I had withheld publishing my notes on Gantuangco, in consideration of the family’s tree narrated in a well-known book  (which I skimmed through in a Cebu City Museum copy) and subsequently in family tree form in a family website wherein it showed only two sons of Silvestre Gan Tuang Co (the starting person), since my reconstruction had 3 children of his.

The earliest Carcar record of the family I have notes of is the 1861 baptism of Vicente Gantuangco, a son of Perfecto (missing in the family website as a son of Silvestre).  In the notes, Perfecto was said to have been born in Cebu City but became a cabeza in Carcar.  One whole and big branch (and which possibly may have been the first to establish residency in Carcar) has been left out of the family’s own reconstruction and thus, I’d need a knowledgeable member of the family to help iron this important discrepancy out.

The spelling change (as change it was) from Gantuangco to Gantuangko initiated by some families may correspond to the period in Philippine history, pre- and post-Katipunan revolution, where Filipinos decided to “nationalize” even the spelling of their names, deciding that “k” was Filipino and “c” was Spanish because no Spanish word was spelled with a “k” — on that score, perhaps sharing the same sentiments as the Basque nation, and perhaps even predating the latter in that regard. It is the same period when Kabkad (that spelling) was determined to be the old name of the town.  In other places in Cebu, Quintanar became Kintanar and Jacosalem, Jakosalem. As such, there is no reason to suppose that Gantuangco and Gantuangko in Carcar are two separate families, and the families know that to be so. But for the sake of family history, it would be delightful if the family historian can dig up to when exactly, and initiated by whom, and maybe for what reason, the change occurred. [14-Jan-2011] There had been two members of the family who became mayors of Carcar, and, providentially, one used Gantuangco and the other Gantuangko: Constancio Gantuangco, twice mayor immediately before the Japanese set-up government and, for the third time, as liberation mayor; and his nephew Leoncio Gantuangko from 1952-1955.

[there are 202 voters in Carcar surnamed Gantuangco (including 24 Gantuangko), the 30th most numerous surname on the voters list.]

Silvestre Gantuangco

= Paulina Leyson

Alberto Gantuangco (b. Cebu City-

–= Sotera Salazar

—-Francisco Gantuangco (calc. 1850-1900)

=(1880) Gregoria Navarra Quijano (calc. 1855-

—-Petrona Gantuangco

= Martin Dayanan

—-Luciano Gantuangco (   -1886) soltero

Cecilio Gantuangco

–=1 unm. (Tomasa Moreno)

—-Macario Gantuangco (b. CC calc. 1844-

= Agustina Navasquez (   -1900)

–2) Placida Sueco Regis (   -1903)

—-Salvador Gantuangco

—-Rosalia Gantuangco (calc. 1860-

=(1884) Geronimo Mercado Avila (calc. 1861-

—-Josefina Gantuangco

= Vicente Veloso

—-Crisanto Gantuangco (not found in my notes)

Perfecto Gantuangco (b. CC – 1898) cabeza de barangay in Carcar

–=Romana Satira (     ) AKA Romana Bacaycay

—-Melchora Gantuangco (calc. 1855-1908)

=1) Angel Laogo Maning

=2(1880) Fermin Dayagro Enanoria (calc. 1831-

—-Pedro Gantuangco (calc. 1858-

=(1879) Tomasa Laoc Laña (calc. 1857-

—-Vicente Gantuangco (1861-

=(1882) Tomasa Alcorisa Enanoria (calc. 1860-1902)

—-Lorenza Gantuangco

= (pnc)

—-Jose Gantuangco (calc. 1863-

=(1883) Cristita Canalizo Sarmiento (1852-

—-Mamerto Gantuangco (calc. 1869-

—-=1) Maximina Gabison Cabrera (   -1902)

—-=2(1907) Gabriela Montesclaros (     ) vda of Vicente Satinitigan

—-Florencio Gantuangco

= Lucila Lañas Navasquez

—-Braulio Gantuangco

= Nieves Gabison Cabrera (     ) Gabisan?

—-Maria Gantuangco

=1(1886) Montano Laogo

=2 (pnc)

(reconstruction going on)

— o — o — o —

sir , i am a new zealander trying to trace the ” Gantuangco” family tree . back to Silvestre Gantuangco , early carcar cebu . I have the names of his 4 sons , macario, salvador , alberto , cecilio. unfortuneately their seems to be no forward follow on and I am finding it a very hard ancestory line to find . It would be deeply appreciated if you could give me some guide lines to follow . Kind regards allan edmonds

By: allan edmonds on October 27, 2009
at 6:18 am



  1. Dear Allan, I have my own reconstruction of the Gantuangco records in Carcar but since I’ve been told that the family already has sort of a published family genealogy, I am withholding making public my file until I can compare both. No one in the family has volunteered to work it with me, if that’s what you also mean by no forward follow on. The genealogy seems to be in the book, Life In Old Parian, by Concepcion Gantuangco-Briones. I’ve long planned to read that book, or at least the Gantuangco genealogy, maybe I can get hold of a copy at the city public library.

    Regarding Silvestre’s sons, however, I only have Alberto, Cecilio, and Perfecto. Macario was Cecilio’s son by the first wife and Salvador probably by the second, although I have no record of him except through interviews. So, I think the book would be your best official guide.

    • Hi, I picked up several copies of Life in Parian a few years ago from Casa Gorordo in Cebu City.

      My grandfather was Col. Constancio Gantuangco and he had 4 children (not 0 as noted in the family tree on the Gantuangco website). The three surviving children live in Cebu (my uncle still lives in the old family home in Sikatuna) while my aunt Tita Bebe and mother Mercedes live in Ilo-ilo and Bohol, respectively.

      My uncle is quite interested in the Gantuangco family tree and may be able to help in filling some gaps.

  2. hi , i am trying to find in San Fernando, two ancestors, when they were born & married . Not sure of the dates , close to 1939. for the marriage. .they were Araceli Gantuanco & I think Feitsa Alfeche and all their children , I have some of the childrens names . as follows – Amelia Gantuangco, Jacinto Gantuangco , Emmanuel Gantuangco . but no dates . Thank you for steering me in the right diection last time – kind regards

    * Edit Comment

    By: allan edmonds on November 11, 2009
    at 9:36 am


    • Hello Alan,
      I was born and raised in Carcar,Cebu, Philippines. I am now living in America but my parents and most of my family are still in Carcar. Silvestre Gantuangco was my ancestor. His grandson, Macario had a son named Mariano. Mariano was the father of my grandpa, Porferio. My grandpa passed away when I was only 6 yrs old but I have memories of him. I have a copy of this book Life in Old Parian By Conception Gantuangco-Briones(known by my family as Ng Conching).

  3. Hello J.Gantuangco – re june 4 , 2010 thank you for the imfo on the gantuangco’s. I am looking for Araceli Gantuangco . what date he was born & died . He had a son Jacinto Alpeche Gantuangco . Born I think in 1943. It would be appreciated if you have any imformation on Araceli Gantuangco / wife & family kind regards allan Edmonds

    • Hello, you can find the family of Araceli Gantuangco in Sangat San Fernando and Perrelos Carcar

  4. Further research on the Gantuanco / family tree
    Silvestre Gantuangco name ( Gan tu-ang-co , traced back in China to 960 B.C. Gansu Province .ancestral name- start >See Ming Gan 1406 AD. Dona paulina Leyson ancestry dates back to San Miguel, Carcar , Navarra , Northern Spain . Silvestre Gan ‘ had 4 children I can prove. Marcario- Salvador- Silvestre- Marcosa . I am tracing Silvestre( grandson )b- approx 1861-died age 27- San Fernando . -5 children known Eldest- Luis-b-1889-m-1909-d-age 65. 1954-One of his sons was Araceli-b-1915 – m-Feista Alpeche- 3 children known , Amelia – Jacinto -Emmanuel – I believe but not proven that Dr Leoncio W. Gantuanko- ( note the K & not C )was one of his brothers & married Marcosa Fernandez. they had 10 children -Angeles -Baudilllo-Clemente-Dulce ( the bus co owner ) – Edmundo – Flora ( actresse )Gonzalo-Hermino-Lluminado -Jacinto ” Joy ” The Spelling Gantuangco / Gantuangko are from the same ancestral flow line I am still trying to find when Araceli died & at what age to complete this family Tree. Can anyone help me ?

    • According to my mother Araceli Gantuangco(Daddy Celing) died sometime November 1976 (I was born on 30th November, night of his wake)

    • Hi.,my name is Keith Gantuangco Pacifico, I was born on November 20, 1976..I’m now living in Malaysia..My mother is Richter Gantungco…My Grandfather is Araceli Gantuangco ..My Grandma is Milagros Bolocboloc….My Mother just died on Nov 09, 2013 in Sandakan, Sabah, East Malaysia

      • Hi, my name is Ariel Rebancos Gantuangco, I was born on April 17, 1994. I’m currently living in Muntinlupa with my own family. My Father is Araceli Bolocboloc Gantuangco Jr. and he was died on November 30, 2013.

      • Hi Keith, I am Gys Fe Gantuangco, I am the daughter of Adonis Gantuangco first cousin of your mom…and I know Auntie Richter, only now I visited back this site and I am sorry to hear of her passing.

  5. Hello! My grandmother is Phabia Gantuangco from carcar. I am also trying to find her only sister Julia Gantuangco. I am living in Mandaue City Cebu and my father Cecilio Gantuangco Ybanez died more than 20 years ago. There is a book in the library of the University of San Carlos which talks about play in the old Cebu and centers in topics of Villadolid. It has a Genealogy of the Gantuangco family. It is here that I learned that my grandmother is the grandaughter of Cecilio and great grandaughter of Silvestre.

    • You may visit and see our family tree.

      Join facebook page by adding facebook

      • thanks, how can we make it a little bigger so we can easily read the names?

        • hello miss veronica, how are you?
          I recently re read some notes given to me by my Aunt Inday Millana Gantuangco about Fabia and Julia being the daughters of Crisanto. Maybe she could help you, she lives in carcar. .

          • Sorry,…maybe she can help you…
            pardon the grammar

          • hi radith! I think I met you. Our kids were classmates. Anyway, what is the name of your aunt in carcar?

    • Hi Veronica, are you able to provide the complete title of the book and the author? Many thanks!

      • Hello Leonor, you may approach the family of Inday Emiliana Daan Gantuangco(who passed away last August 2016). They are still living in Valladolid proper near the parish church.

  6. hello, I am radith daughter of Aide Gantuangco(Undo) son of Constancio( Tanciong, 48 & 50th mayor of Carcar). My great grandfather is Salvador ( Bai ) son of Cecilio, we have a portritiat of Placida Regis at home (wife of Cecilio )and beneath it are names of their children. I would love to share it with you whenever possible. . . And I have a copy of na Conching’s book ” life in old Pari an”. It shows there that Silvestre Gan had two sons namely Alberto and Cecilio.

    • your comment is so welcome, radith. you are a member of carcar families but for a while we lost contact with you. please find my email to you for details. only response here is your depiction of constancio as 48th and 50th mayor of carcar. the noel list covers only executives from the mid-1800s and since carcar was presumably already a town as early as 1599, there must have been more than a hundred mayors earlier than the list.

      • hi vip, thanks for acknowledging my comment, i will keep in touch with you…

        • Hello Vip, finally i am back home and as promised, i jotted down the names of the children of Cecilio Gantuangco and Placida Regis beneath Placida’s potrait in my parent’s house.
          Cecilio Gantuangco + Placida Regis (Feb. 1,1820- Dec. 25,1873) (Oct. 10, 1818-Mar.5,1908)
          Crisanto Gantuangco
          (Oct.25,1848-April 18, 1898)
          Ycedra Gantuangco
          (May 20,1850-June 12,1853)
          Filomena Gantuangco
          (July 4, 1854-sept.15,1858)
          Salvador Gantuangco
          Rosalia Gantuangco
          Josefina Gantuangco
          ( April29,1860-
          These are all the entries there. i hope this could help..

          • thanks for this, radith. you know, i only have records for rosalia and josefina and the former, only the marriage and baptisms of some children and for josefina, only through an indirect record of her being the wife of vicente veloso.

  7. I have created a website at Tribal pages of the Gantuangco family tree which i copied from an earlier tree i believe was made by Conception Briones. Please see the link and type password gantuangco

    hope that we can add more names to this tree. Im glad to give you the administrator password to make corrections and additions to this tree

    Neil Gandionco

    • should you be able to give me the admin right, will try my best to update

  8. Antonina Gantuangco I think she is the daughter from another wife of
    of Silvestre which we don’t know.

  9. sorry wrong link

    • I am very glad that you have managed to put these together, I am from the same family, I noticed that you haven’t the full name of Juana “Epang” Lawi-an (who’s my great-great grandmother). Aside from Araceli, there’s, Benjamin, Carolino(my grandfather), Filadilfo, Genes, Lydia, Socrates, Hermesa, who were the sons and daughters of Epang.

      • also another daughter of Epang is Odeluna

    • file:///C:/Users/Gandionco/Desktop/gantuangco.pdf

  10. this is Leah gantuangco from carcar..I would like to know the access code of the gantuangco family tree tribalpage.

    • to access the tree you may type the password
      and type the password – neil90210

  11. Aloha, My name is Darlene(Anguay) Makaiwi and doing research on my Anguay family.According to my fathers family, Anguay was not the original name and that ( NOT PROVEN) Gantuangco was. Petrona Anguay is where I am stopped at. She had two sons, Vicente Anguay and Eugenio Anguay. On Eugenio”s bapt. record does not show any father.Vicente was married to Lorenza Lanas and I come his line. If there is any proof of this , I surely want know??????
    Thank You so much for the Carcar Family: A Geneology Blog for Carcar…

  12. @ Cornelio Gandionco, thanks for tribal page. i can populate entries for Leoncio Gantuangko’s side. Actually, I have the original family tree. It was my elder brother who posted it on FB.

    @ the blogger, thank you!

  13. hai? my grand father is simflicio gantuangco, im am ronald gantuangco a son of rolando gantuangco. pls help me to all about my ancestor.. tnx.

    • please help me. can you determine when your grandfather was born? was he born in carcar? can you give me names of your grandfathers brothers and sisters, name of his wife. also, the brothers and sisters of your father and his date of birth, name of your mother.

      • my grand father was born in carcar cebu, the name of father of my grand fa, is teodoro gantuangco. and the father of teodoro is thomas gantuangco.

  14. hai 2 all Gantuangco Family i am Esterlita Gantuangco daugther of simflicio Gantuangco and the name of his wife is condrada Gantuangco, i am born on carcar cebu city. plx Help me 2 find my relatives. i am living now at kidapawan city. tnx..

    • again, please help me. can you determine when your father was born? can you give me names of your grandfathers brothers and sisters, name of his wife. also, the brothers and sisters of your father and his date of birth, name of your mother.

      • my mother was born in carcar cebu, the name of my grand fa, is teodoro gantuangco. and the father of teodoro is thomas gantuangco.

        • again, the dates.

          • hai me 2 esterlita gantuangco, ang papa ko ay pinanganak nuong july 29 1929 pero d kona matandaan kung kailan pinanganak ang akng mama.. at ang papa nang aking papa na si teodoro gantuangco.

  15. Hai i am Carmen Gantuangco,57 years old.A daugther of Serapio Gantuangco Born in Carcar Cebu.The Name of My Grandfather is Miano Gantuangco also born in Carcar cebu.I am living Now in Kidapawan City.I am Looking for my relatives.Thnx.

    • @carmen, this would be a tremendous help. what is the middle name your father serapio used? better, who was his mother.

      @regie roy, since i have no file for tomas and teodoro, other names (brothers/sisters, mothers’ surnames) would help maybe i have files for these other members of the family, only i do not have tomas and teodoro.

      hope we’ll get somewhere for you both.

  16. Hi! I am Capt. Victor Ybanez Alviola, one of the grandson of Fabia Gantuangco Ybanez. I refer to the message of Veronica Ybanez Flores, who is also one of Fabia’s granddaughter. Celerina Gantuangco Ybanez (deceased) is my mother, the elder sister of Cecilio Gantuangco Ybanez.That makes me and Veronica first degree cousins. So, Veronica learned that Fabia and her only sister, Julia, are granddaughters of Cecilio Gantuangco. But who are their parents?

    My mother told me this amazing story of my ancestry:

    From the very beginning, the Gantuangcos owned vast lands and properties in Carcar, Cebu. One of Cecilio Gantuangco’s son fell in love with one of their land workers (Fabia and Julia’s mother).

    Cecilio was totally against the relationship – I think in those days inter-marriage for Chinese are not allowed- so the couple never really married but both Fabia and Julia used the surname “Gantuangco”. According to my mother, the sisters inherited the title for the whole of barrio Villadolid. I don’t really know how true this is but when I was still 6 or 7 years old, I remember traveling to barrio Villadolid with my uncle, Tiyo Mating, to collect proceeds from the land; mostly truckloads of harvest of fruits and vegetables.

    Some 3 or 4 years ago, me and my cousins visited Villadolid. The old folks there still remembers our grandparents. But what happened to the ownership of the land title to barrio Villadolid remains a mystery to all of us.

  17. Correction: My mother is Celerina Gantuangco Ybanez, married to Emilio Alviola.

    • Victor, it is not Villadolid but Valladolid.. It was named after a place in Spain Valladolid. Indeed, there are missing links in our family. There were no computers at that time or in the 1800’s to store information correctly. Gantuangco or Gantuangko’s belonged to the same origin.. It is only a matter of spelling which we can consider negligible.. What is important, we belong to the same blood that run in our veins. It is sad to note, that while there are efforts to organize our families for a reunion, only a few responded positively. It seems that no one would take the cudgel. maybe there are reasons, time, space and money. I hope that someday most of us will meet and sit together in a common table of brotherhood.

      • Tiyo ricky gantuangco , naa ka idea if who are the parents of my great grandfather Felix Gantuangco married to Hilaria Lawas. Their children are : Gregorio, Catalina, Librada, Candido, and Ramon

  18. this is something new for me…i know very little about my Gantuangco family tree…i just know that my father Roberto Gantuangco is the son of Julian Gantuangco [ originally from Perelos or Villadulid (the spelling i could not be sure, Carcar] , married to Priscilla Doyon (from Ormoc City ). Al i know is that we get to meet our dsitant relatives when we lights candles at Carcar cemetery every All Souls Day.I’m surprised theres a long lineage and history coming from this clan. Wow! that makes me feel proud !

    • what is the middle name of your father, or who is his mother? is priscilla the wife of julian or roberto? do you know some names of the brothers and sisters of julian? if you can ask your father or his generation, what was the middle name of julian?

  19. thanks for this info. this my first time reading this very important details of my family,I am Wardelyn Gantuangco Cabrera of Tungao, Butuan City the daughter of the late Warlando Mancao Gantuangco son of the late Pedro Navasquez Gantuangco and Gregoria Mancao Gantuangco from Ferelos Carcar, Wow! what a family name!

    • this is great. can you go who pedro navasquez gantuangco’s parents were, or at least estimate when he was born? also gregoria mancao.

  20. thanks,i’ll try to ask about my grandpa’s and grandma’s parents and other important details about them,but when I was in my elementary years my father always told me about the heroic life of my grandpa during the 2nd world war, he was the one who found the Japanese map were everything about the plan for the war was there,so that was the reason of the fall of Japanese during 2nd world war,but unfortunately my grandfather was not able to enjoy his reward from US government if there was,as many said since he didn’t surrender the map personally to the representative of US government instead to a Filipino military official.,When I was in Grade 1 that was 1980 the story of my grandfather was published in” BISAYA MAGAZINE” the article was entitled The UNHONORED HERO”but we lost the copy of it but according to my father the story of my lolo is in the city library of Cebu,my uncle, my father’s brother was there years ago to see and reproduce the page where the story be read but he was not able to because he was not permitted maybe for some reasons, hoping one of these days one of the gantuangco families be interested on this story to know more about us… Thankz

  21. Hello everyone. I am Capt. Victor Gantuangco Ybanez Alviola. Grandson of Fabia Gantuangco Ybanez. From what I have learned from my first cousin Veronica, I am the great grandson of Cecilo and great great grandson of Silvestre. Wow! that was simply amazing knowing about your roots.

    It appears that the family tree of Gantuangco has not been clearly established. I hope one day we could develop the synergy to construct this family tree.

    I am also running for party-list congressman, under the group AMOR SEAMAN. I asked all descendants of Gantuangco to support me.

  22. hi everyone im marvin delfin gantuangco mindanao,,its nice to know that we have a site like this we love you guyssss

  23. Hello, everyone I am Junelyn Manayaga Abayato, grandchild of Rosalia Gantuangco and Jacinto Manayaga..My parents are Antonio R Abayato and Willie “Inday” Manayaga Abayato of Bukidnon.

  24. As per records…
    Braulio S. Gantuangco died in August 28, 1961 at the age of 98
    Nieves Cabrera died in January 22, 1959 at the age of 28

    sons and daughter

    Graciano married to Consolacion Navarra borne
    Generoso married to Sabina Languido borne
    Nicomedes married to Maria Theresa Francisco
    Agriculo married to Flor
    Felicisima married to Andol laug-laug
    Wenceslao soltero
    Virginia soltera

    Gabina married to Lucio Llanas

    Macario married to Emilia Fernandez

    Julian married to Francisca

    Anselmo soltero

    Dionecia married to Iniego

    Feliciana married to Divincio Lauron

    Lorenzo married to Catalina

    Sixta soltera

    Please fill up the other blanks…

  25. Hello! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group?
    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content.
    Please let me know. Cheers

  26. Hi I believe I’m a descendant of Josefina Gantuangco or Rosalia Gantuangco. I just couldnt remember which of them married Heronimo Avila which hails from Aklan, Capiz.
    Bore sons named my lolol Pating/ Paterno Sr., lolol Peli( i forgot his real name) and Lencio I guess( he was supposed to be a doctor but died of typhoid fever)
    Paterno Gantuangco Avila married Emilia Garces and bore him 4 children named Teodoro, Josefina(yes named after one of the Gantuangco’s) Alegria and Hermias Paterno Jr.( my grandfather)
    Sadly no i think no one in the family was interested of tracing their roots. I was interested then when i was a kid so inkept asking my grandma about them. And my mother knows a little of it too.
    Hope you can trace them. Best of luck.

    • Correction it is Teodato not Teodoro

  27. Is your mother Ingelor Avila? Surely you are a Gantuangco…

    • Yeah sir.i provided some wrong informations above Rosalia and Geronimo had 5 sons . I only heard about lolo Pili and lolo seneng and of course lolo pating. Yeah definitely a Gantuangco

  28. Hi,Im Alvin Quijon Rosete my family said that some of my relatives lives in Carcar actually we have clan in facebook “QUIJON CLAN”

  29. The tree is not accurate since this was gathered by the late Concepcion Gantuangco Briones thru a second hand information and published in her book. I suggest that direct relatives of the tree would make the necessary correction…

  30. Thank you for your response Verinica. Not doable for me as I leave in Australia but thanks for the reference. Cheers, Leonor

  31. Hi my name is Jovitte Hermosura and I am trying to dig into my ancestral lineage. According to my Mom (Irene Bulotano Gantuangco) is the only daughter of Gregorio Gantuangco and Melchora Ybanez Bulotano (2nd wife). Gregorio has a daughter, Magda, from his 1st wife. From my Mom’s story my grandfather Gorio used to be the Tiniente del Barrio in Carcar. That is all I know. My Mom passed away in 2004 but my sisters and I are curious to know our relatives.

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