Urgello, Vicente

Vicente Sarmiento Urgello

(22-Apr-1875 – 3-May-1952)

Son of Francisco Base Urgello from Cebu City and Telesfora Canarias Sarmiento.

Lawyer, politician;

By some family stories, father Francisco Urgello not particularly rich, and marriage met some resistance from Telesfora’s parents; orphaned by Telesfora at 3-and-a-half and brother Francisco at two-years; at first lived with Sarmiento grandparents but father took them back to the city to personally look after their education; legal custody battle ensued between father and grandmother Ana Canarias and aunt Manuela Sarmiento (at the time still unmarried), won by the father; after sometime, grandparents Roman and Ana became convinced (or could not do anything) seeing Francisco’s genuine concern for his children and began sending food and other supplies for them; Urgello relatives in Sikatuna st. helped Francisco look after the children;

Became a lawyer 1907; House of Representatives 1916-1919 representing 3rd District of Cebu (with Troadio Galicano, Maximino Noel and Primitivo Sato, only Carcaranons to sit in National Legislature); acquired big real estate in Cebu City–V. Urgello St. and Urgello Private Road in Cebu City named after him;

Married to Ma. Visitacion Veloso Espina with 7 children.

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  1. I am the grand daughter of Vicente Urgello. I don’t have all of my ancestors information but I have some. If you have any questions on this family tree, I might be able to help some.

    One of Francisco, Jr.’s children, Pedro Urgello did a family tree of the Sarmiento family. I have a copy of that family tree.


    • Dear Lucy,

      I am a Dodd family genealogist. I married a woman from Bato, Leyte, in the Philippines.

      I asked her about her family back in the P.I. Her father was surnamed Papa. Her mother was Teofila Abarre Urgello. At the age of ten my wife ran away from home to live with her maternal grandfather, who was named Pedro Urgello. Pedro was married to Margarita Abarre, who would have been my wife’s grandmother. From an uncle my wife learned that Pedro Urgello’s father was named Francisco Urgello. She does not know who he was married to. That is as far back as she can go on her mother’s side (Urgello) of the family. Is this the same family that you are related to? Please let me know. Perhaps you and my wife are related?


      • Dear Bernard,

        Engr. Pedro Urgello, oldest son of Francisco Urgello and Maxima Sarmiento of Carcar, Cebu, married Justina Hidalgo, a pharmacist, in Butuan. They had 6 children, viz., Catherine, Jocelyn, Marietta, Jose Antonio, Jose, and Pedro Jr. If you can tell me your wife’s name and birthdate, I can ask around if anybody remembers her being in Tio Pedro’s house at that said time. However, my 90 yr old mother, who was Pedro’s first cousin, has never heard of any other wife.

        • Dear Judith,

          Thank you for you reply. I have learned a couple of things since I made that inquiry. First of all, my wife’s grandfather, Pedro Urgello, died in 1975. He was 82 years old. That places his year of birth back to about 1893. This eliminates the possiblity that he was the Engineer, as that Pedro was born in 1908 and died in 2006. So they are not the same Pedro.

          I know that my wife’s Pedro was the son of a Francisco Urgello, but as yet I have been unable to find any of my wife’s relatives who remember what his wife’s name was. He came from Cebu, I know that much, and he settled on Bohol, in Jetafe. Pedro had a brother named Eliaz, and he had a son named Santiago. They remained on Bohol while my wife’s grandfather resettled on Leyte, in Bato. My wife’s great grandfather, Francisco, could not have been Francisco Jr., brother of Vicente, but the possibilty still remains that he may have been a son of Francisco Sr., as his first wife, Telesfora, died in 1878. The older Francisco may have remarried and resettled on Bohol. I have nothing yet to rule out that possibility.

          My wife’s maiden name was Trini Urgello Papa. Her father was Erenio Papa, her mother was Teofila Abarre Urgello. They died in 1990 and 1991 respectively. My wife is going home next year, so we hope to learn more about Francisco then.

          Again, I thank you for your response.



          • dear bernard and judith, i agree with bernard because of two possibilities but which the family may be able to answer. one, are there urgellos from cebu city other than the descendants of francisco sr? he had any brother or even uncles and cousins? you know what i’m getting at–that’s one possibility. and 2) does the family know if francisco sr. married again after 1878 like bernard speculated? that’s two. this is so interesting for the family genealogist not to investigate.

    • Hello Lucy. I am Emma Jakosalem Campbell. I am your cousin from your Mother’s side of the family. My Mother is Cayetana De la Victoria Alaura whom was very close to Milagros your Mum. Her parents were Josefina De la Victoria and Romiro Valenzuela. Josefina siblings are Alejandro, Maria (my grandmother), Crecensio and Monday De la Victoria.

  2. Hi.

    I’m the daughter to Ex-congressman Primitivo N. Sato. He died when I was young, so, m very interested in getting more information on him. I heard he was a “full bloodied” Carcarano, and I’m surprised he’s name is hardly mentioned in articles or Carcar websites.


    • We must be related. I am a grand daughter of Primitiva Sato, from Calidngan. Are you related to tita letty? – Dymphna Sato Concepcion

      • I don’t know you but it seems we have the same first name: I am Dymphna Urgello-Ybanez. The name Dymphna was given to me when I entered Kindergarten in STC. The nuns were from Belgium and therefore must have been familiar with St. Dymphna as her shrine is in Belgium even though she was Irish. My father’s family were Carcaranons belonging to the Sarmiento-Urgello clan. I am now base in California.
        I think there was a lawyer from Carcar who was Leto Sato. I did not know him personally but my father knew the family well. My father was Dr. Virgilio Ugello.

  3. Hi.

    I’m the daughter of Ex-congressman Primitivo N. Sato. He died when I was young, so, m very interested in getting more information on him. I heard he was a “full bloodied” Carcarano, and I’m surprised he’s name is hardly mentioned in articles or Carcar websites.


    • tried to email you but it was returned with the note that you do not have that yahoo account. please email me again directly.

      • Hi,

        My e-mail address is mollylisa_2000@yahoo.com. I hope this address will work now. Thanks!

        • (thread re-directed to Search Forum – Sato)

  4. Hi,
    I am the Grand-daughter of Francisco Urgello (brother of Vicente Urgello),Daughter of Dr. Virgilio Urgello who practiced in Cebu and also taught Anatomy in Southwestern Urniversity. My father migrated to the US in the 90’s and was an Assistant Professor of Anatomy in the Cleveland Chiropractic School in LA. I am the younger sister of Three Star General Raul Urgello who now resides in Manila. I have always been interested in our heritage as we spent our summers in Carcar in my grandparents house. The house was by the Rotunda and we could always hear the girls yelling Ampao, Ampao. My memories of Carcar and my grandparents and my cousins are very deep and very happy.

  5. dear molly,

    kumuzta man mo dha ni peter?
    kanus a man mo muole dre sa pilipinas?

    • Hi Rita,

      Hi Rita,

      Nice to hear from you. We’re still in Chicago. Nagplano ming mouli sa Cebu in November, pero we’re not sure. Send me an e-mail or let’s talk thru Yahoo Connect. Look forward to hearing from you.


  6. hi good day to all.

    i am the great granddaughter of Ana Urgello -aunt of Vicente Urgello the lawyer of capitol, my grandmother Petra(Etrang-nickname) Urgello Rodriguez as she related to me they were first degree cousin of Nyor Inting they use to go to their house in Private Urgello together with their cousin Lolo Butchoy Urgello , Lolo Blas Urgello. they met his wife Ascenscion because they were called to go their since he was so busy in the capitol many works as hearing so they usually went home not able to hve reunion with tgheir cousin until they were ashamed to go back and hve no more communications with them. we live in sikatuna, as my lola Etrang recalled told me that lolo Inting use to send to his aunt ana food supplies thru Vicente Urgello which i recalled also when we met in the interment of Simeona Urgello Matela fr imus st. (yes he was the one who always bring items for his aunt ana in sikatuna. we already met joy urgello during the interment of her father don pedro urgello..i am now Cristina urgello chan rodriguez viuda de mercado i have four children maricris, emmanuel, married to filma filoteo have two children vinez chan f, mercado and shanen f, mercado, hientjie and lyndsleymarrried to novie nonong viajar have three daughters yvonnlyn mae sue mercado viajar, yllysh mc shane m. viajar, yunice m. viajar.


    • Dear Cristina,

      Did you ever hear of a man named Elias Urgello? I don’t know where he was born. But he was born in 1849. He died 05 Mar 1946 in Hilongos, Leyte, Philippines. I found his record on a new web site called FAMILYSEARCH. From what few records I have, his birth would have occurred about nine years after that of Francisco Base Urgello in Cebu.


  7. Cristina,

    I am Jun Urgello,grandson of lolo Butchoy Urgello.Maybe you know my father Florentino Sr.(Tinong) who was the youngest son of lolo Butchoy.Im sure that we met before during the interment of my aunt Simeona Urgello Matela.I was still in grade 4 at that time.
    Regarding lolo Blas he settled in Iligan City and just recently i knew some of his grandchildren.


  8. Hello Everyone,

    We: Abel, Buenaventura(deceased), Cielito, Delsa, Eliezar & Felicisimo Urgello, Rodriguez, Escano are also the grand children of the late Petra Urgello Rodriguez whose daughter ,our mother is Atanacia Urgello, Rodriguez, Escano ,the only living grandchild of Ana Urgello. We’re the half brothers & sisters of Cristina Urgello Rodriguez Chan Vda de Mercado. Petra had 6 children of which 3 died when they were young and the other 3 Jesus, Atanacia and Carmelito (deceased while single) . The late Jesus Sr. had twins namely: Flora (decease) & Juliet with his 1st wife, with his 2nd wife he had Lilibeth & Jesus Jr. who are twins & Janet their elder sister.Most of us , are married & have children .Only I , Delsa have no children & Felicisimo still single. We’ve met cousins Joy & Boy Urgello during the vigil & interment of their father Pedro Urgello. Hope to hear from you soon, My email ad is:dongregis@yahoo.com cel. no. 09236594312 locao no. is 032 2368724


  9. Hi, Emma. It is nice to know you. So, you and I are second cousins. I know very little on the De La Victoria side and so, this was nice information.

  10. Hello. Can I know what is the history of Urgello. How it became like this. Where does the name Urgello come from. Thanks 🙂

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