Sedon, Emigdio

Emigdio “Midyo” Paredes Sedon

(5-Aug-1918 – 3-Feb-1987)

“The photographers who concentrated on interfering with the supposedly superficial realism of the photograph were those who most narrowly conveyed photography’s surreal properties…What renders a photograph surreal is its irrefutable pathos as a message from time past, and the concreteness of its intimations about social class.” –Susan Sontag (On Photography)

Son of Alipio Cuizon Sedon and Filomena Alcoriza Paredes


Studio photographer;

Going through photographs taken in Carcar from 1950s period, one finds that 90% of group photos were taken by Sedon for Fe Studio (named for eldest child Buenafe who died in the mid-’50s), mostly by large formats; before him, San Fernando’s Tapia and Cebu City’s Roble studios had to be imported; you realize that Midyo’s body of work had virtually chronicled the town and as such his photographs take on added value– you can collect all of Emigdio Sedon photographs and that would be Carcar; if there’s nothing to be found of the period, you just wish he’d also taken photographs of wartime Carcar–of the Japanese sentries, of local guerillas in their mountainside fiefdoms posing like US civil war generals à la Matthew Brady, anything.

Married to Salustiana (Salud) Alesna Rayla with 5 children.

Fe Studio

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  1. i had a friend by the name of leonila sedon, she’s the only child but i dont know by now if she’s still alive. one of my best pal in carcar, juan luna st.

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