Posted by: vip | January 3, 2015

Carcar parish priests 2: An ordinary case of priestly address

Carcar parish priests, 2

A ordinary case of priestly address

When Mons. Rolando Jimenez asked for help with the data for the marble markers, he likewise proposed that the list use the title Rdo. P. (Reverendo Padre) for parish priests of the Spanish period and Rev. Fr. for those from the American era onward.

We all use Rev. Fr. as our written address for priests today but, know what, the entire time I was poring over the books, I never came across “Reverendo Padre” used before the name of a priest in the Spanish times. In the Carcar books, it was usually “el sacerdote, D. (Don)” then the name. So, I was a bit skeptical of the title Reverendo Padre proposed by the good monsignor.

In fact, I suspected Rdo. P. was just a translation of Rev. Fr., but for use retroactively with the presumption it was also the custom during the Spanish period.

It seemed not. El sacerdote D. and Pbro. D. (Presbitero Don) So-and-so were the two usages I saw.  There are lists of priests with M.R.P. Muy reverendo padre? But the Don before the name is still there. Just reporting.


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