aug-1906. i do not have other siblings of escolatico and you mentioned 4.

      • Thank you so much! I found the manifest from the SS Korea when they all left the Philippines in 1907. It has Ignacio listed as 8 years old…

  37. Do you have any birth dates for any of them? I really appreciate you helping me on this. Have a very BLESSED day! 🙂

  38. Hello, do you know if any of the Alesna daughters married a Eraso? My fathers name is Francisco Alesna Eraso. He was born feb 2 1911.

    • Or it might be Alisna…im not to sure how his middle middle name was spelt.

      • would you know the names of his parents? full and maiden names please.

        • Im not sure about the father but his mother was Gabriela Alesna.

      • going back to carcar after 2 months, i dug into the 1911 baptismal. baptized 11-feb-1911 was francisco canoy, son of ramon and gabriela alesna. ramon’s parents were manuel and felipa juan, native and residents of siquijor. gabriela’s were isidro (dec.) and felipa saucejo and padrino celso paraz.
        there was, however, a notation at the side in different ink “eraso”.
        The record also said he was born doce (12) of the same month but obviously that cannot be.

        • Woooow! Thank you sooooo much! This brought me so much joy ^_^ thank you. If it’s not too much trouble, if you have any other information please let me know, or where I can look for it.

        • Hi my name is Briccio Alesna, and I want to khow my family tree My great grand father is Briccio Alesna and my Grand father’s name is Innocencio Alesna his wife is Annabella Ybanez.

  39. HELLO , My name is Bridget Pearl Marlane George Yamamoto… My mother is June Marlane Alesna I think from Oakland Alameda Last add. Was 3324 Wisconsin Street Oakland Alameda… I dont no much I no her mothers name was Regina, Dont no my papas name just lasted name was Alesna, and he had family in Honolulu Hawaii, My mothers parents lived in California think is that add i put on the top… I have brothers from my mother only no one bye the name of Arki Colbert, met him when i was 18 and never heard or seen him again… My dad was Richard George from Hawaii last add was 2023 Colburn st Honolulu Hawaii… He never told me much. My little brother Richard john George Son of June Alesna Die 22 years ago, So there is jested me . My grandmother Marie George Raised Richard and I , We did no our mom… Please help me Fine my brothes and may be her if she is still alive, If anyone New My mothers family or Grandparents… I was always keep in the dark about my family… I only know of one other member That is a Alesna Her name is Leash she and i are in the same family now , small world. Her step dad in my brother inlaw … If any one can help i would be truly grateful… I live in Kaneohe Hawaii… I am on face book you can reach me there, under Bridget Yama… I dont what to be trouble so if you have time…. Thank you so much… Bridget Yamamoto… I just wish to fine family and my brothers… and a mom i never known….

  40. VIP Aloenar help me to connect this…Martina Alesna married to Julian dela Cerna est. Born arround1870-1880. They have 2 sons i know Eriberto and the othey gay died in Hawaii work as Orange Farm…

  41. Hello,
    I just found your very interesting site about Carcar families, especially the Alesna family. I’m also an Alesna descendant on my mother’s side. Please help me trace my maternal grandfather’s line. His name is Buenaventura Alesna from CarCar and he married Concepcion “Conching” Roca Alesna (maybe from Carcar too or from Barili, Cebu). They had 5 children who were all born in Carcar, named Corazon, Bert, Josefina, Boy/Buenaventura Jr., and Cesar. My mom- Josefina was born on March 19, 1933. According to my lola Conching, my grandfather Buenaventura Alesna was a guerilla soldier with USAFFE in Cebu during WWII. I believe they separated (before or after the war) and my grandfather also had a second family. I never met my grandfather as he died before I was born. Please help me find my Alesna relatives in CarCar. Cebu. Thank you very much in advance and God bless you for starting and keeping this blog/site.

  42. Hello,

    My grandpa’s name was Hilario Alesna Regidor and he’s family are from Carcar but he died 25 years ago. The problem is we do not have any information where exactly his relative live in carcar. My famly really wants to meet our relatives there in cebu 😦

  43. Here’s my family: My maternal grandma is Porifera Regis Alesna born in 1910 and marries Vicente Alejado. They were born and raised in Carcar Cebu. My mom was their oldest child who was born in 1932 and the youngest was born in 1953. There were 5 boys and 5 girls born to them.

    • helllo Karen…greetings!
      sad to inform you that Vip had passed away hmmm 3 or 4 years ago…
      and me allan alfafara got my basics of family tree of the Alfafara to which i am continually constructing…by this time really i am searching for the ascendants of your grandma Porferia Regis Alesna who married Vicente ALFAFARA Alejado…and came to see you here!
      sometime in 2012 i met on fb this Dyan Stephanie Alejado Mayor who lives in Cagayan de Oro City whom i got the initial family inputs of your grandparents…yes she gave me that info that they have 5 sons and 5 daughters…and your name was given as a daughter of Evangeline Alesna Alejado married to a ____ Bomotamo..and maybe you have a continuos contact with Dyan…you are in Winter Springs, Florida..
      Dyan’s mother is Esterlina married to a Mayor surname…lives in Cagayan de Oro City…

      i got one son’s name Cayetano Alesna Alejado married to Francisca Quemada…had 12 children but i have here only 4…namely Suzana, Simplicia, Simeon and Natividad…

      Natividad married to a German national named Christian Martin Tagesen and i have here 3 children’ names Mary, Helen and Mercedes…

      i am constructing he family tree of your grandpa Vicente…that until now i have yet to trace the ascendants of your grandpa Vicente…tho i need stop tracing that of your grandma…

      at this point…am here would like to reconnect your family to he Alfafara Family thru your lolo Vicente…;
      – would ask more info on your family first, name of your father; names of your spouse and children..and if some of your is already married…want to have their names also…
      -names of your siblings, their spouses and children to much as you know…hmm this maybe a long request but hope you feel elated that am here on your paternal side constructing and you are all a big part of the other carcar family..the Alfafara!
      -wish to meet you on facebook, search Al Alf on fb…


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